Adnan Rashid – Absolute Disaster for Christian – Heated Debate vs Godwin

Adnan Rashid
AI: Summary © A caller asks why David is not a prophet and the representative explains that the caller has not understood the question and is trying to clarify the concept of profit. The representative gives examples of what David has experienced and how he believes he can overcome his limitations. The caller asks for clarification on the profit and the representative gives examples of where David has experienced and how he believes he can overcome his limitations.
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Now for that reason, you gave me a standard

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finishing, both of these qualities can be found in David. And you said David is not a prophet, I am asking why he has both of these qualities. He has prophecy, he has miracles, why is he not a prophet? And if he's gonna probably not be a prophet,

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if you're not accepting David as a prophet, if you are not accepting David as a prophet, okay, how on earth and other matters?

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In this conversation so far, I've asked you a question, and I will answer your question till 11 o'clock at night.

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So coming back my question, I'm trying to understand your concept how you use you get through criteria to prophecy, prophecy.

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Let me finish prophecy. I'm sorry, guys.

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Yeah, so you give two criterias. One is what prophecy and the other one is miracles. Okay, I can find both of these qualities and David, according to the Bible prophecy, as well as miracle, right? Why is David not a prophet? Okay, so this how you've shifted?

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I'm coming back to Muhammad directly.

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Okay, okay.

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So you cannot answer the question, David, you've asked me, I asked you the question, but what you're doing

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who's digressing? I want to

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I'm digressing and aggressive

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honesty. And then he at last

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admit that I cannot explain why David is not a prophet said.

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Right now, right this second, right, the second

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and I'll show you the prophecies as well as the miracles. So let's stick to the topic.

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My name is Mr. Mr.

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Just want to say

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God will win inshallah. Yeah.

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Jesus said in God's name, he didn't say,

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Jesus said I can do. I can't do anything on myself. Right. Okay. So

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the question is this yet? You haven't answered the question. Now. I know you're working hard to digress. You're working hard.

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I am working on my homies.

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Okay, did you understand? You asked a question, right? What makes this your question what makes Muhammad a prophet? And then question mark at the end? Right. That's the question. And in order to answer the question, I have to understand what profit is. As to what you mean by a profit. And I'll give you a prophecy, like give you what you get now.

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You gave me the standard, you know, patients. I don't blame you.

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Okay, can you can you both become?

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Are you finally safe? I'm the one who's fasting.

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For the last, how many hours has been too many hours? I can't even remember how many hours? I haven't had food. So look, I know. I've seen your discussion before, you're a lot more respectful. I am respectful. And I'm trying to respect

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this stuff. When I asked you a question. You just said define your premises here. Right before I

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give you standard medical and prophecies, right?

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About five years old when a venue said What do you mean by prophecies? What do you mean by miracles? Right? I'm gonna define what I meant. So now I want you to respond to the question. I don't go to David. Don't go to Samuel don't go to have a professional, Mr. Mohammed. Okay. Why is Muhammad in

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Boston many times, okay.

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Thank you for

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saying all these things, because my turn. I'm saying in order to apply a standard to Mohammed, or to ask a question about him, we must understand the question so that we can properly answer the question. Do you agree? Do you agree? Is that fair? Yes.

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So I'm basically I'm trying to understand your standard because your standard, you yourself cannot uphold your standard consistently, even in the Bible. So how before you ask, before you point a finger at me, or him or her yet you need

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need to understand your own standard before you apply on others, you understand? If I say, if I say you are not a good man, for example, for example, if I don't explain what I mean by good, how can I even say that to you not

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understand what good means. And who does it apply to, I should be able to point out people according to my standard in my literature, that this person is good because of that, that person is good because of that he is not good because of that. So now for that reason you give me a standard medical and policy book, I'm finishing both of these qualities can be found in David and you said David is not a prophet, I am asking why he has both of these qualities. He has prophecy, he has miracles, why is he not a prophet? And if he's not a prophet, how can we be a prophet?

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If you're not accepting David as a prophet, if you are not accepting David as a prophet, okay, how on earth another man is

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going to respond Yes, David. So move on.

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Clearly couldn't respond to Muhammad

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all your questions but before I answer your questions, I need to I need to highlight the point that you you yourself don't understand your standards. You don't know what profit is

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clearly you couldn't respond

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so now I'm gonna ask you because you're so you just want to go into

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your resume go to these you mentioned you

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show me the Bible was able to

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show me where the Bible is the Bible

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I'm assuming

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show me

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the whole thing deeper. Yeah, of course. I'm going into it right now.

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is a

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understanding if anyone know.

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The question is, where does the Bible say David is

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gonna respond?

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Yes. So when I asked you a question earlier, what not a profit where I'm responding. Oh, you don't have to like my response. Agent.

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asked you earlier. This way, David, when I'm talking.

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Say x to 29 to 30. Israelites, I may say shoot confidently about ancestor David. But he both died. He was buried in his tomb is with us to this day, since he David was a prophet. Oh,

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