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The transcript describes the loss of a man who lost his father and mother and lost his father and mother. He emphasizes the importance of learning from the loss and being a great person. He also talks about his desire to stay in a couple and buy honey with a devil. He talks about his desire to teach someone how to look at his money and respect when dealing with each other on a social and business perspective. He also talks about the importance of business relations and avoiding embarrassment.

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In the Henry law in Canada who want to stay in who want to study you want to start Pharaoh want to build a home in Sudan fusina woman sejahtera Marina Maria de la bufala mobila wanna you Bill Farah? Howdy? Allahu Allah Allah in La la hora la sharika wash Adana, Mohammed Abu hora Sula Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam in LA Mata Sleeman kathira

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Yeah, you have NASA Pura vida como la de la comida Sua. Amin has Oda however thermen humare, Jalan Cathy arowana Isa, what de la la de de Luna de Waal or ham in a la cocina de como la Kiba. Yeah, you are Latina Armando. Taco la Hakata. Party. watamu tuna illa Anta muslimin Yeah, you have Latina am Ana de la worku Colin sadita use the hillock, Amana como la come Uber come on up a la hora Sula, hufa frozen alima. Abadi by the law. All praise do to Alon His praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his family, his companions and his followers until the day of judgment. I bear witness that I was the only one worthy of worship and Muhammad

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is his last and final messenger. Today, I would like to talk to you about a story

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of one of the prophets or salaams companions, and a teenager, young man

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and allows the camel

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that he had and that story have so many lessons, I hope that we can be inspired by the story. Obviously the story of the boy not the camera. So we can learn a lot from this young man's and enter our counter with the prophets of Salaam and his counter the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his name jabber, the son of Abdullah

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bin Hara or the Allah And voila.

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The point where I pick the story is that moment where he just it's been basically one year ago when he lost his father in the battle.

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And his father was so dear to the prophets all sudden them and very committed

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companions to the cause of Mohammed Salah Allah this element to this religion to the extent that he even offered the ultimate sacrifice, which is also that he died in the Battle of oil

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and lemma mat when he died, and abhi Sol Salaam, buried him with his best friend. And jaarbeurs father cannot rule on

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a thermal power he

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was a very tall guy and his friends was a very short man. So

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then they'd be so solemn, buried them together and let the Sahaba buried them together because they were best friends.

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And generally allow answered six months later, I felt that I want to have my father in his own grave. And I tried to basically went and separated them. But that's not the story. The story actually about his father is amazing in itself. Just let you know. He said, about 40 years after the death of my father, a huge flood came to the area of where all the people were buried. As a matter of fact, to be precise. It's 46 years he said, kinda padmavathi out of button was tuna ramen.

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And the flood uncover that

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the body of jabber of the Alon jabber his father, kind of allergic to who be Kevin elliptica fenter What can a Kevin who casilando didn't? He said I found the same exact garment that I shorted him West routed him with exactly the same on his body. But because he's a very tall guy his feet was showing so what we did, he said he thought of having a hot almond. Look buddy that'd be hot. padam a, we took like, you know, pieces of cloth and stuff like that and we just cover his feet with it was not like properly covered. He said kind of a widget to hakama he. I found it the same way.

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kawamata urushi embed any industry I mean,

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his body exactly the same. Only mobile button has

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Ear basically was a small piece of it was missing or changed. He said then when they tried to move him back to the grave, can I do Elijah? He said his hand was holding the wound where he got stopped. Kind of NASA. He said, one of the people moved his hand. Kind of hot Raja Demoman Bettany, photographer them. He said, The blood start gushing out of our heart to half a second. I put it back and he said the blood stop. And we just put him back again and we close the grave.

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The story has nothing to do with his father, that I have for you today. So this young man who's now 19 years old, he heard the call for another venture with the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and he answered the call.

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And his father when he died, he left for him the following. He loved for him a small farm.

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And with this farm, he left with them a camel that basically carry the water from the well to the farm. And it's a skinny, obnoxious camel. Right goes left, you said stand up. You said he wanted to move goes backwards. It's never it's very annoying animal.

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And he said Carla McCann ashiana Ababa, la if you hate him, another gentleman said I never hated anything. As much as I hated that cam is so obnoxious. Come on. He said that all the alarm and voila. And he left for me nine girls, nine sisters, I take care of them. Can you imagine 18 years boy, now he will take care of nine sisters.

