Ahsan Hanif – The Life of Ibrahim AS

Ahsan Hanif
AI: Summary © The interviewer discusses the challenges and struggles of the Prophet known asams, including the lack of profit, competition, respect, and the lack of respect for his position. The interviewer also highlights the importance of the Prophet's parody and his impact on his parody, as well as the struggles of the Islamist movement during the COVID-19 pandemic, including lost loved ones and financial troubles. The interviewer emphasizes the importance of showing faith and showing patience in order to achieve spiritual goals and fulfill moral laws.
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Hey hamdulillah amine Lama Saliba Salima barichara decoder sonica, Mohammed,

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early or Sufi edge Marian amudha.

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currently in this theme of the prophets of Allah subhanho wa Taala well known as the owner Eliza Minoru Sol,

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the organism from the prophets of Allah subhanho wa Taala the ones that are large so we're just speaks about in the Quran as the people of high determination people who excelled in every single way and every single one of the challenges that aligns the Witcher please before the loss of Hannah Diana says possibility camera sobre una Azmi Mina Russell and be patient just as the oral anthem from amongst the messengers were patient. The * from amongst the messengers of alaric zoa Gen.

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Five and they are mentioned also in a verse in sort of

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what Allah subhanho wa Taala says 109 million Nabina mitsouko woman kiwami know what Ibrahima wa Mousavi 70 margin. And when we took the covenant from you, meaning sorry when we took the covenant from all of the prophets, and we took it from you, meaning the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and we took it from no and Ibrahim and Moosa and Risa, the son of Morgan. These five messengers of Allah are considered to be the mightiest messengers of Allah, they are the men of Rossum.

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It is from the Sun Devil Gemini that we don't, we're not in the business of placing one profit over another in the sense of, for example, competition, of saying that my profit is better than your profit. Or because we're Muslims we're logging to us is better than what Allah gave to Moosa or Isa we Brahim or

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a man or any other prophet of Allah azza wa jal, because the prophets, all of them was sent by Allah subhanho wa Taala. And from our belief is that we accept all of them, and we honor and respect and love all of them. And we know that all of them are selected by Allah xojo to be His Prophet and his messengers. But at the same time, we also know from our religion, that Allah subhana wa Taala gave to some of them certain virtues over others, and he gave to some of them a higher status than to others, not in terms of demeaning one, or belittling another, but rather that is the equation the boundary of a large village that He bestows upon whomsoever He wills. So likewise from LRP is that

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our profits on a low rd will send them is the greatest of all of the profits and the messengers of Allah, and also from our Arpita, from our belief, is that these five messengers that alarm mentions in the Quran that Allah terms them as the *, that people of high determination, the prophets of high determination, they have a higher status than the other prophets and messengers of Allah. The prophets, all of them came with the same simple message, and that is the message of the heat. But they differ in the Sharia. They differ in the laws that they had for their nations. And they also differ in the challenges that were set before them. The trials that they had to overcome the

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hardships that they were faced with, either, personally, the things that they had to go through as people individuals, or with their nations and the Allman Brothers, gave to some of the virtues of others as Allah says in the Quran, till Caruso football.

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These are the messengers of Allah we gave to some of them, more virtue than the we gave to others. men whom and column Allah from amongst them are those who spoke directly to Allah, wa bhandara jack, and Alonzo agenda raised some of them in station. So that is also from them. Our leader from believing in the Quran from Allah told us in the Quran, that some of those prophets have a higher station that they have added virtues.

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The Prophet of Allah that we're going to speak about in this lecture is one of those five only.

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And that is the Prophet Ibrahim alayhi salatu wa sallam known as Abu MBR, the father of the prophets, because no Prophet came after him, except that he was from his children from his progeny. And that is one of the ways that a lot of xojo bestowed virtue upon Ibrahim alayhis salam, over and above many of the other prophets. You have prophets in the Quran, and prophets that we know about. The father was a prophet, the son was a prophet. Maybe even the grandson was a prophet with the great grandson was a prophet. But very few prophets Do you have the role of the prophets that would come after them would be from amongst the

