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The transcript discusses the importance of the "theology" and the culture in Jesus's world. It emphasizes the need for history and understanding the process of society, as well as the importance of conflict resolution and arbitration in relationships. The transcript also touches on the "will of a palace" and the "arogance" of Islam, as well as the "will" of a man who bought the East India Company and sold it without a logo. The importance of learning and using one's knowledge to achieve good things is emphasized.

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telara mother Al Hamdulillah filomeno salat wa salam O Allah Shafi to be even more solid. Mohammed Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam just leaving because he didn't consider.

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Amato My dear brothers and sisters.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala give us these

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stories of the unbearable Salaam in the Quran and Allah subhanho wa Taala described for us

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societies and people and times and places that

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we were not aware of. And for example, in the cases of things like the Society of the ad and the mode, the Society of to which the the people to whom Allah subhanaw taala sent Nuala Salam and salieri salaam

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to 200 a salon Sorry sir, we are now doing the story of hooray Salah inshallah, we will do

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the other MBAs also

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the story of the ad was not known even though the other called the ancestors of the Arabs they are called the old Arabs the the stories were not known a velociraptor had not mentioned them in the Quran, then they would be completely lost to history. Now that itself is a sign that itself is something to think about because when Allah subhanaw taala described those people, unless these people were

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maybe the perhaps the most powerful people of their time, they had enormous wealth. They were obviously enormously arrogant. And one of their standards one of their famous statements which Allah mentioned in the Quran, is Masha domina Hua, who, who is stronger than us? Now imagine when a person reaches that point where they say that I am the greatest and the smartest and the most powerful, then this is the

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this is a sign of of, you know, very clear sign of arrogance. And that is something which is if a person doesn't retract that doesn't come back from that, then it's something which almost completely, definitely which portends and which signals disaster

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in more modern times, one of the classic ones is the Titanic. Now, where it is reported that the

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that there will be the designer of the of the ship and you know, whoever said that is that even God cannot sink this ship. And as we say, well you know, the rest is history.

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So, as far as the

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story of who the salon goes, these I had decided for you in the last

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session also, but just to keep the soul soul and keep the connection with the session. Let me quickly recite them again. I will be leaving a shirt on the rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim, cassava ardunio mursaleen is Cora lahoma home Holden Allah Tata Hoon in de la Kumara tsunami photocall la Havas their own masala kumala human edge in Asia de la la, la mean atop Luna be Cooley and I attend Tara Tara soon.

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What is Luna masani Allah Allah de Lune by the way their butter stone butter stone Jabari for taco la wa t rune what taco lady De Lima tala moon,

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ama the Columbian IMU, Benny Medina Are you in India have ya kumada Yomi Nazim calu Saba Elena our Astra I'm loving the Camino del y z

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inhaler. Illa Hola. Hola. V mama Anna Han ob mother v. Ufa Hakuna whom in a visa Lika Toma xR home mini or in Arabic Allah Allah Aziz Rahim. Allah says Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioned these ayat in the in.

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In surah two Shura where Allah Subhana Allah said the ad, the people are they belied they denied the messengers, when their brotherhood said to them, will you not fear Allah subhanho wa Taala anger will you not fear Allah and obey Him? Verily, I'm a trustworthy messenger to you. So fear Allah subhanho wa Taala keep your duty to him have Taqwa of Allah and obey me. No reward do I ask of you for it? My reward is only from the rub of the alameen from Allah subhanho wa Taala

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Do you build high palaces on every high place, while you do not live in them, and you get for yourself palaces and find buildings, as if you will live there in forever. And when you see is, you see is as tyrants so fear Allah, keep your duty to him have Taqwa of Allah and obey me, and keep your duty to him and fear Him, the one who has aided you with all good things that you know, Fear Allah subhanaw taala fear to anger, the one who gave you everything, fear to disobey the one who gave you everything, and he has aided you with cattle and children and gardens and springs. Verily, I fear for you the amount of a great day, they said, it is the same to us whether you preach or do

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not preach, or you are from those who do not preach. This is no other than false tales and religion of the ancients. Because we are modern people, we don't need this app. Can you can you see the similarities in the library, nothing changes with human beings, our stupidity continues unabated.

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And we will not and we are not going to be punished. And so they've relied him and Allah said, and we destroyed them very early in this indeed is a sign yet most of them are not believers. And verily your

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data described the

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I love describe the people of God. And Allah subhanaw taala

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told us

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what they what they did, and how they did it.

