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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of being receptive to Islam's messages and how it can lead to healing. They also talk about the aftermath of the Battle of K clin and the recent Islamic community crisis, including a woman who experienced a tragic death and a man who was unable to live again. The message is emphasized, including finding the right person and finding the right person.
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In describing the, the state of the believer in this world before the next Allah Tabata kehlata Allah says our man cannot meet him for a year you know who what Jelena Allah who know Ron can EMTB he fineness he can mammoth Allah Who feels lumati Laser Behati Ji minha he says, can they ever be compared with each other? It's such a stark contrast Allah saying, can they ever be compared the one that was dead

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because of their disbelief because of their rejection of God. And then we gave them life. The believer is a life which I didn't let who nor on em she belief in us, and we granted him a light.

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And our hope will be around this phrase in sha Allah, and we granted him a light with which he walks among the people.

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Can he ever equate can she ever equate the believer that is alive and enlightened? Like men Metallica, who feels a little math like the one that is stumbling around in the darkness, incapable of emerging from it not to escape it?

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And so the believer here, Allah azza wa jal reminds us that he has unique qualities has a unique state of mind a unique state of art, unique perspective. They walk the earth like everyone else, but in a sense, they see the world using the light of God.

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And the light that of human eyesight, what we can see the perspective with which we see with our eyesight, compared to what Allah endowed and grants a believer to see with their insight with their hearts with their faith and their conviction is like the example of a candle light versus the sun. They can't be compared Allah saying,

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the believer sees with the light of Allah subhanho wa Taala he notices above all, the Hand of Allah azza wa jal in all things involved in all things, and he is sensitive to the messages that Allah azza wa jal sense. And that is why elsewhere in the Quran he says Subhana wa Taala in a vivatic This which I'm preaching to you, teaching to you, reminding you of in Nephi, Dalek, in all of that led to an arm many, many many signs, little motor WHSC mean for the Moto se mean, and the Moto SC mean are those who catch things by their SEMA. Sema is like the the insignia, the mark that subtle logo that's placed on things so identify it, they're able to size things up and identify them by by a

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subtle hint, because of how strong their insight is that their faith grants them.

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And that is also of the manifestations what exists because of Allah's Name, Allah leaf, one of Allah's most beautiful names, is a Lucky Leaf, the most subtle, and of what it means that he's the most subtle, not just that he knows the subtle intricacies, the overlook the hidden everything perfect in his knowledge, even knowledge of the subtleties. But he's also subtle in his dealings, that he sends messages all the time, places, signs everywhere, but in subtle ways. He himself showing up and the angels showing up. That's not a test for anyone that's as clear as they are. And that's why a person's faith will not count if they believe and say now we believe on the Day of

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Judgment. Of course you do. The subtlety is gone. But this world was filled every corner of it with messages from him.

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But they're subtle. They are for people that are willing to pay heed people that are willing to have this insight, people willing to be receptive. And if you are that believer, if you would just train yourself to be more receptive to Allah's messages sensitive, they can make all the difference. Sometimes it is one message. If you catch it, it changes the course of your life and your afterlife.

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Like you know, you think of the example of the woman that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said she lived a life of sin. She sold her body and she ruined her life and the lives of so many people through the Haram relations. She was be involved in. And then one time she's after well, she's so thirsty, she's drinking and then a dog comes licking the dirt around the well the sand she realizes he's being tormented by what I just felt she empathize. She felt the suffering of the dog. The hadith actually gives you

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enough detail to make you stop and wonder. They say the Hadith says that the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned, she didn't just give the dog some water. She went down into the well. She couldn't pull it out. And then she couldn't drink. It's for the dog. And so she took off one of her shoes and fills her shoe with water. And then how are you going to climb out of the well if you're holding the shoe, so she puts the shoe in her mouth, she holds it grips it with her teeth to be able to climb out of the well. And then she gives it to the dog for shakar Hola, hola, alpha shakar Hola, hula, two different narrations from love for Allah. The dog was appreciative and Allah

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appreciated her act that the dog appreciates it. And so he forgave her for all her sins. The message that she caught here, why did she exert so much effort, she realized this could be an opportunity for me to make up for the past, right and opportunity for forgiveness. And it was she realized not that there's a dog hungry here. She realized that Allah sent this dog for me, she caught the message. And sometimes Allah sends us messages that can save us from long periods of pain, anguish, trauma, periods, messages of healing, if you are to be receptive to them. You know, a perfect example of this at the Battle of

