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We are ready to pay half of the effort we have made in this world in terms of work, travel home here. What can I tell you? Allah says it's far easier to pay for your agenda. Just get up for Salah payment number one, get low payment number two, lower your gaze, automatic bonus payments a lot.

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If Allah subhanho wa Taala has placed you in a place where they are women walking past, Allah is giving you an opportunity a bonus to earn points. So how have you ever looked at it that way?

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Have you ever played these little computer games? When I was young, we played something called Pac Man.

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And after you eat quite a few, there's a bonus that comes up. And you run for that bonus before it goes away. And you make sure you do it the right way.

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Pac Man, you know your your score becomes high, you become a winner. You get excited, nobody's giving you a prize. It was just a waste of time, believe me, that scare tactic kept you a little bit at ease because you had stress from the other day. And you know, pac man kept you up.

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But that bonus is what I'm talking about. So your Salah is a payment, your zecca is a payment your Hajj is a payment towards your paradise. those monies die in a subpoena with its conditions. And at the same time, all the other things your protections, who had a lot from certain items is a bonus. Why do we say that to fulfill your obligations is a payment to protect yourself from prohibitions is a bonus? Have you thought of it?

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Because the protection from prohibition can only happen when that prohibition becomes accessible to you.

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So Pamela, so when Allah has put us in a country like Britain, we have so many more opportunities of bonuses than someone living in the city of London.

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But they will also have the bonuses of a different nature pack sometimes have a similar niche. Because with us to lower your gaze is far more valuable, far more, should I say priceless? Then someone who does not get that opportunity because it's not there. Everyone is covered. So that's a gift of a lot with different major you have an extra opportunity of bonus. Why throw it away for Pac Man, you could understand how to do it for this, you know, what's it what's more important, the paradise or the little game that you are going to talk the entire meetup with I scored 99999 so what so Pamela it still had to go back to zero