When God Sends You a Dog or a Drunkard

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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smell man Rahim al hamdu lillahi

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wa inna stuff illness that he when he when he went over we learned a lot of lean women truly unforeseen elements the RTR Medina, many Abdullah Al Tana, amen your fellow howdy Allah, I shadow Allah, Allah.

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Allah, Allah unhemmed you're here will you meet with your name or to be a little haywire while aqualisa in particular watch I don't know Mohammed Abdul. What I saw was Sophie you have been at the Manitoba Lucha de salud on silent on my Kashif Alma filmer.

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I cannot be more legal How can I have your lawyers your vine hula Holic fairly often was allowed to attend with us Meanwhile, only he will suddenly he wanted to send me some nutty almond Dean along Medina I'm in Hong Kong and Olivia Amador. I'm assigning how to auto answer we have to also the sub. I mean, you're all behind. I mean, what we'll see come when I've seen the tequila Alan Abbott hardcore pilot and yet you were living at home and allow her to lie to you without him or two in the low until Muslim on? Yeah, you had NASA topolobampo malaria Hanako common Epson wahida wahala caminho jaha bathroom in the lobby. JOHN and Kathy are on money, sir. What's up a lot ready to set?

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I don't want to be here. In a lot. How can an equal merkiva Yeah, you are living in LA aku. Colin said either you slept on the way out for like Uber con la mejor para la la la Sula, who flocka defies 1000 all the metal metal bearings. We begin by praising Allah by bearing witness that man has the right to be worshipped to unconditionally obeyed except for one God. And we bear witness that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as his final messenger, we asked a lot of send his peace and blessings upon him, the prophets and messengers that came before him, his family and companions that served alongside him, and those that follow their blessing path until the day of judgment. And we

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ask that he makes us amongst them along. I mean, so do your brothers and sisters, as we're talking about unique opportunities and blessings and some of the things that we have in front of us right now that perhaps we're not paying too much attention to. Because we're so worried about that which we don't have a lot of the rhetoric has been about, we don't have the opportunity to worship in the masjid now. So let's make the most of the opportunity that we have to worship at home. And also, when I say rhetoric, I'm not trying to degrade it in any way. It's important. It's an important message and it's one that you're going to be hearing from me. In fact, as we approach the blessed

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month of Ramadan, you'll hear the message of you know, these blessings that have been taken away from us that we used to take for granted.

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Now, when they come back to us, inshallah Tata will pay closer attention. But I want to look at a completely different

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angle, which I think is very important. And it was a benefiting lecture or a lecture that I benefited from a short reminder from chestnut one Dr. Hassan one they lost pounds on blessing where he was talking about this incident that gets quoted often from the Hadith of the Prophet, slice alum about this woman who was a prostitute and she saw a thirsty dog and she gave water to that thirsty dog. And so Allah subhana wa, tada forgave her for her sins, and she entered into paradise, she entered into an agenda. But he gave a completely different perspective into it. And I wanted to mention it, but then draw on it a little bit more of the profound intervention and what he mentioned

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in regards to that Hadith. Oftentimes, when we talk about why is a lot testing me this way,

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we have to be self critical and say, How often did we use to ask why is Allah blessing me in this way? And so if you aren't paying attention to all of the blessings that Allah had bestowed upon you, consistently where you didn't use to ask why me as in Why am I so blessed? Why do I have so much that's been given to me that I could make the most of, and then when tests come around, you say, why is the Lord giving you these tests, there's naturally going to be an imbalance there. The same thing could happen when it comes to since right now we don't blame God for our sins, okay? We take full accountability, full responsibility for them. Allah has given us enough reason not to sin. He's

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given us enough blessings. He's given us enough permissible outlets to where we don't have to go to the prohibited. He's given us enough of a purpose to where we don't have to become subdued to our own desires, but rather subdue them for the sake of that greater purpose. He's given us enough to aim for He's given us enough incentive. And he's given us enough, right to where we don't have to lean towards those sensors, those things of disobedience. And so every time we disobey Him, every time we do actually send it's actually a form of interaction.