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From from amongst the project, but Ibrahim alayhis salam is one such Prophet, that Alonzo will be stoned him with this virtue that every prophet that would come after him with would either come from the line of his heart, or his serum, or the line of his marine alayhi salatu salam. And so therefore that is a virtue that Allah is bestowed upon him. When you look and analyze the life of this great prophet of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And one of the more academic discussions that some of the scholars have, is amongst these five,

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we have our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who he said is the greatest of the messengers and the prophets of Allah, but who comes in second place, after him, who is the next greatest of the prophets of Allah. And that is where the scholars differ, in varying opinions perform amongst those opinions, and a popular opinion of many scholars was that it is none other than Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam,

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Ibrahim alayhis. Salam, his life and his story is too vast and too numerous to consolidate into a single lecture. But I want to go over some of the issues and some of the events of his life that we're familiar with. I'm not going to mention anything too, that is new that you've never heard of before, because the major components of his life, Ibrahim Ali, Islam is one of the famous prophets of Allah, that most of us are familiar with the vast majority of the stories that Allah mentions concerning him in the Quran. But what I want to do instead is taking those same events in those same instances, to shed a different light upon them in sha Allah or perhaps to look at them and analyze

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them in a different way.

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Because Ibraheem alehissalaam when you look at his story,

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Ibrahim alayhis salam, as we said, amongst some scholars of Islam, he is considered to be the second greatest prophet of all time, after the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So this gives him an immeasurably high station in Islam. We know for example, that when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam went on the night journey, and the seventh heaven and all of the heavens each heaven he met some prophets on the seventh heaven, the highest heaven, it was the Prophet Ibrahim Alayhi Salaam that he met. We know for example, that Ibrahim alayhis salaam said to our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam or Mohammed convey my salaams to your to your nation, and tell them that gender is a white

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field. Its soil is white, and its water is sweet. And the seeds of Jenna are Subhan Allah Alhamdulillah Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Akbar La La La quwata illa Billah j Brahim on Instagram is encouraging us to sow those seeds that will build for us forests in gender. We know also from another generation that our Prophet told us on a low quality or seldom that the youngsters from this ummah, from our own mother, young children who die who pass away before they reach the age of maturity, they are under the Fela, the guardianship of Ibrahim Ali Sara. He is the one who is the Guardian in the next life. That is one of the virtues of Ibrahim alayhi salatu. Salam, Allah Subhana

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Allah in the Quran when he speaks about this great prophet, he says, what are the Allahu Ibrahim Allah? Allah took and chose Ibrahim as his close friend. When you look at the life of Ibrahim alayhis salaam,

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many of the cities are much of the situation or many of the stories and incidents that we have concerning his life are of a personal nature. Ibraheem alehissalaam Muslim like Musa or Islam or he had to face Pharaoh and vast armies and a whole tyrannical system. His his story doesn't relate in that same way. Nor is it the story of perhaps even our own Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who had to fight many, many battles. Nor is it a story where you have, for example, that Ibrahim alayhis salaam was given kingdom, like the wood and Sleeman, or the human center. Many of the struggles of Ibrahim on Instagram are personal in nature. Even so, Allah subhanho wa Taala chose him to be his

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And this is a very interesting issue, that the Lord chooses this prophet from amongst all of the other prophets, to be his colleague to be his close friend. When you look at the stories and incidents throughout the life of Ibrahim alayhis salam, there are two or three virtues that you will find consistent, consistently recurring. These two or three things consistently appear and reappear throughout the life and throughout the incidents in the life of Ibrahim Ali Sarah. The first of them is patience. Patience. He displays peace.

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As we go through these incidents, inshallah Donna will highlight these points but the first is patience. The second is a sense of sacrifice, sacrifice for the sake of Allah subhana wa Tada. And the third, and perhaps the most important is the way that he trusted Alonzo origin. And the way that he believed and responded immediately, when the last panel Donna would commend him with something, he wouldn't hesitate, but rather he would hasten to fulfill that commandment from a large zildjian. irrespective of how difficult it may have been for him. These two three things you find throughout the life of Ibrahim Ali is Sara. You could say in another context, that Ibrahim alayhis salaam

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wasn't a prophet of Allah who won many battles, is not a prophet of Allah who is famous for fleeing a whole nation from bondage or slavery is not a prophet of Allah was given many many miracles like Mousavi, salaam were like the miracles of Solomon but he could speak with the jinn and the animals and birds and so on. But what he does have Ibrahim alayhis salam is the strength of his heart. He has a strong heart that is extremely strongly connected to a large religion.

