Walking Tour of Istanbul #4 – By The Seaside – Fenerbahe Park

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Be nice to you. I love living in Istanbul. I've been here around two years, and I'm doing this walking challenge to help raise some money. For my brother in law for his medical treatments, we're raising money towards it. So please see the link below. But today, I want to bring you a place that is just 45 minutes from all of the historic center that you know about. In traditional Istanbul, you might say, like, hey are Sophia and places like that, hop on a train, hop on the bus, get in a taxi and come to Fenerbahce come and have a look at my walk today and discover this wonderful section of Canada for Kadikoy per day for Kadikoy Bismillah

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this walking challenge has been a real blessing because I get to kind of be kicked out of my comfort zone and to share what I've wanted to share for a while actually I some of my favorite places as an expat Brit living here in Turkey now for about two and a half years Hungary that we all know about the big tourist places to visit mashallah there and every postcard their legendary, iconic Sultan, Ahmet you got to go the Blue Mosque, right, you know, when you live somewhere, and it's no longer a holiday. And so you sort of miss out on all those aspects. It's like when I was in London, how often did I really? Did I ever go to the Tower of London? I think I did once

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did I ever go into Buckingham Palace never wouldn't dream of it. You know, it's one of those One day One day Saints.

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So here I am having a little bit of a treat

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so many dreams

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in my life

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your dream my dream. Dream.

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You know that there are a lot of European expats living in a place when they have a place in the park. That is literally a dog park not a dog poop Park. But you have to take a look at this. It looks so much fun. I think I have to kidnap a dog just to bring them in here look

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you got a little jumpy thing is genuinely

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My biggest dream

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as a British person, that you just want to scoop up these cats and just take the home right? And then we don't understand this, you know, Muslim etiquette of letting the the the object be itself because they're praising align their own weight and let them be in their environment.

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You know, as a European, I struggle with Europeanism, which is you have to take things from their environment and improve it because we are the pinnacle of human creation. And everything's been leading to us here chaps that's still a little bit of us, isn't it? So we kind of really find it hard to grapple with the fact that oh my god animals living outside like what like wild things, but they're looked after outside mashallah so, so leave and be reasonably

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leave the world alone. Remember, he will remember my biggest dreams to see

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wait to see you.

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Way too fast.