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My brother sisters, Allah subhanaw taala.

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Allah told us what they did, which is that they still denied I mean, despite the fact that they were being warned despite the fact that Allah subhanaw taala was

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that who that is around if you think about this, you know who that is, Allah was describing the in the Quran, the story is

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describing for us this scene of the culture and of the people. And think about that, how similar that is, to what we see around us today. I don't just mean the antics and games of the, of the Uber rich of the super rich, and May Allah bless us And may Allah protect us from ourselves.

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Even in the super rich, the stupidity and the ostentation and shameless squandering of resources and wealth, is seen the maximum among Muslims.

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If you think about it, you do not see that among people who are equally wealthy in some cases who are far more wealthy. But you see that Muslims, you know, where do you see all these gold plated gas cars and all that sort of stuff? I'm not, I'm not here to make a list of your view, and you know, all this stuff better than I do. All this stuff, right? In Muslim Muslim countries. What is it telling us is realizing, look, there were people in the past, who did all of this is nothing new been there done that seen there been there seen that been there done that everybody is nothing new in life, whatever you are doing today, somebody else did that before. And the reason that you are

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being told these stories, is not for entertainment is not for fun is not because it's not for so that you can pass your time. It is so that it is brought to your attention to say that look,

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you have a system, you have a situation where somebody just like you did what you did, with the exception, that in their case, you also know where it ended, right? You know where it ended. So now in your case, you don't know where you will end because we don't have we don't have a knowledge of the future. But if you are taking a particular model, and you're saying here is a model, and people who live according to this model, came to this bad end, I am living according to the same model. If I believe that I will come to a good and then what does it say about my sanity?

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Einstein is famously reported to have said, I don't I don't remember the exact words but effectively, he said that to do the same thing and expect a different result is a sign of insanity. To do the same thing and expect a different result is a sign of insanity. And I think it's a very,

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very important and very correct statement that advertising

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made. And we need to think about that. So here Allah subhanaw taala. In the case of Salaam in the case of all the mediums, Allah, Allah subhanho data has told us the stories of the prophets has told us the stories of the MBA has told us the stories of the people to whom the Zambia Lima Salam was sent, so that we can look at the models that are presented before us. And we can look at it and say that here is somebody who lived his life, here are some people, or an individual who lived their life in a particular way. And they came to this ending the ending was whether it was good or bad, he was the ending. Now I am living my life and I went, when I look at my life, my life looks almost

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exactly the same as the life of this person, then do I expect an ending to be very different from that person's ending, if I am doing that, I am insane. Because if if that person lived his or her life in that way, and they came to that ending, and I am living my life also in the same way, then the logical thing, the sensible thing, the same thing is to remember that my ending will also be the same. Now if that ending is a good ending, Alhamdulillah that is why we say live your life like the one whose ending was the best, whose method is the best, whose destination is the best, which is also De La, La La Hollister. So we follow his

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example, because we know that this results in something good. So here is the profits on a solemn he led his life in this way. He helped people, he stood for the truth, he was trustworthy. He built a beautiful system of Islam, where he was he promoted everything which is good, he forbade everything which was evil. And the result is what we see Alhamdulillah

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position with Allah subhanho wa Taala insha Allah. On the other hand, Allah subhanaw taala gave us the example of different people he gave us the example of in this case that people have had, in the case of xylella salam, the people of samode, in the case of New Orleans,

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people, in the case of Musa alayhis, salam, he Allah gave us the example of fear out of Egypt, and so on. And all of this is for what is for us to look at our life and say, maybe that

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in terms of history, they lived 1000 years ago, they live 5000 years ago. But in terms of principles, in terms of structures, in terms of systems and processes, in terms of societies, there is a huge reflection, it's almost like looking at yourself, the only difference is in terms of, for example, building palaces on high places, the only difference is they may be they built those palaces of stone, and they didn't have air conditioning, and they didn't have Wi Fi, whereas we have palaces, which are also strong, but maybe we use some other different materials. And we have air conditioning and Wi Fi, what is the difference?

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The the mentality, as they say the difference between men and boys is the price of their toys, the mentality over which, which drives a particular decision. If the mentality does not change, the decision will never change.

