Conceptualising Freedom in Islam

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Santa Monica one of them have Allahu Akbar to Al hamdu lillahi Hamza shirkey Deen wa Salatu was Salam O Allah See you then more saline. So you the now whenever you know Habibi now Mohammed subtle Allahu Allahu Allah early he was he was sending to Sleeman kathira a lot more suddenly I know Mohammed he was happy he was settling filler well in well suddenly we're settling Moses was very callous he didn't want to be you know, have you been a Mohammed in worldly he will be he will fit in. Or suddenly we're settling into a vertical. Let's say you didn't know whenever you know Mohammed in Mililani. A hammer I mean, we always begin by asking a lot of hands on with Allah to favor us

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with an increase in our Eman we send to a loss of Hannah homeware to add up our petition and request for his blessings upon now whenever you Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we testify with firmness and conviction that none is worthy of worship of Allah, then I wouldn't be a subtle Allahu alayhi wa sallam as his worshiping slave and find your messenger hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah. It's a great honor and hamdulillah that I have an opportunity to share with you virtually these few words in chat lump. And I pray the loss of Hannah who went to Allah increases our taqwa increases our output of righteousness internally so that it can show externally a lot. I mean, I would also like

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to thank those who have given me this opportunity and hamdulillah to share with you even if it is but a few words, that I pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala makes sincere, although we are across the seas and the oceans away from each other, I come to you live from Perth, Western Australia, here and I pre recorded this so that it could be something that

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you know, is of good benefit to you. I know there's time differences and other other considerations.

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I wanted to speak about freedom. And I wanted that to be something that we kind of think about a little bit Whoa, you know,

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freedom and liberty is one of the great needs of a loss of Hannah Montana. And it's one of the great defining aspirations that you humanity had. So I want you to think back to the very early Creation of Adam alley, his son Adam, and Adam alayhis. Salaam is created by Allah Subhana, Allah to Adam, and at that moment, it bleeds finds within himself a pride that leads to the MBBS state of kibble, and of arrogance towards a laws commandment. So he rejects the command of a law, to be subjugated, and to bow down to the authority of Adam. So when Billy's decides that I'm going to prove that I am or would have been more worthy of the love of God, of the worship of God, then this new creation,

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who has been created by God to be the, the great servant of Allah Subhana, Allah to Allah, and it bleeds begins to tempt Adam, color that we enter home, as your main in labor, the coming home and mozillazine I will subvert I will deceive, I will lead away from you, Oh Allah, all of them from this creation of Adam, his progeny and children. And I will prove to you that they are not as sincere as you believe, as you will intend for them to be they will reject faith in you, Oh Allah. Only those who will resist me are those who have a level of sincerity and connection that is seeking only you inwardly and outwardly or law, though, so I have a plus. So what is a belief set about

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doing what is the whisper within the chest of Adam alayhis salam, he promises him two things. And these are the two goals that motivate all human beings thereafter. And these are the two things that at least seeks to subvert you deceive you, alter you remove you from the recognition of your fifth or the naked recognition of your ultimate natural state of reality that you are obligated to a lot. So there are two attacks that the shaitan puts in tandem, one with each other. Against Adam, what are way What are they he says to Adam alayhis salam, if you were to eat from that tree,

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for Kula minha, if you were to take from the fruit of that tree, there will be two prophets, two things you will gain. What is it? You will have? shed Yamato? 10 hold where mukhin Diabla you will consume from the tree of eternal life you live forever.

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On the outside living forever, you know that? I don't have to worry about that. It's a nice concept. But could you imagine if you were 200 years old, but felt like you were 200 years old? Nobody would really want that. Yeah, you know, we have the debate about euthanasia and people having the choice to take their own life when they

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terminal illness. And so

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it's not enough just to live forever. So he says, Shadow hold the tree of eternal life one week. But you'll also have dominance Moloch, power, dominion, legaia blah, that will never leave you health, wealth, youth strength, prosperity, everything you want, and forever. for academic, human, however, Adam and his wife they eat from it, which is a natural human state that you and I find ourself when we forget our place with a law and that's one of the names that a law has described us with. There are two names in the form and the law describes human beings with insan, meaning the cognitive forgetful one. So Allah speaks about our mental state, cognitive psychological state, we are those

