Yahya Ibrahim – Guidebook to God #17 – Truthfulness with Allah, yourself, and others

Yahya Ibrahim
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honesty, truthfulness, Subhana, Allah Beautiful, beautiful sentiments assumed to be a person of substance and truth is one of the great ideals and Muslim characters that makes us from the righteous that makes us from those who are loved by Allah, loved by humanity and loved by the angels. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was sent with a message that was built upon truthfulness and upon sincerity of heart, he was referred to even before his message was delivered to him by the people of Porsche as a sodic. Ameen, the one who was truthful in his words, truthful in his actions, truthful in his intentions, and therefore was trusted and trustworthy in a society.

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One of the things that has departed from our upbringing as Muslims is the importance of being truthful. And slip is one of the pathways to leading us to true worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Before we can become sincere worshipers of Allah, we must be sodic with a loss of Hana with Allah. Notice when Allah subhanaw taala speaks about truthfulness, he speaks about it not just in something you possess, but as a totality of our experience. So a law tells us to speak the truth, to act with truth to be Qunu Masada can be with those who are truthful, to turn away from those who are untruthful, to not be in company of those who are not truthful, that our truthfulness should be

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demonstrated with evidence, and of the evidence that we are is our charity, our sincere advice to others. All of those are different elements of what it means to be truthful. When we speak about honesty, truthfulness, of purpose, it's actually three important levels. The first level is in the heart. And that's the intent and sincerity SubhanAllah. You could say as many words as you want, you can do as many things as you want. But if in your heart, you're not believing in what you're doing, if you are not committed in it, then it's it's it's for naught, it's for no purpose, and it's of no reward with Allah subhanho wa Taala. If it's a spiritual pursuit, you're seeking, the silica that is

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in the heart is that you have a determined intent, and that there is a reason for why I'm doing what I'm doing a reason for why I'm saying what I'm saying hypocrisy, of course, a hypocrite munafo, its greatest telltale sign is dishonesty, the opposite of truthfulness. So the prophets I send him says in the very famous howdy idea to the Mona Lisa love, the sign of a hypocrite. It's, it's the three things either had death that Kevin, the first sign is that when they speak, they have lied, meaning that when they speak, it shows the betrayal of their heart has come out in their words, and most of their own amount. They say that people who, who lie with their tongue, it doesn't begin with their

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tongue, it actually begins with the insincerity of heart. Because if I felt that you were somebody who I should respect, if I felt you were somebody who I should hold in honor, if I felt that you were somebody who I should have regard for I would not ever dare to mistreat you, and abuse you by telling you a lie to your face. And sometimes your parents, my parents, you know, they would get upset with us. Sometimes our friends, our family, our loved ones, our teachers, our our husbands, our wives, they get upset, because it's not just that you lie, but it was that you lied. And that lie was because you did not respect our position in your life. And it's almost as if you say you lie

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to my face. You looked me in the eye and you spoke those words, which means that you don't respect me. It's not about what you lied about. But it's the intent of your heart in that word that you misused and misspoke and shared with me that should not have ever been spoken. So the truth of lying is that it begins in the heart and it begins because you've underestimated the person in front of you as having any weight in your life. And you've assumed that they're not important and therefore the hypocrites at the time of the prophets I send them they did not value a lot they did not value Mohammed's I set him so they felt comfortable lying and cheating and pandering, even saying that

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they were believers when inside they did not have faith. The second attempt of lying, of course comes in the words we choose, not just in what we say not just in how we say it or what we say. But in the very fact that we have spoken words that are of deviance and of dishonesty. And it means that we have taken Liberty with those who we were ordered to maintain good ties with and when a person speaks in that way, speaks at dishonesty, whether that dishonesty with the tongue

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is an exaggeration, or an admission? Some people they don't understand that lying is not just inventing something. It's not just that I told something that's a whopper, you know, like a big lie, it has no basis in reality. No lying can also be that you exaggerated. You added what shouldn't have been added, you shared what wasn't actually there. And it's not that it had no root in reality, but you shared something that really was beyond what should have been spoken. Also, that you've neglected something you've held something back that really was material to the discussion, that you should that you know, there was something that really should have been spoken, but you were up to

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sieve and obstructionist and you held back something that was important to be declared and lying therefore in with your tongue takes on those two characteristics, which is the addition and the subtraction, not just the fabrication. The third type of lying is with our movements with our body with our intent with the places we go in the places we don't go is that we made a demonstration of our ideals and habits that we have disregard for the truth on account of our material actions and processes how we turned our face from someone how we observed someone how we looked at someone how we made somebody see disgust from us or we pretended to be happy and the prophets I send them says

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of the ones who are most hated by Allah is Lulu edge hain is a person with two faces that to face person yet David Coleman big well bill Coleman big that they come to one group of people with one face showing one attitude and another people with another face and another attitude May Allah protect us from being duplicitous in our habits and in our lifestyle, and therefore to be saw the Qunu Masada theme, the greatest sign that you're a truthful person is that you don't tolerate untruth from other people and you associate yourself with truthful people. The greatest sign that you value truth is that you're willing to speak it against yourself. Kunal mean Allah, He Shahada,

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this bill could be truthful people upright moral standing upright for that which is dust, and speak the truth whenever Allah and footsy come even if it is a self indictment, and a self accusation where you admit your fault, admit your mistake, and are willing to take it. And therefore I say to anyone, young and old, especially the young, learn from your mistakes, not try to overcome them, it is better will law he will always be better for you. I say this to my children, to my students, it is always better for you to be humble, and say I made a mistake. I recognize it. And I know this has upset you. But it won't happen again. I would rather hear my son my daughter say that to me, than to

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give me a line that isn't true. And that makes me feel that they don't understand the gravity of it and the disrespect that I received on account of them not trusting that I believe we'll be able to deal with them in an effective and forgiving manner. truthfulness is the hallmark of faith. The prophets I seldom said in acidic ad lol bearer, we spoke about bitter and righteousness. truthfulness leads to righteousness when they'll betray the illusion and righteousness will lead you to gender. We're in El Cap Viva de la food, your

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dishonesty and lying leads to greater sin and greater sin leads to Gehenna May Allah protect us from this Aloma I mean, in my Roger layer stock the privatized lm also sending sample hottie a person will speak the truth way to how to receive I know always try to speak the truth had talked about in the lives of the car until Allah writes their name in the account of those who are truthful and verifiers of truth. Why not Roger Lake, an individual will lie way at the house and Kevin and always make attempts to lie and find room to exaggerate or omit had talked about in the law HCA until they are recorded with a law as treacherous sinful liars. May Allah protect us from that? Well suddenly

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lahoma Salim osito barik ala Sayidina whenever you know Mohamed Salah Allahu Allahu Allah early or sotheby or suddenly your brother your hair Brahim was said Mr. alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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