Yasir Qadhi – Concept of Tawbah & attaining Allah’s forgiveness

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the concept of hesitation, which is the month of Islam, and the concept of hesitation, which is the month of hesitation of Islam. They emphasize that everyone who tries to achieve their blessedness and forgiveness will have all of their sins forgiven, and that hesitation is the ability to have all of one's sins forgiven. The speakers also discuss the importance of forgiveness, perfection of forgiveness, and giving back, as well as the struggles of the Uighur population and the importance of healthy behavior and gratitude. They also mention the upcoming month of charity, which is the month of charity, but the day of charity is the Day of Judgment.
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In that hamdulillah Nigel who want to start you know who want to still fiddle when I was a biller, Himanshu Rudy and fusina Woman sejati Medina, Maria de la who Philomel de la la warmer you didn't HuFa la had yella what shadow Allah illallah wa Haider Hona Shetty kala y shadow under Mohamed an average Joe who are pseudo? Yeah U haul Latina Armano taco la haka to quality wala temotu illa. One to Muslim on. Yeah Johanna so Taco Bell como la vie Holla hakomi Neff Sinha Haider wahala coming Huzzah. Jaha Weber Semin Houma de Jalan Cathy wrong one is what taco la Hala de Tessa Luna be here well or ham in Allah her Kana ID equal Morocco Eva. Yeah you hola Nina Amano taco la ha Kudo colon

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city that useless La La como yo feiyr.com The Rubicon woman Utah Ella whare Sula, who forgot the first frozen Alima Amma buried Medina Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam. In the famous Hadith that we all hear about regarding the month of Ramadan. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is reported to have said that the first 10 days of Ramadan is are the 10 days of Rama and the second 10 days or the 10 days of Mo Farah and the final 10 days or the 10 days to be freed from the fire of *, a wahoo Rama whoa subtle humo FIRA will ask you to hold each coalminer neuron, Rocco Jose Emma Besana, then fee hilife Enya seal. So in this hadith we learned that Ramadan has three phases to it.

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The first is Allah's mercy. The second is Allah's forgiveness. And the third is to be freed from the fire of *, and mercy and forgiveness and freeing from the fire of * are all interconnected. They're all related. Because Allah's Mercy entails Allah's forgiveness, and Allah forgiving you means what? That you are saved from the fire of *. And so in this month, the month of mercy and the month of forgiveness, and the month of being saved from the fire of *, it is important for all of us to perfect our repentance to Allah because this is the month of repentance, the Prophet sallallahu either he was seldom linked so many actions of this month to having our sins forgiven to

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having our repentance accepted. Whoever fast the days of Ramadan with iman and expecting Allah's rewards will have all of his sins forgiven. Whoever's prays at night throughout the nights of Ramadan with Eman expecting Allah's reward will have all of his sins forgiven. Whoever prays on Laylatul cuddle with Eman expecting Allah's reward will have all of his sins forgiven. Notice all of the sins forgiven all of the sins forgiven all of the sins forgiven. In the famous Hadith in Sahih, Bahati our Prophet SAW Selim is climbing the member. And he says, I mean, I mean, I mean, we know this famous Hadith every time he says Amin, and they asked him, Why did you say I mean a messenger

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of Allah. And so he said, Jubilee came to me and told me a certain phrase, and then say, Say amen to that phrase. And the phrase we're interested in one of them is that Omaha, Miss awesome. Andy, one of your OMA, who catches the month of Ramadan, and is not able to have his sins forgiven, then may he perish, say, I mean, so the Prophet system said, I mean, meaning the month of Ramadan is the month of forgiveness of sins. And even the average mediocre below average person who is not that practicing has the ability to have all of his sins forgiven in this month. In fact, the only person that doesn't have that ability is somebody who is doomed to perish anyway. Oh Mohamed, any of your

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OMA who catches the month of Ramadan, and yet still does not manage to have his sins forgiven, then may he perish, say, I mean, so the person has said, mean, and the Prophet system never made dua against a righteous person against a good person. So the fact that he's making dua against somebody who doesn't manage to have his sins forgiven and Ramadan shows that this person has no hope whatsoever. If you don't get your act together in Ramadan, if you're not able to get Allah's forgiveness in Ramadan, then really you have no hope whatsoever of Allah's forgiveness. That is the message that is being given. Now, that's a scary message, but there's also a positive light and the

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positive light is what that therefore, the bar has been lowered so much that everybody who puts in the effort, everybody who tries and attempts to have his sins forgiven will indeed have his sins forgiven. That is the beauty and the blessedness of this month. So we need to realize and appreciate and be aware of the concept of repent

