Yahya Ibrahim – Finding Balance The Power of Istiqamah in Life

Yahya Ibrahim
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Give me something that I can use in my life. So the prophets of Allah Azza wa sallam gives him two statements called, Rob be Allah. For Mr. Say, My road with Allah is service and Ibadah of Allah that I am with Allah, say it, live it. Establish that the priority in your life is Allah Subhana Allah to Allah through Mustafa. And then whenever you deviate, come back to the straight. I want you to think of this word is the karma is not that you're always on the straight path, because that's an impossibility.

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It's impossible for your son, your daughter, your husband, your wife, to remain always with Allah subhanho wa Taala either. So must happen whenever you veer off, come back.

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This means that sometimes we have to look into the actions of the people who preceded us. You must be a father like know who are the father to a son who left faith spanha

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Could you imagine? Know how Alayhis Salam knew Hala his Salam, his son this believes in Allah

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and until the very last moment of life,

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as Allah records in solitude, when are the new hoanib Sneha buena Jakob Nana

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new the rain is falling the Earth has fractured and water is rising my son.

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You have another chance. The door is always open. Regret can bring you back to Allah. It doesn't matter how many steps away you have walked one step and you return. The door remains open Yabu Manna come back to the truth when I attack him and Catherine don't remain upon disbelief with those who disbelieve and recount

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even in the final moments, his son's heart is wicked.

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I don't need you

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