Muhammad West – Final Khutbah for 2018

Muhammad West
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of reflecting on one's own life and family members' well being to make history and make history easier. They stress the need for annual reviews and avoiding mistakes, as well as the ongoing conflict in Syria and the potential for disaster. The importance of rethinking past experiences and avoiding feeling sad and sadness to avoid cancer is emphasized. The speakers also emphasize the importance of learning and using digital platforms for learning to build wealth and wealth, and encourage individuals to use their youth for personal reasons. The segment ends with a call to action for action and a recap of the upcoming year.
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However we live in the sheetala regime

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datamine was set up should have been with Celine Sadie Nam Hammond while early he or SOFIA Germain and beloved brothers and sisters in Islam of Sudan while they can lie about a cartoon for President to Allah subhanaw taala I should have Allah Allah Allah Allah be with us that man has the right to be worshipped except Allah. We send our love and greetings so beloved Nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to his pious and pure family and to his companions and all those who follow his sunnah until the end of time. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to bless us in His work of Jamar you ask Allah subhanaw taala to forgive us for the sins that we have done in the previous week. And in fact,

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with this being the last few more of the year, ALLAH forgive all our shortcomings of 2018 May Allah bless us in the year to come. May Allah grant us to be steadfast in the Sunnah of Nabi Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, and guide us, Allah Graceffa to all those who are ill throughout the world, make it easy for those who are going through difficulty. May 2019 Be a better year for everybody of this dunya know Allah grant, Rama and Mark Farah and mercy on those who have passed away in this past year. And those that have passed away before melograno All of us to be united in general favoritos Amin Al Hamdulillah,

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Al Hamdulillah. It's been about two weeks since I've been here. I was here with one shoe market. But we had a guest speaker and the guest speaker last week and Mrs. Ziegler paid to our guests that fully but always good to be back with a German, it's good to see that you must me as well, if you didn't miss me, it will be a bit of a problem.

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I'm glad that as we know, it's the last summer of 2018. And how quickly has this year gone? It's gone so fast. And so many things are happening this year. And inshallah next week perhaps we'll talk about the year in review, to look at to remind ourselves, the highlights of the year and the lowlights of the year. Because Subhanallah This is how time goes. And if we don't take a moment to stop and reflect and look at what has happened we get so engrossed in the rat race, so engrossed in the day to day that we don't see the years rolling by one year after one year before you look at it. Five years, six years have passed. And it's a new view get shocked at the time though, you have to

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take these moments to reflect upon the law, many of you, I hope are on leave on holiday with some guests here Alhamdulillah for those of you that I see are still working in LA or in LA Raju, Allah make it easy for you. And Allah have mercy on you. Although it's not so bad to work in December, I see I popped into the office today, and not so bad to work in December.

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So it's an important time, this free time and a moment to reflect for yourself to take stock of your own personal well being. Think about how the year has gone.

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Ask yourself what did I achieve as a Muslim in terms of your ubaidah the good side Alhamdulillah we had another Ramadan, where some of you might have gone for O'Meara Hajj, well, Hamdulillah 365 years of five blocks of Salah, we can't enumerate we can't count that sudo to Allah, how many people we've made smile, how many family members we've you know, meet met and interacted I'm a charity you've given over the years you can quantify ever given so much. If you've given that five grand every week, 52 weeks, it counts for a lot to Hamdulillah. And of course you have to look at the downside. Whatever I failed in my obligations from Allah, how many people have I have saved this year? How

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many people have passed away that I've known? Friends, family? What came of the life nice things that we reflect personally. And it's important at this time to reflect at least annually, you know, from a company perspective, you have to do it he the review, almost basically monthly or less than that. But definitely you need an annual review, you have to do an annual review. Now that is for a company. What about your life, more important to do so to do once at least once once a year at least, to do a review Sahaba what made them special was that they would do this review daily before they went to bed, they would think about what sins that I committed. And when you think of your

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sins, that's the opportunity to make history far and sober. And make sure coming, you know, fix those shortcomings. We also, I don't know if I mentioned this that week ago, I was at this eemaan retreat where the Imams of IDP throughout the spirits of Africa. We looked at the IMA as well. And I mentioned this regularly. It's not just about reviewing and reflecting on your own personal life and your family's well being. But look at the ummah. Now I know it's a fun time and it's important for us to take leave and to enjoy ourselves. The Sharia allows you to do that to have fun, shouldn't always be crying and being somebody it's not what the Dean wants you but you have to keep in the

