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Wanda Lisa Ed now Mohammed in West Olympus Lehman getting raw. A law who must only Allah Mohammed

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Mohammed in camera sunlight Ibrahim ali ali Ibrahim Allahumma barik Allah Mohammed

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Mohammed income about Ibrahim Allah early Ibrahim Villa let me name Nick Hamid Majeed Allahumma Sanjana Mohammed II wa Ernie Mohammed Inka mouse on lightoller Ibrahim Allah early Ibrahim Allahumma barik Allah Mohammed

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Mohammed in gamma Baraka Allah Ibrahim on lever on him I feel I mean, Nick hamidou Majeed, Aloma Sanjana Mohammed

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Mohammed in Gmail soulmate Allah Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim

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Filomena in NACA, hamidou Majeed, Allah Hama, Sanjana, mohammadu Allah and Mohammed in kamasan later on hemo onda early ra Hema Filomena in NACA hamidou Maggi

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along masala Liana Mohammed Ali Mohammed in Carmel sunlight Allah Ibrahim

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Ibrahim, Allah, Allah Mohammed

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Mohammed in komaba Dr. Ibrahim Allah Ernie Ibrahim al amin, Hamid Majeed, Allah ma Sanjana Mohammed

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Mohammed in kamasan late Allah Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim Avila lemina in their comedo Majeed, Allah Hama, Sanjana Mohammed

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Mohammed in cameras on a Tata Ibrahim Allah early Ibrahim Avila and amin, amin, Majeed, long Mubarak Allah Mohammed

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Mohammed income avaloq tala Ibrahim Allah, Ernie Ibrahim I feel I mean, Majeed, Allah ma Sanjana Mohammed

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Mohammed in Tomas on later Allah, emo Allah Alia early ra hemophilia I mean in hamidou madain Allahumma barik Allah Mohammed

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Ali Mohammed in Canada Dr. Ibrahim

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Ali Ibrahim flr lemina Nick hamidou Majeed in these final 10 days of the month of Ramadan we always begin with this or that and the Salaam upon the prophets I said let me Allah subhanho wa Taala except I will do for each other and I ask you to remember me and my family as I remember you in mind my intention May Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, so make up for all of us. And I asked you to say I mean, I've been I've alumna, unforced in our in Limpopo, Finland and with our hymnal and akuna nominal hos ne Allah we've wronged our souls we acknowledge our mistakes before you mean Oh Allah we occur we concur that we have wronged ourselves waiting them to fill in if you are do not show us

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your forgiveness Allah if we do not make us worthy of your forgiveness Allah. If you do not send your mercy upon us, give us the guidance that leads us away from this haraam we will always remain as losers Yeah, I mean, Allah protect us from our own selves Yeah, Allah. In the end we acknowledge that there is none that is worthy of worship but you we are Allah we acknowledge that there is none that we will ever adore and love and fear and hope in in like you Yeah, Allah Subhana like you are the only one who is complete and perfect without any imperfection or blemish. Yeah, Allah You're the only one who is the beginning in the end in equal to meet nobody mean I acknowledge once again my

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mistake Allah, I acknowledge we acknowledge our sins before you Allah to Allah in Mecca Enter to work Rahim Allah Allah, Allah you are the one who accepts the remain repentance most merciful accept our repentance Allah to Allah in a mo learner to Ballina Allah, Allah Allah except our tober Allah or I've been Allah to actually in nesina our spot now

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Oh Allah where we have made a mistake and where we were forgetful Oh Allah don't hold us accountable. Oh Allah do not hold us accountable for our mistakes and our forgetfulness will lead to him will attack me Alina is Salam can Mohammed's death I live in I'm in commelina went to him in my laptop battalion Abby, Allah do not burden us Do not burden us as you burden the nations before us Do not burden us with what we cannot withstand. Yeah, Allah will add to hominem Allah Takata NaVi he was one was fiddling our Hamner Oh Allah show us your F. O Allah show us your forgiveness. Oh Allah show us your mercy. Allah in the carpool window and we'll have half one Oh Allah you are the partner