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Since unforgiveness and how do we attain Allah's forgiveness, my dear brothers and sisters, it is well known to all of us that we have been created as a special creation of Allah. And if we understand one important facet of this, it actually helps us to deal with our own sins, realize Allah did not create us to be perfect. He already had the angels for that Allah did not create us to be sinless, the angels are already there. In fact, when Allah created us, and the angels came to know that we are going to be sinful creatures, that we will commit the greatest of x, the worst of murderers, that we will go around killing people. And in fact, even Subhan Allah today, so many

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tragedies have happened around the world of people killing one another in this holy month. And the angels knew that this was in the nature of man. So they said, Oh Allah, why would you do this? They're not questioning Allah's wisdom to challenge him. They're questioning Allah's wisdom to get an answer for themselves, Oh Allah, why would you do this? Why would you create a creation that will do the worst of deeds? They will worship other than you, they will kill other people? They will cause blood to flow? Yes, we call that demand. Why would you do that when we are here perfect. Worshiping you, never stopping in that worship, never retiring. We don't sleep we don't eat, we

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don't drink we're constantly doing Vicodin, this be an a bother. Why would you do that? And Allah said, What in the ILM will monitor the moon, I know that which you do not know. And our scholars have commented on this. And much, of course, is said here, but for the purposes of our football, there's one tangent This is not the only thing that is one tangent. That's ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala does perfection requires the existence of multiple creations. Some of them are constantly worshipping Allah, just as such as the angels, but the angels never commit sins. So how could Allah's perfection in his mercy be demonstrated with the existence of the angels when the angels

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never sin? When the angels are flawless, then how could Allah's Rama be manifested in order to manifest Allah's Rama? Allah's ma Farah Allah's Karim, you need the existence of a creation that is a sinful creation. And this is one of the wisdom there, of course, many more, one of the wisdoms of the creation of man, that man is that creation, in which Allah has Rama and Martha and Karim can be manifested in a manner that it cannot be manifested even in the angels. And we get this even from the story of Adam alayhis salam from the very beginning of times, Adam and Iblees, look at the story of Adam alayhis salaam. And it is much lessons and parables and I've given an entire 15 hour series

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on the creation of Adam here in this masjid and the benefits of the creation of Adam. And we went over this in a lot of detail. Look at the fact that Allah created Adam, with his own hands, placed him in Jannah gave him everything that he wanted. And yet despite all of this, our father, Adam was a human when he fell into a sin. After how long we don't know, millenia billion years, we don't know he was in Jannah for a long period of time. And finally he slipped even in Jannah. He slipped. Why, because not because of gender because he's human, because he's human. In our father Adam, we have a role model not in the sin, but in the response to the sin. We have a role model and what needs to be

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done when we slip as well. When we slip as well. Look, Adam disobeyed Allah subhanho wa Taala IBLEES as well disobeyed ALLAH SubhanA wa taala. The difference between Adam and shaytaan was not in committing a sin. Both of them committed a sin. The difference was in the response to that sin. When Adam committed his sin, what did Adam do? He recognized his mistake. And he realized he had made a mistake. And he asked Allah to forgive him with genuine real grief and regret and remorse and repentance for tele Adam O'Meara he can imagine for taba ID are up by now of alumna and fusina We're in limbo fildena Water Hamdard and Hakuna nominal Cassadine Oh our Lord I have wronged our we have

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wronged ourselves my wife and I we have wronged ourselves. This is our fault. I made the mistake Robina vana and fusina were in limbo fildena And if you don't forgive us what are how many men have mercy on us? Pause you. Ramadan is the month of Mo Farah and Rama. Ramadan is the month of Mo Farah and Rama Adam is saying we're in love Tell Fiddler now what are Hamner then Hakuna nominal ha seating we will be of those who are completely destroyed and lost meaning going to jahannam and Ramadan is the month to be saved from Jahannam so my dear brothers and sisters, what then is this concert

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cept of Toba and how can we perfect our Toba in this month of Ramadan? Well realize as I said, that all of us are sinners, all of us without exception. No human being is flawless and perfect. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said kulambu Adam Akaka, every single son of Adam, son and daughter of Adam is a sinner. Without any exception, couldn't look to Adam Hata were Hyrule Hatha, in a terroir boon, but the best of sinners. So you see, the category is not sinner and sin less. That is the problem that many Muslims make. They think I'm a sinful person. I'm not good. I'm not perfect. Allah will never forgive me. That psychological premise is wrong. This hadith tells us