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back of your mind what's happening in the Ummah

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at this point in time when you're about to enjoy yourself the belief

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He always has this other side of concern that he does not have fun without being being contemplative and reflective. So we now look at the year, if we look at where we are in the year, there's a war continuing in Syria. For five years, it's been going on

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off of the population, or displaced, close to I mean, they say 500,000, close to a million people perhaps have died. And this war continues. Many of those half the refugees are children, orphans, we know this year, at the beginning of the year, if you don't leave this year, but for the past couple of years now, Yemen, big problem, big crisis that doesn't get spoken about enough. Man made atrocities. So as you enjoy yourself, you need to also keep this in mind that these things are happening, that 75% of the people of Yemen are in a situation where it says subhuman conditions, that they are on the verge of the biggest human

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humanitarian crisis, we cause it, we can fix it. It's not that Yemen itself is a prom, it's external factors and countries fighting over it. There are people dying of starvation, and because of the shortage of food, but because we can't give the food to the people. So when you think about that, we know this year,

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there was developments in terms of Palestine, this embassy shifted, we'll talk more inshallah next week about the Year in Review. But for the last 5060 years, the issue of Palestine continues to be a problem. Think about that review and reflect on that.

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This year SubhanAllah. Very badly, this issue of the Rohingya came to light

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and we need to remind ourselves about this, that we stopped speaking about the Rohingya, we stopped speaking that two thirds of people, you know, a population of one and a half million people were on the verge of being exterminated. Subhan Allah genocide, we saw this happening in this year, and two thirds of this population had to flee as refugees. In a very poor country, Bangladesh, the most oppressed people on Earth are brothers and sisters in in Burma. So we need to review and reflect on that. And while we enjoying ourselves, and I'm not here to, I don't believe Joomla is a place to make people somewhere that you come in and you leave depressed, that's not the point. But you have

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to be, remember you have you and I have to remember the situation of the Ummah, at the very least, if it makes us make dua, the Middle East even gives us the opportunity to ask Allah to have mercy on them and make a system. Many of us don't know that. The Muslims in China, for example, this year has been a very bad year for the Muslim in China, the Uyghurs sometimes we don't know how to pronounce the names they call the Uyghurs is a big population of Muslims in western China. And 1 million of them are currently sitting in concentration camps, to re educate them

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to take away the Islam basically, to take away they are not allowed to fast. They're not allowed to make Salah it's to basically push out the Islamic identity. The adults are put in the concentration camps. The kids are sitting in orphanages being taught by being educated against Islam, basically, when they you know, you find a documentary, there are people there villages that are sitting empty, all the people are gone, they're sitting in concentration camps, they cannot practice the Islam freely, you find people would mention that in every house, there is a inspector who will come and live in that house to take notes, anything you do and say this is the kind of situation is happening

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for the Muslims in in China and the list goes on and on and on. So why do you take stock of your life and your family and I take stock of my life and my family situation, understand where we are as an ummah, because we are part of a bigger family. We are one family. And we there are certain parts of this family that is in dire need and is in great difficulty in the summer continues to bleed. So when you look back now at 2018 and you consider your situation, my situation, the almost situation, two things come to our mind, two things must happen. Number one, we need to make history FAR, FAR shortcomings. Because the beautiful thing about ECFR

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even if you messed up in the past, Allah allows myself and yourself an opportunity to rewrite the past you can actually change the past just raising your hands and saying Oh ALLAH forgive me 2018 wasn't a good year maybe Allah I forgot you I wasn't as in touch and I shouldn't be and Allah gives you this opportunity while you still breathing while he's still alive to make you stay far to take this day. Will this Joomla are the last Joomla of 2018 myself yourself. Let's spend at least five minutes or half an hour that time before before Margaret is a very Mr. Job worked the lot the last hour or so of Joomla a very powerful time in terms of dua maybe take that opportunity to say yeah,

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Allah forgive me for this year. Yeah Allah that He right

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My sins because we believe and Allah tells us that the one who makes Toba for his sins karma the mullah as he did not commit the sin. And Allah replaces that sin with a good deed. So we have the opportunity to rewrite our past. And if you reflect on your past, and you look at, maybe you haven't gone forward in your life, both in terms of dunya Ophira, you feel despondent. This is also one of the tricks of shaytaan he wants you to be despondent and uh, you look how bad things are. You look at the scoreboard and you really give up. Don't do that. As a believer, we should never ever feel depressed or despondent or hopeless. Hopelessness is not a feeling of a believer, as bad as the

