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Moving on to the second issue of marriage, there are four basic issues that arise.

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One, they say How could Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him be accepted as a prophet?

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If he married several women, if he were, if he was a polygamous person that exclude him from being a prophet, just somebody obsessed with women.

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But before I give any answer, as john Esposito and others point out, that this is indeed a sort of double standard, because some of those who raise those objections, believe in the Bible, and believe in various prophets in the Bible, and most of the prophets in the Bible have more than one wife. In fact, David is said to have had 100 wives Solomon much more.

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And that's why, according to Edward Westermarck, this is a very interesting reference about the history of human marriage, which is the title of his book, Western markets, web St. Er, ma ck, Edward Westermarck history of human marriage.

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And he makes a very powerful argument that he says insofar as the text of the Bible, both Hebrew Scripture and New Testament, there is no single, positive, clear, unequivocal statement that prohibits the existing polygamy that was accepted in Jewish law, and accepted also and practiced by many Israelite prophets. None, not one.

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And then he quotes Martin Luther.

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And he says that Martin Luther says that God did not forbid it. He says, even the friend of God, Abraham had more than one wife had, of course, Sarah, and Hagar. Of course, it is said also that he married cateura, after the death of Sarah.

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And He further refers to the fact that Jews in the Middle East, even for seven centuries after Islam, that's up to the 14th century, used to practice polygamy. Furthermore, I was surprised to find that he says there is evidence also that the church in medieval times Christian church did officiate multiple marriages for some of the kings of Europe at the time. Basically, the issue here boys to same standards, not more, not less. If the fact that a prophet married more than one wife disqualify him as a prophet, then all of them are disqualified. If it is not itself a disqualification, why pick one particular prophet. Secondly,

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it is unfortunate that a lot of times when you give people a list of words on both sides to connect lines, and you put Islam on one side and polygamy on the other, automatically, the lines are drawn, that as if Islam and polygamy are the twin that shall never part. This is totally false. It is known historically, that polygamy was practiced or polygyny to be more accurate, by many nations by many people, as indicated again from Western mark, including Christians, including the Jews, there are some Christians until today, even like the Mormons who accept the notion of polygamy, it is there.

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In fact, we must say positively, that among the three Abrahamic religions, Islam is their only Abrahamic religion. That's for the first time in its own scripture, had an unequivocal clear limitation on the free practice of polygamy by limiting the number of wives to a maximum of four by requiring the ability to spend on them by acquiring justice in treating all of them, which was quite open without any restriction without any guidelines. Islam is the only one to introduce restriction. We don't find that unequivocally, and clearly in neither the Hebrew Scripture, or the New Testament. Furthermore,

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some people might wonder again, why Islam did not outlaw it totally. Even though monogamy if you read the Quran, and see the norm really, it assumed, actually that monogamy is, is the norm. But that's flexibility that's needed with the variation of time, place and circumstances. Take some reason recent examples. Instead of miniture, when under the nose of United Nations, nearly I was taught by Bostonians, it's not eight or nine or 7000 10,000. Bosnian Muslims, men and teenagers or boys have been slaughtered. That creates a great deal of imbalance for a certain period of time in Afghanistan. It is even worse, during the Soviet invasion, nearly 1 million plus died, then you get

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a large number of winners a large number of orphans, young girls who are looking for marriage, in abnormal situation like that. With the agreement of parties involved, of course, the everybody has recourse to that there's no force in this to look after those widows and orphans not just to give a handout it is a much more humane and moral type of solution. In fact, it is much more

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Moral as a form of marriage than what we hear about today, same sex marriage. It's much more than that. It's much more moral from a Muslim perspective, than claiming false monogamy, officially, and having 12 sweethearts in illicit relationship, no protection for them, no recognition of the legality of their children. But let's focus on the Prophet now just wanted to give that as a basic background,

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that one of the most subtle attacks on the Prophet when the people speak time in cheek about, you know, at one point he had 11 lives all together. Of course, there is some kind of hidden message there.

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Either there is something wrong with his morality, or possibly obsession with women. But mind you, the interesting thing is that not even the worst critic of the Prophet

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could point out to a single, a single instance of sexual indiscretion.

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Whereas the some of the people who raise these objections read in the Bible, which by the way, Muslim don't accept this part, that some profits committed incest, some trumped some profits, committed adultery, read the story of David and others from a Muslim perspective, the Quran negated that anyway. But from their perspective, that's the case they can find a fault, a single fault with the profit center, Prophet Muhammad, so they start talking about many wives at the same time.

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it defies logic to describe him as a polygamous prophet. If we know historically, that out of 37 years of medical life, not all his life, he died at the age of 63.

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He married at the age of 25. So his medicine just if you restrict it to marital life, 37 years,

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25 years, it was a tragic, at least actually, some add a couple of more years, 25 years at least, he was monogamous. That is more than two thirds of his marital life. So all of this period of monogamy is forgotten. And people are focusing only on what scholars actually believed to have been in the last seven years of his life from mid 50s, about 56 to 63, when we had so many wives,

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but all of the monogamous period seem to have been forgotten. Furthermore, it is not any part of his life, not any seven years, if somebody was obsessed, or were obsessed with women, the time for that. And again, was my apology to the brothers here. The time of that is not in the mid 50s and early 60s. things slow down quite a bit. Once you read that, if you're really obsessed, that's not the time for it. But if we look carefully about the nature of his marriages, you'd be amazed about the human aspect of it. Not only was the Prophet known for his chastity, even before he got married in a society that were very promiscuous, to the point that he narrates the story himself. He said twice,

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I was invited to attend a wedding,

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not to commit any adultery or fornication like young people in his age, just wedding. And he says, In both instances, God caused me to sleep, I hear some music in my ear, I fell asleep, to wake up next morning with the sun shining in my eyes, as if Allah wanted to keep him away even from an atmosphere of drinking, and even the party type of atmosphere.

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And if indeed, logically, there was a single error or slip on the part of the Prophet, and he had so many enemies in Makkah, who wanted to discredit him by any means, would have been kept silent, the whole world would have heard about it, and nobody could ever raise an issue about his chastity. But then, if you look at the marriage of the Prophet, and again, I'll give you a reference for more details. On the internet, there is as brother Sam said, indicated there is 352 half hour TV programs, a series called Islam and focus or Islamic teaching. You can access it through Islamic city.com you just go to multimedia and radio and then under radio there is channel a whole channel

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devoted to that are a 200 and look under prophet lust the Messenger of God there are detailed information about each and every of those marriages. I understand the tapes also might be obtainable through the IPC on on cassette format, and people also are running the Islam online. One word Islam online promised to put it for free also, unlike the Islamic city, which might require some subscription. In any case, there are details but let me sum it up for you that the marriage is

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can be classified into four. Why multiple marriages, one, the prophet marriage and give in marriage also his daughters, two people who were the closest supporter of Him, who happened to be the Senior Companions, who happen also to be the first four caliphs after him. For example, He married the daughter of Abu Bakr, the daughter of Rama hafsa, he gave his daughter in marriage to us man and when she died, her sister also was married to this man, and he gave his youngest daughter Fatima to it so that intermingling, or intermarriage with those who are supportive of him, bonding with them, was a very, very crucial in that difficult stage in the Muslim life. Secondly, a category of

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marriages was intended to give example to other Muslims, like I was talking about Afghanistan or subminiature, to care for those who lost their husbands to care for them, and for their orphan children. I'll give you just one example. oma Salama, was a very dignified woman, she was maybe close to the age of the Prophet. Her husband died as a result of injuries sustained in one of the defensive methods of Muslims.

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The woman was left with four orphan children to look after. So one of the companions of the Prophet the most senior upper back, goes to her to offer marriage to her. The woman was so dignified, maybe she figured out who would like to marry a woman in menopause in her mid 50s, probably, with four orphan children, she knew that this is a sympathy offer. She said no. Then another companion amargosa. To offer marriage to her. She said no. When the Prophet heard that, that the two most Senior Companions would turn down, he felt sympathy to her and her children. So he goes to her to miss Elena, and offer marriage to her. And she said, No messenger of God. And he asked her, why not?

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She said, three reasons. One,

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I am an older woman.

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In other words, why I'm an old woman, too. I have four orphaned children, to look after. Three, I am a jealous woman. She cannot be blamed. No woman would like anyone to share her husband, no matter how circumstance I mean, it's human nature. So the prophet in his decency and kindness tells her as far as age, I'm older than you, he might have been marginally older, older than her. But look at his gentleness you tell any woman I'm older than you. Mashallah she Sue's in her agony.

