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welcome in back into it if you've just joined us, I'm with you till 12 o'clock this afternoon in sha Allah. Now on social media, social media has been the best platform to come to know what is happening in the world. And we mean everywhere in the world and from artists and Ashida artists, to politicians, to just people like you look at the press in Palestine in Gaza, through social media, we are able to connect the world in so many different ways to the point that now even scholars and show you are using social media we all know, Mufti manca. Well, no Purcell added pennis personality around the world. And he's one person who uses social media a lot. Now he shared something recently

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of another person who comes up onto the stage and you won't expect it but he said he thinks and recites in a sheet by a chef Mishary Rashid alafasy, which we've played many times on the program before, and then a sheet artist,

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addict in me went hey, who is this? I need to find out who he is. Why does he sing so well? And why hasn't he been on my show yet? I did a little digging and he isn't in the shader to spend more. In fact, he is share while Ibrahim A renowned advocate combating the detrimental effects of pornography addiction and irresponsible media consumption. As a global speaker, educator, trainer and certified life coach, he's dedicated his life to empowering individuals seeking to break free from this modern day plague. Interesting match. He's passionate about making a positive impact shall while is the visionary behind the AWARE Academy, where he continues to inspire change and transformation, beyond

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his professional endeavors shall while cherishes his role as a devoted family man surrounded by his wonderful wife and precious children. He is currently based in Australia, and he lends his expertise as a student counselor at one of Western Australia's largest schools, working tirelessly to guide and support young minds in their personal and academic journeys. So while assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh and welcome to radio alonside.

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not to lie about Academy My dear sister Zack Lohan for them, mutation, believe it or not, I thought that our meeting is 4am my time, but now it's 4:30pm. So Hamdulillah that was next upon Oh Hamdulillah I am so glad to have you. It's such an honor and privilege to be able to speak to you here in South Africa. Like I mentioned to our listeners, that social media is such a beautiful tool these days that it unites the world in so many ways. What did you think first when, when when you saw this video, go online and get shared and liked by so many people? Was it what you expected? Because obviously you were not there to sing the sheet. You were there for other purposes, but they

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roped you on to recite Mustafa Mustafa, you did a beautiful rendition of the LOL bedroo What are your thoughts on how social media brings people together in this way?

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Alhamdulillah Smirnov marketing and hamdulillah salat wa salam ala Rasulillah. He's Allah Allah is and so I'm not sure if you know about my background, but I was actually before getting into Islam and teaching Islam and so on. I was previously actually a professional singer in Egypt. And it was my dream to become a popular singer, musician and so on. And spa and I quit music and I started seeking spiritual growth, learning about my deen and so on. I try to avoid really even reciting Quran in public, I tried to avoid singing in public or even doing any initiate in public, because it reminded me of that dark phase of my life. And slowly, slowly, when I became closer to Messiah, like

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Dr. Mohamed salah, like moved his main monk and others, they encouraged me actually to use my voice to inspire perhaps others. So that was one of the events that we had recently in Nigeria. And I was encouraged actually, by Sheikh Omar shortly, because he's a poet, very, very good poet, Mashallah. And he suggested that he would recite few verses about the Prophet Muhammad wa salam and I will recite you verses of nasheeds, about the same about the Prophet Casasola man, and Hamdulillah. It went viral when I moved to link shared it on his platforms. It's beautiful. And I wasn't sure if you wanted me to mention that about your background, because when I did share it with a few people that

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I knew, they said, Hey, he's from Egypt, and he's a very, very good thing. Did you know The Salma and I didn't, and I had to do my own research into you. And that's the amazing thing. If you look at this, and you just mentioned rightfully so you it reminded you or took you back to your past, but I think it's incredible story to tell, because now you're reciting songs like this Muslim farmers stuff and you're getting people wonder what is the song about what is the meaning it's obviously hitting you differently so it can be a positive

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An impact as well on the community, do you find that is important for the community to now embrace nasheeds in that way, where yes, it could remind you, but it's so important at the same time to take that platform.

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Absolutely. And earlier, I used to avoid, as I mentioned, talking about this part of my history, but of course, when when you became

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aware of perhaps the background of people that many of the Muslims and we shouldn't bury our heads in the sand, many of our community members are still into music into singing into movies into dramas into media sometimes impact their behaviors, and, and so on in a way that is contradictory to our faith. When you realize this, perhaps you should use your background as a platform to reach out to those people and tell them listen that I've been there I went through this vicious cycle. And it provided me nothing but depression, but anxiety. And as part of life it was it led me even to a phase in my life that I was reflecting suicide. So so using now my history about music and singing,

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and and using my voice in a different way that can inspire Muslims to practice Islam instead, perhaps it can be a platform that could lead people to the right path in sha Allah. I'm not saying that this is going to be my path now. But from time to time, perhaps, going on platforms like social media, as you mentioned, just as a base for people to at least come come and see you and come and and listen to what you have to offer, perhaps on a sheet here and there wouldn't harm in fact, I was singing today and a sheet by an Arab singer called Lotfi Bush now, about the rasa And subhanAllah it inspired me so much that I recorded it, and I videotaped it and perhaps it will be edited soon and

