Guidebook to God #16 – Righteousness- A fragrant flower in the desert

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albir Len tenerlo Masha Allah righteousness, to have a sense of doing good to be a person who achieves the heights of faith and worship. So kinda lights aspiration of every believer in the loss of Hannah to Allah, it is the regret of anyone who hasn't attained it. And the loss of Hannah to Allah wants us to come to a place of consideration of love, contentment, happiness and fidelity within ourselves communities and in pleasing to Him subconto to add, that word is usually translated as righteous, we're gonna discover what it means today, better is this really beautiful concept better. If I was to try to explain it to you, I would have to give you an imagery if you kind of

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close your eyes now. And to kind of imagine a desert, and there's no vegetation in it. And as you're walking for mile after mile in Rolling sand dunes of just plain white sand, all of a sudden, in the middle of this desert where there's no water, no rivers, no aquifers. There's this bush, I rose bush, and it's got this magnificent fragrant flower. And you look at it and you say, how is this here? How is it possible? This is an oxymoron. This is opposite to the reality of everything around? How can this flourish in a place of desolate pneus. The word that the Arabs use to describe that flower is that this land is a land where bid has occurred where something that could not should not

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exist is existing. And that's how a lot describes righteous conduct. It is opposite to what's most human being do. And that's why Allah attaches it to some of the most significant and difficult acts of worship to maintain. One of the issues that we will discuss, of course, in this series of hours is about big rules validating righteous conduct to our parents, because it's so difficult. It's not something that is the norm, it is the opposite to the norm. But bira law says Lenten, Allah will bear you will not attain that righteousness that you see Hata tune fecal matter a boon until you're able to give of the things that you love the most. In other places in the Koran, lay sell guru.

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Beer is not just that you established the prayers that you visit the house of Allah, that you're charitable to the near and the far and that you do good, when that can never be Rahmani Taka Berry, in its true definition is that you have a consciousness of a law and a taqwa a fear of a law, a love of Allah, and a hope of laws. Mercy, which is something that is scarce and rare amongst many people, Muslim and non Muslim. So how do you and I establish better how can we become people? Who are fragrant flowers in this desert of this worldly life? How can we become people of who are shining lights in the darkness of the world? How can we establish charity and, and and sacrifice and

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kindness when other people find it difficult to just get along with each other in our day, and that really is one of the hallmarks of the believer, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he describes the believer as one who is ambitious, to doing good deeds, who wants to establish better righteousness, good habits, good ethics and good dealings with Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. So let's focus on this word builder, to be righteous to be a person who does what other people are unwilling to do. And I want you to know that the gates of bid are so wide, you don't have to be like everybody else and doing the same good deeds, some people Subhanallah it comes really easy for them

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to give of their charity. But for other people, their greatest charity is a smile, or that they are a comforting hug or a comforting phone call that they give to people who need it when everybody else has forgotten them. I want you to know that perhaps one of us may be really good that we wake up at night and are able to pray to a law before but many are not. And some people, those people who are able to pray at night, maybe they're not as giving with their wealth, and perhaps somebody who's giving with their wealth and prays at night, maybe they're a little bit rough in their personality. And although they're kind they're not really generous with their spirit and they don't look after

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other people as much as they should. They're good in certain capacities, but not in others. The first lesson of bitter is that you can approach a law in so many ways of kindness and righteousness. Listen to the words of the prophets. I send them in the authentic hadith narrated by the man Muslim. He said sallallahu alayhi wa sallam either Mr. token member, in fact to be he must have thought from when I invite you and give command to you to do something good. And I've given you so many choices, do as much and as many of them

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You can wear even hate to Comanche infantry who, but when I forbid something, stay away from it, there's no choice there. Why is there so many opportunities to do good? Why are there so many virtues and opportune ways for us to worship Allah work righteous deeds and establish kindness and happiness in our homes, because we're not going to be able to do them all. But you and I are able to choose different ways that we can approach Allah, some of them related to other people, some of them that are personal, in the confines in the privacy of our homes and our rooms. Some of them is material with our wealth, some of them is with our intent, some of it with our da or thick, so many

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opportunities of earning righteousness. Here is the key the prophets I said Lim said last year on nominal narrow fishy, do not ever underestimate any good deed that you do. To give you an example of that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says can a few men can accomplish in the times before we live, the Hadith is narrated by the man Muslim, there was a man who had a troubled life. He was a well known man, a religious scholar, a celebrated person, but in their own life, there was something that they couldn't fix, although they could help so many other people and help themselves in so many ways. There's that one thing they couldn't do. So they said to themselves, he said, I'm

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going to help myself by going out tonight and giving charity to help someone else. And perhaps by me helping somebody else in the difficulty in their life with my charity, alone will send someone to help me connect Gadhafi, Abba, who he changed his clothing covered his face, went to a different part of the city. And in the darkness of the night on a moonless night. The first person he bumped into, he gave charity and he said, So Dr. aliqua Hara, and he ran away photo Rahman who ran quickly doesn't want them to know who they are so that he can be sincere to Allah so that they don't say, Oh, this person gave me money. He woke up in the morning. And everybody in his village in his city

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are talking. They say something strange happened last night. He goes, What happened? They said somebody last night gave charity to a thief, a thief. He said, Oh, that must be me. They said in the darkness of the night, he gave charity to someone who was about to rob them. Could you imagine Subhana? Allah dakka Sahaba. The Sahaba were amused, a man is about to take his life and he gave him charity. He said, oh, maybe Allah didn't accept that. Let me go out tomorrow night. So the next night he went out, and he bumped into someone gives charity runs away. And the next morning, they say, oh, my goodness, somebody gave charity to a woman of the night somebody who was doing harm. And

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he said, that's that that's just as bad. I'm gonna go out the third night. And the third night he went out, and he gave charity and everybody this time, they're just laughing, rolling, even the Sahaba hearing it. They're rolling with laughter. And he says What happened? Now? They said, somebody gave charity to the king, La Nina. And the man you know, some kind of law, the Sahaba are loving, who gives charity to the king, the richest man in the city? And then the Prophet said, Are you amused by this? Well, let me tell you know what its effect is ml oola. As for the first night, the thief and the breagan, who took that charity. He said, I don't need to hurt anyone today. And he

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went home and didn't hurt anybody. And the men who had given the charity thought, oh my goodness, my charity has gone two ways and went to a thief. But in fact, that was such a powerful charity. It didn't just help somebody in need. But it helps so many other people not to be hurt or stolen from so many other people in society were protected. And it was a means for the guidance and that protecting even of the thief from doing extra wrong. The woman of the night who took it and she said I don't need to dishonor myself. I wasn't out here on the streets doing this because it made me happy. She said I was doing this because I was forced. Nobody was looking after me. I was destitute,

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I've been hurt and harmed and now I can protect myself and she took it and she went home and she was safe. And it stopped other people from doing the Haram with her as well. Subhan Allah, the third night, the king he took that money and felt ashamed of himself. And he said somebody less than me is doing more than me. And then the prophets I send him said on the fourth night, the king changed this clothing went out and gave charity in secret. So Pamela so it became a reason for him to do good that he had not been doing on himself. That is bitter, that you've done something that is uncustomary that Allah accepts and increases it. Don't ever underestimate a kind word, a kind act a

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kind sadaqa whatever dollar you gave whatever pound you gave whatever charity you share, I know for a fact that a law is accepted in the way that he seeks and will increase it in its reward. never looked down at good deeds. And know Allah is the one that you seek and your sincerity is with him. Or suddenly lahoma wa Sallim wa barik ala Sayidina whatever you know, Mohammed, your brother, you have Rahim Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh