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The worship of Islam by the president is a "has been taught" form of worship, and it is a "has been taught" form of worship. The "has been taught" label is used to judge actions and behavior, and the "weaker" label is used to avoid confusion and avoid confusion. The "weaker" label is used to avoid confusion and avoid confusion for royalty. The "weaker" label is used to avoid confusion and avoid confusion for others. The "weaker" label is used to avoid confusion and avoid confusion for others. The "weaker" label is used to avoid confusion and avoid confusion for others.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Shara hilum via you will mousseline Muhammad Rasool Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi wa sahbihi wa salam, the Steven cathedra cathedra from Abba.

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My brothers this because I remind myself I knew that Allah subhanho wa Taala created us for a purpose

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which he described when he said Omar kala will ginawa Linsay Allah.

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Allah said, I have created the jinn and the mankind for nothing other than that they may worship Me.

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So the purpose of creation, the reason why we exist, is to worship Allah subhanho wa taala.

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And the way to worship, this is the beauty of Islam, Allah subhanaw taala did not say I created the jinn and the insert to worship me. And after that Allah subhanaw taala did not leave us to figure out how to worship him and invent our own ways. So it's not as if somebody is you know, singing a song and a sheep or a Cavalli or something saying this is worship of Allah another person is spinning like a like a top or something saying this is worship of Allah, another person is doing something else saying this is the worship of Allah. Oh, Allah subhanaw taala specifically described and showed us what is the way in which he prefers to be worshipped in any Annaleigh hula Illa illa

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Ana Falguni Joaquin solar valleys decree

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Allah subhanaw taala said to Musa alayhis salam, WA the ayat which are there, Verily I am Allah La ilaha illa Anna nobody has the right to be worshipped except me. So worship Me who Aki salata, Lizzy Cree and establish the salah for my physical

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you know, there is a protocol whenever you meet some great person and especially this applies even more importantly, in our world, when you are meeting royalty or when you are meeting nowadays is not so much in presidents and prime ministers because they come and go but royalty is kind of the whole elaborate procedure when you when you meet a king or a queen, and so on and so forth.

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So you are and you are briefed in advance. This is what you must do when you meet the king. In 2010, I was invited to speak at the International Conference and as part of that, we were invited to a banquet in the in the royal palace in MENA. And I met King Abdullah Rahim Allah He passed away. And so before we went in there, we were told this is how you will meet the king. This is what you will say you can go there and hug the king and say Hi nice to meet you. Nice to meet you or something like there's a there's a procedure, the Bible because you're meeting the king so there's a protocol a process. Now Salah is that process, Allah Shiva, you're going to meet Allah subhanho wa Taala on

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Amazon. I'm not comparing Allah subhanaw taala to this king or that King. I'm saying that just to illustrate that. So the Al salah is the way in which Allah subhanaw taala prefers to be worshipped. And that is what we are doing. So not only are we worshiping Allah subhanaw taala obviously, if you're worshiping Allah subhanaw taala the question in the mind of any intelligent person would be that I am worshiping Allah. How do I know Allah likes this? How do I know Allah prefers this form of worship? I just thought about this, I dropped it, I invented it. But you know, is it really acceptable dollars whether or not you would ask this question, but in the case of Salah, we don't

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have to ask this question. Because this form of worship of Allah subhanaw taala was taught by ALLAH SubhanA wa Jalla to rasool Allah is Allah Allah Allah Azza wa sallam and therefore, we know that this is the way which Allah taught is the result of Salah. Therefore, obviously this is the way in which he

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refers to be worshipped and therefore it is something that we do with confidence inshallah

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Salah is also a meter salah is a means by which we can judge ourselves

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the Salah is something is not just you know to regard you go to the masjid you pray and you go off and then the rest of the rest of my life is mine I do whatever I want if it is my business I run it anyway I like if it is my my home I run it anyway I like if it's whatever I'm doing you know I do I do it anyway I like that is not true. Salah is a meter which also tells me what I'm doing whether this is something that Allah Subhana Allah likes or not

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Allah zero to Luma where he like I mean I'll Kitabi will give me Salah in Salah tan ha Anil fascia evil Mancha.

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Allah Subhana Allah says in surah galanga both Tunisia celibacy recite O Muhammad Salah Salem what has been revealed to you of the Quran

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and establish a salah Verily the salah prevents a person from alpha, which is all forms of shamelessness, all forms of sins. And while Moncure and all things which are rebellious and wicked deeds.