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As you know, I'm a consultant in leadership, and my specialty is family businesses. And one of the things that I do in in my family business consulting is, is conflict resolution, and in cases, arbitration between family members. And one of the things that I teach people and I tell people then I tell my family business consultants, is that the conflicts that you are seeing today, among your sons, among your usually there's only sons, but you know, in your family, where the sons are now in their 40s, is that this conflict started when the same children of yours were one and two year old and three year old in the nursery.

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What did you train them to do? in the nursery? When these two kids were were two and three years old? There was one dinky toy there was one car, and these two are fighting over the car. What was your reaction? How do you deal with that? So they said, you know, we used to tell No, no, I don't fight about I'll get you your own car. Right. So that was the reaction. Right? What else could you have said, and now the sheepish look comes on the face. He said, You know what we could have taught them to share that car and say, Look, this car belongs to both of you. Take care of the car, give each other that can give you a brother, the garden, enjoy the smile on his face.

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All these were options, you would have brought them all of this instead of that you

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said to them, don't worry, don't fight, I will get you another car. Fast forward 40 years now what? Now? It's not a dinky toy, or organization? Is your company it is that business you spent your whole life to build. Now they're fighting tooth and nail over that. And what was the what was the training that you give them? I will give you your own today, you can't give them their own. So what do they do this printed on the middle. So your work, your lifetime work is split, they go back to base to square one. And that is in the best of situations in the worst of situations is not only do they split the business down the middle, they split themselves down the middle, the family also breaks

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up, there is rancor, and there is bad feeling between brothers and between the families of brothers. All of it starts where in the nursery. Why am I dealing with this in in a in a MBA class because this is what Allah subhanaw taala is teaching us analyzing the story of Iran is not for right. It's not Egyptian history. It's not something that Allah is teaching us so that we can we can just know as a matter of interest, you know, what was the what was the times of the of rameses? The fourth or the second? What were his times like? No, Allah is not telling us a story arrived in the Santa Muerte, and so forth. Because he's telling He wants us to know about ancient Arabs know, Allah is

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teaching us these stories or less telling us the stories, so that we understand the mental frameworks, the thought process, the assumptions, the beliefs, the systems, the practices, which they practiced, so that we understand. And we take this template and say that if somebody who practice these things,

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where did it lead them?

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And then we take it to ourselves and say, do I see a picture of this in my life? Do I have this in my society? And if I'm seeing a reflection of society, why am I assuming that my ending will be different from there, and these were people who worship these were people who are arrogant because they had wealth, they forgot who gave them the wealth, they were arrogant, because they had strong, they were strong, they were physically strong, they had military power, they became arrogant, they forgot who created them, they forgot who gave them that power and strength, authority, they forgot why it was given to them, you are given wealth, you are given strength, you are given authority, you

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are given knowledge, in order to do good, you are given strength to help the weak you are given knowledge to help the ignorant you are given scientific information and knowledge so that you can help people to alleviate their suffering and their pain, you are given strength, so that you can you can you can fight for the weak you can support the weak, you are given well, so that you can you can ensure that there is no one who goes to bed hungry in your in your society. But instead of that, what do you do? You corner the wealth, you corner, the

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the you corner the strength. Just yesterday, I was listening to

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to a congressional inquiry where this this lady politician May Allah bless her and make people like her. She is questioning the CEO of this pharma company. And she is showing how this pharma pill one pill costs 530 $540. And she's asking, she's showing him how.

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In his bonus, he's getting a bonus on the amount of profit the company makes. And she showed him how tripling the price of the tablet and established is used. It is for something which affects senior citizens, elderly people.

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When Jesus that the person, the elderly person, average elderly person in that place, has a bank balance of three or $560. This one pill costs $540. If they're if they pay, they cannot even afford to buy one single pill. And as a result of tripling that price of the pill. She says to this man that you got a bonus of 200 and something million dollars that he has as a

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compensation package of 17 or $18 million a year out of which $2 million came out of the profit, which directly is linked with the price of that tablet, which was included which was tripled. And then she says Is there anything new in this tablet? Have you done anything else from what the price of the tablet was? Before you tripled it? Is there any addition? Is it a more effective medicine what the man is he will see his face I mean

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It looks like he's so sheepish. And, you know, I don't even know whether the man feels guilty or not. Anyway, they're there, it also saved. So the man says that, you know, the manufacturing process is the same. He's trying to forget, he's trying to use 20 words when he can use one, yes or no, but he goes, but she does not let him go. And he said, This is what