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When you look at our center in our, our nation, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to compare a companion to the Prophet Ibrahim. He would compare a companion from amongst his companions and he would say, You remind me or you are like the Prophet Ibrahim alayhi salam, and the companion was, as we know, Abubakar robiola Han. He would say that you are similar to Ibrahim alayhis salam meaning and character in your traits. And when you look at the life of Abu Bakr, radi Allahu, and you find that he has many of those same characteristics, patience, he was one of the earliest Muslims, according to some historical sources, the first man the first adult, male to accept Islam.

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And from that moment onwards, he displeased patience, time and time again, being steadfast alongside the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Number two he displays sacrifice. How many times and how often would Ibrahim rallies with Abu Bakr rhodiola one sacrifice his own life, the wall, the while the welfare of his family is run off everything for the sake of Islam for the sake of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And there was the conviction of the heart that made Abubakar Viola had the greatest of the companions, because the other companions would say that Abubakar the language and never used to pray more than we did, wouldn't fast more than we did. So it wasn't that he did

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more a bad or generally that everyone else from amongst the companions, but rather it was something which sandwich had settled in his heart, that strength of conviction. You see the strength of conviction, for example, when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam went on the night journey, this rotten Mirage, and when he came back the following day, and he told the Ornish that in a single night, I went from Mecca to Jerusalem to the seven heavens and back, and obviously, the people ridiculed him. they mocked him,

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Abubakar, the only Allahu Allah had yet to hear of this incident. They don't know of anything called Islamic mirage. But some of those people have already happened to meet Abubakar. And they said, Oh, Abu Bakr, do you know what your companion is now claiming? He said, No, I don't know. They replied. He says he claims that in a single night, he went from Makkah to Jerusalem, to the seven heavens and back to Makkah.

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Thinking that now our colonial long run, being an intelligent, wise man would say, okay, maybe this is a step too far. But instead, Abubakar immediately responded that if this is what he said, then I believe,

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and he was shocked that this would be his response. So he said to them, I believe him already in something which is far greater. I believe that he receives revelation directly from Allah subhanho wa Taala. If I were to believe in this, that he making a similar journey in a single night, is something even easier to believe. He didn't need to hear the professor Selim tell him. He didn't say to those people, let me go and check. Didn't say to them, perhaps you've got your facts mixed up. Maybe there's been some miscommunication. Let me go and then I'll come back to you immediately. If that is what you sent, then I believe in him something strong, which settled in his heart, that then

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manifested itself upon his tongue and on his limbs. Likewise, Ibrahim alayhis salam had that strength of conviction, that when a large surgeon would command him with something, he wouldn't need to question a lot of people

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I know, no matter how difficult he may be, he wouldn't he wouldn't hesitate. But rather he would hasten to fulfill that commandment. And then he would display patience, and that sense of sacrifice in order to fulfill those commandments of a large soldier. And really, that is the essence of every movement. Every believer needs to have these three things. And depending on how much or how less you have of these components, that determines your level of Eman determines how close you come to a large soldier. It determines how long you fulfill the obligations of Islam. Because all of us know that Allah has commanded us for certain things. A lot told us to pray a lot told us to give us a lot

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of soldiers told us to fast in the month of Ramadan, told us to make Hajj told us to be good to our parents to be good to our children, so on and so forth. We know the rulings of Islam. But how many times when we hear one of those warnings? Or we're reminded of something? Are we able to immediately jump into action immediately apply without hesitation, without thinking twice? Without thinking okay, maybe I'll just do it later on. How many people have that strength of Eman that they can do so in injury, and then all of the hardship that may be associated fighting the whisperings of shape on dealing with the problems that sometimes are associated with acts of worship or doing what allows

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you to do rather than what others want you to do. How many people have and can display that sense of patience and sacrifice in order to follow through. So Ibrahim alayhis salam, His story is relevant. It is something which Alonzo JAL mentions in the Quran, because it is pertinent to the situation of every single person. Ibrahim alayhis salam is a prophet of Allah. But he excelled not because he had the biggest of nations because he doesn't. The nation of Mohammed Salim is bigger. The nation of Mousavi Islam will be bigger and vaster in number per Ibrahim and he is ceramic sound, because of the way his connection was with the loss of Hannah what Allah and because of that strength of Eamon,

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a large social took him to be his close friend. And no one has a station higher than him except for our own profits on a long run, he was seldom, that is a virtue that Allah gave him.