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And that's one lessons that you can learn from now sometimes life puts you in a position, we don't have the luxury to choose to make choices, live put you in position in a hard position. And at that point, the worst thing to do is to drop the ball is to just disappear, is to run away. Because when you run away, you're not really a person who standing up for the responsibility. It's easy to put your head in the sand. But what is required from you to be a man who will be remembered and will be a great person that even in Houston, Texas there we talk about as someone stands for the responsibility that following his shoulder. You choose it or not. But that's what it does. Sometimes

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you know what, my mother is sick, my parents are sick. My parents are poor. You know, I don't have a father who work and make money. And you know, I have a basically a situation where I thought I'd give me that, you know tasks, and he was up to the task. And I'll be alone. And voila. Anyway, he said, I went to that journey with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa he was setting up. And as you expect nothing else he will have to take with him except that camel that he that he hated the most. He said in the way back. The camel just reached a point said that said

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he said, I am not moving from this spot. He sat down while the caravan was moving. He said the camel sat down. Panda has to jerk to the fact to who the

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boss will be in America. He said I pushed it, I took it, I pull it, I push it. I tried to carry it nothing. The camera that said I'm not moving this spot.

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He said then the thought came to me Just let me take my

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luggage, luggage and my belongings and leave it for the wolves and lions to eat it.

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That's That's how far basically his thoughts went.

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While I'm like this, the whole caravan already left. Then listen to this can be added in the visa celebrity body as far as one of the processor limbs come and practice in his traveling. Sometimes he will be in the front of the caravan.

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And sometimes you will be all the way in the back

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to see if there's anybody need help anybody struggling with something so he will carry him so we will help him we'll give him water. We'll get we'll eat it. And that's a great lesson. That leader doesn't need to be in the front doesn't need to be leading from the front. You can also lead from the back.

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True leaders and leader doesn't mean someone with the title each and every one of you is a leader.

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The person always cared about the weakest among his community. care about those who nobody think about them. If you have a business you think about the weakest person in your business. How are they doing? You

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Go back maybe in the back where no customers goes and no man big managers goes you go on to check if everybody there is okay.

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So in the visa sell themselves struggling with the camera on you said Who's there? Then he said yeah but he said jabber Abdullah. He said yes and euro sort of lies. So let me see. So what's wrong? Isn't that what happened to my camera? I'm about to leave it. Then in Ibiza, Sam said do you have water? He took some water in his hand sallallahu Sallam and Indonesia Salim Mubarak sallallahu alayhi wa sallam just said to Rico in Salah is a blast.

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human being and I mean that in a spiritual sense and in the literal sense sallallahu alayhi wasallam so he basically took the water in blowing the water and in the visa salon, put it in the face of the camel on the back of the camera wipe over it and kind of say certain things or do our job but didn't recognize exactly what he said. Then he said do you have basically the stick that you leave the camera? He said yes. Someone mentioned Phil

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karate kind of finishes he said the moment he touched him in the in the back of the camel the camel stood up Jaco Jabba the Allah and the camel I was struggling to pull forward I now struggling to pull it back. It's running so fast and it is so active that I couldn't even hold it kind of a hunt you need you need any Saudi Arabia and Uber had Tara us vehicle Gemma Rasulullah Salim fit the food and you said

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yes sir. He said I don't want my camel to go faster than the processor I'm sorry miss the processor. I'm taking the chance to be just you know walking the same level because alone can you imagine in this desert you and with the processor, the Milan then in the B cell allow them start talking to him.

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And some of the in the conversation reach. And he said Are you married?

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He said yes. jasola I'm married. I'm married this year. Pardon me sir. Have you married a young girl like you? He said no. Actually a married an older woman who a widow or a divorce any previously married. Then it may be so subtle. I'm surprised you're a young man. Why did you do that? Usually young men would like to marry a young woman never been married before you yourself never been married before. Why did you do that? Well, Carla sasakawa Hello beacon today Ebo. How to light a book to Baku how to wash your cook. Hello, Ella Baker and when we're at the abbey how

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to book any you know younger you guys have fun together play. And they wanted to have this conversation happening between a 19 years old young man and 75 years old man. See the connections? And I'm not talking now. Any I don't need to tell you don't even look to the gap in the age. Look at the gap and the status how that'll suit en la sal Allahu

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wa salatu salam. That's Mohammed Solomon is status. And he is going so you know, to the level of this young man to connect with him to talk with him.

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I'm the mindset that this young man prove that he is way mature than being a teenager. He said yeah, so a lot my father left for me nine systems, nine young girls, and I was afraid to you to marry young one, to make them 10

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to take care of 10 he says I choose to marriage an older woman, older one who will take helped me to take care of my sisters.

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Sometimes as I said live make you make choices. But what I love about Gavin he never complained about his choice. He loved what he have chosen, even though his choice for a very mature reason. But he loved what he had he never said you know what? I married you because I was stuck you know and I hit my life when I stay for the rest of my life complaining No.

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Can you

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Allah is Allah Mia Kuma to read for Edie demand cocoon. One of the advice that Emma said, if you don't get what you want, I don't know what exactly once but if you don't get what you want, want what you have. And that's a very important principles in life, a principle in life. want what you have, like what you have, enjoy what you have. Just don't always look for what you don't have.