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situation in the Ummah is, we've seen worse than we've come through worse. And therefore this I want to leave this you know, this, this this hadith, which I've mentioned to you many times, it's passed my, my favorite Hadith, that hadith could see where Allah Himself says, Oh, son of Adam, so long as you call upon me and ask me, I shall forgive you for what you have done. And I shall not mine. No matter what it is, how bad it is, how many times you've done it, over and over year in year out that same sin. Allah says, if you ask me, I'll forgive you. And I don't mind and I will not I will not get frustrated with you or upset with you. Just ask me and I will forgive you, Oh, son of Adam

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Wilson's to reach the clouds of the sky. And you were then to ask me, I would forgive you. So even if, as we said, you haven't remembered Allah, for decades, 6070 years, no Allah. And now as you turn gray will now as the doctor gives you the bad news that it's cancer, Allah Graceffa to all those who have cancer. May we live to see one from amongst ourselves, find the cure for this disease, with this uma do something positive and contribute to that oligarchy. Far to all the people suffering from cancer, many of us we know of a relative very close to our show, probably suffering from this disease, but we kill it. I mean, but now after many years that you forgotten Allah, you now realize

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it's late, very late. treatment will tell you it's too late. Allah says no, even if your sins reach the sky. And now you come to Allah and CTL live and meet Salah in 60 years. 60 years I haven't known you thought of you. Now I want to come to you. Allah says if you come to me like that, I will forgive you. I will accept I will accept you like that. And of course, we see the third kind of person and don't wait for this is a very dangerous situation. But even then he took the person who forgot Allah completely through his life, and he died without is too far. So he went to 6070 years and he didn't get the chance of being purified through that cancer. He didn't get the opportunity to

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stop and think and reflect. Allah took him like that. Without coming back to Allah Subhan Allah is also another item where you to come to me with sins nearly to fold the earth. And then what to face me meaning on the day of Kiama you stand before Allah Now, with sins, killing the earth, you didn't get the chance of is too far. But you did not come and shake. You did not ask Allah for anyone, boss anyone besides Allah Who anything? No Wali, no climate, no Zima no Nebby that you ask no gene that you've went to? No Imam no has nothing like that. You only worship Allah alone. And you had all these sins. You've cheated. You've lied, you've seen and you've done all of that. But you didn't

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come a chicken sandwich for Allah is Yeah, Allah. The only thing I can say is I did not come a chick with you, that Allah will say I will bring to you forgiveness equal to your sins equal to fooling the dunya greater than your sins, but don't look for this. You hope for it. But don't bank on this rather, is dangerous. Yes, Allah can forgive you for all your sins on Kiama. But there's no guarantee of that. You might have to be purified. But the point is, never lose hope in Allah's mercy, when you review this year, and yes, identify my shortcomings, your shortcomings. Don't become hopeless. Don't become someone that gives and feels I'm too far away from Allah because you know,

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your sins are not bigger than Allah. My sins are smaller than Allah's mercy. So at least at least a year that might have been wasted. Indeed, we can say Allah in the while some will be ending the year in some will, some will be ending the year important. We can say we ended the year in ECFR. We ask Allah forgive me, but if you close I mean, we do he did he calendar. We're not talking about these kinds of things now. But if the books of 2018 closes today, at least close on Easter Faria, ALLAH forgive, and Allah will rewrite for you your accounts. So that's the first thing when we do a review, we look at our shortcomings and we fix them with ECFR. The other thing that is very

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important to look at and this is more for the future. Planning for the year to come, is to ask yourself

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in this exam of life

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What did I do with my blessings? Now time

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is one of those blessings

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that is going and as the years roll by, you know, it's that blessing that does not come back. Each and every one of us have been blessed with certain things as an Amana as a test. Allah has given some money Allah has given some people have asked your youth, Allah has given some of us. Education, strength. What did we do with that blessing? And as we see one blessing disappear.

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As you see going, that's when you need to ask yourself, What am I doing? The prophets of Allah teaches us that every single blessing will be a question that you will answer for. Obviously, the man who has billions and millions, Allah is gonna ask him, What did you do with those millions and billions? How did you earn it just meant that the person was given time? What did you do? What do 50 years they will be an account the day of Kiama they have hisab, the day of reckoning of being audited. One of Allah's names is the auditor, the one who audits and I can tell you from personal experience, it's not nice to be audited. So everyone needs to account for this. And in this time,

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especially on the prophecies and tells you there are two blessings, which everyone a majority of people waste.

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But 80% fail this question on the day of Chioma, what is it? Your health and your free time, you will wasted I will waste it. And look at a lot of these Subhan Allah, what did I do? I have it's been a week now that I've been on holiday. What have we done? Put on some kilos,

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binge watch some things vinyl? Ah, maybe? Did we read a book? Did we spend more time in ibadah? Did we do anything of productivity in this time? Yes, the year takes it stolen cameras, you. And maybe it's a sad reality that we work, just so that we can, you know, we will kill ourselves so that we can have a fun holiday just so we can go back to working again to recover in auditing. That's the cycle of our life. And maybe that cycle is wrong. And that's why we need to reflect in these times. I can't live holiday to holiday, that I spend extra hours killing myself so I can afford a new holiday. No, that's not how life should not accumulate to that. When you look back after 10 years,

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whatever achieved I've achieved new holidays, or some memories Yeah, and the so that this free time, we're all guilty of it. We have not used our free time productively in the prophecies, this is one valuable assets. Most people will follow if anyone has Subhanallah in your December holiday, you've actually learned something, you read a book, you've listened to lectures, you've done something, you've done some extra Ibadah that you never usually do Allah you are lucky, then you are a very fortunate person, that you are above the curve. You are a student and your health.

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And when we look at Subhan Allah when the health goes and every one year, your health is gonna go it gets to a point in your life, where you will lose your health. If you are lucky, you will get to live to a time when your health will start failing. If you're unlucky, you actually get taken before that, that Mercy of Allah is He gives you time. But once that help goes in, you think yeah, Allah,

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the things when I was strong, and I could stand and I could do things, I didn't do anything productive with it now that I'm old and I want to do stuff, and my body won't allow me. So these are two blessings that disappear. And they are wasted. So Allah tells you and me and this is part of our reflection for the year to come in Jana Zenit Allah that I have made. Allah says this dunya beautiful, very nice full with nice things as a Xena as a declaration for it only only for this dunya why? What is the purpose of these things? The nebula Who are you asking? Why am I that? That as a test for you? We did the risk series, we said the man who has a nice fat bank account don't

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feel happy. It's a test for you. That is a test for you. What am I going to do with it? It's only on loan. Allah is gonna see you got a question that the poor man isn't gonna have to answer that every blessing you and I have whether it's health, family, education, position power. It's a test for you. How are you Madison? What Amala who use the blessings for the best of it. In terms of the maximize the blessings. We're in La Jolla in Hoonah. Allah saw Aiden, Julissa, and ultimately, everything on the dunya I'm going to make like an empty field. All those blessings will be taken away. No one's blessings will last forever. The question is how do you use that listings? Allah also says at Imola.

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We've been on Xena to hayati, dunya, that your money and your children are just the enjoyment the nice things of this dunya while back here to solve the heart, but they are the things that last forever, meaning the kids will disappear.

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Your money is gonna disappear. Your youth your beauty, your power, your knowledge is gonna disappear. But the buck you have to solve that they are very special things that will last forever, your good deeds and the account. That's the account you and I need to take how many more of that back here to solve the heart. How many more good things that we live in that

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account that will last us forever.

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We can accumulate a lot of things in terms of money and memories and fun, but that ultimately is not going to last forever. You and I need to ask ourselves how much more of the back here to solid hat have we lift and Allah says that is hate to interrupt because it's best for you. So Robin, Allah says there's a guaranteed reward in that we're hiring Angela and it's the best thing to put your trust him that is going to last you forever. So now this hadith is very important hadith is zoned out sewn back into sort a little bit.

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So to be possible,

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maybe Subhan Allah but others so this is your last opportunity for the year to donate to the masjid plus opportunity. Last time Allah the same for the year, Mandela you can lock on Hassan I was going to give Allah a goodly know who's gonna give Allah a goodly loan. We had our AGM. We will talk about this towards the end, when we looked at the financials, you know, Majid basically it survives on hamdulillah but it depends, you know, on this donation, this towel donation Alhamdulillah is what keeps the magic going. And you add to yourself by attend the magazine once a week I use the electricity, the AC the water, a clean carpet doesn't just happen, you know, it doesn't happen with

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to us, you know, we make dua and we open the door and miraculously the angels clean this thing, some from work.