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It is very possible that for most of us, there are things that are beyond our reach. From the mercy of Allah azza wa jal Is that something which is in the grasp of every single Muslim, is their own personal connection with a Latin soldier, maybe you don't have one, so you can't give them a charity, maybe you don't have a lot of knowledge, so you can't go and give our lectures and so on. Maybe you haven't memorized the Quran, but the strength of your heart and its connection to a large religion, that is within your grasp. That is something that you have the ability and you alone have the ability to determine. So when a large zoodle chooses people like this, I'm in the process of

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selling them chose someone like Abu Bakar the last one, yes, they have many other things. That doesn't mean they never worshipped Allah, or didn't excel in other parts. But what it comes down to is the strength of the man and the connection with the larger region. So Brahim, Ali, salaam, Allah subhana wa Taala praises in the Koran, and he gives him virtues and he gives him honor, and he gives him all of these blessings that He bestows upon him because of the strength of his conviction.

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So Ibrahim Ali is Sena gives that power to his people living in a community where the vast majority if not everyone, except for very few people are upon

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his own father, his own family, the leaders of his people, everyone is worshipping idols besides Allah subhanho wa Taala. But when now Ibrahim alayhis salaam is commanded by a lot to convey the religion to convey the way he doesn't hesitate, doesn't think about what will my father say? doesn't think about what my friends say, relativity community. You see, the leaders of my people might try but will they say, but rather he stands and he gives the hour. But he does so with wisdom, with intelligence doesn't just rush it in and stop quoting people telling them things that they don't understand and appreciate, but rather he does so with intelligence. And he knows that perhaps one of

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the repercussions of this will be a problem that he will face from amongst his people. They will persecute him, they will oppress him, they will drive him out of the land in which he was born, where his family is where he lives. But that is where his patience and his sense of sacrifice come in.

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How many times there's a large village of talents in the Koran, a parent's conversation with his own father, number of times the way that he called his father and his people

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Large religion often many speaks about Ibrahim and Islam and his Dawa. He often says to his father and his people in Bali Abbey told me when he said to his father and his people, because if some people in your community when you call them to something, they say, we don't want to know, they turn away. They want to kill you the McCue because there are people who you don't have any connection with any way. They're strangers to you. You live in a town or a city of 1000s of people doesn't really make a difference. But when it's your own parents, your own family, your own children, your own siblings, that's when it hurts, that when those people turn against you, so learn social

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highlights over and over again in parallel Lee Abbey, he will call me when he said to his people, because to his father and his people, because that would be the greatest sacrifice. And we know from the Koran, that he brought him and he said I've had a strong close connection with his father. He loved his father lost the penalty and dimensions and Subramaniam the way that he addressed his father. Yeah, Betty. Yeah. Betty. Yeah. Bharatiya, four times Allah says that he addressed his father and he said, Oh, my dear father, oh, my dear father, over and over again, trying to get him to understand this concept of Toshi, that what he's doing what his people are doing is nothing but

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shop will only bring them punishment in this life, and the next, but each and every single time his father rejects it tells him to turn away. But still, Ibrahim Ali Salaam doesn't hesitate. Still, he's patient, still, he's willing to sacrifice this most honored and closest of relationships for the sake of a large soldier. So now his father says to him, leave me go abandon me, I never want to see you again. What does he say? He says, I will continue to make to have for you. I can't speak to you. You don't want to see me. You don't want to meet with me. You don't want to speak with me. But even in your absence, I will continue to make to Anna for you. I will ask a lot to forgive you to

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have mercy upon you. And he only stopped as we know also in the Quran, when Allah told him that is not allowed for him to seek forgiveness for someone who commits shock. So he doesn't seek forgiveness for him anymore. But up until that point, he's making the half of his father wants to make graph for his father. He even says to a lot of zoologia in a drive that he makes for himself. One or two kusini Yama, Yama, Allah don't disgrace me, don't humiliate me on the Day of Resurrection. The humiliation that is referring to is on the day of judgment in front of all of mankind. The father that we brought him will be taken and thrown into the fire. Because he is a