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Secondly, as far as the orphan children, don't worry, they will be like my own, I'd be responsible for their sustenance. And as far as your jealousy, I pray to Allah to remove it from your heart, and align did remove that jealousy from her heart. And she accepted the honor of being a wife of the prophet in that age. And in fact, she was a very wise advisor to the Prophet as the famous incident in the Battle of the Treaty of HUD, he had a very good role, being a senior sort of advisor and helper to the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. So this is just one example of many. The third category of marriages were intended. And by the way, this is this was not unusual in the tribal

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society, or even among prophets in the past, that in order to remove the hatred, and conflict with other tribes, you marry from them. It has been used as a very if you call it political marriage, I call it political marriage, if that would result in saving the blood of people and removing the need for war and conflict. And we find numerous examples. The Prophet Mary's from the tribes of those who showed enmity to him one example, on my Habiba. She was the daughter of Abu sufian, you know, in the film about the message, the column sofian, you know, with actually Abu Sufyan, you know,

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he wasn't in the arch enemy of the Prophet, yet he married his daughter, his daughter accepted Islam and married the Prophet. And you know, Abu Sufyan actually, when he heard that he was very happy, he was happy, he knew that this is a good man himself. It's just the, you know, vested interest that was causing him to fight against the spirit of Islam. And that might have contributed to the softening of the heart of Abu Sufyan who eventually accepted Islam. The Prophet married a woman from a Christian background, more than one woman from Jewish background after he gave them the freedom after they were captured, and they accepted to marry him. What is the problem with this? Some

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historian actually say that some of the tribe that used to show a great deal of enmity toward Muslims, and were engaged in some atrocities or conflict, when the Prophet marriage from them some accepted Islam, others were at least neutralized. So what's wrong with that? to forge this relationship and prevent bloodshed in his position, of course as the symbol

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of Islam and community. And finally, there was also a case of legal precedent remover of a taboo that no one else would be fit for that but the Prophet, God willing, and mentioned that in the very end, and the end is coming clear. So we'll move to a third question, or objection about the marriages of the Prophet. And probably you heard about that, especially in the United States, you might have heard the statements made in the Southern Baptist Convention.

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I can't repeat even the nasty words that were used. But basically, they say, it is reported in Muslim sources, that the Prophet had the marital contract on Asia, at the age of six, and she moved to his household at the age of nine, ie, a big an old man in his 50s marrying a child. And of course, you know, what kind of words go or has gone with this.

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First of all, the issue of difference in age is not a problem. We know many happy marriages, very productive marriages with big difference in age, of course, it's nice to have closer or closeness of age, but that's not in itself, a criteria. So that's, I mean, nobody cares much about that anymore. Unless, of course, you get a 99 year old person marrying a 16 year old, maybe extreme cases might be questionable. But the difference is not an issue itself. The issue really is how abominable they say, for a man, you know, to have a contract at that young age and moving at the age of nine to his household. First of all, if indeed, there was anything that is regarded as abominable, among the

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enemies of the prophet in Makkah, because that wedding took place, or at least the contract, not consummation took place in the later years of the meccan period. If indeed, that was the case, his enemies would have raised all kinds of questions, and tried to discredit him for marrying such a young girl. And to the surprise of many of you, do you know that Aisha was engaged before the prophet to another man? What does that say? That within that society in the Arabian society, marriage he had in the very early age does not necessarily means automatically consummation.

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Sometimes you could even marry a child, your son, three years old, to be married to my daughter, who's two years old. But it's basically like engagement. It's almost like saying, We're so close as tribes or clans, that we want to reserve your son, for my daughter or whatever. What Islam did actually is to improve on that practice, by considering a marital contract possible at any age. However, once the two parties, the girl and boy reach adolescence, then they can decide whether that contract is acceptable or not. So it's a condition and contract on reaching maturity or maturity, and deciding whether to accept it or not. So nobody ever raised an issue about that. Furthermore,

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I wish I was met It was not kidnapped,

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harsh Allah or molested, or whatever the kinds of terms they use. She was married, with the approval of and blessing of her parents, both her parents, with anyone give his daughter for anyone, anyone, no matter who he is to molest her. And they loved her so dearly. And Abu Bakr was a rich and very powerful man, he was a very wise man, he's not an A walk over type of person.

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when people say young, but that's illegal, that's illegal, it's less than 16 or 18. According to his law.