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are societies. So think about that you are given knowledge of medicine, you're given knowledge of science, in order to make money in order to make yourself personally wealthy, at the cost of people, people who cannot you create medicine, which people cannot buy. And then of course, these medicines, they are able to they they get to buy, thanks to insurance packages. So now the insurance companies are also getting really rich in the process. Those people who have insurance to get the medicine who don't have insurance cannot even get the medicine they have to die. This is our society. This is our society, of the blind pursuit of wealth for the sake of wealth. Nothing else, Brian poursuivre, we

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just want to have wealth so that we are we can show off where I'm sitting a little way away from here is a is a

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is a marina. And in that Marina, I saw the other day we I went there, I saw these two yachts is a black one and a white one amazing, absolutely fabulous machines, huge, massive yachts, which are sitting there and I've been in some of these things. So I know what the inside looks like. It's fabulous. It's you know, beautiful interiors, and this and that and all kinds of your design is something phenomenal, because they have to fit in all sorts of stuff in a limited space. So there's very lots of creativity in terms of how the whole thing does that. So there is there is two years sitting there. As somebody has to know, how often do they

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do they go out to the owners yards? Do they calm and maybe every weekend? They're going somewhere? Maybe they're going to Florida from heroes or something big, lavish and what are you talking about? He said these yachts immensity over the last three years? He said they they don't even go out for a ride. Why not? He said because to afford a yacht like that. You have to be sitting in Wall Street manipulating accounts, you have to be sitting in Wall Street buying and selling on

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futures or stocks and so on and so forth. You have no time to come and ride in your own yard. I said why have it? He said well, because that is you know, he entertains his, his clients and so on. So his clients come and sometimes maybe a client is big enough or important enough to be to be to go for a drive on this yacht, or he has parties on these yachts. So you're involved is wining and dining on the yachts. That's it. That's it. What does it cost to keep the yard here he gave me an obscene figure because the the rental of just parking the yacht in the Marina and then you can just park as a boat it just deteriorate. So it has regular maintenance. It has a full crew, the crew is

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paid and every day the board is polished and this and that every all this happens and all of this is for show there is nothing as the man who owns it himself. cannot enjoy it because that is the price that you pay when you want to live that lifestyle. Unless in the in the in the story of who that is. Alice Randall is telling us this lesson is nothing new.

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This is nothing new. You have a yacht you don't have yachts. You have a yacht somebody else had yachts right? You have a you have a Paris somebody else had a bigger palace. That is the ruin that you are now going to see as a tourist and taking pictures and saying oh look at the look at this and look at that. Yeah, think about that. You go to a we go to Mr. Secretary we see the the palace a lot but today it's a it's a it's a it's just bare walls. And the biggest population there is lumbers.

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But in the time in our heyday, when he was the Emperor, what was that? That you would see brocade then you would see Persian carpets, silk carpets and you would see drones and you will see jewelry and you would see you know, wining and dining and you would see people going back and forth and observances lathes and whatnot, were drawn

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to literal angles.

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To the monkey's

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brothers sisters, the issue is to learn and that is why I lost vantara centers, these ayat so here Who then is lm is telling these people that Allah gave you wealth,

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strength, a login to power, Allah give you authority, and you are misusing all of them. And not only are you misusing all of them, you are challenging Allah subhanaw taala himself

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is doing them fear Allah Serrano that fear the day that he will meet Allah subhanaw taala because that is going to come.

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That day is going to come fear the meeting with Alice Renata, listen to me because I am the messenger. I am giving you good advice.

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I don't ask any revenue

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from you, I don't ask you for compensation. You listen to me because it is good for you.

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My compensation might have been duration my resource my my

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you know my return is from Allah subhanaw taala seriously,

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let us understand this is the reason why we

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why we why we do these stories. So, in the case of, of these people have

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have who delays Allah, Allah tested them one fine one last time where Allah subhanaw taala brought trout on them. So they were going through this hardship of drought in this no rain, and if they had repented, repented and returned to Allah subhanaw taala they had done this the forum Toba perhaps they would be saved. But they didn't do that. They didn't do that. Instead, they went to the Kaaba. They went to the Kaaba and they prayed and they prayed for rain. And then suddenly they saw that big dark cloud rose up in the air and when they saw the cloud they were very happy. Oh fantastic. These are big numbers clouds big you know heavy rain clouds and we are going to get get a lot of rain. And

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the last round that I mentioned this

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fella Mara who are hidden most duck Bella, our deity him.