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So you, you you, you need to ask just in terms of four times a month, what does that what does that count to what is the value you get, which is something that the last opportunity for 2018 to close your account on something positive. So the profit teaches you so teaches me and you five very important blesses

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five important blessings. And these things are going and you need to ask yourself, How have I maximized that provinces, use five things. Before those five things come to an end. Use your youth, before you get old, and use your health before you become sick, and use your free time before you become busy. And use your money, your wealth before you become poor. And ultimately, if you do this correctly, use your life positively before you die. Now you look at these five things. Let's start with the youth.

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Youth in sha Allah it's some scholars have mentioned between the ages of being collapsing 15 Until about 50. Maybe more if you're young, if you feel young at heart, well Hamdulillah you can say your youth, but usually it's between 1525 and 30. If you are in that category now 15 between 15 and 30. Understand that this is a blessing, a very unique blessing. It's one of those blessings that will never come back. You can waste your money, zero and survive and come back. You can be terminally ill and survive and come back.

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You can learn something to get something but learn more and come back. But you cannot bring your youth back if you waste it. Now many of us Subhan Allah and we look at our youth, we realize it was wasted. It was not used productively, it was not used productively, it is the one blessing that if it goes never ever, ever will you get it back. And the sad and the way Allah has designed this Allah has you know, knows he's insane. He knows his creation. He designs he gives you the best blessing before you really realize how to use it correctly. And only afterwards, you know if if you're 60 and then you became young, you'd be a very different person. But that's not the way the world works. So

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if you are in 15 to 30 that age category, use this blessing before you get old uses blessing wisely and the only thing you really are required if you look at that

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what did you What is the Sharia require of you number one, do the Quran in the basics. Don't make him a chick no Allah is have a relationship with him perform your five daily Salas on time before every work on time for us in the month of Ramadan. You probably not eligible for DACA probably don't have money to please the castle Umar who you probably can't afford to go on Hajj. So no problem. Hajj is not for you. Avoid the major sins. And very importantly and perhaps this is the thing that you need to focus on, is you need to give your youth to learn in Spain your years that 15 years in study. When we did this Eman retreat, we assist the OMA a very scary statistic. Of all the religions

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on us. Islam has the lowest per capita postgraduate people, only 8% of the Summa actually start studies tertiary tertiary education only 8% meaning the Hindus learn more than us. The Jews learn more than us the Christians learn more than US atheists learn more than we are the most illiterate man on earth and OMA that began with era. That's one of that's maybe the answer to our problems just today. And it's the responsibility of everyone to learn, but specifically the youth specifically in the 15. So if you're in school right now with Varsity right now

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That's a great blessing. Don't waste it. Don't waste that opportunity because Wallah, you will be asked, how do you use your youth? And if you can answer and say, Ah Allah, I use my youth in pursuit of knowledge. And you pass this youth question, the bonus of that is what you will be of that seventh shade in the day of the piano. You will be shaded by Alana deaf Kiama meaning most people can't answer this question of youth most people will fail on that FTMs Yet Allah, I didn't use my youth properly. So use this time. Yeah, one. Use this time to acquire knowledge, not just for yourself, but to do something spectacular for the Ummah, do something amazing for the Ummah, leave a

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legacy, that when you go back here to Saudi Arabia, it will last long after you die. So your youth or young people, ask yourself what you do, what are you doing, and that's one of the areas of the Ummah that is bleeding, suffering. When we speak about in our meetings, I say this many times, our youth is used as an the youth problem, the youth problem, youth are not spoken about in a positive light. It's an issue that

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we're going to what's happening with

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our young people, please think about that. Your time will not come again.

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For those of us who have wealth,

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for those who have wealth, you're up your test isn't that well, Allah is testing you with a tower, you're going to use it for positive for something that you've left behind. After you go, What did my wealth really acquire for me? You cannot stand on the Dave Kiama. And you were a man that earned you know, maybe 4050 60,000 Rand a month and you sit here Allah gave the same amount of charity or the guy who earn 234 1000 Rand a month is not going to cut it. So hon Allah.

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When you look at organizations, institutions, you need to ask what have I come to what is my this blessing of wealth done for me in terms of my Ophira,

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you can choose to spend 878, and ran on a DSTV subscription, or you can sponsor two orphans a month with that same amount of money, you can choose to spend three 400 Random meal at some fancy restaurant, or you can feed a family for a month, that same amount. So you have that taste that you need to answer for the man who's poor Al Hamdulillah. Take the take the comfort that I don't have to answer this question, my poverty and my summer is my answer and Hamdulillah. But for the wealthy person, especially for a year on holiday in Cape Town now, nothing wrong, nothing sinful in choosing to go on holidays. We'll go on holidays, and you should do this. But also ask what did I contribute

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this 2018 In terms of my funds, use your wealth as blessing to earn you something positive? Because you will have to answer for that.