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who are prone to forgetting our stands to Allah we are those who forget that death will come we are those who forget that this world as much as we gather in it, we will depart from it with nothing yet insane, insane. So you are the forgetful one. But you are also vashaun your limo home Bashar, you are the hairless one. And that's part of the reasons you know, with the practices of our fifth Ratan Tata. You you you remove your pubic hair, you remove the hair from under your arms from your genital region, because that isn't like the hair on the top of your head. That hair is something that is coarser. It's a different type of hair than other parts of your body. It reminds you that you are

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merely an animal that walks the earth you are like Oh my moon emphatic, unlike many of the other things that walk but I've made you furless ones hairless ones, meaning that you are different and distinct from other mammals that move about this earth cognitively different physically. Remind yourself remove this make this to hada so it remind you I'm not like these other animals that roam the earth. When Allah subhanaw taala criticizes human beings who forget this, he says yet kulu now I am at their own outcome at Kunal Anam one now whom is one level, they try to eat and enjoy the the fruits of this world just consumption, eating and gorging themselves and defiling themselves

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sexually, but eventually, if they live that animalistic lifestyle, that Hellfire will be their abode because they have not taken use of their soul. They've taken use of their desire and made their doubts greater than what will bring them to faith for Flm in Adam and how wet they ate from it, and that's where they lose freedom. See, freedom for us as Muslims, is not that you and I are locked down. You know, I know with all of the COVID and all of the things. Freedom is not that I don't have the ability to move and go and come. Freedom is very much a state of mind. I can be I can be free.

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Even though confined, sheduled assignment, many Tamia, he speaks about that great Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam which is found in Sahih Bukhari and I want you to think of this hadith prophets I seldom said and do Nia seasonal movement. This worldly life is an imprisonment for the souls of the believers.

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Were genital catheter but it is the short Jenna the short for flowering garden of the unbeliever because they have short pieces of time Allah says in solo to call her when that time we deny naked lmm at the nav as well as your main home xalatan higher to junior lien Athena home fee. Don't let your eyes wander to the flowering blossom of this happiness of life that they delight in these unbelievers. It is but a flower that blooms and then will depart but that which you have as badly as to slightly higher on anger be that which is maintained and sustained and kept in store with you between you and Allah. That is where true freedom and true liberty will be. So Adam makes that

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mistake. He misunderstood very early on that freedom many human beings May Allah protect you and I from it, we fall in this mistake, may Allah correct us and bring us out of it. I fall into it, you fall into it we forget. Right? So Adam is lm he forgot that freedom is not to have whatever you want when you want it to do what you want. He forgot that freedom is to follow the light of Allah that gives you a freedom that you can't attain outside for men out of that victory Fenella humare schatten banca Allah says the one who turns away from my reminder from the remembered from that which will keep them whole from that which will keep them pure from that which seems inconvenient,

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and and difficult, but that which will give greater Liberty when it really matters to a new level. Mm hmm. But they will be the ones who have a depressive life. A different

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Life, we're not sure who you're meant calamity I'm not because on the Day of Judgment, they will come blind to the reality of what they should have been clear sighted about that the next life he ohioan is the one of in eternal animation of happiness and enjoyment and contentment.

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Whenever a human being is referred to as a slave,

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it is dehumanizing. It's debasing. It is a great insult, that you know, somebody is ABD.

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It is the usurpation, the taking of all of your power, your autonomy, your authority, your ability to choose away from you. And this is one of the things that Allah gave humanity the ability to choose that which the angels don't have Lange mellonella lantana you will only know what You have taught us we only lay out soon Allah Hama, Amara home insalata darim, they cannot disobey your command given to them by Allah. But you and I have been given a choice. It's one of the issues of welaka run napanee Adam, I've elevated mankind within nobility and honor for them to have the choice to come and serve me. See, the issue about freedom is not that I can choose to do what I want.