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attitude to it is a form of ingratitude. Right? Because as a man was laid off in the lesson very beautifully when Allah says in the portal and at Isa lobby, Catherine abda, isn't God enough for his servants? Right? What that means is that the only one that the shape on that the devil can capture in a moment now all of us are since a centers, right all of us have our sins, all of us are sinners, we will send because we're the children of Adam. And it's a part of who we are. But the only one for whom the devil will have a consistent hold on to pull away is the one for whom a lot is not enough. And so if you're not taking advantage of immersing yourself in the blessing of what Allah has given

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you, not just in terms of worship, but in terms of purpose in terms of meaning to keep you engaged, and things that are so fulfilling, right, fulfilling in terms of how you actually live this life, it's a paradise of fulfillment, it is a paradise of certainty that you have that you know that you're working for something meaningful, you know, that you're doing good things and things that will not go unrewarded. Right? If you have that, then you're not going to blame a lot for your sense writing, you're not going to say, Well, why did the law put me in this situation? or Why did God test me with this set? Okay? Because a lot does not force you into sin. And when we sin, we have to

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take full accountability. And we have to own that sin. And that's the first thing that allows us to overcome this is to be able to look in the mirror and to say, I did it, I'm responsible, now that I know I'm responsible, here's how I'm going to get over. And I'm going to seek His mercy. Because ultimately, it's his mercy that will save me, and that will pull me out of this mess that I've made for myself, right. But you'll see some people like what I was tested with that center, I was forced into this or forced into that, no, I have to own the sin, I have to own the sin. And if I don't have the understanding, in which, you know, before the hardships came around, I used to ask, you know,

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why did Allah give me so much and handed it gave me so much and I had a great appreciate appreciation and gratitude for all the blessings that were constantly descending upon me, then I'm not going to be able to come to terms with the hardships that have suddenly presented themselves to my life, right? And then and then take those, and I'll actually throw those blessings against the wall and pay attention and magnify those hardships rather than the blessings that used to be there for me and that are still there that I'm not paying attention to right, because ultimately, even as we're looking at the hardships that we're engaged in right now, or that we're that we're forced to

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engage right now, we still have blessings that we're not paying close enough attention to. Okay, the same thing is true when it comes to good deeds, and since So, what's the narration and what is the intervention to this narration, the prophets I said, I mentioned that there was a woman that was a zania, that she was an adulterous. And as she was one day walking, and in one narration, the prophets I mentioned as a man, as she was one day walking, saw a dog that was thirsty. And so as she saw the dog that was thirsty, she said that that dog became thirsty the same way that I was thirsty. Okay, so that dog became thirsty the same way that I was thirsty. And this is an important point

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here, that I understand that I was thirsty and Allah blessed me. And right now there's a dog that's in front of me, that's also thirsty. And Allah has blessed me to be able to give water to that dog the same way that Allah Subhana Allah gave water to me when I was thirsty. And so took the extra time to take his shoe or her shoe and go down to the wild and fill it with water, and then came back to the dog and gave that dog that water, a Chicago law for Chicago Law Hola. So that person thinks the loss of Hannah Montana and a lot thank them and enter them into Gemma. Okay entered them into paradise. There's so much of this that's so beautiful and so much for us to capture. But I want you

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to pay attention to one thing which I had never paid attention to before. My beloved brother had brought this up in a beautiful reminder. Who sent the dog to that woman

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who sent the dog to that woman. Why did Allah put the dog in that woman's path? Right at the mercy of a lot and presenting her an opportunity

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by putting that dog in front of her to invite her back to him to invite her back to him to give her an opportunity to repent. She could have easily overlooked that dog and said let me get back to everything that I'm that I'm in right now. You know, I'm busy right now I have a lot to do. She could have easily overlooked it. But a lot put that dog in front of her to give her an opportunity to invite her back to him. Allah who does not allow a single leaf to descend without his permission.

