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Totally captivated by. laughter.

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Stan, I thought maybe Islam is the answer really makes me think about becoming a Muslim. We'll be discussing that. And also revisiting Liam Neeson his trip that he did years ago to Turkey. Yes. So you have been traveling a lot. Yeah. Yeah. And this movie takes place in Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey. And how's that? We'll also touch upon that. And then consent here. So the most magnificent, wake up a lot. Oh, are you guys ready? I thought this was very important. Now, we all knew about the trip that Liam Neeson who's Liam Neeson? Liam Neeson is a very, very famous actor. He's from Irish descent. And he is known for some films, I believe he was filming taken to in Turkey. That was some

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time ago. That was years ago, actually. And the word got around that he was considering accepting Islam. But Islam as the answer really makes me think about becoming a Muslim. So let's get into this clip. Let's watch it again. There's another part to it that I never seen until now someone sent it to me. So that's what had me want to revisit this. And go ahead and derive some benefits from it. So let's get into the clip. This movie takes place in Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey, and how is that beautiful? It's a stunning city that used to be in the old days known as Constantinople is the gateway between the west and the east. It's rich culturally, historically, and there are 4000. So

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he's talking about his trip, he was filming a movie, a film in Turkey. And one point from here that we can derive from people who've been fed a lot of hate about Muslims. And if you go to a predominantly Muslim country, and you're not yet Muslim, or non Muslim, that you're gonna get your head chopped off, you're going to all sorts of evil is going to happen to you do what he did, do what many have done, visit a predominantly Muslim country and see how you're treated. I mean, talk to people get out of your comfort zone, get out of your village, get out of your local area block, and travel, this is another way to eradicate some of this anti Islamism, this anti muslim fear that

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many people have Connect, and if you can't leave your town, or if you can't leave your city, or visit a mosque, this is a Muslim. So let's continue on. The call to prayer starts at 5am every morning. So when you have your alarm clock set for 6am.

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It's the first week it was a bit annoying to get used to it. By the second week. It just gets into here. So

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here's a beautiful thing. You don't know now, you know, he was talking about the call to prayer. This is the dawn he was hearing it. And he was just at the beginning because he would set his alarm clock for six. But then the than the call the prayer would go off at about four. And this is the first Muslims. Remember, Muslim is one who submits his or her will. Because every person wants to have peace, contentment, solace in life. I mean, so when a person realizes what their purpose in life is, and they connect to the one who created this world and tells them what their purpose in a strike, they sincerely humbly try to live that purpose. That person is considered a Muslim, one who

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only submits to God to the Creator, heavens and earth. So then he's seen, he's talking about how he would hear this as than the call to prayer. And then at first, it was just annoying. But then it just got into his heart it got into his soul. So you guys, most of you have seen this. And then I'll get to the part soon, which is the new part for me, at least.

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what was just said, it says God is the greatest law God Almighty, Allah just simply means God, the God, the only one worthy worship, so he would hear this, he would hear that done. And it just saying that God is the greatest God is the greatest. There's nothing worthy of worship except God except the Creator of the heavens and the earth.

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So then we move on. And this is the clip now that I wanted to get into the Muslim call to prayer starts at like five o'clock in the morning. So it's an extraordinary sound. Wow. So the first week it was like,

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second week, it was like, kind of quite nice, but third week, I was totally captivated by loved

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standifer maybe Islam is the answer. So

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I don't see any prereqs around so I don't think you've made the leap. You know, I made the big.

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I'm not sure what they think and Ballymena that would get done very well. That would not they'd say Oh,

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Muslim Are you Catholic, Muslim or Protestant?

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Now that's really what caught my attention, loved it captivated it, just the same story. He's repeating it, but this time to Anderson Cooper. So I wanted to take this time now to hopefully, that many of us can get on board and we can go ahead and try to revive what possibly Liam Neeson lost at a time and many people because anything worthwhile takes effort. It takes effort. So at that time, Liam Neeson he experienced something. And then he came back home to share his experience. And you saw he was on different TV check the Ellen Show, The Anderson Cooper, interview, and others. And there was a talk about him potentially accepting Islam, we just finished Eastern gold. We were there

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for two months, just before Christmas, beautiful city, unbelievable place. And the call to prayer happens five times a day, and for the first week, it drives you crazy, and then it just gets into your spirit. It's the most beautiful, beautiful thing.