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam not only saw the Muslims who prematurely celebrated the victory and then got massacred it wasn't just that His own uncle his dearest uncle Hamza Radi Allahu Han was massacred and gored at a halt. And that is why Hamza Hamza bin Abdul Muttalib was the man about which they said we never saw the Prophet cry sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the way he cried so intensely, the way he cried over Hamza, but what happened on the way back from boyhood. This is no coincidence. Allah had waiting for him on the road back to Medina, one of the most uplifting messages ever one of the most therapeutic and healing messages you can ever hear from a great week.

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There was a woman from bento dinar, she came out

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with the Army incoming returning home. And they said to her, don't look, your husband's not in the army. He's done. He was killed. He was martyred. She said, Where is the messenger of Allah?

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They said and your brother has also been killed.

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And your father has been killed or they said her son, three men from her family back to back to back there. And after each time, they break this devastating news to her. She says but where is the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. His love dominated everything in her heart. And they said he is fine. She said I have to see him. She could not be at ease until she saw him with her own two eyes. They bring her to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and she sees him and she says to him Kulu mostly but in badda cagealot Ya rasool Allah, every calamity that can ever afflict me in life after I know that you're okay. Is light is bearable. I can handle it. So long as you're okay

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Allah so Allah.

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On the day he was hurting so much from Hamza, Allah sends him this woman to say these words to him salAllahu alayhi wa sallam, and then there are opportunities messages brought our way to fix things while we still can. You know, I was recently rereading much of the or parts of the life of Eminem and cartography, Allahu Allah, and he was always so receptive of how big this little moment could be that Allah sent my way. He saw it as a divine message. He saw it as divine intervention, Allah's hand at work.

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One time when he went to visit the lands of flavor, these were all during his Khilafah they were all napping the midday nap because the sun is like scorching in the deserts at that hour. And a woman's like rubbing grabs his foot and like wakes him up. And he says to her, like who are you? What do you want? She picks him of all people. And she says, Tell us them to fecal hired. You look like a good guy. I don't know why I picked you. She doesn't know he's.

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You're a good guy.

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And the Khalifa Omar, she doesn't know it's him, sent us a man last year named Mohamed dibny Muslimah. He wasn't a good man.

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He was told to give basically allowances to give a stipend to every person and he didn't give me

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Can you come with me so we can talk to him? Because you know, I can't speak to him myself. So he turns around to people next to him says go get Mohamed to be Muslim. She says no, no, no way. No way this

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As the governor, I meant for you to come with me. He said if he doesn't come, I'll go with you.

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And they go and they bring Mohammed bin Malema Radi Allahu Anhu is a great Sahabi.

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And he says to him, Yes, I mean, I don't mean, oh Khalifa, what's going on? The woman here is an ephah. She's blown away. The narrator says she kind of like tucks herself in her clothes of how embarrassed she was that she was talking to her mother like this, waking him up from his siesta nap and all this. So he says to him, this woman is saying XY and Z. He said, I I never saw this woman before. He said before Islam, we were nobodies. The moment Allah gives us some territories, we're gonna forget about the quote unquote little people. He said, Obama, for sure I did not withhold from her. It could have been an oversight or she didn't come to receive it. He said to him, you go back.

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And the next time around, you're collecting Zakat and redistributing you give her for last year and you give her for this year. He does this thorough about an isolated case. Why? Because he sees that is Allah's message to me, I can fix this.

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Or another example. There was a caravan that came all the way to Medina, a very wealthy traders. And he felt the amount of money they were carrying, is tempting. So he said to the man himself and himself guard with me this, have them stay in the masjid and we will personally guard it to make sure nobody steals anything until the morning.

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And so while he's standing up awake on it, here's a woman or Abdul Rahman and now here's a woman whose baby continues to cry and they say Be good to your baby. Fear Allah and the baby continues to cry and they say to her, What is wrong with you? What a horrible mother your baby's crying all night? What's wrong with you? She said, What is wrong with you? You've been annoying me all night. I'm trying to win my baby. I'm trying to get my baby to stop cycling. Because Ramadan kebab only gives money to people that she doesn't know he's gives money to people. When the baby stops nursing. It's like eating real food. So he needs a real budget.