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Put it in front of her, and invited her back with that simple act of repentance, that could then turn her back to a loss of Helen Tiana, and secure her eternity with Him under his blessings for everything that Allah subhanaw taala offers in terms of gender to fit a dose. So that's the first thing who put that dog in front of that woman? Why would Allah subhanaw taala send that dog to that woman to give her an opportunity, despite her disobedience of him for so long? Here it is, and how many of those moments have passed in front of us? And somehow, sometimes you might ask yourself, you know, why? Why is this happening to me in terms of, you know, this annoyance that's in front of me,

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right, that could actually be a moment of major blessing. So Pamela, the prophet sighs and I mentioned earlier Hiram and the others have, the upper hand is better than the lower hand. And sometimes you're annoyed because someone asks of something of you. And like, why did that person asked that of me? instead? Think, you know, attempted a lot. What is it that a lot is inviting me to, by putting me in that position, right to where that person asked of me. And so that's why they'll call you mocking Allah narrates the full data of Narnia that he used to say to the to the beggars used to say, welcome to the one who Allah has sent to give us our good deeds without asking

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anything from us in return, like this is a blessing, it's a complete blessing, I'm not seeing the decrease of my wealth, I'm seeing the increase in my reward that Allah sent you there that you were put there for a reason. Right? That is an opportunity for me to benefit from and I could have easily overlooked to the same way that that woman could have easily overlooked that dog. Now there is an important connection here, which is that that woman made that connection because she too, was thirsty. And had she not been thirsty, she might not have recognized that thirst. And that's why the Prophet of Allah peace be upon him. The prophets lie, some had experienced hunger, he'd experienced

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what it was like to be an orphan. He'd experienced what it was like to lose a spouse and experienced what it was like to lose children. He experienced poverty, he'd experienced all of those hardships. So the prophets lie, some recognize things in people's faces, he recognized pain, he recognized hunger, he recognized poverty, when he saw it, he recognized the sadness and orphan and feeling left out, he recognized all of that because the prophets lie some had been put in that situation. And often you cannot understand someone else's vulnerability, unless you've been vulnerable. In the same way, even if it's to a lesser extent, you just can't get it unless you've experienced it, even to a

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lesser extent. And so that woman being thirsty, in those moments, drinking that water and then seeing not not in another human being right, in a dog and an animal, right, that that dog was thirsty, just like she was thirsty and making the connection, that that thirst is the same thirst that I had, and Allah subhanaw taala provided for me, how does that extend beyond simply providing water? And simply simply helping someone out in that way? You know, right now, we've been talking about how, because of how unprecedented this era is, we're having to adjust and find things to do find ways to serve that are different, find ways to check up on people that are different,

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everything has changed for us, right? Even the notion of charity has changed now, to an extent, right, we have to adjust. We've got to be flexible. We've got to think about things in a broader sense. And then you look in the stories of the sun. If you look in the stories of the pious predecessors, and you ask yourself, How did he Mount Abu hanifa Rahim Allah out of all people end up with a drunkard neighbor.

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How did Abu hanifa that righteous man end up with a neighbor who would stay up all night drinking and shouting and causing all sorts of disturbance to our our honey for him? Allah could not sleep properly at night, you know, out of all people imaginable honey for having a neighbor like that. You know, and he's up at night. And he's thinking, you know, he's hearing this man every single night this young man say, although only although Do you think a lot of they lost me? They forgot about me what uh, what type of a young man? Have they overlooked? I've been overlooked. I've been forgotten in society and what type of a young man have they forgotten? Like, what have they missed out on by

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losing sight of me? And he's shouting this every single night. And he's the neighbor of Rambo. honeybun, Abu hanifa hears them every night and yes, it's annoying. And perhaps if you're hunting for you're thinking out of all people to end up with a neighbor like this, why did I end up with a neighbor like that? Okay, but Abu hanifa stops hearing the man and instead of saying and hamdulillah thank god, he's moved on. He goes and he inquires about the man finds out that you know, which is usually the case with alcoholism, right that it was connected also to his debts, and that he owed a lot of people money and that he was being held because of all the money that he wasn't able to pay

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people about money for him What goes and pays

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his bail pays his bond freeze him. Okay, freeze him. And as he frees him Subhanallah The young man comes out and looks and he says Why you? Right? I mean, why would a person like you free a person like me What? You know, he would even think that you were probably relieved to get rid of me, but I will. How do you follow him? Allah said hello NACA. Have we lost sight of you? Oh, young man. Have we forgotten about you? Oh, young man. similar story about email, Malik and no denardo haemagglutinin bussola beautiful story. And there is a connection that people often don't make, which is similar to the woman who gave water to the thirsty dog. a madman accompany him. Allah was