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you love to remove Cynthia Allah. You are the

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One who loves to remove our sins yeah Allah remove our sins in this blessing NATO ally in this blessed day of Ramadan yeah Allah, Allah in Mecca for winter hibbeler for fat for under Allah in the UK I fall into him will alfalfa and Allah who met in Mecca I fall winter him Bula for one welfare lenna or Hamner. Allah out we ask you to forgive us and to make us from those who will receive your mercy of Allah and tamo Lana, you are our only protector you are only friend and aid in this world via Allah for cleaner fun so now a little Coleman caffeine Allah give us victory and support us against those who rebel against you. Robin Allah to the kulu whenever it had a tener Oh Allah Do not

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turn our hearts away from you after they were guided to Allah. Oh Allah keep y'all clean in our hearts. Allah allow us to learn about you and to accept what we learn and to build our certainty about you Yeah, Allah. Oh Allah we testify that you are the truth and your promises true and I will return to you is true. Oh Allah we believe that the agenda is true and good and not to have one out or have and Hellfire is true whether we'll call it a hawk or Allah we accept

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the unseen world as you have described it to us in the Quran, and has been narrated to us by the prophets I sell them when Abby Yuka Mohammed so I sell them and every you will have the prophets I sell them is the prophet of truth, peace and blessings be upon and whenever you Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, or when Allah to the Kudu whenever they had eaten or Allah Do not let our hearts deviate after they work I did.

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Oh Allah we asked you to give us Rama from you Yeah, Allah from Ben Allah through the Kaluga Nevada it had a tener what happened I mean, I don't care of my senders mercy from you send us the knowledge that we need the mercy of knowledge that you will send so that we won't make the mistakes that we make so that we won't follow a path other than the truth. We ask Allah in NECA and tell her you are the one who is the gift of all good Robin ltfu Jr has an awful lot he has an Athena other now Allah you are the one who gives good in this life give us good in this life give us good in the next slide protect us from the punishment of Hellfire Yeah, Allah. Allah we ask you to protect us from the

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punishment of Hellfire Yeah, Allah, Allah we ask you to send your greetings salutations and blessings upon our whenever you Mohammed II said we take refuge in the perfect words of your names. Yeah, Allah, from your anger and punishment and from the evil of this creation that has surrounded us who seek as harm Allah, we ask you to protect us from the touch in the appearance of the shell team. Allah we call you and none other but you we are Allah we call you in a way that we trust no one but you yet Allah, we ask you by all of your names by all of your blessing attributes Allah we ask you to show us your kindness and remove harm from us to join us in our families in happiness and

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contentment to Allah to repair whatever rips and rip since and rifts there Aria Allah we pray that you secure us with tranquility. Allah, Allah bring Sakina into our homes. You bring peace and tranquility into our hearts. Yeah, Allah, Allah we call you with your treasured names that unties the binds, and that removes the harm and that cures the ill and that brings healing to the world. We ask you you're here you're here for your Ar Rahman AR Rahim. Yeah, and then we am and then yeah, then God will it kromm to renew our faith into expeller without through knowledge of us, Allah provide us from what has been withheld from us. Yeah, Allah if it is good for us. Yeah, I mean, and

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restrict us from what is not good for our dunya and akhira Allah you're a bit I mean to you alone? Do we raise our voices and our hands in supplication? Do you alone do we bend our back and Roku is Allah? It is only you Allah that we put our face into the ground that dirt for you or hammer I mean, Allah as we humble ourselves to you elevate us yeah, Allah in the sight of you in the sight of mankind yet Allah. Allah raised us by our love for the hora and practice of its teachings. Yeah, Allah, Allah we ask you to bless us, and we acknowledge your incalculable blessings upon us. We ask you to bless us and to add to the incalculable blessings already with us. We request from you Yeah,

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Allah many things and you are the provider of all you are the light of the heavens and the earth. Yeah, Nora Samoa to you when you are the one who has level emrakul law. The matter is all in its entirety within all of the judgment, all of the power all of the grolier all of the success lies in your command yet Allah, we ask you or hammer Rahimi to draw us close Allah Hama, Catarina, la Allah ma Catarina la Allah hamacher ribbon as well for LA or LA bring us closer to you yeah, Allah increase I was scheduled with you yeah, Allah. open our hearts to the regularity of prayer in our homes and in our families. Yeah, Allah will be your name okay? masala to him in the rear.

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To open our Taco Bell to hi Oh Allah enter this to make me and my family regular insult a lot to you we supplicate and with you is the answer you are hammer rahimian You are the controller of hearts here Allah turn our heart towards you. The Allah don't turn our hearts away from you. Yeah Allah mocha libera. kulu via Musa beetaloo yeah Allah subhanho wa Taala Peruvian Allah Allah d nicaya Allah tebbetts fluvanna Allah de nichia of camera himedia mckinleyville kulu The Allah we ask you to forgive us and show us mercy and guide us and guard me against harming others yet Allah, guard us against hurting others provide for us and increase our sustenance and make us from those who are

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saved in this dunya and earth are by the solar upon the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allahumma salli ala nabina Muhammad Allah Alianza et now Mohammed kaossilator Allah Ibrahim Ibrahim Allahumma barik Allah Mohammed Mohammed gamma Baraka Ibrahim

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Ibrahim al amin in Nigeria are hammer imeem Allah consider that this is a moment where we turn to you and repentance Allah the first of us in the last of us we ask you your hamara mean to grant us Your mercy a chrome and chromium yeah Allah grant us your Peace and mercy of hammer I mean, Oh Allah except from us. Yeah, a chromium chromium. Grant us Your mercy of Himachal I mean, we ask you to forgive us our sins and our errors. Yeah, Allah. We ask you to open to us the doors of old Goodyear or hamara Jaime Yeah, well he and Mr. Davi Oh Allah help us yeah, I mean, forgive us from our mistakes and make us from those who are successful in this night. Perhaps it is later to Allah allow

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us to witness a little God. Allah allow us to witness les little cordrea or hammer Rahimi Allahumma felina or ham now a half an hour for an hour accurate Musudan I was mahana Allah What does opener leave little harder Allah mineka for winter Hebrew LA for an alarm, a niqab food to him Allah for

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Allah we ask you to send your greatest blessings upon whenever you Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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we ask you to grant us his treats of high and commendable a flathead Allah for ourselves and our family to make us from those whose life is noble yet Allah, we ask you also to give us the fevers you gave to the prophets before him. Yeah Allah, Allah we ask you to be given the purity of the repentance of Adam, how we repented to you yet Allah again, grant us a repentance before our death. We asked you to give us the courage of nor hand the companionship of being your hallein like Ibrahim, Allah we ask you to give us the truthfulness of a smile. Can Assad the halwa idea Allah make us truthful like April is made, although we ask you to accept us as you accepted his heart and

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to give us the helm of Yahoo. We asked you to give us the forbearance of Yahoo and his forgiveness and the chastity and the and the higher of you Sofia, Allah, Allah Allah, we ask you to give us the eloquence of silence and the remembrance of your nose that saved him from the depth of the ocean. We asked you to give us the patience of a YouTube that lasted years. Yeah, Allah, we ask you to give us the wisdom and the hikma of Suleiman we are hammer I mean we asked you to give us the melody and the voice of the wound as we recite the hora and we asked you to give us thankfulness Yeah, Allah Ya Allah we ask you to give us the thankfulness of Suleiman alayhis salaam, so that we are thankful for

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the power that you have given us a lot. We asked you to give us the proof of hood and the strength of Moosa and the oratory and speech of her own. We asked you to give us the knowledge of the accepted da over the career and the humility of year visa alayhis salaam Yeah, Allah we ask you to give us the strength of yahia in holding on to the book and the teachings of truth. Yeah, Allah we ask you to give us the character and the nobility and the nearness of our neighbor you Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Yeah, Allah grant us ease in this life and in the next, and we pray that Allah grants us His Divine Mercy in the law. How are you Quetta, who you saw Luna? Allah nabee?

