Yahya Ibrahim – How a True Friendship Saved Them

Yahya Ibrahim
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a conflict between a Hadith and a Jewish tribes where a prophecy lie that a human can go back home. The conflict is centered around a man named Terry who is a sinner and is not as punctual as his brother. Terry's actions are seen as big words and are seen as a sinner who doesn't do things as much as his brother does.
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One of the Hadith in is a Hadith where it's narrated by Lima Muslim, where the prophets lie Selim says and usually when the prophet tells the stories of the past he will say, can a human cannot go back home in the time before your time there were those who lived at Raju, LAN ha ha villa, two men who loved one another they were like brothers in the sight of God. They like they were so close they were like blood brothers, although they weren't one of them solid. One of them was a righteous man meaning outwardly sada doing the good deeds fasting and praying and so on. These are from the people of Biafra eat from the Jewish tribes. And then there was the second his best friend, his companion

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in life is not as righteous is a person who Terry's behind who is not as punctual with the good deeds as he should be.

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The first one, the one who's on it, doing what he needs to do. Outwardly, he would say to his brother, his friend

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oxyr Stop it. Stop what you're doing. 15 Hola. Hola. Hola. El futuro. laka aberdein Your Lord will never forgive you if you keep up this life. Whether you clinical Jana, and will never allow you access to Jenna Those are big words. panela that's putting despair into the hearts of people. So his best friend who yeah is a sinner who doesn't do it as much you know, he Terry's behind. He says humbly but you never been or believe me to my lord for Magi Allah Callie yo Akela didn't make you as my policeman as my watcher over he didn't set you to just put me down day in day out. Lead me to the mercy of my Lord.

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