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person of shift, he will go into the fire. But for him, it is difficult that he sees his father being treated in this way. So he made the Overlord don't disgrace me Don't humiliate me on that day. I will Prophet told us all along, he will sell them there on Yom Okayama when the father of Ibrahim alayhis salam is brought out, he will say Oh Allah, did you not promise me? Did you not tell me that you would not humiliate me on this day. So Lawrence digital will change the form of the father of Ibrahim into the form of an animal, and then that animal will be taken and thrown into the fire, to spare him the pain of seeing physically his father being placed into the fire. So Ibrahim alayhis

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salam is someone who continues to show patience, remain steadfast, even when his people gather upon him, his own father, and they agree that they will throw him into a raging pirate of fire, some narrations and we don't have authentic narrations concerning the details of how long that how big the fire was, or how vast but some of those relations and Allah knows best concerning their authenticity. Some of them even say that that fire was region for 40 days before they placed him in there wasn't a new fire that was just warming up a fire that was raging a pyre. It's not a small fire that you find with a few tweaks. A pile is a Great Fire of fire, which you can decimate people

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and anything that you place into it. And so it raised and raised and raised, and now they will ready throw him in. This is how much he suffered for the sake of a large surgeon. And it's his own father, who is willing to let this happen, is even encouraging it to happen. So they threw him into the fire. We know that Allah subhanaw taala saved him and he came out unscathed. But instead of thinking that this is a miracle from Allah, that Allah saved him, that Alonzo just showed up as a sign that he must be upon the truth. They exiled him. They told him to leave, that he would never be allowed to return back to his land. So Ibrahim Ali

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Sam leaves, Ibrahim honey cinemas we know in another way that Allah subhanaw taala shows us how closely he was attached to a large religion, and how he was able to fulfill the commandments of a lot instantly. Ibrahim Ali Salam is an old man, his wife is an old woman, and they are given glad tidings of a son. So law bestows upon him is married his first son, first trial, in old age, they have a child his money that he set up. But Allah subhana wa Taala, more or less straightaway instantly, a few weeks later, a few months later tells him that now he must go and take his wife and newborn son, and leave them in a barren desert land, leave them with whatever food and water they

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may be carrying this barren land today, we know that it's Makkah. But during that time, no people live there, no commendation, no water, no wound, it wasn't even on a journey path wasn't even a journey, a path where people would pass through that way. So you would find people coming and going. But rather, it was bang in the middle of the desert, completely isolated. Ibrahim Alayhi, salaam, if you imagine this, if you're a parent, you want to become parents. Imagine you don't have a child, and you make to her, and you seek all of the help that you can. And you go to the doctors and hospitals and specialists and experts. And he maybe even traveled across the world and he spent

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1000s of pounds of your own heart and cash to have a child. But then as soon as you have the child you're told you must give give the child you must abandon that child, Ibrahima is certain for years decades, is wanting a child. And finally Allah subhanho wa Taala grants him this blessing. Imagine how happy how elated you would be and how happy he must have been earning his stellar. But then the law system now go and leave. Leave him in the middle of the desert. Ibrahim Alayhi Salam doesn't hesitate. We know from the son of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that he immediately took them and placed them left them in the desert land. He did so instantly, when he didn't even tell his

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wife what he was doing, where they were going, or why he was leaving them there. We know that from the center. Because when Ibrahim Ali Sam leaves them turns away and goals, she asks him Oberon him, what are you doing? This wasn't a conversation that they had. They didn't sit down and plan and have a family meeting, then it's done. And he didn't say, Oh, this is what's going to happen. I have to take you here. Leave you this was under discussion. What do you think? What do you suggest? Immediately, Allah says take them and leave them. He takes them and he leaves them. It's only when he's leaving, that his wife her job already has said I'm realizes that something's wrong. There's

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something happening here. So she says we brought him Where are you leaving us? It's not a town. It's not a village. It's not a road where someone's going to pass by sooner or later. Where are you leaving us? But Ibrahim Ali Sam just walks? continues walking, because it is extremely imagine how difficult it must have been for him to answer. what's what's he going to say? How can he even justify this so he leaves? So then she says, and this shows also the strength of a man that she had? She says did Allah commanded you to do this? So he says yes.

