Even In The Commands Of Allah There Is A Test

Abu Bakr Zoud


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The speaker discusses the logic behind a series of tests and praying five times a day to purify the heart and boost the ranks. They also mention the importance of patience and being patient until the right moment. The segment ends with a reference to the test results and a promise to stay firm until the right time.

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You want to say let Ilaha illa Allah are going to be tested.

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You have to be tested. And don't you dare ask, what's the wisdom behind this? What's the logic? We asking? Who are you asking? When you see what's the wisdom behind the hijab? What's the wisdom behind praying five times a day? Why are we asking? Who do you expect a response from? Allah who's gonna respond to you? I think who you who are you?

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The pure heart embraces the Command of Allah.

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Yes, there is pain, there is struggle. There is difficulty. There is agony. These teas this block this sweat.

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But actually all of this in Islam, we call it soul. We call it patience.

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And that patience works towards purifying the herb.

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cleansing the heart, elevating the ranks in the levels of the person. That's what it does. It's not a waste. It's not difficult to gone to waste. It's not blood gone to waste.

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That's called Samadhi in Islam, or sobre la paura. For our booth, who was stupidly that Allah said, worship Him and remain patient and firm and steadfast upon his worship. Don't give up until the day you meet him.