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Yeah, Johan leadin. Manu Sol de la he was a limo. Taslima Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed.

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camel sonlight Allah Ibrahim Allah Ali Ibrahim Allahumma barik ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed Kamara tala Ibrahim, Allah early Ibrahim, Phil al amin in NACA hamidou Majeed Allah join us with our VSI sell them on the day of gentlemen join us with them in Jenin nettle fairytales join us with him on his health where he can give us a drink that will make us never be thirsty again. Oh Allah bless us.

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With a drink from his hand that will make us never thirsty again. Yeah Allah bring us closer to our Navy as I sell them in the air Pharaoh by bringing us closer to his pseudoknot today, Oh Allah open our heart to his teachings and as soon as Allah make us from those who are successful in seeking him Yeah, yeah Allah seeking Him in our words and in our prayers, that we model our behavior behind me Allah, Allah let us be a reflection of our neighbor you Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, let us stop where he stopped and begin where he began. Let us be from those who love what he loved and hate what he hated. Yeah, Allah, Allah open to us the life in this era of the prophets, I sell them so

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that we can learn it and teach it and pass it on to our children and future generations. Yeah, Allah we ask you to give us the courage to follow the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam even when it's difficult, Allah protect our homes and our families and make us from those who are successful Yeah, are hamara Hamid Allahumma salli ala nabina Muhammad Villa valina will officially in WA salatu wa sallam was it robotic Allah said you know whenever you know Muhammad implemented down a hammer I mean, how there was all your little heavy when Mustafa Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik Allah say you know Habibi, now whenever you know Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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along the vertical Mohammed

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Ali Mohammed in camera Baraka Allah Ibrahim Allah early Ibrahim al Amina in Academy doomadgee

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen. Once again, I invite you to share in the highest to do your part in looking after the neediest of people around the world. I have a program of 1000 orphans to sponsor, they are by name by age by location. These are real people, real children who have real needs, and I pray that you can help me to help them by helping yourselves in doing what is good in these final five or six days of the month of Ramadan. I pray the loss of Hannah with Allah opens up the door of God and opens your heart to others Allah whom I mean, for those of you are watching on my YouTube or on my Facebook, I'm going to share my screen with you. And I want you to kind of look at the new

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names that I've just been added. These are the new 100 names for the fifth day. This is day five. And I'll just mention some of the names for my my heart to soften and yours. We have Cameron who is age 15 that an orphan in Pakistan and Nisha age 12. In Pakistan, we have a young Palestinian Sora eight seven and safe age 12 in Philistine in the Reza, we have Reiser and Ahmed and Abdul Karim, H 1010 and 11. In herdsa. We have in Sera, Lanka Fawlty, my age 10, and Xi 816. In Pakistan, we have these beautiful, beautiful children that you can focus your attention on and make Nia that this is the one that you ask Allah Subhana Allah to have you being a part of them, and they are part of your

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life in this dunya and after

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looking after the needy of the needs of the young, and orphans is one of the great traditions and soon as of the prophets, I tell them, don't let this day go by without you giving something good for yourself that will lead you to greater blessing and prosperity and health and wealth and happiness and contentment into the next life. Remember the adage and the statement, a sad announcement attend as the happiest person is one who brought happiness to others. May Allah allow you to be a source of your security for the poor and the weak. And may Allah allow me to help you in being that Allah home. I mean, may Allah subhana wa Taala assist you and I in that which is good. May Allah subhanho

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wa Taala support you in all your endeavors. I'm going to put it in my comments section, the links that you can do your part and your job. May Allah accept it from you and I ns sisters, for those who are following on my Instagram, you can go to my link in the link tree in my bio, click on the link it will show you everything that you've just heard and seen. May Allah bless you and except from you Allah I mean, well suddenly lahoma was le mas guava barik Allah at noon Amina Mohammed Salah multicompartment