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He says yes. So then she says, leave us for a law will never forsake us.

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But look at our patients. Look at that sacrifice that he is willing to make for the sake of a large lotion for the commandment of Allah subhana wa Tada. And then when Ibrahim al Islam leaves them, it goes behind the mountain, and that's where he stops and he makes to act to alarm so

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he asks a lot to protect his family. He asks a lot to provide for his family. Because this is how strongly connected he is to a lot of xojo that he knows the moral law decrees. It is always for the best that what a lot decrees. There is always good in it. He doesn't go back. It doesn't decrease his Eman because often what happens when we are faced with challenges? one of two things can happen either it will decrease your Eman bring you further away from Allah, you lose a loved one you lose your job in financial difficulty you overcome by illness by a disability or something else. May Allah protect us and our families. But when you see something like this happen, some people think a

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lot doesn't love me. A lot doesn't want good for me. Allah isn't giving me anything. Why should I worship on life prayed for 3040 years and this is what happens. I gave soccer every year. This is what happens. I went to the masjid every year, every day every week. This is what happens. But other people realize that this is a test from Allah.

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So it brings them closer to a large religion. And that is what used to happen with the prophets. When they will have these challenges, they would come closer to Allah. So Ibrahim alayhis salam makes two because there is only Allah who can help him in this situation. It is only Allah who can provide for his wife and his son. It is only Allah with his divine protection and care that can help them in this parent visit Nana. So Ibrahim Alayhi Salam leaves them, he leaves them and he goes away. We know that he has another wife that he has another son is happily his center. But Allah subhanho wa Taala A few years later, when people come settle in Mecca, Mecca becomes a town now they

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have resumed some water is many readings has gone up to become a boy. Ibrahim Ali Salaam has been commanded, go back, take your son and sacrifice them. Go back and sacrifice your son. This is the son that he hasn't seen much of that he hasn't spent much time with. This is the son that he left in the desert land with very little food, very little water, just him and his mother alone. But now that we're done is commanding him through a dream that he must go and physically take his son and physically sacrifice him. It's as if the first time he didn't die. didn't die when he was left in the desert desert land now he must go and finish the job. So Ibrahim alayhis salaam goes to his son

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returns to Makkah and look at the strength of his Eman that he instantly goes to his son. And look at the strength of the man of his marine and he is surrounded nurturing the Tobia that he must have gained at the hands of his mother. When Ibrahim Ali Salaam comes Germany says in the autofill man me and my co founder mother Tara, I saw in a dream that Allah commanded me that I should take you and I should sacrifice you

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tomorrow. He said Oh my dear father, do as Allah commanded. So did you do need insha Allah home in a Siberian and you will find me God Willing in sha Allah to be from amongst the patient. So he takes his son leaves the city of Mecca, the town of Mecca, walks out of Mecca, into the distance today. If you go 400 you go formula. This is the place that we call Mina. This is now where millions of people go every year during the Hajj. And even outside of the 100 1000s of people go just to see the place. But in that time, it was barren desert, none far away from the town of Mecca. And he takes him there, ready to sacrifice him. He has a knife he is ready. He is willing. This isn't a perhaps or I

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will take you and go somewhere else or something he's ready. He's determined that this is what will take place. But as he's leaving recording to some narrations, that is where he believes she upon came to him three times. And he said to Mary each time, oh, Ibrahim, how can you sacrifice your son? How can you do this? The son that you wanted for so long? decades past you wanted the sun. He is your son your flesh and blood. Now you're just going to sacrifice him. You're going to kill him? What did he do? Did he have a discussion? Did he think perhaps he's got a point? His strength of conviction in a lot of zildjian was such that he just found pebbles took them and threw them at

00:33:40 --> 00:33:47

those three places today are where we throw the jamara when we throw the pebbles at the three pillars

00:33:49 --> 00:34:36

Ibrahim alayhis salaam takes his son ready to sacrifice them. And as he raises the knife ready to sacrifice his son, that is when a large xojo replaces him with the RAM. That is what a large xojo replaces him uncovered. So Dr. Roja Thoreau Ibrahim you have fulfilled the dream. A lot of panadapter didn't really want him to sacrifice his son for Allah azza wa jal is testing his level of Eman, his conviction in Allah, how quickly and to what extent he is able to fulfill the commandments of Allah subhanho wa Taala. All of us go through these challenges. They will probably not be as extreme as the challenges of Ibrahim, but we have to leave our children in a desert or sacrifice

