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AI: Summary © The importance of finding the source of one's experience as it is crucial for their understanding of Islam is emphasized. The speaker discusses the use of " Islam" to describe actions and the importance of understanding the nuances of Islam, including the need to be confident in one's actions and to ask others for their input. The speaker also highlights the prevalence of people traveling without a recognized culture and the importance of being aware of the people who teach the prophets.
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And something has been put in place. So for everything that you read and study there needs to be a place and a source for you to find its explanation and the greatest explainer with Mohamed Salah Ani was

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you say well I lived many years after him some Allah hottie recently his books or come to us Buhari, maybe I can look at Buhari and then look at the verse in the Quran and try to match things up. Now

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you have to come to that second category of people which is an a people of knowledge,

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people of knowledge, and I want to give three warnings first, all right before I talk about the people of knowledge, first warning, not everyone who speaks to Muslims in public is a person of knowledge. Now, because the person sits at a table and wears a microphone, and people listen to him, that means he's knowledgeable. Know that person could be eloquent.

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He could be good in speaking English. And it's read something or it's heard something or someone has given him something to read or prepared something for him, that he can deliver it not because someone sounds good, or has a loud voice or has been given an audience or a people to listen. It means that he is knowledgeable. That's important. That's the first one second,

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not because a person uses the words, Allah or Mohamed Salah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam sunnah Salah Sunni big words. You know the big words that we use sometimes for Allah who Imam Buhari Wah hoo, wah

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wah. So how? Scheffel Ambani hulless? Now, not because someone uses catchphrases, big words that inspire Oh, if he says it, it's gotta be true that this was not the way of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam on

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public Allah on the Hadith isn't mahadi And it isn't hard enough because I said Buhari brother right.

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One day he comes to praise a lot and ventured out the person leading the prayer

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sort of unfold bond

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in a way that was different

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than the way the prophets Isaiah lympo OMA, we know the Quran was revealed in different

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or tilava. So for example,

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did you want an island can read from silicon Fatiha

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it didn't set off and Mustafi so often Lavina Ananda Allah him, right or you can read, and then I'll set off and do something so Ratan Levina. And under allah home, like him, are you home? Or not? serata mustafina Sir Alton, levena Ananda like him

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all up on the

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three different readings. I'm just giving you a quick example right?

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He says to my left UFC, I kept holding myself Omar was very passionate. He didn't want to snatch the brother from the Salah, he's leading the sold out. So I said, I have to control myself. As soon as the brother finished I grabbed him

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well Wallah hit

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by Allah I will raise you out this matter to the prophets I send.

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So he takes him the Prophet says, Yeah, you know, but

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ya know, sort of Allah, he never got caught up in full con.

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Did not normal thing left to me. You he reads it in a way in a sound. You didn't teach me?

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So the Prophet said the Quran Allah, the man read. And he said to me, my alma read, no prophet said how can you let her come? In this way? It was read in this way it was read.

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There is no final. This is it. That's it. Even the Allahu Anhu he would go back to who? The Hamid Salahuddin was salam to ask the explanation to find the finality of the mafia to find the truth of the matter. So there isn't, this is how I learned. This is our method. This is our way only this way No. In Islam, there are permissible multiple actions for that one a bother for that one thing that are all derived and taken from the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu ala Yusuf. So I want you once again to have this close mentality where you hear someone

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Say something and that is it

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hulless Roboto. And he use the big words and that's the final match colors. Now, so be careful. Third warning when it comes

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to this concept of the people have known as the people who teach the prophets of Allah or even send them in the Hadith was and so he and Jana and the moment that Danny has made it, or determined to also be so here,

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he says to us, is stuff the Neff SEC window, attack and move to

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push the thing in your heart and within yourself. Ask yourself for the fact well, even if other people have given you a platform, even if you have asked someone still within yourself, ponder it, think about it. Sometimes you will ask a brother a question and you know, the answer you were given just doesn't sit Great. Do you know what I mean? Everyone must have had? Is it just me? Maybe I'm too curious.

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Sometimes you ask, and in your heart, you think there's more to the situation than what was explained.

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So continue to circulate it within your outer self and be confident to ask others. That was the way of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, what he engraved in the Sahaba

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the ability to reflect and to think and to ponder and it is a part of your inner belief in Allah subhanaw taala. To one to do the best you can in the way of Allah subhanaw taala because you're looking and aiming for the Mercy of Allah, you're looking for genuine, you're not looking for something easy. You're not looking for something you can buy, or something will fire find on sale the next day. It's something that will take a dedicated effort to reach so you need to get there. And as such, the prophets I send them has made that lofty status.

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For anything that people acknowledge the true people of knowledge, not those three categories we just warned you about the true people of knowledge my young brothers are defined by the words of an imam shout out the Allah who

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he says to you the first characteristic of a person of knowledge and limb magnanni levy Mariana,

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a scholar, you will notice in him as a constant character trait within him in all aspects of his life. He does by what? By what he knows, he act according to his aim.

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Now that's important.

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And an im mcnabola Dima Yan Yan as scholarly person is not just one who has lots of knowledge and lots of books and lots of references and writes in his eloquent

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but it is the person who you see within him a constant habit of practicing what He has preached, practicing what he has said. And that is a constant way of the way of the prophets of Allah and the way of our ancient and friends and scholars have either from Allah second, you will find in them so far, piety

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Wallahi brothers,

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I travel quite a bit and having to do that.

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It is rare, and this might be my experience.

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It is rare to find in a city

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in a city that you visit where you will meet hundreds if not 1000s of Muslims. A person who touches you in your heart that you feel in him. He is upon Paco, have you ever met a man who is stuffing

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Allah in