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So I want each one of them to live.

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So that was the demo, assuming that some of our new cinemagraphs so the last time we met, we kind of spoke about some of the some of the ways of us coloring our slowdown, adding extra reward getting more hesa. net. And we said that so that is something that the more we follow the tradition, the sooner the habits and behavior of the prophets, I send them in it, the greater the reward that we can establish for it. And the last thing that we said we said that you know, that mean to say admin behind the human to read an extra soon after the fact you have to recite specific surahs in specific places and times. So we said that the prophets I send them would read into Salatin fetcher every

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Friday, most Fridays, and it led me in sort of the sense that in the first rocket and sending the second record, you would read the basement of beacon Allah and Suunto, Varsha and attack as Ito was here. For the prayers of read for the prayers of Juma he would read sootel to juwan that they don't want us to recall from the day of Juma, so there were particular students that the Prophet read some lava and he would send them one of the last three citations of the prophets I send them read before his passing away with certain mood select. And that was one of the last prayers prayed by the problems I send them first of all, to mention that he recited sort of the masala some of it was a

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little reciting Out Loud is a way of earning the sum next, not a must insalata fetch methods, and so on. You can read with a lower voice, but it does not add the value of getting the SNF. What else how else can we gain as an add. So now we're going to look at Roku and that those are the sunat upstanding things to do while you're standing in your field. Now, when Roku up the back should be straight and horizontal. So when you make use of Roku, you shouldn't be arched up, and you shouldn't be overly down. But you should be have your knees locked, flex, and you're back at a 90 degree angle. And this is the son of the Prophet Muhammad. So a lot of it was setting up. Another one is

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that the head should be straight neither up nor down. So in this you will have your head up. Sometimes I see some of our boys they're doing this and you wouldn't have your head curled down looking through your legs or beneath you or too far below you. Rather your head should be the natural physician looking to the place of your sujood all throughout your saw that the hand should be placed on the knees with the fingers open. So you shouldn't have your hands clenched. You shouldn't have your hands, you know, great. But it should be unnatural position as normal, as the arm should be apart from the sides of the body. So you don't want to you know, confine yourself this

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way, it's a natural position. There's no kind of there's no excessiveness in it in that. And obviously the remembrance of Allah during the valley and rising from it is an important aspect. So the more of a law that you make, the more remembered of a law you made, the greater your reward. So some of the remembrances that are made in the ruku that are additional. So we said that it is a logic to say sapan are being either you glorious loss of kinda went to Ireland is, is the most mighty, they all powerful, so kind of went to Allah. And we said that that is something that is a must. Now to increase in that more than once. To do it twice is acceptable to do it in wheat

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numbers, meaning in odd numbers. And one of the things that I want you to remember in acts of worship, you should try to do things in odd numbers. And you might say, Well, why is that brother? It's actually assuming that that when you drink drinking odd numbers 162. And then the third don't just have the second, when you eat dates, how many days should you eat, when you break your fast one, or you should do this and then 123 initially, it's one but don't take two, you should have the third as well, right? But if there isn't enough for everybody that there's three then take one, right, but don't take two. And the reason we make it odd is because a loss of kind of metallic is

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unique in his oneness. So it's as if you've enjoyed things and then the very last one is to remind you a lot is one. So you said to kind of reveal the true power of belief. But a lot is the only one so I make one just to honor a lot. And that shows us how important to how he does in every aspect of our life singling out a lot in all of our thoughts of worship and anybody that that even in something such as sipping Sipping Some water than I remember a lot is the only one he is one in his uniqueness somehow known to Adam. So try to make your remembrance of a lot in odd numbers. Make sure that as you are in your recuerda that you increase your dhikr of Allah Subhana Allah sapan will be

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leaps upon or below leaps and Canada

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We're all in. And if that's all that, you know, that's fine, you can take some hammer or bill all the way handy. So cannot be all the more they handed so cannot be all the more they handed you can go many multiples of that or you can add new things. Some of the things that the Prophet would say was su boo, boo, boo, boo, boo mega e Katie,

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glorious and holy is a law, the one that I worship that others have neglected, or have thought less of, could. Robin milotic do He is the Lord of all things, the angels and the great Angel gibreel a rule for me, that is a draft of the prophets of Allah and he was sending, all of those are ways of remembering a lot and in your Roku or in your sudduth always ask a lot for the things that are a blessing for you in this dunya outfit on your Roku, I would recommend for you to do your app, even if it is not listed from the prophets I send them but that are meaningful to you. So it could be that you have illness. So you say a lot of bananas in having that issue and the Sharpie, Shiva,