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They say oh, my god that morning, nobody could understand anything. He was reciting adventures because of how hard he was crying from regrets. And he after Fejn, he turned around and he said send message to all the Muslim lands to not rush weaning your children, or Omar has killed enough Muslim children. He felt like it was his mistake. And now he could fix it. And every newborn now has an allowance has a budget that goes to them, whether they're nursing or whether they're eating.

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And then the third and final incident I'll mention to you very quickly.

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They didn't ask him said Omar started going around at night, checking up on people.

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And he found another woman.

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Her fire was lit at night in an odd area something was wrong. Something was off.

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And they said Sir, what are you cooking? So I'm not cooking anything? I'm boiling water. So my kids think I'm cooking so that they can go to sleep already. We have no food.

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And may Allah get my vengeance against Omar.

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He said, Well, how do you know he knows about you? She said how can he be my leader if he doesn't know about to me? So Ahmad runs off with Zaidan esalaam Rahima Hola. He carries the wheat and some like Ghee or shortening whatever he could grab from the repositories from storage, and he brings it over to her and he doesn't let Zaid carry it. He carries it on his own back. Zaid says I was sitting there watching and he's going under the kettle and he's blowing into the fire to stoke it. And the smoke is coming out from between the hairs of his beard. And I'm like this is the this is the Khalifa This is the president of the Muslims.

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And then the woman says to him in the end, you know God sent you to me. And you are far more deserving of being our amid our leader than Ahmadis. Because you know about us, you care about us. And so she felt he was sent for her. And he believed that as well. This is why he acted this way. We all have this stuff in our life. All of us. When you see someone that is frustrated that they can't build a family. That's a message for you to be more grateful for the family you have when you see how quickly someone just like you are healthier than you or younger than you just get sick or passes away. You stop becoming of those if you're receptive to the message that are cheated as the Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said free time and health are two blessings most people get cheated for. They don't see the messages. They are treasures everywhere but they are subtle Akula polyhedra stuff for Allah Allah Malik.

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Al hamdu Lillahi wa Salatu was Salam ala Milena Viva Chateau La ilaha illa Hola. Hola. Hola. Hola. Sharika who eyeshadow and Mohammed and Abu whenever you who are Su

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and Allah Azza wa Taala finally in the Quran.

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and tells us those who don't heed the wake up calls that come their way

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that are screaming at them if they were just to unmute their ears to be more perceptive, be more receptive, be more sensitive. They will be the ones that will be screaming on the day of judgment.

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He said subhanho wa Taala and a very powerful idea well whom your study hall Nafisa in the punishment they will be screaming there in Urbana, Regina Anna masala, Hannover Euro Levy, karuna, Amal, bring us out pull us out so we can do good deeds

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other than the deeds we used to do. Allah says what about subtle messages? i Well, I'm no I'm miracle Marietta vetcare Rafi humans ever occur? Didn't we allow you to live long enough that whoever will pay attention would have paid attention already.

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What Yeah, hakuna Viet and the Warner has already come to you. Many of the scholars had the Warner intended in this is not just the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam it's the Warner in your personal lives the people you crossed paths with the aches and pains in your joints and in your bones, the white hairs that come the burial of our relatives, our loved ones, our community members. This is an idea in your personal life. As Allah says Wi Fi and fusi come even within your own selves. There are signs FLL Tuberosa rune Will you not just look at them, see them for what they are? So may Allah azza wa jal make us people of perception that see his signs clearly, and people have auditioned who

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hear his messages clearly, and make the best out of these treasures that will change our lives into better courses in sha Allah. May Allah azza wa jal help us capitalize on what is remaining of our life and make that a reason for whatever has passed to be forgiven. And may Allah azza wa jal make us of those that have the least regrets on the day of judgment, and those that believe in him being the most subtle and rely on his subtle messages coming to us when we don't go looking for them. Allahumma Alameen wa sallahu wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad Allah him Allahumma fildena Ohana Allahumma Felina Ohana Allahumma Falana Ohana is Shri Madonna mandala Muslimeen well if he moved to

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downtown Muslimeen or SallAllahu wasallam Baraka dnn Muhammad Allah Allah He was like to be a drain