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everybody is a sinner. You know that guy you think that righteous person you know that Adam, that chef that Hatfield? Anybody you look up to wala he they are sinners just like you, they are sinners, their sins might be different, but they are sinners. Nobody is perfect. Everybody commits mistakes and sins, that greatest item to the lowest worshipper. All of them are sinners could love it to Adam Akata. The prophets themselves have committed minor infractions, not major sins. Obviously the prophets are role models, they even their sins are slips their sins are very trivial compared to in fact, some of us wouldn't even consider them to be sins, but still, the prophets at times do things

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that they're not supposed to do. We know our father Adam, he was a prophet. What did he do? He did not follow the commandments. Allah said don't eat what happened after tempting after trying after Allah knows how many millions of years what happened, he did indeed eat of the tree. Musa alayhis salam repented to Allah Furama of Allah Allah subhana kotoba to Lake Musa said I seek your forgiveness. I repent unto you, Eunice Ali has salam from the heart of the whale from the belly of the whale. What did he say? When I feel a little mighty Allah Illa highlanders with Anika in the consuming of volume in I was of those who made a mistake, our profit system who is the perfect human

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being as much as possible, he is the perfect human being as much as perfection is possible in human beings. What did he tell us? Well, Allah He in nila, Estelle Fudo in Allahu alayhi. fille yo Mia Ackerman, Mira Tamara, I swear by Allah every day I turn to Allah and ask Him to forgive me more than 100 times daily, more than 100 times daily. And he was the one himself who said, None of you will enter Jana with your own good deeds, you will not earn Jana and they said what are untire Rasool Allah even you O Messenger of Allah, and he responded, even me what Ana Illa and yet al Madani la houfy Right Mati only and until Allah envelopes me in his Rama envelopes me in his Rama,

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then I can enter Jana. So the point being this psychological premise of shaytaan coming to you and saying, oh, you know, you're too sinful. You have done so many bad deeds, who are you to ask for Allah's forgiveness, there is no point. This psychological premise is the problem. Rather, we should understand that all of us are sinners, and the best of sinners will hide will hotdog in a toe Boon are those who repent to Allah subhana wa taala. Allah created us one of the wisdoms of Allah creating us was so that we could ask for Allah's forgiveness. I want you to understand this point. One of the wisdoms for Allah creating us is so that we could ask for Allah azza wa jal is

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forgiveness. And in fact, this is explicitly mentioned in a number of traditions in a hadith in Sahih, Muslim our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Lola under come to the new Boon leather have Allah who become if you stopped committing sins, Allah would cause you guys to go away. Allah would cause you to go away and he would bring another group or another creation because you can ask God that are sinning. Now before I move on, imagine this hadith here. I want you to visualize this if all human beings became perfect if everybody followed the Shetty out 100% What is the process I'm saying? Allah would love to have a become it would get rid of all of you. He already has the angels

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he doesn't need the humans to be perfect. He would get rid of all of you. And then he would bring another group or another creation because you can have it could mean another generation it could mean another creation behalten alpha and they would commit sins. Now. Does Allah love sins? No, Allahu Allah does not love sins. So then why would he bring a creation that would commit sins? The hadith goes on. They would commit sins fire Estelle field owner who then they will

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would ask Him to forgive. And then for yellowfin alone he would forgive them. Allah does not love the sin, but Allah loves the repentance of the sinner. Allah does not love the sin. No, nobody can say this. But Allah does love the repentance of the sinner. And the repentance has to come from a sinner. You have to be a sinner in order to repent. So what does Allah love the repentance, who can repent the sinner and therefore of the wisdoms of Allah creating us imperfect is that we turn to him constantly we ask us forgiveness over and over and over again. Our prophets, Allah Allahu Allah, he was sending them has told us this reality in this day and so he Muslim and ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala

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himself mentions this word to it Allah He Jimmy and a u haul. Mortmain ona La La come to flee one. Oh you who believe all of you repent Unto Allah, if you want to be successful, the only way to achieve success is not to become sinless. That's not even possible. It's not even human. You know, the famous poet of of English said What To err is human. And that is an Islamic reality to forgive his divine that is an Islamic reality indeed to earn as human. This is a Hadith Coolblue Adam ohata Every single son of Adam is a sinner. So the goal is not to become sin less because that is an unreasonable unfeasible, it is simply an unachievable goal. We are all sinners, the golden is what