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posted on social media very soon, inshallah. Ah, the beautiful Likud that Al Hamdulillah. So sometimes whatever is meant and you never know who it may impact who it may have an effect on. That is perhaps also maybe they may in the mainstream industry, and now they listening to this, and you are Maha mashallah you recite beautifully, especially that Allah Allah Drew, and the most of the farmers suffer. And I think it had a big impact on myself as well as others as well. And that's why I'm doing today, before I ask you to sing, I want to just take on one point of yours that you mentioned, again, we have our youth and you work with a lot of the younger generation in Australia,

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and around the world through your away Academy are popped onto your website as well. And we do have approaching the season now in South Africa, it's the holidays, people are getting ready to travel, and they're finishing their high school now. So people are getting ready with college admissions and those types of things. So what what would your advice be, and if we were to incorporate the nasheed world as well, people are now on holiday. So obviously, they're going to be listening to things they're in the car listening to things they traveling, they posting songs on the reels on Instagram or whatever. And you pointed out something to me, in fact, the other day, what to use, what music to

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use, not to use? And what advice would you give the younger generation now, when they are heading out now and what to listen to and why they should be careful and mindful of what they listen to?

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Oh, just lucky for this. First of all, it has to be like a collective effort from family parents and maybe schools and other institutions that look after the youth in general. So it has to be like a collective effort that we should provide guidance on what to listen to what to watch what to see what not to see. I remember she did that Ross moto Allah, Allah, may Allah have mercy on him one of the speakers and the scholars who had impact on me personally growing up Islamically speaking, who was debating a person and he said, the type of of media that you watch will have an impact on your psyche on your behavior. He say if you if you read a junky book, you will become junkie, if you eat

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junky food, you will your body will become junky. So similarly, when you listen to something that is haram. unconsciously you will start falling into the same vices into the same haram. All the songs about love about romance, about running up the girls running up the boys and all that. And when you listen to them, you you immerse yourself into the meaning of those lyrics. Slowly, slowly but surely, you will fall into the same practices as described in the song. So my advice would be try to lend an ear if you're into music and listening to something well, like there are plenty of nasheed singers in our time, who are absolutely professional, absolutely soothing to the heart and the soul

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and can inspire you can inspire you in great ways can first of all, they can entertain you on a journey like you said that trip and they can detain you, but at the same time they can also inspire you to do something good and that's that's what the dua of the Prophet Muhammad SAW salam, peace be upon him

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where he said alarming? Yes. Okay IV Manasa. O Allah we ask you to grant us the beneficial knowledge not just any knowledge, not just anything, but rather something that will benefit us to inshallah Tada attain salvation or attain the highest level of Jana So, her Salah may have another Hadith of the Prophet SAW SAMSA be keen on seeking that which benefits you the most. So ask yourself what are the songs really going to benefit me with nothing zero nil I challenge anyone. Nothing's zero and nil. So it's better to look into those beneficial lyrics sang by our brothers from around the world. I myself take the path of the Yanni the least doubtful and that is avoid musical instrument. There

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are different debates on this we don't want to get into the technicality of the matter. But there are Masha Allama Hussain use of semi use of zoom because a lot about Aquila and so many other machine artists whom you can really benefit in great ways. Bismillah Masha Allah definitely beautifully said. Now I'm going to have to put you on the spot. Why we are here in the first place. And most of our farmers, the farmers if you could recite that for the listeners of radioland, sir we'd be much obliged.

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Mark Luffy while we are singing shallow I just wanted the people to focus on the person in the song not the person who sang sing the song so the person in the song is Mohamed Salah lice and the men we are trying to beautify his character as as described in the Quran through that beautiful machine Bismillah

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Mustafa Mustafa men bow

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say to be Vishwa alone fellow of

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Whoo. And two more to know. Mustafa. Mustafa

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only soft. Say

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the Misha alone.

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Nephi out fee. Lilia

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Masha Allah Masha Allah may Allah grant you lots of Baraka in your voice in sha Allah to Zack Allah for taking the time out to speak to us at the early hours in your morning and it was wonderful hearing from you Jana see how was very valuable to to our audience and we hope to speak to you again soon inshallah. Charlo just like blockchain for having me so I'm like well, why are they gonna sit down what I want to share who I live Rahim they're from Australia joining us early morning for him but imagined to recite like that in the early hours of the morning. But uh hamdulillah the song Mustafa Mustafa fountainhead of serenity missed off the prophets torch of loyalty in his compassion

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for orphans was warm my heart long for him overflow longing to him. I don't hope except a drink from his hands prayers be upon him peace be upon him to the sky he ascended then come with ven came with purity his face become luminous and bright. In his pardon was when the encounter came he said go He forgive them you are three and his guide average approach he was happy with the smile of the simple people missed him generosity top of giving. Excuse the lyrics there that was the literal translation to most of Mustafa hearing the voice of Mishary Rashid alafasy Again, this is Kitab Allah from our special countdown today featuring the top 10 nasheeds of the Glorious Quran that was shared while

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Ibrahim of Australia who we spoke to just now