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Don’t Be Harsh!

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Abdur-Raheem McCarthy

Channel: Abdur-Raheem McCarthy

Episode Notes

Da’wah Don’t Be Harsh! Short Reminder┇Sh Abdur-Raheem McCarthy

Episode Transcript

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Always using hikma

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whether we have Sybil erotica Bill achema, use hikma when you give dour,

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never be worth never be harsh. And what happens to a lot of us sometimes we start to practice a religion, or we have the Huck with us. We become harsh. Because inside we want people to practice the hop. If they reject it, we get angry. So we come with the stuff.

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What are you doing? You do this, do that. And the way you come about it, what happens you push the person back even farther. So you have to have hikma you have to have lean, what is lean?

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To have a soft approach and nice approach. Allah subhanaw taala told the Prophet settlers and he's Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, the best of creation, received the ye the revelation from Allah subhanho wa Taala. I'll also panels that will account for one early they'll be in full bloom and Holic. If you were somebody who was harsh, had a hard heart, the Sahaba who are the best of all nations, after the profits, they would have left from being around God sort of law if you were that, but he's not that and that's why he had an impact and is down. Have a nice approach. When you give somebody advice, one of the Forgotten as soon as that we have is to what

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Smile, smile