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Sakamoto ally, you're the lord of mankind. Healing is in your command. I asked you to heal me and remove this pain as if nothing was there before and make me better than I was previously. That's a drop of the Prophet Mohammed sigh seven you might say on disability What do you mean a Yo man? Allah forgive me, uh, my parents, and the believers on the day that we rise for you for the day of accounting, you might say on behind me multimethod our lucky me always praying to you. I mean, the reality and my future generations and children Aloma, right? A little better with old locks. If this around for me, you might say Oh, benenati nothing Jr. has an open Africa has worked in other than

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All right, how else can we earn greater has enough? What other ways can we earn good deeds in our act of sada that can increase our commitment actions to earn greater reward. And in our to do that, in particular, to make sure that the arms are separate from the sides of the body. And that's, that's an important thing, that you don't have your arms all the way in there. Now there is difference of opinion, should this be different for women, and some of the men have, they will say that, listen, women should curl up a little bit more, because they have nothing, they have certain things that would make them more uncomfortable if people were gazing at them. And that's why they

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should you know, we always were men and women clothing that's a little bit more generous in its space you don't want to wear

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go to prayer. wearing tight clothing, it's one of the things that eliminates the short of the validity of the celeb, so you want to cover yourself, and you don't want to be exaggerated. So if you're making some dude, you don't want to have your arms out like this, that you're bothering the person next to you. But at the same time, you don't want to have it tight clenched in like that. Number two, you should separate the knees from each other, so your knees shouldn't be bound together, you know in a way that is uncomfortable for yourself. Now, of course, it depends if there's people praying next to you in line, obviously, you don't spread out your knees to injure or

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to harm or to take the space of others, you should place your hands parallel to your shoulders, or parallel to your knees or placing the forehead between the hands. So when you are in your position of sujood, your forehead is there, you shouldn't have your head your hands way down here, they shouldn't be above your head, but it's in the same place that you raise your hands for the TextView. So when you are on the ground, your hand is almost making a triangle between your face your hands, and your position of prayer. You don't want to have your arms exaggerated, you don't want to have your hands way up above your head or way down below your shoulders, but rather your forehead should

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be between your hands, the top of your hands or inside that area of your security. Finally, Your feet should be placed beside each other with the toes pointing towards the fibula. So the thing that's in contact with the floor should be the ball of your foot. So your toes are curled, your toes should not be flat against the ground and they should be facing towards the Qibla and your feet should not be should be placed together they don't have to be touching each other but your legs should not be open apart your legs should be in a place that is between your body and that is the Sunnah of the prophet to live on he was making his sujood and once again in that you want to

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increase in your drop soupcon will be an Allah or suppiler will be an Allah will be handed once three times five times seven times and you can increase with more derive make more deriving your sujood and this is recommended by the prophets I seldom inauthentic IDs. After Obama Kunal Abdullah, he was a surgeon by mail they the closest that individual is to their Lord is while they are making sujood before him so when you make yourself

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Would you be more of us who kind of want to Allah honor him with?

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All right, so then

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how do we get more reward, lengthening the time of your sudo than supplication. And then something that's forgotten that, you know, we kind of rush in our session, and we don't take enough time in our schedule. Rather, you know, some of the prayers of the prophets I send them were described especially as voluntary prayers, where his standing his record and Institute we're all equal length, right or equal length. So give length to your schedule. This is a place of Muna Jaya, you know, pleading and praying and calling and worshiping alone. It is a place where you are to make an extra act of devotion to Allah. But one of the things that we are forbidden from doing, by the words of

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the prophets I send them is to read read sections of the forehand. So in your sujood, you don't read, you know, sutras of the forehand Bismillahirrahmanirrahim he left or right No, although for me is an act of Vic. It's places not to do with why because the prophets I seldom said that, what is the wisdom, Allahu Allah, Allah, but it is forbidden for us to read excessive sections of the Quran, you can say, well, brother, yeah, what about their output number on profanity, nothing jr has an open

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enough, those are acceptable because they are the Nia of you're not the ninja of Quran. It's not the need of reading Quran, it's the media the intention of making your IRA. Number two, the sections of the Koran that made it a section of one item is more than three verses at length. And it's rare that people would recite that in combination of a section of verses to ask for your art. But even if that is the case, if it is recited as an act of grace, not as an act of reading the Quran, it would be valuable Long Island, sitting in between the two states that

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we sit with

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spreading out our left foot doubt and sit on it. And we keep our right foot straight up. So this is one of the sooner the property seller or we have both of our feet laying down, both of our feet lay down that is also a Sunnah of the prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And it's as soon as you put the left hand on the left side, and the right hand on the right side. And I'll demonstrate those to you now in Chatelet.