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And these mosques, the 4000 mosques in the city, but some of them are just they're stunning, really makes me think about becoming a Muslim, becoming a Muslim, becoming a Muslim. That was a talk of the town. But you can imagine how much heat and how much pressure would be on someone of that magnitude accepting Islam again, just to qualify what Islam means, again, Islam simply means to acquire peace, everything you I, everyone wants in life peace. And the only way a person is going to have that true peace and contentment in life. When everything is going wrong, when everything's upside down, because it will perfect life. There's no paradise in this life paradise for the next life when a

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person is living purpose, that's when they get that peace. And that's what Islam is. It causes a person to have peace with their Creator by submitting his or her will to the one who created creation, the one and only created the heavens and earth God Almighty, Allah, that's what Islam is. So Liam Neeson considering that he was considering accepting Islam, he said, maybe is Islam the answer, totally captivated by luffa

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status on Islam is the answer really makes me think about becoming a Muslim. But the question is, what if it is the answer, and we know 100%? Without a doubt, Islam is the answer. submission to the creation is not the answer. But submission, if we rephrase it, to the Creator, is the answer. So we want to take this opportunity and invite Liam Neeson to come back to that original state when he was there. When he was there in Turkey, he was experienced that compare. And same thing for everyone out there, someone who had some exposure to us or someone who was just looking, they look and remember this look, you don't like scream and fuss when someone's inviting you to something bad when someone

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is inviting to go to the nightclub. To go to a pub to a bar, you don't scream at that person. So when somebody is inviting you, when your friend or your neighbor, your colleague, when someone is inviting you to the most beautiful thing that you can do, to have a connection with the creator to have is an urge to live your true purpose in life. You should feel a sense of happiness that this person has actually called me to something good something great. So all of us can be a part of that to help get this to any individual out there who's seeking peace and purpose especially our friend Liam Neeson who I'm sure at that time was really considering accepting Islam so I guess heard the

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statement that whatever you focus on it grows and whatever you neglect it withers and dies. So now at that time, or at this time you right now you've considered like okay, I've experimented everything. You're not even at that level of dm Neeson where you've been in all these films, you've got all this money and all the the pleasures of this life open up in front of you. But maybe you've had those things. You were dreaming about those things you might not ever acquire those things. Maybe you have, I don't know. But you there is one thing that you are, you're tired, you're exhausted. You really want to know what's your purpose in life? Why am I here? everything around you

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has a purpose. What about the human being? So we invite Liam Neeson to go back to that state how he was feeling then, because time has passed and the person is just getting closer to their DD departure date. And it's really time to think like, how many more movies are gonna Am I going to make how many more Grammy events? Am I going to be invited to how many more fake people are going to be around? How many more nightclubs Am I going to go to? How many times I'm going to go get drunk and have hangovers? And how many men how many women I'm going to be with? And how much money does it take to make me happy at the end of the day? Nothing will truly fill your heart with peace,

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contentment, solace is, is it's it's only when you connect your heart back to the creator of the heart when you connect your heart back to the credit of heavens and earth. And when you start living purpose. And I'm not talking about taking the means because there are many means to the ultimate purpose. To have a family that's one of the means.

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To make a honest day's living is one of the means. But I'm talking about to really live life according to how your Creator wants you to live. And back to that statement, whatever you

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focus on growth. Imagine now when you're given that opportunity like right now or Liam Neeson at that time. And a lot of times we have that mentality that like winning team mentality and we have the truth has always been attacked. Islam is always being attacked. So now you feel like okay, what are people going to say? So time still goes on and people forget. But you trade it off, you sold your soul, you sold yourself more for what? For fame for money for popularity, rather than that that treasure was presented in front of you. And how many people they lose that treasure because they're more worried is that groupthink mentality? What my friends foes are going to say if I go down this

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direction, I'm not sure what they think about me now that would get done very well.

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They'd say, oh, Muslim, are you Catholic, Muslim or Protestant. So nobody's perfect practice makes progress. So we'll take some tiny little baby steps. Start to leave off some of the vices some of the things that you know are not good for you start forming a direct connection with your Creator by asking the creator for guidance, for guidance and start surrounding yourself by good people who will be a good example around you cut off the bad friends, cut off the bad company. Cut off the bad places that you know you shouldn't be around and start to clean up your life and break the biggest idol that can be you most of the time, your ego and really humble yourself. And then start looking

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into Islam really look at Islam. Look what Islam is all about looking at Islam cause you to take a look at it. Just humbly sincerely. So get to know Islam get to look into Islam. So I just wanted to share this with you because I thought it's very, very important. And the key message when the truth comes to you take advantage of it. It came to him at that time. It was in a Muslim country. It really touched his heart that that and in the the purpose of life as mentioned that there's nothing worthy of worship as that first statement except the Creator of the heavens and earth, Allah and Muhammad is His slave servant, and final messenger. So get to know what the statement means get to

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know Islam from the correct sources, not from people who are perpetuating hate and misinformation, and tune into the deen show. So hopefully, you can grow and learn the pure monotheism that the creator calls the human being through Islam to have and that system of living a morally upright life the blueprint for life that's all there in Islam. So Liam Neeson hopefully God willing, some of the diesel fans get this message to him and others who are really searching to know what their purpose in life is, Why are they here, and where they're going Most importantly, when they leave this world because at the end of this journey, there is a paradise and there is a hellfire. So what we live for

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in this live we'll determine where we're going in the next life. So we ask God Almighty to guide us, all of us so we can live a beautiful pure life life how God Almighty wants us to live in this life so we can get the wonderful rewards agenda paradise in the next and we can avoid the Hellfire Thank you very much. Subscribe again to the D show. Hit that notification bell like this video. Help us get this out to our friend Liam Neeson and others as supporters on a Patreon page. We'll see you next time peace be with you as salaam alaikum