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Monte Runa Bell who must just tune v one v one v

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two the Miro Shane v Umbra beha complete destruction for us bajo la Yura Illa masala kinome Casa de Canada zil como una mujer de como el Amin.

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And when then when they saw it, as a dense cloud, coming towards their valleys, they said, this is a cloud bringing us rain day. But it was that comment which you are asking to be hastened. A wind were in is a painful torment, destroying everything, by the command of its robbed. So they became such that nothing could be seen except that wellings thus do We recommend the people who are the moody moon who are the sinners who are the criminals?

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And that's why as soon as I sell him, whenever he saw dense clouds, he used to pray for protection from Allah Subhana

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Allah says Allah subhanaw taala said one Li qu BD hence all sorry na t Dean

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sakara Holly him sobre la Lin was Amanita

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asuma Fatah coma fi ha sutra and the home Jesu Napoli via tea for health or the home member.

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Last round that I said that's for the ad. They were destroyed by a furious, violent wind, which Allah imposed on them for seven nights and eight days in succession, so that you could see men lying overthrown and destroyed as if they were hollowed trunks of dead pumps. Do you see any remnants of them? My brothers or sisters?

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Really, if you think about this, you know, go go to Google and and go to YouTube and look up some videos of tornadoes. What happens when there is a tornado this tornado tornadoes is a furious when and when it's when it comes. Usually you will see you will find a tornado which moves overland like that. And it's like a vacuum cleaner, literally is when it as it moves, it picks up everything from the land. So if it's a house, the roof goes if it's you know, cars, the cars go people people go crops, trees, whatnot, and they just got sucked up and got that completely destroyed. smashed to pieces, bits and bits and pieces. flying all over the place is your tornado coming in the sea sucks

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up huge quantities of water. And then when it comes on the land, it drops that when the US floods. If it aborts, the boards gets sucked up. Now imagine

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this is something which is moving. So if you look at the time that it that it stays in one place on the land, we usually are talking about seconds. Maybe it is minutes, right but nothing more than minutes. You don't even have a tornado sitting in one place for one hour. You got minutes, five minutes, 10 minutes in one place and there is nothing left after that there's only sand right now. This tornado which came to the people who had Allah subhanaw taala decreed for this tornado to sit in that place for seven days and eight nights. Imagine what happens.

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Just think about that seven days in a row.

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Nice, this wind didn't let up. This wind stayed there for seven days, late nights, and a lot smarter saying the only thing that was left was stone.

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Right, they're building their store. And that also not because the wind could move them. But because Allah subhanaw taala chose to leave them there as a sign for people to see and assign for people to learn from.

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And as for the ad themselves, those who were so proud of their, you know, fantastic physique and their and their muscle and their power, and so on and so on. I was around that I said, they were like, cut trunks, hollow trunks of date pumps. So they were big people, but they were lying. They're like like scattered.

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Scattered, crop grade pumps have been cut, thrown, lying here scattered.

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What does that tell us?

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What does that tell us?

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Again, look at look at stories and look at things in our own life in our modern times.

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You got many examples, many examples. That's why I say think about it just recently. One of the stories is this man is not the guy. He bought the East India Company. Right? The company didn't call him he got the East India Company

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with a logo and with everything else. And this is the one shop in London, where he's selling some teeth.

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What am I saying? do read this book called anarchy, the anarchy by William Dalrymple. He's written about this in a company. You're talking about a multinational corporation, the wealth of which was more than nations. We're talking about a multinational corporation which had

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military power and which had been given the right to wage war by Elizabeth the first the Queen of England.

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We have the the eastern a company with a company which waged war in China and India, which conquered territory, which killed people slaughter them completely without any

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without a second glance.

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In India, it conquered sovereign states.

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With their rulers,

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they imposed rules. they impose all kinds of laws of their own.

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And they enslaved an entire nation. And they did that for 100 years for one century.

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I don't even fit

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this Indian Gujarati buys that company will all that is left of the company is that shop?

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Just the name corporate organization because it's got a name.

00:33:12--> 00:33:18

What more do you want? How many more examples we want to show that human arrogance

00:33:19--> 00:33:20

is worthless.

00:33:22--> 00:33:34

It doesn't matter whether you are a king or a queen or whether you are an individual, you know, carbon, random citizen, garden lizard variety, like myself.

00:33:36--> 00:33:51

If you are arrogant about anything, whether it is arrogance about money, whether it is arrogance, about power and authority, whether it's arrogance about you know physical beauty, or whether it's arrogance about knowledge, including the knowledge of Islam,

00:33:52--> 00:33:56

that has only one ending and that ending is destruction.