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the goal is to be the best of sinners and what is the best of sinners. The best of sinners are those who repent well hodl have taught him a terroir boon and that is why my dear brothers and sisters, if one of the wisdoms of Allah creating us was to manifest His mercy, it is not a surprise it is not a coincidence that in the Quran, of the most common motifs of the names of Allah revolves around mercy and forgiveness. Allah azza wa jal has an infinite number of names of them are 99 that he has chosen and made special and these are known to us in the Quran and Sunnah. And if you look at those 99 names in the Quran and Sunnah, yes, they're divided into categories, but the bulk of the categories

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of the names of Allah azza wa jal, they sent around the concept of mercy and forgiveness, the bulk of the names of Allah that are available to us. And again, I repeat, there are infinite Names of Allah that are not known to us. But in the Quran what we know if you were to compile this list of 99 and even more than 99 because in fact there are more than 99 that you compiled there 99 That are extra special, the number one motif of the bulk and the majority of the names is Allah is Rama and forgiveness out Rahman r Rahim Allah Muhammad Rahim in Jairo Rahim in Hyrule, halfling Allahu Allah far to worship Allah dude al Karim. Look at all of these names of Allah and each one of them has a

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connotation and a meaning that the other does not have an complimenting together. They demonstrate for us that our Lord is a merciful Lord. What does Allah say in the Quran cuts about a book from Allah enough See he what a ram when Allah created the creation, he decreed one attribute on himself shall be the Paramount Paramount attribute, one attribute will be the Paramount attribute. Khattab Rob boom, Allah enough see her Rama Your Lord has decreed upon himself no one can decree upon Allah. Only Allah can decree upon himself, your Lord has decreed upon himself that he shall be merciful. This is the number one attribute that Allah has obligated on himself and in our traditions. This is

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the verse in the Quran. In Hadith in Sahih Bukhari our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that before Allah created the creation, he wrote in a book that is with him, meaning his own book, he wrote in a book that is with him in Marathi, tells the liberal hobby, My Mercy, my compassion shall always overcome my anger. This is the rule that Allah has decreed on himself when he created the creation in Marathi, Telugu hobby my ramaa shall overcome my anger. So your Lord has decreed mercy for himself and your Lord has decreed that mercy shall always overcome his wrath and his anger. When you know this reality, then how can anybody lose hope of the Mercy of Allah subhanahu wa taala My

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dear brothers and sisters, no one reads the Quran except that they are overwhelmed with the sheer quantity and the quality of verses that mentioned Allah's forgiveness. Allah subhana wa Tada asks us to repent, are Furla to guna it Allah who were still following? Why don't they turn to Allah? Why don't they ask His forgiveness. Now this verse is revealed in regards to pagans, idol worshipers, and that is the worst sin that you carve a statue and you bow down to him. And Allah says to them, Why don't

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They come to me and hola hola for Rahim and Allah is Allah for and Rahim and ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada mentions in the Quran only arriba the Alladhina Astra for Allah and fusi him and this verse by the way and has an apostle and so many other scholars they said, this verse in the Quran is the most optimistic and awe inspiring verse in the whole Quran. It is the most optimistic verse in the whole Quran. What verse is this? holier Eva De La Nina Astra for Allah and fusi him lotta are not women Rahmatullah in Allah yo food with little by Jamia in the Horn of whare em say all my servants who have transgressed against yourselves, you have committed sins against yourselves, do not give up

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hope of Allah's mercy. Latok not only Rahmatullah. Don't despair, don't become despondent. This is a trap from Shaytaan shaytaan will come to you and tell you, you're not going to be forgiven. You've done this you've done that. You're not going to get forgiven. And Allah says Lata cannot remember Rahmatullah never give up hope of Allah's mercy in the Lucha yo through to the Nuba Jamia, Allah can forgive all sins. No exceptions are made in this verse, zero exceptions and this is the reality. There is nothing that Allah azza wa jal will not forgive upon this the sinner who repents absolutely nothing, even the sin of shirk. Allah will forgive with repentance and repentance for sure because

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what is to accept Islam, even the most sherek will be forgiven when he returns to Allah subhana wa Tada will Allah Who for Rahim realized my dear brothers and sisters, that because Allah has attributed mercy to himself, because mercy is the primary characteristic because your Lord has decreed upon himself mercy. Then anybody who doubts this, anybody who negates this, anybody who believes that Allah's Mercy is inaccessible to him or her, that belief is one of the worst insults to Allah subhana wa Tada. I repeat the notion or the psychological frame of mind to think I am too sinful for Allah to forgive me, that frame of mind, that belief is I swear by Allah infinitely more

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sinful than any sin you might have committed.