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Even in some Western countries, I've seen a piece on the internet that says in United States, even in the latter part of the 19th century, there was no restriction in terms of the age of marriage that some people married at the age of 12. Girls sometimes were married at the age of 12. Later on, some states began to introduce upper you know, minimum marital age of 14, and then it increased to 16. In some places, 18 or 16. With the approval of the Guardian, these are known as secular law is the Islamic law requires only one condition that both parties reached maturity, become adolescent. And to say that it is impossible, everywhere in all times for a girl who is nine years old, to to

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reach adolescence. I think that is not necessarily a correct statement. Having said all of that,

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there's something that's rather interesting

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that, this day, the question of the age of Asia at the time of marriage,

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while it appears in Bahari, it is not the words of the Prophet, you see the Be careful. Muslims sometimes use the term Hadith, please, how these can be used to refer to words of the Prophet peace be upon him and when you challenge that or raise an issue

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It's a more serious issue. But had these also has been used to refer to statements by the companions of the Prophet or people close to him like

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none of these three hobbyists in Buhari is the word of the prophet to start with. They're all attributed to statements made by an Asian and Muslim while they love and respect the household of the Prophet never considered anyone as infallible.

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But the prophet himself whether he could have made a mistake in estimating your age, that's an issue that's open. Furthermore,

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some scholars have had these has pointed out also that all of these hobbyists has been narrated by one particular person. And some questions are raised as to whether his narration in his old age might have been affected by his weakness of memory. This is another issue altogether. But the most interesting thing that I read myself in the Sierra of ebony is half that is the biography of the Prophet. That's the most authentic one used by east and west, like Western scholars also refer to it the most ancient and the most authentic one, which was edited by Ebony Sham, but originally, the author is urbanest hack. All this one.

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m s hack speaks about the very early Muslims By the way, evidence hack was in no way defending the profits marriages, no way trying to respond to the question raised by the Southern Baptist Convention in the United States has nothing to deal with this. He mentioned casually in his chronology, the early days of Islam, those who accepted Islam in the very early meccan period. And then he says, it includes a pullback. And we know this, the First Men adult who accepted Islam was upper back. And then he talks about people who accepted Islam. With the effort and invitation of Abu Bakr, Abu Bakr accepted, then he started to spread it. And he mentioned casually, it includes names

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like Saudi Arabia because of the amount of fan and he says, and as Matt and Alisha, daughters of Abu Bakar, and our Asia was young at the time.

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That's rather interesting, because we know that the marriage the contract, not the consummation, the contract of marriage was made in the last years of the 13 years Mexican period. And Ayesha is her name appeared among the earliest Muslims who accepted Islam in the first year. So you add to that 12 or 13 years, and you add to that, at least three years a child to accept Islam,

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that seemed to point out that in all likelihood, she was at least 16 and went to the household of the Prophet at the age of 19, not six, and nine. But I deliberately kept that as a last point, because it could be debatable, you know, which one is more accurate historically, but it is a very powerful evidence because it is hot in the opinion of scholars of Hades is a dependable person, some people criticize him, but people, including him at one of the leaders of one of the four schools of jurisprudence, consider him to be a dependable source of happiness. Not that he's infallible, but he is a dependable source as well. Finally, the last one, some people basically say that the Prophet

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married the diversity of his son. Her name was Xena, and his son's name was Zaid.

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And not only this, they keep adding some fixing based on some unauthentic reports that appear in some histories and add their own caviar to that, more or less giving the reader the impression that the Prophet really wanted to marry Zainab. And somehow his aide knew that the Prophet want to marry Xena, even though she was married to him. So he had to divorce her so that she can observe her waiting,

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waiting period. And then to marry her.

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Relax, I get the notice that I have five minutes, but I promise I tried to finish within that

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notebook. Okay, to answer, of course, that might give some kind of question even not only of obsession with women, it might even raise some serious moral question, you know, to really aspire to marry a woman, you know, who is already married, even if the person voluntarily divorce her, you know, it's, it's a very uncomfortable kind of situation right is it?

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In order to answer that question historically, we have to ask, who was Zeit, who was Zeinab? How did Zeinab come to marry Zeit? And what happened in their marriage, and why the Prophet finally was commanded to marry her. First who was eight. Zeid was not the son of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.

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You heard your face or reading the first a Americana Mohammedan about a happy marriage article. He was not his biological son. But in Arabia before it was outlawed in the Quran. The adoption was used. And that site actually was a slave that the Prophet freed and said he is my son, meaning adopted son, but he was not his biological son.

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Question, who was Zeinab?

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And did the Prophet really discover his her beauty all of a sudden and wanted to marry her? Many people do not realize that Zeinab is the cousin of the Prophet.

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And they grew together as children. And he have seen her before even hijab was prescribed later in Medina. How come? All of a sudden after all this he's being raised together discovered that Zeinab is beautiful?