00:34:36 --> 00:35:00

someone awesome. We don't have to go to that level. But every single one of us faces challenges. Every single one of us face faces, hardships, faces, problems, faces difficulties. Every one of us when it comes to the commandments of Islam, we have our own personal trials and battles with some or all of those commandments of lanzo agenda. For some people. That problem is

00:35:00 --> 00:35:36

With the solder, they can't keep up with the solder. For some people it is the issue of money because it gives a car. For some people it's other things that Allah has commanded them to do, or Allah has ordered them to stay away from. But look at the story of Ibrahim alayhis salam. And look at these lessons, how Ibrahim alayhis salaam was able quickly instantly, immediately to fulfill the commandments of a large soldier. And then he was patient upon those commandments, and he was willing to sacrifice what needed to be sacrificed in order to attain the pleasure of Allah subhana wa

00:35:37 --> 00:36:19

la Larissa was mentioned in the Quran throughout these different stages in the life of Ibrahim alayhis salam, how much he would make to add to Allah. There are a number of Allah mentions in Surah Baqarah surah, Ibrahim, other parts of the Quran, the Abraham and his Sunnah. In many of these stages, he would turn to Allah. ask Allah to help him fulfill these commandments. Ask a large soldier for his help to keep your steadfast as Allah subhanho wa Taala to give him the ability to do what he needed to do. And that is also from the lessons of the story. Because when Alonzo will commence you with something, or when you're faced with a trial and a challenge, and you must

00:36:19 --> 00:37:09

overcome that trial and then challenge then Allah subhana wa tada makes for you paths that will allow you to connect with us. If you find it difficult to to pray as a lot to make it easy for you. Ibrahim Ali Salam is a great mighty messenger of Allah. But what does he say? Robbie, Gianni Maki, masala, Allah make me from amongst those people who will pray a prophet of Allah. He should be praying, he is praying. But still he shows that he asked Allah to give him the ability. Because even the ability to pray to make sure that you're consistent with your prayers, that is a blessing from Allah. That is from the grace and the bounty of a large soldier, Robbie Gianni mapy masala tea woman

00:37:09 --> 00:37:53

the reality and also from my children, make them from amongst those people who will establish the sada establish the player. So lots of handle tada blessed and he blessed his two sons by making both of them prophets is married and his heart and invest in further by making his grandson Yaqoob a Prophet and his great once in use of a prophet and every other prophet that would then subsequently come would come from the lineage of Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam, Salam subhanho wa Taala. From these stories from these lessons from these incidents, shows us the importance of firstly having that strong connection with Allah. Because when you have that strong connection of the heart, then it

00:37:53 --> 00:38:26

automatically manifests itself upon your talent and your limbs. But if it's only something that you physically do, but your heart isn't attached to it, you will always find that either you will not take complete benefit from it. It won't raise your Eman or you will find yourself always lacks. Sometimes you miss it. Sometimes you fall short because it doesn't come from the heart. And that is why the Prophet told us Allah wherever he was seldom Allah in nephrologists at the motto is a solid, solid, just a dokolo with a faceted visitor just a Dooku Allah.

00:38:27 --> 00:39:09

Indeed in the body, there is a morsel of flesh. If it is correct and upright, then the body is upright. And if it is corrupt and wayward, then the body is corrupt. Indeed, it is the heart. That is what we learn from our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam from the story of Ibrahim alayhis salam. And that is when you look at the sooner the way that the professor nurtured his companions, Abu Bakr, Omar and so on. It was about making them strongly connected to a larger agenda. Because through that connection through that strength of Eman, they would overcome all of the challenges that they would have to face, this colossal petrodollar that He grants us that same type of the

00:39:09 --> 00:39:37

ability to have patience with him, patience in the commandments that he places upon us, and that he makes a steadfast that he makes us from amongst those who fulfill His commandments with that hesitance and that alarm soldier mixes for most those people who are willing to sacrifice to attain His pleasure, have a lower limb to learn merely a slim or subtle louder and maybe in a moment where he will suck bH brain will sit on Mardi Gras he will Baraka

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