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enslavement is that when a person's rights are taken from them by another, when somebody tells you when to eat, what to eat, what to wear, how to wear and go when come and what job and what you can and can't do, where to live, how long you live, your life is forfeit, your decisions are in their hand. It is the most dehumanizing and debasing sense of feeling, but that is the definition of you and I as a Muslim as it relates to a law not to other human beings. And the Sahaba they would say when they would stand in front of kings, we were sent to convert and bring people from their servitude to other man to their servitude to the Lord of all men.

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Everybody's a slave of something. Some people just don't know that they're slaves. Some people don't know they're slaves to a system. Some people don't know that they're slaves to their debts. Some people have purposefully invested themselves in making themselves a slave by buying what they can't afford by entering into a user risk rebirth system. They have put themselves under subjugation and Allah subhana wa tada he says to us will law who is and he he is the one without need your prayers are of no consequence to Allah. They don't elevate a law they don't humble of law if you pray more it doesn't increase a laws magnificence if you pray if you ignore your prayer, it doesn't demean or

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debase or dishonor Allah subhana wa tada

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for the NFC man I mean aside the unfairly NFC The one who does good it's for yourself, It's for your own good.

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When your rights are taken from you by another creative being by another human being, it's the most humiliating thing but the greatest title that you and I have is Abdullah, the one who chose to make God their master, for whoever rubbed the Lord will enter lapped the slave, and therefore that recognition is the greatest liberty and freedom that a human being can attain in this worldly life during this worldly life. Because it sets you as being ready for the enslavement to a lot in this life makes you ready for the kingdom of Allah subhanho wa Taala that you will inherit your newly forming a body that men cannot have Leah I give it as an inheritance deserve it to those who have a

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sense of righteous conduct and piety in their belief internally and externally. Well, I'm not allowed to send them hours before his death

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he heard people making praise of him and he said don't don't overly praise me. The way the Jews and Christians praise their profits and Bs because look, were led the Christians to deifying Are you sad, isn't it? When I can Hulu Abdullah, when you describe me say you have to do love the slave of God the worshipping slave of God, the one who was Muslim, submitted. See there's some people in the world today they want to be Muslim without submission. They want to be Muslim without letting God lead they want to be Muslim without letting Allah be the one who decides but your enslavement to Allah is a testimony that you are prepared to forego moments of joy moments of desires fulfilled

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moments of lust having been consumed because you have a greater aim in the next life. Now lots of hunting with Allah. He describes why a valuable rock man those who are worshipers of men notice a bad man, the worshipers of a man why a rock man

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Because you don't want to be slave of the one who is going to punish you. You want to be a slave of the one whose greed is quality capital buco, Milan FC urashima, is that he has enjoined upon himself mercy subhanho wa Taala. And this is your Lord, the Lord of mercy, man, it is the one quality the one name and attribute of a law that it's used unilaterally other than the title, the name of law in every other place in the world, and it's always combinations and how you look at your medical molecule Jelani will Ekrem. I'll have your Latif Allah, Allah you love him, but on its own, a Roman the merciful subhanho wa Taala because that's his greatest quality that he seeks for us to aspire

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towards him through you being a Muslim, meaning you are a submitter to attain that peace in the next life and peace and stability in this life. I must submit what I wear, when I wear it, how I wear, who can see me with it on and who can't. What I eat, when I eat when I came to eat, even how we use, you know the mundane issues such as relieving ourselves and going to the bathroom is scripted by the student of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and therefore that higher sense of freedom, that ability to find freedom, even in lockdown that ability to be able to submit to the orders of Allah to submit to the authority that he has ordered upon us to submit to the authority of

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those who govern amongst us, in that which is pleasing to Allah subhana wa tada who don't force us to do that which is against our faith, to submit and wholeheartedly be a part of that process is a great way of honoring that relationship of being servants of Allah slaves of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. Look at the words of the prophets. I seldom are the to be let hear of that. Will Islami Deena Mohammed in Salalah. Hollywood sentimental never you want to sue they should say this in the morning and in that night, three times in the morning three times in the evening before you sleep and when you wake up early to be late Europe will Islamic Dina will be Mohammed Nebbiolo Sula, or need to be

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left here about what will Islam do Mohammed in Evian water soda so I tell him, I'm content with a law as my Lord I don't care what what you say what you hate about me and my faith and a law and I'm content with whatever Allah has given me of good I'm content with whatever difficulty and hardship I was given me. I'm content with the illnesses I have the debts that I own the difficulties My family is in the loss of job that I'm in the circumstance I'm content, I will never waver from love of Allah Subhana Allah because he is always a rock man, even when things are difficult, and they could be more difficult without his mercy.