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Thirdly, how did sign up get to marry Zeit? It was actually by some pressure applied to her by the prophet because he wanted to cancel this aristocracies Zeinab was coming from the elite tribe of Christ. They It was a former slave. But the prophet wanted to make a good point, that you look for the character of the person.

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So she accepted to marry Zeit, but then what happened to their marriage problems. Zeit comes to complain to the Prophet, that his wife is treating him you know, in a way that's too haughty that they're not getting along.

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So the profit like any good marriage counselor would say, Be patient. But then something very crucial and that is actually found in Surah 33 people use their imagination without reading the Quran, which is the most authentic source of serum.

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Revelation come to the Prophet Muhammad peace be appointed through Gabrielle to tell him Look,

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ultimately, Zeid is going to divorce sign up, this marriage is not going to last. Secondly, it confidential information revelation given to him that after a divorce is Zeinab, God will command you to marry her upset after she observed the waiting period required waiting period to marry heart in order to break the taboo in Arabia, that the adopted child is exactly the same, like a biological son.

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And the Prophet keep this information is not authorized to reveal it yet. So it comes back to the profit again and complain our marital life is on the rocks, you know.

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But then the Prophet knowing even that he will end up divorcing his wife. Again, as any good counselor would say, as the Quran say MC gala, Kazakh tequila, keep your wife and fear Allah.

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And he hides as the Quran say you hide in yourself what Allah is going to reveal. What was the Prophet hiding? The Prophet was hiding the information that ultimately he will be commanded to marry her. And that's why the Quran says don't feed people, it's okay.

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Don't treat people if Allah commands you, he is not your biological son, I know it was very difficult on the Prophet. That's why the Quran say you feed people, you should fear Allah alone. Because nobody could break that taboo. You know, when you say this is my adopted son, it has three implications. One, he takes your name. So there is a false identity to he inherits on equal footing with your biological children. Three, he becomes exactly your biological son, which means if he's married, his wife becomes your daughter in law. And if he divorces her, it would be incest to get married. But the Quran came to say this is false. Zeid is a stranger, he is not of the even the

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tribe of the Prophet is not his son. And as such, that taboo has to be broken. That was the story it is found very clearly and explicitly stated in the Quran.

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Now, to conclude,

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my basic appeal here, for both Muslims and their non Muslim Brethren,

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is to try and be objective. Try not to get influenced from people who don't know what they're talking about, will have their own agenda in the media or otherwise, and even for Muslim themselves. Unfortunately, sometimes, again, Islamic education is not really that sufficient to be aware of some of those issues and problems. I'm very glad and thankful to you all that I was afforded an opportunity last year to address a seminary controversial issue of the nature of relationship between Muslims and non Muslims and verses that has been misinterpreted, interpreted by one party or the other or sometimes both. I think it is this kind of objective honest, search for truth, not a

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partisan or aggressive or, you know, antagonistic approach that would lead us all to better understanding better appreciate

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And after all, achieving more peaceful and respectful coexistence amongst ourselves. Thank you very much for your patience. salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Thank you very much indeed does Arcola Dr. Badawi for your most enlightening and most informative lecture, no doubt they will be questions raised the appropriate time. And if there are any questions on cultural predestination or fade, please come forward after the meeting finishes.

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What after the lecture is finished?

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Brothers and sisters,

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the purpose and the objective of organizing these lectures is to educate ourselves to keep ourselves with knowledge, so that we can then disseminate information, pass it on and also use it as a defense against the onslaught towards Islam.

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Now, if you were to join the national program of IPC,

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you will be handed out these leaflets.

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We have to learn to capitalize on the adverse publicity in the media against Islam.

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For instance, this onslaught against Islam is nothing new, as Dr Badawi quite correctly pointed out is started from the days of the Hirsch when Walid bin aloevera. He suggested that the only thing we can say, although is not true, against the holy personage of the Prophet Muhammad is that he is a magician, because he divides families, and they then appointed publicises, to pass it on to the people coming, caravans coming for pilgrimage, who then passed it on in the Arabian Peninsula. But it's amazing how Allah subhanaw taala in his wisdom, in subtle ways, uses these negative efforts in favor of Islam. And today, inshallah, the same thing will happen

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if you read this leaflet.

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It says, You owe it to yourself to find out the truth, the lies, which well meaning zeal, has he drowned this man Muhammad, are disgraceful to ourselves only who says this, not a Muslim, but a famous British, or more appropriately, a Scottish philosopher.