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Anyway, so nobody's after

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A little bit. He said to him, okay, since now married, basically young men talk about what married and money. You know, that's the second thing he said at the beginning the geometric.

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He said, would you sell me your camel? Absolutely, yes. He said, shift given luffa in Ibiza Salaam when he said that jabber will lay very mature for his age, he said are the Allied kind of who Anak Yasser Allah? And I'm not sure I'm sure it is because he loved the process. He said, It's yours, not because you want to get rid of the camel. Maybe that's part of it. But Tina, he said, it's your gift. I'm not gonna sell it to the prophets of Allah. But look, the problems that Allah Thurman, he said no with money, don't make your status, you know, justify for you to take things because people are embarrassed to say no, they can't imagine I'm sharing. I go to somebody, you know, you know,

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make an order, for example, in the restaurant. Then I said, Okay, I'm gonna pay for this don't ship you're not gonna pay for it. Now I have to notice free shipping. Okay, can I have to force to go to, you know,

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another order for it to go? You don't take advantage situation? You No, because you're older. You're like, no, like, sometimes these look into this is the point from telling you the story of just not to entertain you. But to less less than to learn sometimes. You go to Muslim brothers to Ghana, my Muslim brother, what can I do for you? Any I will give you a best rate but doesn't mean you get for free? It doesn't mean you get about No, no service. It doesn't mean I don't make money. It doesn't mean it's a business. And that's exactly the second lesson. Send me Someone told him. I will buy your camel with a devil.

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A devil hum. You're not even by a chicken with it. Okay, so my sister is the judge of the judge. He said

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then he also law Allah even possibly, yes, Allah. He said jasola if it's

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as unfair, yummy, it's too little.

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And shows you that also this young man allowed to speak his mind. That's an environment when people can express with the head of the state

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with the older and also shows you another thing. And this is important to keep it to keep

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in perspective, and this is very important in our relationship with each other. There is a completely different dynamic when we have when we deal with each others. And we deal with each other's basically on a social perspective. But it became completely different when we deal with each other's from a business perspective.

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So if I take you know my brother in law for dinner or lunch, the social I pay for him, he pays for him whatever. But if we work together, you're my friend I go we go we eat. But if we are in a business deal, if we are on a business trip if we're on a business dinner, that's a business move. That's a different type of relationship and both sides have to respect that it should not be only one side respect that even father and son even brothers and brothers is not because we are brothers and we are partners harass you know, already my wife she became a bizarre business partner with me when it comes to business relationship keep it as business that's the that's the fair the right way

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to look at it. And sometimes we just ignore that.

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I'm not saying that all our relations should be this way. No, we have the social as well circle, which is so many times I prefer to be a partner with somebody no business in the middle. That's why I talk a lot about how business corrupt brotherhood and sisterhood why because the moment you start dealing that's fair, I will deal you there like the business but when we doctor brother has a unique take my everything I have no problem. But if the business has to be dealt with the business, like sometimes even in the Master, I might have my best friend's work in the mustard. But you know what, when it's business is business, and don't be angry, don't be mad. You know, if you work in a

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business has to be a business deal. And we have to deal with the with the respect. So here Jabba the line has an understand that we understand that. Then he said, but look what the process of him did. He said okay, you want to teach him how to, you know, to look for his money. Nobody take advantage of him to teach this young man. Then he said, Okay, I'll give you two he said I saw twos two little three threes too little. How much the camel worth it for you to understand the perspective at least 40

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to 300 jabber fed every time the President told him to will La Jolla, Florida

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Hello May Allah forgive you three May Allah forgive you no longer

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there will be a drama drama like

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it's not like that and who Salaam say me ALLAH forgive you not because give me a double hung on a lower forgive you you know for a dental home or for to know that's another lessons don't bring religion into the middle of your business and your you know eat this sweet Mashallah you go to Jenna eat this mother he got that and I tried to basically put the religion and align the agenda parts of this vote for this person you go to gender vote for that you know law you get this that's that's not right. Anyway nobody's a salami Apple jabber feda and he that he can yom comes in why shereena Marwan

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why the candidate have jabber Li jumpers sending me some mid draft for me 25 times that day

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25 times

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are so happy with it. And he said get us a lot let me bring it any let's bottom line.

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Somebody owes me

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basically have to pay someone of pa which is 14

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I'll give you the camera if you give me the 40 in the visa Salim said deal.

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deal is a deal.

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But I have a condition aerosol I said what he said you leave it with me until I go to Madeira because I have nothing else to write. He said that's fine. They arrived to Medina. He arrived before the intermediate end. Allah. Allah kayfabe aka jabber either the halter baytech what are the best of luck so Jojo Canaria?