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Good health and free time. And that's where we are right now in this period. What did you do in your free time? I was gonna ask you that December holiday 2018. What did you do with it?

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How have you spent it

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and there are many things you can do and Allah does not require us to do you know the thing Allah doesn't want you to spend 50% of your wealth in charity, or 50% of your free time in the masjid.

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I don't even know what's happening.

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Right Allah does not require that of you. But it requires you to show some extra bits of goodness in that every blessing as we said will be tested. This hadith of Ebola Ebola and Saudi you will know the Hadith, the Prophet SAW Salem woke up or rather Abu Bakr wakes up in the middle of the afternoon when they usually take a nap and he can't sleep goes to the masjid. You find say normally in the masjid. Now this is about midday, everyone is sleeping in the beds. You do not siesta you sleeping in the hot areas you sleep in the day in the afternoon for a little bit. Now this time when everyone should be sleeping. I wish I could find somebody in the machine that I do not know why. Yeah. So

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they said we are here for the same reason. We're both so hungry. We can't sleep because of hunger. We can't sleep. And then Subhanallah Mustafa Salah Salem the halo Hulk Isla Vista vocations, also awake He's also the author of 100 cannot sleep no food in house nothing not a date not a glass of water. So they decided to go to a Sahabi who is known for having a little bit more Ebola you but I'm sorry, Ebola Ube and Ansari, interesting side note here, Ebola you but I'm sorry is that Sahabi that when the prophets also comes to Medina, he doesn't have a house yet. So Allah honored him that the Prophet stayed in his house because he had a double storey. So he stayed in his house to use these

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double storey blessings use it properly. How's the visa law? And also a side note, I believe you but I'm sorry. One of the Sahaba was actually buried in Turkey died fighting jihad in eastern Constantinople and he died the there's a big suburb in Istanbul today. A UB district right after Ebola Ebola I'm sorry. So this is a hobby. They go to his house. The three of them they're not

00:30:00 --> 00:30:19

From the door and the province of Salem, you know, the Ebola you'll be so happy to see these three men as they guess what a great, what a great opportunity to host these three people the Prophet and Abu Bakr and Omar Al Salam. So he says, I want to give you guys a feast. I don't just want to feed you. I want to give a feast. So he tells his wife bake some bread.

00:30:20 --> 00:30:49

He picked some dates from his tea, and he slaughters a goat to the Prophet SAW. Some tells him don't throw to a goat that's giving milk choose one of the younger ones. So he slaughters a kid smuggled. And they have now braid, dry bread, some meat, some dates and the Prophet cries after the meal and he says, Well Allah, Allah is going to ask us about this blessing. Verse was such a great blessing. Allah is going to ask us about this specifically, that meal you ate, what did you do?

00:30:50 --> 00:31:30

And so, sidenote, think about your lunch your breakfast better than the swallow buttons better than this. And you they that the prophecy we will be asked about the salad we answer that question. Prophet salsa, lamb tells tells them answer this question. Now you're going to be asked, just begin by remembering hola Bismillah Rahman Rahim, and in with Al Hamdulillah, Allah Thank you. And Al Hamdulillah, you've passed the test, you were given a blessing. You ate it, you enjoyed it, and you thanked Allah, past, past that blessing. Nothing spectacular. Nothing requiring you don't have to force now three days to give sugar for that meal. It's not required of you to do that. But just

00:31:30 --> 00:32:09

remember Allah in your blessings. And there's no other scholars mentioned. When we look at fear our own and our mind and the kings of the past, they didn't have the blessings where you could with a click of a button change the temperature in your house. They could have a fridge stockpiled for months, they didn't have that. Running water, a toilet that flushes around didn't have that. He will look at your life, my life and think wow, you guys are quite blessed. And specifically as a Muslim Ummah, here in South Africa with the freedom to practice your religion come and go as you please open your masajid how many blessings so this is an opportunity. Five Blessings? How do we answer

00:32:09 --> 00:32:48

that's a personal question each and every one of you and I must answer so take of this free time and your wealth and your youth and your good health to use it productively and therefore you will use your life productively. Some ideas in this holiday time what to do what can I do in my holiday time again Allah does not require of you now spend eight hours a day in the masjid. No, but do something more for example, if you are not able to attend the masjid regularly because of work and obviously you're making your Salah on time but you want a team attending the most it may be a 10 one walk extra one work that's you know something new. Maybe you never had the opportunity to learn and

00:32:48 --> 00:32:51

whenever we schedule classes, it's never a good time.