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once walking in the streets of Iraq. And he saw a drunkard man, that was a drunk man that was shouting out Allah, Allah, Allah foaming at the mouth, shouting out Allah, Allah, Allah. And people were ignoring him. People were pushing to the side. And Madigan looking out for him a whole lot. Tyler went to him and he took the cup of his job, and he is cloaked and he wiped the man's mouth. He cleaned him up, and he took him home. And that night in America dinner had a dream. And it was said to him that we have purified you the way that you have purified your brother we have purified you the way that we have purified your brother and the next day not a completely novel him a whole lotta

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sees him in the messages cleaned up looking completely different, fresh, repentant, coming back to his Lord. And he asked me says, What happened to you? And he said, the one who came to you in your dream came to me in mind and guided me. So I've been guided by that. So Pamela, now what's the connection that's often lost? 90 Cubana de nada him Allah to Allah before becoming the great Imam that he was was also a drunkard was also someone that was an alcoholic that would lose himself drink himself to sleep that caused all sorts of catastrophes and tragedies in his life, which I'm not going to go into now. While he was like that, and so he saw that young man and he thought, you know

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what, there's a reason why that person has been putting my life there's a reason why I see that person in the alley. Allah did not cause me to stumble upon this man for no reason. And I know what that looks like. So just like the woman saw, the woman that was thirsty, saw that that dog was thirsty for the same water. He knew my medical DNR saw that that young man was thirsty for the water of guidance, the way that he once was thirsty for the water of guidance, so he didn't overlook him. And sometimes you see some kind of londa people that may turns in their lives and repented, you know, see people that are at a point in their journey that they were once and are so condescending,

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and see no hope in them and see no good in them whatsoever. Instead of thinking, you know, I remember when I was at that point, too. I remember being like that. And sometimes unfortunately, we've never been in a position to where we can relate but at least at least you know, I know what it's like to be vulnerable. I know what it's like to be searching and then your jitka team and for our low agenda kill blonde and further, low agenda Cara.

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As the profit slice of them is told that he was found an orphan, he was found poor, he was found searching and a loss of Hannah Montana gave him wealth, protection and guidance. Now the profit slice and I'm searching for guidance is not like someone who was an adulterer, a murderer, a drunkard, an idol worshiper, the prophets lie some could not relate to that. But the prophets lie some certainly could relate to being in a position of looking for guidance. And certainly the way that the prophets lie, some felt as he was searching for guidance in his law, waiting for some answers and that revelation to come to him the way the prophets lie some felt in the fatwa in the

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paws of Revelation. Certainly the prophets Allah why Salaam with all that he already is in terms of Aziz when it came to him. How do you sooner la COVID-19 are often Rahim, empathetic, deeply empathetic and wanting you to be guided, so engaged and immersed and invested in your guidance, right? Certainly the prophets liasons own experience of looking for guidance,

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affected him and impacted him when he saw someone that was searching for guidance as well. And so that's something that's similar with both the woman that's giving water to the dog, and the Imam, the Greek scholar that seeing a drunkard in an alley or having a drunk neighbor that they otherwise could turn their backs on. Right, that I remember being like that. And I remember being in that in that situation, and not having someone pay attention to me. Okay. What does this mean for us in this moment, so how to love right now is an opportunity for us to think and there are so many ideas that I could go over the men who entered into Jelena strolled in paradise because he removed something

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harmful from the road. And that harmful thing from the road was something very small. That was it was it was just a disturbance to the people.