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karasawa la Lisa Phoebe today No matter what, no matter party, it's a fancy type of carpets and rugs to solo we have nothing and I'm like, nothing in my house, no matter this is way far away. He said an hour in No, there is one day will come and your wife will welcome you home. And you will find your home filled with this no matter of fancy

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carpets and other lessons is not a shameful thing to have nice things at home.

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Doesn't mean you know it's not something wrong, to have a good quality furniture

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or live any way to make the story short. It's way longer than that what I want to share with you today, but he went to Medina. And after everything settled, he brought the camel to the prophets of Salaam. And finally he gets rid of the camel. He tied it out in the visit to the land, go pay him. Bill I went and guess what biller gave him the UI the $40 and way more.

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And that's another lessons you can be generous. You know, it's so sad these days that whenever you have a deal with some of your brothers, they try their best to make sure that you lose money

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and in the name of friendship or brotherhood or you know if somebody's willing to do that from his arms fine. You know it does you should give more and maybe some give you he was so happy and he said you also that he gave me more he said yes that's gift for you. Because you're young man you need the money

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to understand where to invest. And also they didn't say you know what, he just made our money so he doesn't need any support anymore. Because some people like this that they are saying to family of three individuals and and a mom single mom, you know they got our tax return $3,000 somebody said oh Carlos didn't deserve sadhaka heavy $1,000 will do to a family like this. This is like a whole year they giving they still need help. So anyway, after he left in the visa salon called Bilaal to call him back

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he called him back jogger while he's walking I'm thinking he is now planning what he's gonna do with the money with the extra with this with that all of a sudden that becomes a comeback he said on FML coffee LBC nothing I thought about it that moment except Oh the process of them so obnoxious this camel is on here returning back I'm gonna lose all the money all the plans that I basically got a disappear pilot what am you can cheat on above a lie nothing more hated to take this Camelback.

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indivision para nnaemeka stuka Delica Do

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you think I was unfair and aggressive when you embarrassed you that day when I told you a double 123

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he said no.

00:24:52--> 00:24:59

That's a lesson also to learn even if you're old and bigger lesson to learn how to say sorry if you feel that you embarrass someone

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Then he says it also law he said to him, you know what the camel is yours. You take it and you keep the money. I don't need it.

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This camel guys stayed until the tempo Murali Allah Juan. And people pointed this is the camel with the cross on board and return. This is the camel of the process alum plus this is an It was very good after that. And even tomorrow they allow the sadaqa MRO the alarm and kept it for sadhaka free nobody allowed to write it and uplift and be lived free until it died.

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Allah Subhana Allah forgive jabber and the profits are suddenly solid abetik adaminaby no Mohammed, may Allah Subhana Allah Allah make us follow these great examples of the companions of the allow Ana de mesilla to Masako.

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hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala Milena Viva La Jabara De La Hoya and in the time later on on the end of Amato, they allow a man times, basically his wife welcome him one day with this fancy carpet. And he said, What's this? This is too much money. Should you remember when the processor Lem told you that he forgot until reminded him and she said I'm going to keep it because in Ibiza Sallam said I will do it for you. Sometimes your goals and dreams and what a lot planned for you need some times.

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Just don't rush. If you didn't get married now if you don't have the husband or the wife that you wish the job that you want, the money that you want, the change that you want to see in your life or someone's your loved life. Don't worry, Allah subhanaw taala have it for you. It's coming in your way. Just have that trust to the last pattern.

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And you will see if Allah what will pleases you what is Sofia the kind of book of metadata below will give you until you will be pleased and hamdulillah this dunya and the next and min all those will be his future better than his past. May Allah Subhana Allah

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Allah May Allah forgive our sins and bless our deeds. It is highly recommend the Saturday which is the day of alpha to fast and it'd be so solemn said fasting the day of alpha will raise the sin of two years the past on the coming year. And Sharla Salatin, it will be on Sunday and Pasadena Convention Center on at 8:30am. In we will have shall have the hope are there and do we'll have as usual our evening celebrations I send a message to all the massages in this area about three weeks ago, asking them to join everybody in the south east Convention Center and the reason we did a competitor because every year hamdulillah we have packed so we have plenty of space and few massages

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and the lesson back and said we are going to join eight and this is something good as we all come together as at least the area and se and so I hope to see you all Sharla tada in selected make sure that you increase your icon your tech beard and by the way that could be a lot to eat doesn't start you know unfortunately since they came to Houston 1997 I will see this flyers say he could be able to start at seven o'clock or nine o'clock or eight o'clock and since that time when I've been saying this a tech we have to start heavy in first day of that head gym and in the federal of aid you know doesn't start at eight o'clock that cannot start and basically in the beginning of the hit that

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first day and you continue to do that the four days in a row of ha is that he is a blessed as a one day which is the defeat followed by three days of me

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now Lost Planet Allah except from us all our deeds and forgive our sins and blessed our parents alone. Most Muslim or non Muslim at the moment you know may not even know what are some of the most eliminated