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That belief of assuming that Allah cannot forgive you, is a much bigger sin in the eyes of Allah, then whatever sin you might possibly have done in this world, why? Because when you challenge Allah's mercy, you are restricting the infinite, you are claiming

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that you your puny self, you are so sinful, that Allah's infinite mercy cannot encompass you, who do you think you are? That you are challenging the Mercy of Allah and saying, Allah cannot forgive me? Who do you think you are? That you tell on to Allah, Allah is not able to forgive me, put yourself in your place, well Allah He Allah can forgive you and an infinite number like you and it will not affect the mercy and the justice of Allah. And Allah explicitly mentions this in the Quran and our prophecies and mentions us in the Quran. That to in the edit that to give up hope of Allah's Mercy is a far bigger crime than anything else that you can commit. In one ayah of the Quran, Allah

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subhanho wa Taala says that woman yuck not to be ill Akbar loon who can This is Ibrahim speaking in the Quran, who can give up hope? Who possibly despairs of Allah's Rama? Except people who are completely misguided? How can you give up hope of Allah is Rama and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Akbar rule kabbah era. See there's three types of sins there's so hero, there's Kabira then there's a Kabarole kabbah there's major sins minor sins, then there's the major of the major sins, ie these are the mortal sins, the worst sins, a COBOL kabbah era, the biggest of all sins, he said, is to commit shidduch with Allah number one, of course that's the biggest sin number two on

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this list, while on automa Rahmatullah and to give up hope of Allah Rama. Now imagine this list you know, when you read this hadith initially, like what is this got to do with anything? Why would this be on the list of the biggest of the big I mean, worse than murder is to give up hope of Allah's mercy, imagine worse than * worse than this is to give up hope of Allah's mercy. Why? Because when you say that Allah cannot forgive you, you are a star for Allah limiting the unlimited. You are putting a cap on Allah's Rama and that is an insult of the highest magnitude to the right man to the Rahim to the money to the produce. So Akbar rule kabbah the biggest of all sins is number one, to

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worship a false god. Number two to give a hope of Allah

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Rama number three to despair of Allah's mercy. Well yeah Sumit Rohilla which means to despair of Allah's help, and they're both the same thing that you believe that Allah will not answer your DUA in that case. So the third one is that you say Allah is not going to answer my daughter not that's not going to happen to me. Who are you to limit Allah's aid and Allah's help? The point being my dear brothers and sisters in this month of Ramadan, in this month of Mo Farah in this month of Rama in this month of being saved from the fire of *, this is the month of turning to Allah subhanahu Attallah This is the month of turning over and you leave What did our Prophet says and I'm saying

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that Ramadan, Ramadan from one Ramadan to the next Ramadan will be a cathartic for all that has happened in between them as long as the major sins are avoided. This is the month that we turn to Allah promised to have a new lifestyle, get rid of the sins repent to them. And repentance, my dear brothers and sisters is not a complicated process. It's a very simple, very easy process. And very briefly, how does one repent? First and foremost, one needs to feel a sense of genuine regret and remorse. Without feeling regret, there is no repentance. Our Prophet says that I'm said another demo Tober another Matoba memorizes the two words and Adam is to feel guilty. Toba is Tober another mu

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Tober. So the essence of Toba is to feel guilty. So there must be an inner sense of guilt. I have done something wrong. I should not have done that. And the greater the guilt, the greater the Toba. Okay, that is the essence of Toba and the second is then to turn to Allah and ask for forgiveness verbally to ask Allah for forgiveness and this is done through 1000s of vicars into ours, Allah homophily Robin, Philly Allama Nico for Rahim. Robina, phenomena and fusina anything even in your language, Urdu, Arabic, Swahili, whatever, it doesn't matter. ask Allah to forgive you with a genuine heart. And of course the best forgiveness are those we mentioned in a number of lectures

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I've given in the Quran as well Robin avana and fusina wylam Talk fildena What are Hamner then Hakuna in the middle hustling as well the famous dua which is called say you don't still fall. And I don't have time to say all of it. It's a paragraph long. And it's an every two hour book, say you do still follow our process. Some said the say you do is still far or the best of all is too far. It's like three four lines, memorize it and use it in your two hours. So the second thing is you ask Allah for forgiveness. And then the third to show your perfection of forgiveness is to make up for those sins by doing extra good deeds. And this is human nature. My dear brothers and sisters, if we