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He wants to demonstrate the the sujood of the profits a little lies. And you guys can see from how can you see from there, you can see me Alright, so this to do these on seven bones, we sent it to the forehead and the nose, the two palms of the hand the two knees to the curb, you don't separate your feet, you don't make your arms in except for the sisters, you don't put your hand out, you don't put your hands away there, you don't put knuckles. And when you see it, the first way lift off is to sit with your right foot bent up and you sit on your left foot or both feet down.

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And in fact, the right ways to do it this way. And this is the way of the prophets I send them and to sit on your heels. This is one explanation of sitting on your heels. The other is this way for those who are unable to achieve them. So there are three ways that the Prophet would sit between the two Jews, there's this way, which is common for many people this way, which is an interpretation of the same study, or this way, which is done by the prophets, I send them most regularly at the very last festival and at the very last to shadow it's called a level which is where you now put this foot under and you sit on your buttocks on the ground and your right foot stays up. That is only

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done in the very last shot hood on a four rock or three rock I pray.

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Thank you.

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Okay, now finally. So we've explained and you kind of saw how to do it if Suraj how to sit on both of your feet and to put your hands on your thighs. You can also put your hands above your knees slightly above your knee. You should not grip your knee you shouldn't be holding it like that. That wasn't from the Sunnah of the Prophet. So I said let rather your hands artistic a topic supplications between the two says that. Now there are some supplications that are known which are like Rob this Sydney Oh ALLAH forgive me. Our facility we're finding what is opening what are known supplications from the righteous and the

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are others that you can search for and follow. Finally, the last thing we'll talk about is the shadow, which is the manners of sitting in the first the shadow is its garage, which is when you sit on your left foot with your right foot up, or now you sit at two Waterworld. In the final disheveled and a three year old car or a photocopier. You sit with your left arm, your left buttocks, on the ground with your right foot up the supplications. After that to childhood and before to sleep. Most of us we kind of know that we're at the end of solid we're supposed to make some sort of big

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and a lot of meeting me Allah Vickery Kawasaki Rico has nothing, right? That's because we always say insalata loaded together at the school. But actually, it's recommended that that should be done in the sauna before the prayer comes to an end with the salon. And it's important to note that the Prophet would ask a lot to protect him from the punishment of this life, from the punishment and the moment of death from the temptation of the shavon. And from the effect of the john and then the jazz the evil one is a deceiver, who will deceive much of the world is spoken up and made your eye against each and every prayer of the Prophet Muhammad's life, sell them in the compulsory prayers,

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as well as in the suburgatory or secondary soon enough prayers. Now that just shows you the intensity of what it is that we seek a loss protection from alarm, I mean, all of that is from the student of the Prophet Mohammed. So I sent him after the setup is to make a vow. And the prophets I tell him said to analyze to Pamela Pamela 33 times I haven't really left 33 times Allahu Akbar 33 times and let ilaha illallah wa sharika la la

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la la la coalition Kadena to say that 3333 33 and to see that with that for the 100 gives you the reward of building a house for yourself in genuine and it gives strength to the body and it forgives the scenes and we ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to grant us success in all of that a welcome I mean my prayers the last panel with Allah except our follow up so the account after this steamer important reading is in Kumasi. The prophesied senator said the only thing that keeps a person from entering genda until they die is that the reading of a typical c so if you read it 40 after every saw that gentleman is compulsory for you to enter it the only reason you're not yet in it is because

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of a loss of kind of went to Allah has still giving you days in your life and bring the loss of kind of Allah protects us and honors us and AIDS us that account known are many after the so that it's something that I do ask you to practice with your home in your homes and with your families. And for us here at the school and just like the last head and and if there are any questions, we'll take them afterwards in chocolate