Ibrahim Hindy – Walk The World With Ease

Ibrahim Hindy
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of humility and surrendering oneself to the truth in avoiding false accusations of privilege and avoiding false accusations of arrogance. They stress the need for humility in showing weaknesses and surrendering oneself to the truth to increase one's knowledge and fame. The speakers also touch on the concept of humility and how it is impossible to control what people say and do, and the importance of humility in the way people act and communicate with others. They emphasize the need for humility in the context of the coronavirus pandemic and finding work that is tedious and hum basement.
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operator to to a walk nominee. In Him we seek aid and assistance into him we turn both in repentance and for forgiveness. Julian will also pedal the dial it guides them can mislead and he'll allow leaves to go straight there is none who can guide and I've noticed that there's nothing worthy of worship single bought alone, and then we'll have met some will love wherever you send them is both his servant and His Messenger.

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this month of Ramadan, we are obliged to try to improve our character as much as possible. And the profits in the long run He will send them said many of them via dalcolle zoar. Whoever does not abandon evil language, false language, whether I'm going to be an acting according to it, ie acting with evil condoms, then indeed a law is not in any need of them abandoning food and drink. A loss of Hamlet to Allah is not in need of our events. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said though in the footsie Now I know what happened whilst they were going super Magento comm if the first of you in the last of you, mankind and the gin, all of them were shipped along with the most developed

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targets, Mazda that you know, TJ and I would not have increased the kingdom of a lot at all. A lot is not needed are a guy that he's not in need of our worship. He is in need. He is the one who is without need. get through this. Through this worship, we better ourselves

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we strengthen ourselves, we find true enjoyment in the worship or the loss of cannaboids either. And above all, we improve our character, the process of the love where he was interested in them at birth to the what's happening mechanical of love, he said I was sent only to protect your character to have to perfect the character or to provide the perfect moral standard. And so, today I want to discuss one type of characteristic that we need to cultivate within ourselves. One type of characteristic that we need to ensure that we are deriving it or that we are implementing it or inheriting it within our character. And one of the most beautiful verses in the Quran. One that

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describes the believers one that is often recited is a well known verse, that also kind of what's the island says, were a battle right man and lady named Shauna Island Eau de Helena what he the hall, Cobo Hall j you don't apply to this ama, there was a panel Tyler says that the servants of Orion man, the servants of the Most Merciful are those who walk the earth with ease. And when the ignorant speak to them, on who sent them, when the ignorance addressed them, they respond with words of peace. Now, this is an often quoted verse, And usually what is quoted, and what is emphasized is the latter parts of the verse where you don't fall back on when you do an Apollo seminar, that when

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we ignorant people speak to them, they respond with words of peace. And we see how the prophet SAW the law where it was in them was insulted and abused Tripoli throughout Jamaica, and how the prophet SAW the law where it was sent him still had the best character responding with words of peace, even when people have turned to him with insults and words of ignorance. And likewise, in our world today, when there is so much Islamophobia and anti Islamic sentiment, this is the lesson for us to take. But I want us to pause at the beginning of this verse, the earlier parts of the verse, because it was apparent that it begins by saying why not Orion men, the servants of Orion men, the servants

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of those merciful now unless a penalty Island couldn't have described the servants many different ways. He could have said, Well, you know, the law and the serving someone law, you could have said the servants of it, it is the most mighty, but he chose his attributes of rightness of mercy. And this is the attribute that we're in greatest of need is the mercy of a loss of cattle. It's either the profits a little while or losing them says that they have an agenda. No one wants your paradise because of their good deeds because of their actions. They said not even your messenger have a license not even mean in that it's a muddle along your automatic, acceptable lies or just immerses

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that person into their mercy into his mercy. So we are in need of the mercy of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. And Allah describes these people as being servants of a right man to tell us that these are people who are truly connected with us palatinus attributes of right now and of course they are going to attain the right level a lot of soldier. What about

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a lady named Shauna Alan Alda, Helena, they walk the earth with ease, what does it mean to walk the earth with ease? And the scholars talk about this? And they say it means a Sakina. whatsoever, it means that they are walking the earth with tranquility, and with humility.

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And so these people, who are the slaves have arrived man, the servants of the Most Merciful, who spread mercy even when people address them with ignorance. They are people of tranquility, of dignity, and of humility. What is humility? And how can we allow ourselves to become of those who are humble and chaste and dignified as a soldier as described? The first of this matter? For us to have humility is for us to be able to surrender ourselves to the truth. To accept the truth no matter where the truth emerges from many of us have tremendous difficulty accepting the truth. If it comes from a source that we don't hold in high regard. We have difficulty accepting the truth if it

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comes from somebody who's too old, or too young, where it comes from somebody who has less education than us, or somebody who earns less money than us. But humility is the ability to surrender yourself to the truth. It does not matter if the truth comes to you from a man or from a woman. It doesn't matter if it comes from a young person or an old person. It doesn't matter if it comes from a rich person or a poor person. It doesn't matter if it comes from someone of high status.

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And fame, or someone who society regards little offer with little fame. It doesn't matter if it comes from our relatives and family or from non relatives, whites or black, Arab or non Arab, none of these things matter. The person who has humility is capable of surrendering themselves to the truth. This is the first aspect of humility. The second aspect of humility is that we treat people with kindness, and we treat them with gentleness. And again, regardless of who they are, whether the person is rich, and they can help you in this dunya, and they can benefit you in this life, or whether they are poor, and they will never be able to benefit you. Whether the person has high

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requirements in society or not. You treat everyone with kindness. This is humility.

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And arrogance is the opposite of this. Because of this, the prophet SAW a lot more I mean, he was sending him when he was asked what is Cupid what is arrogance? He says Buffalo, welcome for nuts. He said it's two things, he said is suppressing the truth. You're not willing to accept the truth. So you suppress it. And well, openness and condescending to the people. You look at the people who say this person is not as smart as me, this person is not as successful as me this person is, and you look down on them. You don't treat them with kindness with gentleness, you don't consider the possibility these people might be better than you. Yes, you might have more synaptic knowledge than

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them. You might be in the messaging more, maybe they're better than you. Maybe they're doing something and secrets, and connecting with a lot and secrets in a way that makes them better than you.

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Right? The person who has the attitude of humility considers the possibility that other people are better than them. And the person was arrogance is always looking for reasons to justify that they're better than everyone else. I'm better than you because I have more education because I have more success because of morphine, because I have more this because I have more than that. And how often do we see this attitude in our community? Or within our culture? How often do we cater our events, our organizations, even sometimes our surgeons, to benefit the people that we look up to? And we disregard or ignore those who we think are not going to benefit us that are poorer than us that are

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less biased than us? How often do we sometimes turn away from our obligations of a cow or soda to give to those who are in need? Because we condescend

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we say why should I give money to this person? You know, he's the one who's lazy. He's the one who's who's put himself in this situation, we justify why we don't want to give some of my condescending to the people. All of these are examples of arrogance and pride. And we have to counter it by cultivating within ourselves, humility, surrendering ourselves to the truth, and showing kindness and gentleness and respect to all people. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, mentor Minda metal, although I have been in that in alpha is a nobody shows humility before a lot. So that except that a lot of the reason for this is a beautiful Hadith we should guide us in our lives. Nobody

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shows humility to a lot except that a lot more reasonable person. When a person has humility reverts to their knowledge, they don't consider themselves to be the most intelligent. They don't consider themselves to be the most knowledgeable. They consider the possibility that others have more knowledge than them. What happens to that person, they study more, they gain more insight to gain more knowledge. They ask different people for perspectives. So they're actually knowledge increases because they show humility.

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The person who has status and fame but continues to be kind to people continues to show kindness and generosity to other people what happens their fame increases and becomes more long lasting than somebody who gets famous and then becomes arrogant and mean to people that famous of extinguishing rather quickly. And when you show humility to a muscle candle to highlight like a surgeon will always receive the profits of a lot more and he was sooner said mental auto Raja, your firewall log without Roger. Whoever shows humility before a lot a single degree alone will raise a degree he's had to endure

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until that person will be raised to the highest agenda. And he says it whoever shows arrogance before a law, a single degree a low lower than a single degree until that person reaches us for the stuff at the lowest of the hellfire.

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And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam also said

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in Nova la until he said that Allah has inspired to me a lot has revealed to me that you should have humility. This is a commandment from the prophets of Allah revenue center. That's come to him from a law

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But all of you should have humility. How much humility should we have? He said, what

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I had what I believe I had, until not a single person who boasts before another, and not a single person who presses another. And this I think is so powerful, but it shows us that oppression often comes out of what's our of showing off boasting, wanting to make ourselves better than other people? And what is that showing off to fat for? What does that come from? It comes from a lack of humility. So when we lack humility, we want to boast and get the attention of people. And when we want to boast and get the attention and dominance over people, what does that cause people to do? It causes them to oppress others. And so oppression is tied, ultimately, to our humility or lack thereof. And

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the prophet SAW a long way out, he was in them said, mental Well, he had Canada, or FX we had Canada. And he made this exact gesture, that the province I send them said, Whoever shows humility like this, and he lowered his hand to the ground, that he will be raised like this, and he raised his arm to the heavens. And this is the reality the more humility you show for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala, the more your status in this world, and in the next will increase. And the profits in the long run the use of them said that gender men can interfere with all other rocks in them. He said they will not intergender those who have in their hearts, a single mustard seed of Americans,

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the album's weights of arrogance, the smallest amounts of arrogance will borrow that person from gender. And that is an incredibly powerful, how do you fit the prophets little love? Where do you send them? The Prophet also said to his companions, where they love bureau kamiakin enough, shall I not inform you of who are the inhabitants of the Hellfire? He said, Yes, we'll listen to him a lot. He said poliquin you are tuned in July there was a captain. He said everyone who is cool, and proud and arrogant. These are the inhabitants of the hellfire.

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And a Los Cabos Ohio that says

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Get rid of the alma mater. Dini, for so fat to now will be home in

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your head, boom, we're gonna, Allah says, Oh, you will believe if you were to turn away from this religion. If you were to leave this religion, then indeed, a lot of will get rid of you. And you will bring forth the people whom he will love them, and they will love a lot. Now what is the characteristics of these people? The first thing Allah says, and Venus in Albania, these people will have humility before the believers, they will be humbled towards those who are the believers, the first description of those who they may have a lot of love loves them. They have humility before the believers, where you got the rock man into the name shoe, or the Helena, way, the half of one

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Jackie, when

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we mentioned this verse in the beginning, the servants of the Most Merciful are those who walk the earth with ease. Why are they walking the earth with ease? What an interesting description of humility in the end, because to Pamela, the people who have arrogance, they are torturing themselves in this life. They are torturing themselves in this life, we ally surgeons, save us from that. Why? Because you are deriving your self worth from other people, you are deriving your own perspective of how good you are based on how other people judge you. So you only consider yourself to be worth something. If other people look up to you, if other people respect you, if other people you know,

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give you credits. And so we end up walking the earth very difficult. It's very difficult life, wanting to get people's attention and people's approval. But the people who are the servants of the law are the servants of the Most Merciful, they don't really care what you think of them.

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And the end of the day, all they care about is the law.

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So what you think of them or not doesn't matter to them. And what happens, they walk the earth with ease, it's easy for them to walk this earth, very simple life for them. Whether people hate them, whether people are being ignorant to them and saying ignorant words to them or not. They all they care is that a lot as much as happy with them, that they're fulfilling their obligations to a lot. They don't care if you if the people hold them in high regard or not. So then all of a sudden with a hot tub, oh my god, but when the ignorant people address them, they say peace, right? Because these are people who have humility, and the person has humility, therefore essentially, they've they're

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gaining their self worth from a loss parent and their relationship from a lot. So they've got fears with ease, it's easy to have an easy life. It's easy to live that life. It is far more difficult to live the life that most of us live, running after status, running after attention running after life.

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on social media running after, you know, being invited and being honored and being the honored guests to be known, that's a difficult life. Because you're you're putting yourself worth in the hands of people and people are bad judges. People are flawed.

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You know, the greatest judges of the loss of Canada that put your self worth with a lot of debt.

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And the loss of character either tells us not good at all. So I've heard that as well. It's actually probably not I don't turn your cheek towards the people meaning and contempt. In today's lexicon, it would mean don't roll your eyes at the people. What at some she could argue the more I don't work walk the earth with pride.

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In the wall Hello, hula. hula de la vie does not love those who are self diluted and boastful.

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And so don't treat the people with sarcasm with contempt. And talking about boastfully seeking the attention of people. These are all concepts that are related to our arrogance. And a lot of parents are this is what I think she came out with the motto. Don't walk the earth with pride with the resultants in the kind of tough medical terminology that whether you're a walk will not split open the earth, you will not so powerful that when you walk and you stretch with pride, that your power will split the earth open, nor are you so grand and big that you will reach the heights of the mountains. So unless it says don't walk with pride, you will not split open the earth nor will you

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reach the height of the mountains, show humility, because there's really nothing that we own or control in this reality. One of the benefits I think of the Coronavirus is alarmism just showing us a little bit of this truth that we don't control anything. No matter how much power money whatever you have a lucky ticket away in a second. In one second, people's businesses and everything via economy can collapse if someone wants that to happen. And that's insight for us to understand we actually don't control very much. We don't control anything. A lot. So Jen is the one who controls. So why are you feeling all this arrogance that you're better than other people. And the prophet SAW

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what we're gonna send him in his entire life is a lesson for us and humility. You cannot read the description of the Prophet. So I said that without his humility, exuding, flowing from the pages of the description of the Prophet. Look at one of the descriptions of the Prophet. So I said that they said, they said that when the Prophet sometimes the problem instrument Deena and a young slave girl would run in grab the hand of the Prophet, someone what weapon he was. So now

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it's pero. La, I have young daughters. If I tell them daughters go say send them to my friend, who they know who's the father of their kid or their friends. They feel too shy.

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I have to practically drag them to shake the ends of their I'm more of their own code, they see a lot. Why? Because girls are naturally shy, yet. And a slave girl has less status in society than the free girl. Right? The free girl does, you know maybe the daughter of a rich powerful King, she might feel the confidence to go speak to whoever she wants. Even though most girls feel shy to speak to whoever they want. A slave girl who has less status amongst the people would feel the most amount of shyness. Yet they said the slave girl would go and grab the hand of the Prophet. Further in his area, the woman he had had that had to have been a few shots. They said the Prophet would not remove

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his hand from her end, until she took the Prophet wherever she wanted to go. She had she wanted the prophet to intercede on her behalf she wanted the prophet to do something for she grabbed the head, she felt that complete confidence to go grab the hand of the Prophet so Lagarde said that she might feel shy approaching any other men. Yes, when it came to the Prophet. So I said, if she felt complete confidence to grab his hand, and taking whatever she wanted to know. And she knew the Prophet was not gonna let go. She knew the profit size, it was gonna go wherever she wanted to go with him. So a little off about even setting up what type of facilities that from our profits level,

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what were the descriptions of the profit, what you guys send them, send them equally at him, when he gave them to people, he gave them send them with his whole self mean, he would turn his entire body towards that person to give them so now, you see politicians today when they want to, you know, get people's votes, they barely even turn a corner of their body to the person celebrities, you know, and they have their fans and they just you know, from far they just maybe wait maybe if they should can they're shaking hands, they're already moving on to the next person. Right the prophets I send them though he was the leader in Medina, though he was the messenger of a loss a lot more and he was

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Senator, you will give people their attention because he respected them and respected people as part of his parts of humility. Right when I asked you for watchable I'm a new seller had sales before who are watching why the Prophet would not turn his face away from the person who was given to them until that person turned away first.

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Look at the level of respect the prophets always leave people that he would give to them to them. What can I get this way to get technical measures, and the Prophet when he would sit in the gathering, he would sit until the gathering concluded. Sometimes when people I'm you know, I'm too important, I'm too busy, you know, if they sit to the gathering, and they're the first ones to get up, I'm too busy, I gotta leave. Right? The prophets accent has the humility of you sitting with people who would sit with them, and you would stay with them, until the end of the gathering that they were in and have the humility of our prophesizing ends that when people would come from outside

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of Medina, to speak to the profit, and they would enter the messages, they wouldn't know what the profit was, how many a heavy are though, that a person will walk into the message and saying, Where is the Messenger of Allah, because the Messenger of Allah was not sitting on a throne. He was not wearing a bigger hats than everyone else, or a crown on top of his head. He was sitting on the floor with everyone else. So somebody walked into the masjid, they just saw a bunch of people sitting on the floor, they don't know which one's the messenger of a lot, some a lot more of us. Mmm. And once a man keeps the profits a little lower, and he said them, and the man wants to speak to the prophet

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and he is thundering, he's shaking, he is trembling, in front of the prophets of Allah knows he's speaking to the best of the creation.

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And so he feels nervous, which makes sense, which is natural. And the prophet SAW a lot when you said I'm seeing this man feeling nervous and said to him, how are we gonna take it easy? How would I for Indiana, less to be manic, he said, I am not taking Take it easy on yourself in about unemployment in numerating. Candidates on budget, he said I am only the son of a woman who used to eat the dry meats. This was a very common simple food of the people of Mecca not the rich people food, the average person food that even below average person food is they would drive their meats and eat dried meats. He said I am the son of a woman who eats dried meat. I'm not a king, don't feel

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this kind of overwhelming nervousness when you were speaking to me to kind of look at the humility of the prophets of the low bar you send them. For this reason the prophet SAW, I said, I would say to the people in them,

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according to why he went to school, he said, I am only a servant, so say the servant of Allah and His Messenger counterpart. And he would say to the people at Hulu comm a call on us what this will come from that I eat only as the other people eat, and I sit just as the other people sit, I am not a superhuman, right, I am a human being in the end. And this is the humility lesson of the humility of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa send them. And we see that humility when the companions are digging the trench to protect the Medina against their enemies. And so Camelot if there was a tiny bit of arrogance in the prophets, I send them on that day, a day of extreme labor in difficulty, he

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would have sat back and let the companion stick, especially as the companions are telling him to sit so that they can do any of the prophets of the Lord value center

00:28:11 --> 00:28:49

is digging with them entire wisdom and working more than them. And the Sahaba are saying we want to rest but we feel too ashamed to rest and leave the profits work by himself. So we continue to work. And when they come across a stone that is too big, none of them can break it. Who do they call the messenger of a loss of a loved one he was sending them and he says a lot about and he breaks it and as they are working with profit someone where do you send them with say words of poetry? Well, la Hito with a la Magdalena. What a tussle doctor now What else? Oh, Nina fanzine and Alina was an academic.

00:28:51 --> 00:29:34

So these are these beautiful words of poetry. Without your alarm, we would have no guidance, nor would we give a charity, nor would we have prayer. So bless us with your tranquility, and make our for our feet firm. And this beautiful poetry of lots of humility before a law, without your love, we would have nothing without you, we would have no guidance. without you. We have no sort of without you. Without you would have nothing. This is the humility of a servant before Allah subhana wa Tada. And yes, whoever shows humility for the sake of Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala wisdom. And this is why the prophet SAW Islam before he would pass away. He was visited by an angel who gave him the

00:29:34 --> 00:29:59

choice between living this world as a king, having a long life in this world as a king, or to go back and meet his Lord right now. And he said to his companions in the last day Jani, Allah has given me the choice to be a king Prophet, a prophet who is a king, or to be a servant prophets, an akuna that an akuna amputating without

00:30:00 --> 00:30:07

will be a servant who is a profits photographer to an akuna rather than Libya. He said I chose to be a servant prophets.

00:30:09 --> 00:30:25

Whenever the Prophet says and I was given the choice, he chose what was more humble the path of greater humility. Do we make similar choices in our lives? That is a question for us to think and to ponder about falcoda have only had the left stuff for a while you're

00:30:26 --> 00:30:27

in your for right.

00:30:36 --> 00:30:42

Now Santos and Mr. Darcy will die early. He was a human Ola. He suddenly recently

00:30:44 --> 00:31:27

voted what Carly Aloma used to build sheep on behalf of two slave girls who their job was to milk some of the sheep but it was too difficult for them, to overcome the sheep and to milk it. And so I'm welcome the alarm to wake up every morning. And he would go and he would milk the sheep on their behalf, volunteer to do this on their behalf to make their life easier. But after the Prophet said Senate passed away, over the long run became the sunniva. So the girls said to themselves, we need to find someone else to help us because obviously, the honey for now he's too busy. He doesn't have any time for us. And they were surprised the next morning, who is it to show up acceptable got curly

00:31:27 --> 00:31:51

alone, I'm ready again to milk the sheep. They said to him, we thought you're too busy to do this. And he said I am in greater need of this now than I was before. I even reached your need of it now than I was before. Because I will not for the long run understood how do we derive humility in ourselves? How do we gain the humility in ourselves? You do which by doing work that is tedious

00:31:52 --> 00:31:54

by serving others,

00:31:55 --> 00:32:33

by doing what it is that will take him remove arrogance from ourselves. So he tells them I was doing this to increase my humility, helping out volunteering, working with my hands. And now that I'm the honeypot, I am in more need of this as my status and the duty increases. I am in more need of this. And I think a lot of people when they're young, when they're students don't do work, you know, tedious work, and maybe help the poor and work here and work there and volunteer. But as soon as they get jobs, as soon as they make money, as soon as they're increasing in their business, they leave these things behind. And what happens arrogance starts to accumulate in our hearts. One of the

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main ways to remove arrogance from our hearts is to make sure that we do work that is tedious work that is humbling that we are in close contact and serving people who require help that you just invested and I'm hoping in the long run died, they found the message was dirty. And they realized that what could be a local and one of the things he would do is he wake up and sweeping the messages. He died because he was no longer being swept. Why is he sweeping the messages because he knows that this is going to remove his his his arrogance and increases humility. And so we should be looking for work that we can do in our lives, that can try to melt away some of the arrogance and

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bring us some humility in our lives and encourage all of you to go and look for opportunities, volunteer things that you could do, you know, anywhere it is that that you might be able to do it that might allow you to increase this humility in your hearts and the level that has recently been that he had he went to the NFL and he was sending what's almost like you're sitting there and I say if you don't want to be you know have you been I'm assuming that most of you have never met in my life or on the deck whatever abroad also methodology school in fact, somebody

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asked me to meet him while he was having played me apply Indian War Hello Manhattan where I needed

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a lot of my dad's a doctor and a female kwabena Lavazza well I am Allah for Raja wedding and later when I'm

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when I'm in Hawaii to do Neo and Afro He better be the one I feel sorry for the tower so time your mighty governor Moroccan in a lot of minutes in Islam and use me What are you before taking payments and hopefully within a law home, have a VA that the man was able to prove you know, what can I get a medical for for supervision, which I never know why she didn't know why it wouldn't work. Why the Halifax a woman couldn't

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come to the Quran, who is cuckoo mushroom, what is it? What is it about although we haven't met snorkeling on it

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along with the bubble, no

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You guys

Allah describes His servants as “walking the world with ease”. What does this mean and how can we inherit this characteristic within ourselves?

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