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Whether Allah puts a bad neighbor in your life, or a loss of hundreds out of puts, you know, an animal in your life that's around you or a coat can in the street. Anything, right? What are these opportunities of repentance? That Allah subhana wa, tada, keeps on putting in your way? Right? What are the opportunities for repentance that Allah subhanaw taala keeps on putting in your way. And you know, we find numerous, numerous stories of the set of these great pious predecessors because right now we're thinking about all those great acts of worship that we're going to miss out on, right? That we're not going to be able to do this. And we're not going to be able to do that. And you find

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numerous stories of the setup numerous stories of the pious predecessors, one who enters into janela, who shows up in a dream of his students, and they say, how did you get to paradise and he says, all of the books that I wrote, all the work that I did all the preaching that I did, all of that amounted to nothing. But one night while I was writing my book, late at night, a bug came and started to drink from my pot, and I let it drink to its fill without shooting it away. And that's what got me into jam. Two guys, in the quiet of my home, I was out in the masjid, I used to pray all the time, I used to be, you know, doing all of these public acts of worship and private acts of

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worship, I had all of these different things. But it was just these two sincere prayers to sincere guys to sincere sets of prayer, that I prayed at home. And it was in the middle of the night, and it was the most sincere two cards that I ever had. And that's what got me into Gemma. Right? It was the deed that I wasn't paying attention to, or the deed that I, you know, maybe I did not consider to be of the same weight as all those other deeds that were in front of me, but a lot considered it to be of a great enough weight, that with his mercy, he grew it to where it overcame all of my sins. And that's that that's the beauty of this journey, is that you have all of these ahaadeeth, all of these

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narrations, all these prophetic narrations about how much this deed is worth and what to do with this deed and how much virtue can be assigned to this particular act. But when when you meet your Lord, at the end of the day, it's not going to be about the quantifiable reward that comes with this particular deed. In that deed, it's going to be that he last saw you in a moment of sincerity, begging for his mercy, paying attention to what other people did not pay attention to doing something on the side, doing some small act of sincerity and saying, Yeah, a lot of this is for you. You sent me this opportunity. And I'm gonna take advantage of it, something popped up in front of

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you. Right, something popped up in front of you, and you took advantage of it, you did something good with it. And that's what gets you into gentlemen. And that's why you can find someone as great as Abdullah Omar, may Allah be pleased with him and his father, great companion of the Prophet slice. And I'm saying that if I knew that Allah accepted to Christ for me one such that for me, sorry, if I knew that a lot accepted one prostration from me, then I would wish to die. Because that's all you need is just that one accepted deed. So pay attention to what Allah is sending your way right now. And these things that other people overlook, and always be attentive to those things,

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opportunities for repentance, opportunities for repentance, the greatest blessing is to be in Allah's favor. And the greatest opportunity is a deed that will put you closer to that. And so all we're thinking about all these blessings that we're missing out on right now, pay attention. There are some small things, it could be a dog or a drunkard, or a coke can, like I said, it could be a small donation button that you almost overlooked. It could be a small opportunity to just think about someone and call them and say set up. How beautiful is that? You know that it could be that small call that you made that phone call that you made? You were thinking about it? And you were

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like, you know what?

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I've only got three more minutes to this next meeting. That's enough. Let me just call someone and just say sit down and check up on someone. It could be those two kinds that you pray at night. Maybe it's not the 27th night of Ramadan or the odd nights of Ramadan. It's just this one night that you felt really really immersed in your prayer and you made a sincere supplication. You said Allah. Oh ALLAH forgive me. And yes, that prayer could be far more sincere and grant you a greater chance in the hereafter than a prayer in in muscle how long in front of the camera on the 27th night because what makes the difference is going to be your sincerity and you're paying attention to those

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opportunities that allow gave you and making the most of them and inshallah tada next week as we enter into Ramadan. That's what we're going to be talking about and the virtual hookah

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has hasn't a lot of giving you something to do. So that's the title of it. I'm giving it to you right now in sha Allah tada and I pray that a lot allows us to live to see those moments of Ramadan and allow it to be

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Ramadan in which we are forgiven and which we are accepted in which we are freed from a non entered into an genitive for the dose in which we are surrounded by the angels throughout, in which we are under Allah Subhana to us pleasure throughout. I pray that Allah subhanaw taala allow this to be the best time alone for us may allow us pounds that allow us to live to see it. May Allah subhanaw taala allow us to thrive through its alignment. I mean, does that mean lol Hayden Please pray for that guys. This is not a replacement for your Jehovah. Also llamosa Marlin ibnr Mohammed right and he was like he was selling to semen Cathy alarms sulamani calm Rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh