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The speaker talks about how he keeps a happy home life by sharing his experiences with his wife, who he has married to for a decade. He also talks about his past marriage to the Allahu and how he tries to mimic and reflect his experiences in his conduct. He mentions that most of his experiences will be recorded and shared on a website called"" and that he hopes to join the group in love notes.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. You know, one of the brothers just asking me, Chef, how do you keep a happy home life? He assumes, of course, that my home life is wonderful at hamdulillah it is, you know, Allah has blessed me with a wonderful woman because I love her. My wife who will be married to for a decade or so, the mother of my children, a person who, you know, adores me and shot a lot and I adore her back. But so Pamela, it's hard work. I'm sorry, honey. It's tough. It's not easy. And it requires a lot of, you know, a lot of things that that you can take from the life of the profits, I send them, you know, the profits, I said limbs, history of love, was one that was of

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such a vast array. You know, he married Khadija who was older than him wealthier than him had a little bit more clout and prestige in our society. But he also married a shout out the Allahu Allah God who was younger than him and didn't know as much as him and wasn't as worldly as him some of the law he was sending. He married you know, Sophia, who was from a totally different culture. She used to be a jewess, who you know, was immersed initially in a different religion who came into Islam. He married are the some of the law, how do you sell them? You know, Maria tripolia, from a totally different culture, totally different language, who became the mother of his son Ibrahim alayhis,

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salaam, radi Allahu Allah. So these are these are important important things that we can take from the life of the prophets I send them it's something that I try to mimic and reflect in my life, in my conduct in my home life, and I pray in sha Allah that some of the things that I share with you in love notes, and that's why it's really notes about love. Things that you and I can, can agree on that they are useful. Not everything will be applicable to you. But in sha Allah, most of it will be log on to a and sign up to join me for love notes. Your brother Yeah, hi, Brahim.