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There was one of the Sahaba there was a man who used to come to Salem very regularly, and then for a period he didn't turn up so soon as soon as somebody said, Where is this man? He always comes? Where's he gone? So they said, Dr. Salah, he is ashamed to come before you.

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So now that I've said why, they said, Well, you know, he has fallen into bad ways and he's doing things which which he should not be doing so he now feels shy to come before you, as well as an asylum seeker has he left salah. They said no, he prays. Now that I'm said Tell him to stay with Salah delivered to establish Salah, tell him never to leave Salah.

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So they conveyed it to the man.

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And after some days the man came into the brothers service

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and he made Dawa

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and he said Yeah, so like, I took your advice. And then the salah did what the Salah is supposed to do, which is keep me away from First I will monka think about that. You know if you have bread Salah to Russia

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after that Salah Felicia if you now go and sit in

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Ghana party or you know a dance party or some god knows what disco

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what does it say about your Salah?

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What can you do pray

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now, isn't it true? What did you just know? You stood before Allah subhanho data. You had this conversation with Allah subhanaw taala you remember your akhira

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and then you go and you do the opposite of what Allah Samantha ordered you to do.

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So what does it say? What is the law

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so obviously if your Salah is good then what will the salah do

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after Salah Malaysia whichever Salah it is now the opportunity comes the invitation comes down with me here Come with me there isn't an all or what's going to happen to that place.

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Oh nothing you know no please tell me what is going to happen in that race.

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In the deli What do you do? You said look let me advise you

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don't do this

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don't do this because you are challenging Allah subhanho that don't do that.

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There is no no but you know we made all the arrangements Everything okay fine, no problem. Hello algo I am not coming

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because I just pray to Allah Krishna.

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And if Allah gives me life tomorrow morning I have to praise Roger. So when I spend my night is doing haram the next morning what phase will I have to start before on the savanna then

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this is what Salado Salah protects you Salah is protection. You shall hungry law no problem I have prayed salah I am not going to disobey Allah Serrano dalla I just said you're gonna be the way you're gonna stay in Oh Allah I am yours if I'm yours can I do something against your order? No.

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So either I'm yours or I'm not yours. So if I'm not yours the no problem has the there is no shortage of real estate in Jana or Jana

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will pick your place

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but if I'm yours

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that I am not going to do something which you have prohibited no matter who gives me what spin on it that's not my problem. I will not do that which Allah has winebiddle has finished

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these words are others Salah is therefore protection.

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Salah is the pledge

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salah is the connection I already mentioned this to you we're gonna we'll we're gonna stay

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the question to ask yourself at that time, the question I have to ask myself is what is the level and state of my mind

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when I am saying you're gonna go you're gonna stay in when I am saying to a large amount of data Oh Allah, I am yours. You alone we worship you alone we ask for help.

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Is that really true?

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What is the meaning of worship?

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One meaning of worship of course is to miss Rocco and sudo and so on and so forth before Allah Svarta we make this before Allah subhanaw taala we do not do this to anything else to idols and so on.

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But the other meaning of worship,

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which is equally important is obedience to Allah subhanaw taala worship is obedience

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and there are several Delisle in the Quran with regard to worship

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one of the best of them is from Southern Oregon where the results are eita Murray taka Allahu Allah

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of under the guna la him work Isla Allah Samantha said Teresa seldom have you not seen those who worship their desires, who have taken their desires as their God as their ILA.

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So, once you have the desire means what

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does it mean that the person is putting a keyboard in front and making sense of that what does it mean the person is putting a bottle of whiskey there and making no worshiping desire means to obey the desire

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in opposition to obeying Allah subhanho wa Taala This is the worship of the desire

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and Allah subhanaw taala disliked that so much that Allah subhanaw taala prohibited Rasul Allah is Allah is Sallam to seek forgiveness for people who worship their desires. Allah is saying to themselves Salah Are you going to intercede for such people?

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Can you imagine this guy we met and think about the the problem is what shatter does is Jython puts a sugar coating on the pill

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shed and prevents us from doing good into his one shot and makes you choose something of less value over something of higher value.

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Right two things,

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something of less value over something of higher value. And the second one thing he does is Schatten makes a something which is serious look like it is not so serious.

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Meaning something which is seriously bad. Shazam makes you look as not not so serious. Let me give you an example.

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Ananda Allah, Allah subhanaw taala gave you the topic all of you are sitting here.