00:32:52 --> 00:33:31

And I am too busy during the week so I can't do evening classes. We can I've errands to run so holiday time comes next holiday also I can't so hingeless we scheduled classes. When do you want classes? When is the good time and that's the problem. Try to learn something and the easiest way to allay way Buhari had to walk or travel Imam Muhammad humbler to walk from Iraq to Yemen to Yemen to get knowledge, click of a button. You can get it. There is this Muslim Central? Have you heard of Muslim biggest collection of online lectures in English language Muslim Lord I must say if your phone doesn't have the Muslim Central app on it, it's a dumb phone. It's not

00:33:31 --> 00:33:32

a smartphone. It's a dumb phone.

00:33:33 --> 00:34:08

Download that new central app. It will find 1000s of hours of lecture something and they will interest you listen to it if you're going on a road trip. Listen to the Sierra if you can if you really want to do something wonderful this holiday listen to the biography of the Prophet SAW Salem Shahi acid called the Syrah Wallah. It will change your life like that as your objective 2018 What do I do about it I listen to the asset quality zero. You will enjoy it will cost you nothing. Zero costs and you will you will benefit as a person as a human being something to think about something you never did. My wife encouraged me hamdullah for her clean out the cupboard, how many how much

00:34:08 --> 00:34:47

clothes is lying in me that you haven't worn in the year give it away. Give it away. You don't get a chance during the years to do that now. Volunteering doing something good. Now is the opportunity use your free time. Even if it's one day in the year one day in already. You have 14 days of holiday take one day and say I love this one day is for you. 13 For me 13 For me one day for you your Allah Al Hamdulillah you've done something positive. So use it Yeah, if one and my sisters as well use your life before it goes out before it disappears so that when the time comes, and you are lying on your deathbed and I'm lying on my deathbed and I think I don't feel that great like when you look

00:34:47 --> 00:34:59

back at your youth now. When you look at that for those of us who don't have our youth, think about how we feel guilty about wasting it. For those of us who are not healthy. Think about how we wasted our good health. For those of us who have

00:35:00 --> 00:35:16

have now been through two, three weeks of holiday. And you realize this whole lot of there's been a waste, that the regrets of blessings disappearing. unproductively don't have that on the day you pass away, and the day we enter the cupboard, let that not be our situation. So take stock of your blessings. Because

00:35:17 --> 00:35:21

if you continue as you are, we will you end up,

00:35:22 --> 00:35:46

continue. If you think if I continue living this way as I am, I give as much as I give. I spend as much time as I currently do. I haven't learned anything new 30 will go to 40 or go to 50. And then what will be of your life at 70. And I said this many times that the average life expectancy globally is about 70 South Africans maybe for some of us lower than that. If you get to 70

00:35:47 --> 00:36:29

What is really what did you amass in your life? So all the blessings Allah gave you now is a curse. So we have this this dua here Allah prophets do Ah, yeah, Allah let our blessings be a hijab for us, not against us hegemony a witness, Oh Allah, let my blessings be a witness for me, not against me on an FTM your wealth, your youth, your health, your free time, your knowledge, your position, will testify for you, you use me correctly or against you. And that's the question everyone was asked if we didn't get it right in 2018. Because 2019 Insha Allah was 2019 There's an opportunity so so

00:36:30 --> 00:37:09

before you we open this new chapter, Nick that lets us Let me and you make that near here Allah, I want to use all my blessings in a manner which will be pleasing to Allah, perfect your for our guide. Where do I start? If there's certain areas of the fluoride, you're not performing your five daily Salah is on time start with that. If there are certain gaps in your knowledge, learn those things. If you haven't gotten Hajj yet you haven't gotten done Hajj yet. That's the gap. So start now saving that near it begins with that near and remember when you get there you don't get the reward is for you so long as Linnea So today on the last show of 2018 Let it also be a day of ECFR

00:37:09 --> 00:37:52

and a day of reaffirming your near reaffirming your Allah I want to be a better person I want to contribute positively. Do one new sooner we've got that shortcuts to Jana with delete many times 25 Very easy, simple things to do will take you not even five seconds for some of them. 20 seconds, massive huge rewards if you've never seen it, you can speak to us off the gym or we can send it to you. For example, the one who hustles on the Friday and he walks to the masjid and he comes to the masjid before the Imam and he sits there in front. Every step he took is one year of tattooed Salah one year of fasting, easy thing to do big rewards. So maybe introduce one new sooner in your life in