00:33:58--> 00:34:15

This is the lesson that we are getting from the story of who the Leyzaola and then our last word that I said in order hold and when our commandment came, we saved hold and those who believe with him by a mercy from Us. And this is the reason why you must continue to do that because it is the

00:34:16--> 00:34:59

Sunnah of Allah Subhana Allah that Allah subhanaw taala says those who continue to do good work, who continue to want people who continue to invite people towards the truth Allah subhanaw taala saved them. And Allah said and we saved them from a severe torment. Such were the odd the people that rejected the ayat the Jeff rejected the the evidence of the rub and disobeyed His messengers and followed the command every proud, obstinate oppressor of the truth from the leaders. So they followed the leader, they did not follow the America setup. And they were pursued by a curse in this world. And so they will be on the Day of Resurrection. No doubt verily disbelieved.

00:35:00--> 00:35:03

They're rub away with the people of

00:35:06--> 00:35:13

Allah subhanaw taala saying, This is what they did, and that is what they will pay for. And then Allah said, and to the ad we sent there.

00:35:16--> 00:35:17

The Allah Allah told us

00:35:18--> 00:35:37

to, to understand, and to, you know, so rather than a total all sorts of we understand from this, now think about this and say, Now how does this, this apply to us today? It applies to us because we are looking at a situation where we

00:35:38--> 00:36:02

have similar things in our lives. Now you might say, Well, you know, I'm not killing anybody, not erotically anybody. But maybe, in terms of who you support what you do what you do, maybe you're supporting a system, which is unjust, for example, we have in our society striations and divisions based on economic well being, you know, the rich and the poor, huge divide,

00:36:03--> 00:36:39

huge divide between the rich and the poor. Islam does not, does not allow this to happen. Islam says, share your wealth, help other people to also become wealthy, you know, help them in their in what in what they do, relieve suffering, alleviate suffering, the whole issue is, what do you do? What do I do with the resources that Allah has given us? Allah will not ask us, how much did you have, because we will have water like gives us a lot will ask us what did you do with what you had, if I had wealth and ice and I use this wealth in the

00:36:40--> 00:36:50

to help other people, then inshallah this wealth is a blessing for me, if I have knowledge, and I use this knowledge to communicate something good to people, to help people to,

00:36:51--> 00:37:11

to enable people to live their lives well, irrespective whether it's religious knowledge or other knowledge, if I'm using it for a good purpose, inshallah, this knowledge, having this knowledge is a good thing for me. And doing this is a good thing for me, if I have political power and authority, and I'm using it in order to establish justice, in order to,

00:37:12--> 00:37:14

to be compassionate in order to,

00:37:16--> 00:37:56

to, you know, alleviate suffering in order to help those in need my political authority, if I'm using it for all that Alhamdulillah. This is very good. But if it is the opposite, if I have wealth, and I'm just using it for segmentation, satisfying of my own desires, and I don't help anybody, if I have knowledge, I keep that knowledge to myself, I don't teach people I make this knowledge, a means of earning money for myself alone. In certain cases, I mean, I am dead against earning money for teaching the Kitab of Allah subhanaw taala and for teaching the deen of Allah subhanho wa Taala. But Abdullah, you know, I'm not getting into the

00:37:57--> 00:38:11

those who are doing it, getting a salary and so on. If somebody's doing it, let them do it. But I'm just saying that if our knowledge, our wealth, our authority, position, if it is resulting in suffering for others,

00:38:13--> 00:38:14

and believe me, a day will come

00:38:16--> 00:39:05

when we will pay for this, that they will come in this life, and that they will come in the life of the hereafter. Allah subhanaw taala give us example of after example, to illustrate this to teach us this. And it's up to us to learn. And if we don't learn, then we will pay for this as well as raw data to enable to give us the sense to to learn to do the things that we should be doing to stay with ourselves because otherwise, my brothers and sisters, once the curtain lifts, once we see multiple modes, once the angels come and we see them, there is no turning back. There is no erasing there is no stefarr there is no Toba there is no correcting of ourselves. All of that must happen

00:39:05--> 00:39:06

while we are alive.

00:39:07--> 00:39:18

asked around intelligent digital to enable us to live this life in a way which is pleasing to Him and to save us from all that does not please him or salon will carry while he was savage me, Veronica

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