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But I happen to know that there is a sale going on in one of the very nice designer stores in the city.

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Now tell me if you go and with your halaal income if you go to this designer store, and if you browse around and you find you know, some nice clothes for yourself or it's a woman store so it's for your wife, your mother, sister, whoever, right. So if you do halaal income, if you go to that place and if you spend some money and you buy these clothes, is it halal or haram? Is it permissible or not permissible?

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Permissible of course hamdulillah nothing wrong. Not only is it permissible let me go a step further and therefore encourage all the men here to go and buy nice clothes for your wives is that if you are spending this money insha Allah Allah Allah money to buy some good stuff and good designer stuff for your wife, this is South Africa. So you're doing a good deed Allah will reward you for it, no problem.

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But same time you have a choice of coming to a masjid

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and sitting in the vicar of ALLAH SubhanA Wadala understanding the value of Salah. So you've got now to do Halal objectives to both of them are Hala hamdulillah

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but which has more value than the other?

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This is a no brainer.

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For anyone who has a brain

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they're no brainers for people who have no brains.

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In the designer store, yeah sure. You spend some money under Allah, Allah will give you reward inshallah.

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But when you are sitting in the budget, they engage the vicar of Allah subhanho wa Taala every second you are getting the blessing of Allah subhanho wa Taala every second you are getting a reward.

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being multiplied, you are in the in the house of Allah, you are in the presence of Mala Ico of angels.

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And this is being recorded in your family. And then first Guru, the Guru of Alaska said you make my digger I will make your seeker so when you are making dhikr of Allah subhanaw taala here, Allah is mentioning you by name on his ash.

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You're not doing that to the person who's in the store.

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And Rasulullah sallallahu sallam said the best of places on the face of the earth is the masjid and he said the worst of places is the marketplace. Now when he said the worst of places is the marketplace, does he mean to marketplace? Does he mean the liquor shop? No

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he's talking about the halal marketplace why would the not be mentioned the Haram marketplace in the first place because you're not supposed to go there anyway

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among the halal things this is the worst

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go there if you have to go there go there if you have to buy something go buy something but you know treat it like I since I have to go

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this is the spindle chattin puts on things

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so since he can't make you do something which is openly haram, what he does is he takes you to someplace which has got minimal reward in exchange for some place which has gotten maximum reward.

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You have two choices or the larger I can praise I'm not talking about not praying not praying is out of Islam. I'm talking I'm talking about praying, but my choice is I pray at home or I go to the masjid

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chances are no problem you get a big wake up time for the father pray pray pray quickly here right now next to the bed. Nice masala and so on Zoho

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isn't about the budget that how do you pray no.

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But when you get to the magic, it is 27 times the reward not 27% 27 times the reward.

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And as I always say, all of this counting is for us to understand Allah subhanaw taala will reward in his own way

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the ladies up now the value of this 27 times we will realize when we stand before him Gela you know what, when the scales are up there then we will understand what is the meaning of 27 What is the meaning of one

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so this is one way and this is as I said the second way in which I thought deceives is he takes something which is bad and evil and he puts a covering on it and he says it's not so bad it's okay

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please don't fool yourself.

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My brothers and sisters, we five times a day we are reminded of the fact that one day we will stand before Allah subhanaw taala

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a group of people came with a Salam

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and they said Yasser Allah when is the day of judgment

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and in that group of people there was a young boy Allah you got several of these guys here. Bill Alia Alia and okay when all that right, they all like five years old and so on so forth.

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So there was one kid with them. So these people came into the house Allah when will the day of judgment be established?

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Rasa Selim pointed to that child and said if Allah subhanaw taala gives him a long life, the Day of Judgment will be established for all of you before he dies.

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Meaning that all of you will die before this good because if Allah gives him a long life, then all the older ones would have gone.

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So when is our day of judgment, not the oil, no Alaska whenever it happens, that is of course there no doubt about that. But my day of judgment is the day when molecule mouth comes for me.

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That is why in Arabic we call it a camel to surah the small gamma

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but small compared to the big one, not small for the one to whom it is happening believe me.

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That is the reminder five times a day. And that is why this is a protection. The one who consciously remembers the day of judgment five times a day Believe me, that person cannot go wrong that person cannot commit a sin. That person cannot do something which is wrong because he's traveling the world last round there are five times a day.

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So Allah Allah will carry value he was a visionary Bharathiar our life