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What Islam I'm content with Islam, I'm content that I don't eat pork, I'm content that I don't commit Zina. I'm content that I'll never own a huge home because I'm going to attain it through Riba and usury. That is a detriment to the rest of society. I'm content that I'm not going to sell myself for this dounia and forget my asset, I'm content that I'm going to invest in my home in my family and my wife and my children, my husband, I'm content that I'm going to build rather than destroy, I'm content to be quiet if I have nothing good to say I'm content, to be a person who may be hurt but will not be hurt, hurting to others. I would rather be hurt than to hurt somebody else with

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oppression. What Islam I'm content to submit to the order of Allah send me now a partner that when I hear I obey, I'm content to struggle against the desires that I have that are animalistic in nature and pull me away from the path of God. Well, Islam, the net webbing, Mohammed Salah, like I said, I've never gone on solar, and I'm contend to find freedom in Mohammed being my guiding light, the sooner that I seek to follow the path that I put my foot in following his tradition, Sall Allahu alayhi wa sallam, and they pray that through this, we can come to understand that irrespective of any ism, you know,

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any any type of political system communism, capitalism, whatever system we find Islam has always thrived because we're able as Muslims to come in Word towards our relationship with Allah and we find that Islam is what gives us liberty. What law he don't fear for our Deen, don't fear for Islam fear for us as Muslims, fear whether we will remain firm upon the truth because we live in times today, as the Prophet described, it's like holding on to a burning brand of coal. It's difficult to remain firm upon faith. But remember that story of Adam,

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that even when Adam made that mistake, could you imagine some Hanalei Adam is in Jenna, Adam is with the angels. Adam has all of the Miramar of Allah Subhana Allah and yet he commits to this season.

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Even more sorry celeb Nan eatable emammal Buhari, ha Jomo Moosa is you know, angered when he's met Adam, he says to Adam agenda, he says, How can you eat from the tree? And Adam says, this is something that I you know, I was put into something that was a test that I failed at something that how can you blame me for something that I did not plan on initially I it was a circumstance that Allah Subhana Allah has written upon me that I wouldn't be tested in this way. But the rejoicing is in how Adam returns to Allah. Call our better. See, that's the secret of success. That's the true freedom, that there's never a barrier between you and Allah. There's never anything that holds you

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back from coming back to Allah there's no nothing to stop you from whatever danger you found in your endangered your soul with from ever returning back to Allah, what an evil you don't become returned to your Lord Wesley moolah and find your submission. Give yourself and your freedom over to Allah. Let Allah decide that which is important, who I marry, who I don't marry, what I eat, what I don't eat, how I pray, and when I pray, make the decisions that are empowered from your life led by the direction of the Sharia and the path of Allah and that which is in harmony and peace with the societies that we live in. I pray that Allah subhana wa to Allah blesses you my dear brothers and

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sisters in the Philippines. That alone makes this virtual gathering a gathering of how you I don't want to lie. You've been blessed with wonderful contributors. Dr. Mohamed Salah, and you know, our brother, Mufti mink, our dear brother, our inviter, desirable affair coordinator, our brother white liberal Rahim, all of the others Mashallah who are coming in together your local status and aroma and May Allah subhana wa tada make it one of harmony in collaboration and I pray that Allah allows us the opportunity to visit with each other and to benefit with each other when suddenly love man was sending was into a verticality didn't want to be you know, Mohamed, Salah la vida you either

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early wasapi or sell into Sleeman kathira your brother your hair, Brahim humbly and respectfully from Perth, Western Australia was set everyone equal was not a lie. He wasn't a cat