00:37:52 --> 00:38:23

2019 learn something new. You spin add a new debit order a 10 ran debit order. Maybe it's an orphanage you want to just divert all your feelings to Allah you won't feel it but Allah will count it for you. So add a new debit order before the year is done. Do something positive in your community and I want to mention ticker ticker Cy D to one time in sha Allah we can spin because we are holiday for many of us for those of you are working I'm also working with me Matt, I want to take talk a minute about this doing something positive for you, man.

00:38:25 --> 00:39:07

You and I are crying about the Ummah we are crying about Mazel Aqsa, we should cry. We forget the big battles only get fixed when we fix the small battles. Yeah, we had our AGM was it last week. And as I mentioned, sadly, no quorum not enough people. So we can start the meeting, meaning only 10 People care about this Masjid only 10 people on the other day, felt it that I've you know this as a priority I need to attend. I know this is not the AGM of the managing for the organization. We have a nursery school. Some of your kids are in that nursery school. We've got a center with so many events happen they we've got to manage it. In a senior community that's under threats.

00:39:08 --> 00:39:50

Gentrification. Now. It's pointless singing out beautiful Facebook posts, when it really counts. When you're called upon. You will attend the meeting. Many of you haven't seen only so one extra one new face in the meeting one new person SWANA we will we we had to postpone the meeting. Another month. We're going to do the meeting on the 15th of January because we don't have enough people. Now that's where we fail as the Ummah we become so sucked in our own lives, that we feel there's nothing left in me to give back to the Ummah, even on fields, that way everyone feels that way, then the ummah will go the way it's going. If we can't see to the magic here on next few down the road, how

00:39:50 --> 00:40:00

do you think you're going to fix Majid Luxa spine, Allah, you cannot see to the madressa with your own kids go to what's going to become of the Muslim ummah, the next generation. Now that's where

00:40:00 --> 00:40:09

Ah, I'm Atul Muslimeen make it part of 2019. And particularly, you know, one group of people I need to single out our young professionals.

00:40:10 --> 00:40:17

If you are in a job, and you have a good qualification, you have a very big leg up on most people.

00:40:18 --> 00:40:34

You need to use your talent and your skill for this Uma. Big problems we can't do here we fighting a battle. Yeah, what's with a very smart, sophisticated people and our Ummah has even better people and stronger people, but they're not in our meetings, they're not part of our organizations.

00:40:35 --> 00:41:16

So please, I appeal to you 15th of January of the mercury, who will have a new election we'll have elections new people is one a lot people will be running this Masjid be the at least be the at least counted. This is what I did for the for the Ummah, for your, for your community. So 2018 2019 be part of something in your community. And that will be an excuse. And then lastly, if you can't do anything, if you cannot use your money for charity, you cannot use your time to learn or to do EBA you can't use your youth to productively you can't use anything for the benefit of the Ummah, then at the very least, and especially on the holiday, don't use a blessing as a sin. That's the worst

00:41:16 --> 00:41:38

you're going to waste it or use it just for fun in then do it in a halal manner. Late not your wealth actually be something in Haram. Lead not your time be not productive, at least only be haram, at least only to be haram. That's the worst of the worst. That's when Allah has actually cursed you with your blessings. Curse me with my blessings. So

00:41:40 --> 00:42:22

we in the end, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to close this year on a good note for all of us. That for every sin we've done, forgive us your Allah, for every blessing you've given us grant us the Tofik and the wisdom to use it productively. Yeah Allah when the time ends and our blessings come to an end. We have left behind something positive that you will be pleased with and we will be pleased with Allah subhanho wa Taala make 2019 better than 2018 May we see an end to the sad reality is in many parts of the Ummah in Syria and Yemen and Burma and everywhere everyone every May Allah make 2019 Be a better year and may we be a better Ummah and better individuals and ALLAH forgive those

00:42:22 --> 00:42:43

who have passed away. Those who will not say those who have left us and will not return. May Allah put lights and mercy and happiness in the cupboard. And may we be united like this mean together in general fear dos Zakka Hey, thank you so much. Thank you for attending this Juma throughout the year Allah accept from us Amin was Allah say no Mohammed while Islam was sending him Larabee datamine so don't forget to him

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