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Very little, I don't have a lot more knowledge, and I don't speak about things that are so in depth that are of a higher knowledge than you buy lots of miles or distances. I'm not far, far more red than you. The books that I read are accessible. Some of them are behind me, I was puzzled seeing them, but I think it's good decoration for the video, right? Because they look new.

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The books that you have access to I have access to you can buy them, you can get all those books on one CD.

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Right? Put them on your laptop, your computer, one CD you have ever all the books written, that are published.

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So it's not knowledge, it's not that you aren't able to attain it. For some, it's a matter of language, which is another part of me. Everyone can read, and everyone can learn. And you can study new languages, my wife happens to be from Turkish ancestry. So I'm learning Turkish.

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Not so soon. You're supposed to say em, there you go.

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And knowledge of self discovery is an important part of the Muslim identity. One of the scholars who used to say,

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and I shared this word with you

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to be knowledgeable, not just about Allah subhanaw taala. But to have a right to have that your mind is actually working in active. And it's about religious knowledge and other than religious knowledge. And this is important in how you raise your children. And for those of you are an age of self study and self discovery, it's important to keep this in mind. You want to know everything.

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About one thing, you want to find one thing that you know everything about.

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I have a brother, I have a friend that I mentioned this before in one of the talks. I can call Jim up and I can say Jim,

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I have trouble with my car. He says Okay, put your phone on speaker. Let me hear the engine.

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He could be doing whatever. And I put the phone on speaker put the car engine, he hears it. He goes, Oh, this, this, this and that. Just bring it over.

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I take it over to him. 30 seconds later in his backyard garage, tightens, This loosens that fixes this. No more sound. By hearing he knows everything that there is to know about one thing that he loves he's passionate about. So he wanted to dedicate a part of the study in it. But there is a problem with you.

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He doesn't know anything about cooking.

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doesn't know anything about laundry, doesn't know why the sky is blue.

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Doesn't know why ice floats instead of sinks

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doesn't know how to read from the Quran.

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He doesn't know other things he specialized. You know everything about that. So the second part of Aden is to know one thing about everything.

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You have to have a little bit of knowledge about what's happening in the world a little bit of knowledgeable geography. Where is Macedonia?

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Good question. Sounds like Macedonia

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is another burger joint.

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Right? No, you want to know a little bit about geography. You want to learn a little bit about medicine? You want to know, you know, why can't my wife take aspirin when she's pregnant? Why? Why can she eat soft cheese when she's pregnant?

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You want to know everything. One thing about many things in the world.

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When you attain that you have a sense of knowledge. You have a sense of scholarship in your life. You're always seeking to learn something new.

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How much undercoat do I need to put for the wall before I paint? How do I fix a fixture?

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All of these are things that are a part of the general knowledge that every Muslim has because how to make money,

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how to trade, how to bargain how to sell,

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what do I need when I'm buying and selling all of these things are a part of an A.

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Now when we come to religious knowledge, there are also basics and things that lead you the basics that all of us should attain for is learning to read from the Quran. Now it doesn't matter my young brother, my younger sister, if you are out of the agian

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from the moon from Mars, every human being who has come to believe in the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam must have the desire. I'm not saying must be good.

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But must have the desire to want to continue learning until they become proficient in the reading of the Quran.

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This is a part of the owner of the Prophet Mohammed Salah Salem our Islamic religious heritage.

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The prophets I seldom put such an emphasis upon reading and writing of the Quran and memorizing it, that its reward exceeded many of the other religious duties that the Muslim performs. You see that the Quran is preserved for us here today because of that dedication to the concept of learning.

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With the one who memorizes he's elevated the prophets Eisah London tells us

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on the Day of Judgment for every area you have memorized you rise and level engender

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the prophets. I seldom tells us that the one who memorize

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the Quran to inspire the parents, he tells us the one who memorizes the Quran, his parents are given a crown of light, touch and know the shadows that this crown of light it's brilliant and radiance exceeds that of the sun.

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And the parents will say be my kusina ha the why have we been given this? We didn't pray extra or do anything significant to you to include this reward and it will be sent to them they absolutely wanted to come and Quran because your child too cold of the land learn the Quran and practice it. So on a multi tiered level, you see that the study of the Quran was blessed by Allah subhanaw taala blessed by the Prophet Muhammad so I send them to encourage the Muslim ummah to study to learn to engrave, Accra Bismillah big. First I read first message to the Prophet Muhammad sai Salim is about enlightenment and so when the aim is a constant part of Islam, and as such you see the prophets of

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Allah Allah Allah SallAllahu says from the hadith of Malawi and so if and Buhari maturity level

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50 The one Allah wishes good for him in this world, the life he gives him firm foundation of understanding of this religion. He gives them an insight into the religion of Islam.

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So that's one of the guides and you see that the things we refer to are very symbolic. When we look at the words that describe the Quran that Allah uses as synonyms for the word Quran, Al Quran and know the light movie, the explainer, the explainer, the elusive fire, showing everything

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laying open everything. Huda the guidance, the keytab the book

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all of these are things that show you that it is the straight path to ALLAH SubhanA Matan, but that in itself and self study and returning to the books is insignificant and not enough for a person who truly wants to excel in the study of Islam in a way that leads him to Allah subhanho wa Taala in no uncertain terms, can you open a book or open up oran and rely on your own interpretation as being the final source of knowledge? You can open the Quran and read an idea whether it's in the English translation or audible translation or Somali translation or Turkish translation and feel within yourself that you have come to understand what that means. Because in every area, there is a

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historical context, some of uzun, a reason for revelation. There is

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at times rulings and injunctions that are related to other rulings or injunctions, and that hook me that you're reading could be abrogated, could have been removed could have been raised by Allah subhanaw taala