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Since the Great British philosopher made this statement over a century ago, there have been countless lies invented against the Holy Prophet, the religion of Islam, and the Quran, the last revelation, and it carries on Thomas Carlyle says, the word of such a man Mohammed is a voice, direct from nature's own heart. Men do and must listen to that, as to nothing else. All else is wind, in comparison, says Thomas Carlyle. And we carry on to say, for the sake of finding out the truth about Islam, do Quran and Prophet Muhammad. We invite you to read the booklets that are advertised here, free of charge.

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Dr. Boden you mentioned about the age of associations of Dr. Abdullah and IPC I published this booklet some years ago.

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Because it is a study of our age at the temple marriage, some copies are still available free of charge, you can help yourself on a first come first serve basis at the ibci store.

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Now, brothers and sisters, this question about the polygamy in Islam continues to recur. And we received so many questions about it from the non Muslims, as well as Muslims coming to ibci.

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Doctor, by the way, did point out that as a taoglas salam, according to the Bible had over 100 wives. And in the Bible, one Kings chapter 12, verse three, we read that Prophet Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines

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I personally don't accept that I think there's interpolation in the Bible, but nevertheless, it is there.

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He pointed out that Islam restricted the marriage, marriages to four.

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And they were after these injunctions were revealed, people who had more than four wives, and they were then obliged to divorce.

00:34:38--> 00:34:50

The number that they had over four, for instance, Revlon, one of the Thai chieftain, he had nine wives. So he divorced five, and another nofal be mafia he had five wives, so he divorced one.

00:34:51--> 00:34:55

But the question is, what is the spirit behind this injunction

00:34:56--> 00:34:59

of being able to marry more than one wife, of course it's not obligatory.

00:35:00--> 00:35:02

Known as Dr. Weatherby pointed out is only one.

00:35:04--> 00:35:12

You see, people seem to think that marrying more than wife is for lust. And this is it couldn't be further from the truth.

00:35:14--> 00:35:25

The commentators, tellers that the injunctions that is in Surah, Nisa ayah, three, relating to this permission of marrying in ones, twos, threes and fours, and which is conditional

00:35:27--> 00:35:30

was revealed immediately after the Battle of Ohio.

00:35:32--> 00:35:51

In the Battle of Ohio, as we know, over 10%, that is 70 Muslim soldiers were martyred, that represented then 10% of Muslim population in Medina. So 10% of the families became

00:35:55--> 00:35:56


00:35:57--> 00:36:06

divides became widows, and the children became orphans. So now they wanted to see what solution has Islam for this.

00:36:07--> 00:36:31

So Islam offers a solution, and not for lust, but to bring about the spirit of sacrifice. That is, a man is asked to sacrifice and take on additional responsibility of another family with orphans to offer them parental guidance, to provide them with fatherly affection,

00:36:32--> 00:36:49

to provide them and support them with sustenance. And the wife is asked to make sacrifices by allowing her husband to take on these additional responsibilities in accordance with their capacity. And with the capability.

00:36:51--> 00:36:56

May I remind you, or at least reiterate what chef mo de that used to say?

00:36:57--> 00:37:02

He said after the Second World War in Germany, when there was a gross surplus of women,

00:37:03--> 00:37:21

reporters interviewed these women who were then mistresses, and posed a question asking whether they would not prefer to be a second or a third or a fourth wife rather than a mistress. And they all replied in the affirmative.

00:37:22--> 00:37:42

They when asked as to why they said, Well, you see if we were married, even to be a second, third or fourth wife, nevertheless, it will be aboveboard. We won't have to hide anything it will the relationship would be legal. Furthermore, our children will not be illegitimate, they will be legal, they will be illegitimate.

00:37:43--> 00:37:54

Children will adopt family names and furthermore, and perhaps more importantly, we the wives Elvis as well as our children will have share in the inheritance

00:37:57--> 00:38:43

with his brothers and sister, I'll leave you to ponder and we should now inshallah break for Margaret May I point out that people who are from outside Birmingham, there are mosques in the very close vicinity, just up the road on Coventry road is daru Mosque, but there are also facilities available here to perform Salah there is an adjacent hole and the brother has made the opening for you to enter through we shall inshallah conduct a mother for sisters if they go through the entrance behind where it says the fire exit and carry straight along there is another smaller hole catering hall where they can say this a lot. There is also provision for the sisters to have made this allow

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here if they so wish, we shall inshallah. Now retire and resume this session at

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920 that is 20 past nine inshallah. See you at 20 past nine inshallah.