Muhammad Salah – Reflections #21 And those who are guided

Muhammad Salah
AI: Summary © The transcript describes the implementation of guidance by the almighty Allah during the time of peace. The guidance is not a flat one, but rather levels. The guidance is related to individuals, not groups. The transcript suggests that individuals can build up their Cisco and become immune to the presence of the almighty Allah by offering voluntary acts of worship.
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SNM on a calm or not Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh and welcome back. Today's verse is more than beautiful and the entire Quran is more than beautiful. But there are a lot of glad tidings in this verse verse number 17 of Surah Mohammed Salah Salem chapter number 47 The Almighty Allah delivers the following glad tiding and also delivers valuable informations he says as well Latina Tada Zarda will move down

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and his beautiful verse means and those who are guided

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he increases them in guidance and he gives them the righteousness.

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Wow. So Fact number one

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that the guidance is not like one flat. Rather it is levels. And this is what the mainstream Muslim scholars and Muslim Ummah believe whether guidance or Eman, they believe that it increases and it decreases. Here's a proof. Allah says those who are rightly guided Zander whom

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he increases them in guidance. What does it mean he increases them in Eman. He brings them closer to him. So imagine increases and if it increases then it is subject to decrease as well. Here's one Hadith

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and abuse Allah cinema Says law yes this Zanni Hina has knee one woman

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Well, yesterday concern or Hina yesterday

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while I a shareable hombre Hanaa Ashraf Mohammed min

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which means whenever a Muslim commits adultery, he does not commit adultery while he is a believer.

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And whenever he commits theft, he does not commit 51 he is a believer likewise while drinking wine. He doesn't drink wine. He's a believer. She mean that he becomes a Kaffir? No, of course not. He's still a Muslim. But his Eman is very low. To the extent that it did not hinder him it did not prevent him from falling into such a major sense. He acknowledged and he slipped into the measure since easily why because his Eman is grounded is very low.

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And the liveness road says Iman is like a shirt you wear it while you take it off. So Eman increases and Eman also decreases.

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There is a sound Hadith collected by Mr. Bahari. May Allah have mercy on him? Ernesto is Anna Sydney Malik and the hadith is a secret Hadith Hadith one could say

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the Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi salam said that the Almighty Allah said, either the karabell, abdominis Chevron, the corrupt woman who is Iran?

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Were either at the curb I mean, neither Iran, the corrupt two men who bear and what is the attorney? Am she at a to her Wellington? That's a sound Hadith. A ship is a span as the era is one yard

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and Alba is triple of that which is the Fathom. Yeah and wo Solon is and sees what Allah Almighty says. Whenever the servant of the Almighty Allah takes the initiative, and does any good deed to come close to Allah, even the distance of a span, the Almighty Allah will come towards them, the distance of a yard.

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And if he were to come close to Allah, the distance of one yard, the Almighty Allah will come towards him a Fatone. And whenever the servant of Allah is seeking guidance is repenting is serious about learning and increasing his Eman. So he comes to us Allah walk in the Almighty Allah we didn't wait for him right that he would go towards him running

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in a way that suits a lot Almighty the Hadith expresses how happy and delighted will be Allah when a servant comes close to him. So he will increase him or her and guidance will augment their word for the simple good deeds in order to come close to them. So the conclusion brothers and sisters, when we hear that Latina Terra Rosa de humo than when whom Toccoa home. This is a glad finding from the Almighty Allah, if you're sincere and seeking guidance, if you do anything, even a little bit of acts of worship, you can close to the to the Almighty Allah or the repentance, with prayers with fasting with the with dua, Allah will be very happy with you. And he will increase your Eman and he

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will increase your guidance. And this is how you build up a high acid of Iman and you become immune again since as in the other sick of Hadith. The Almighty Allah says and myself and will continue to do to draw closer to me through offering voluntary acts of worship until I love him. And when I love him, he will become immune again a sense because I'll become his eyesight with which he sees his hearing with what she hears his hands his feet, which means that you would not dare to do anything that upsets Allah. Rather you will be very eager to do everything which will make a lot of mighty happy with the O Allah increase us in guidance and grant us our righteousness and mean until next

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time Assalamu alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh


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