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have done wrong to a loved one, suppose we hurt somebody, we hurt our spouse and we're regretful where we're sorrowful for what we've done, what do we do after that not only do we have regret, not only do we say I'm sorry, we then make it up with what with good manners with good luck. This is human nature. So similarly, when Allah his method of Allah, when we commit a sin, we feel the guilt, we ask Allah forgiveness, then what do we do, we do extra good deeds, because we realize that one side of the scale has gotten heavier, we need to make the other side heavier. So we do extra good deeds, extra salah, extra dhikr, extra novel, whatever we can do in order to make the extra thing

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heavier. And then the final condition only applies when you have wronged another human being. These three conditions apply when it's between you and Allah. So drinking drugs, you know, any type of personal sin that you do, and you want to repent from that, right? So these are the three things feeling guilty, asking Allah to forgive turnover, and you leave, stop this in and do good deeds, okay, these are the three things, suppose you did something to another human being stole his money, okay, or you back by did you said something, then a fourth condition is added here. Because now you have to do these three in the hack of Allah. Now you have the fourth and the hack of this human

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being. And that is to get somehow his forgiveness as well. And this can be done in many ways. The easiest is to ask forgiveness of him point blank. And this is the bravest thing to do. But it's not always the wisest thing. Sometimes people will actually not appreciate that. If you feel that they are mature enough, you go to them and you confess, you know what, I made a mistake. I said something about you, I shouldn't have said I asked you for the sake of Allah to forgive me if you know that the brother or the sister is mature enough and that he or she will forgive you. That's the safest because now you are 100% scot free. There are other things that can be done in case that cannot be

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done. The second thing that you can do is to praise the person or give the opposite. If you stole his money. Now you have to give that money in sadaqa on his behalf, not your behalf, that may Allah reward him and then give some extra to exploit it for yourself. So whatever you've done, you kind of make it up behind his back. If you back baited him, then the same guy that means that you smeared him, you praise Him and you go extra in praising Him so that whatever damage you done is going to be

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basically wiped away and of course you can always give him good deeds. Always give him good deeds that if you have done it

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wrong to somebody in this case, you are completely justified in gifting him a good deed even when he or she is alive, because now you're doing it in order to basically get rid of your own guilt conscience, which is highlighted now. So you can give $10 $100 Whatever damage you think you've done, put a monetary value on yourself, and then say, Oh, well, this is for him, because what I have done for him so that on the Day of Judgment, it's equal so that I don't have to come and give my Hessonite and say, yeah, these are the four. These are the four conditions when you commit a sin against another human being, I conclude the first football by that beautiful Hadith, which, which

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hmm, and now he has placed in his 40 Hadith that famous and beautiful Hadith that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada said, that Yebin Adam, Oh, son of Adam, in Nicoma Tao 20 What are Jotun is referred to like a water or body that Oh, son of Adam, as long as you make dua to me, and as long as you put your hope in me, I will continue to forgive you and I don't care what sins you have. Yep, Anna Adam, lo Bella Luna Buka Anna Anna sama. If your sins have reached the clouds in the heavens, if your sins have reached the clouds in the heavens, some must tell her attorney then you came to me seeking my forgiveness as a photo to Lukka wanna Oh, Polly. I

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will forgive all of it. And I won't even care meaning how large the sins were. Yep. Anna Adam, though in a teeny tiny bit, Oroville all the Hatha Yoga thermadata nila to Sri Kobe che and let's say to Kobe corabi Her Mo Farah oh son of Adam, if you came to me with an earth full of sins, and you met me having worship me without worshipping any false god, meaning being a good repentant Muslim, I will meet you with an earth full of Mo Farah and I will not care Allah azza wa jal does not care about the quantity of your sins. He cares about the quality of your repentance. That is one of the wisdoms why Allah has created us Baraka Lord, were open for quite an old name. We're gonna

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find a way to combat a female with a game called Omata. Simone was tough for a lot of the muddy welcome what he said Mr. minimalism and festival voodoo who in the hood of food or Rahim?

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah helwa hadn't had a summit Allah de la myriad wala mula welcome your caller who phoned whereby you can have the brothers please move forward. There are people sitting outside and we don't want them to sit outside. My dear brothers and sisters in this hot month of June and almost July now when we are fasting with great difficulty. It is imperative on us to appreciate the blessings of Allah on us when we look at what is happening in the Muslim ummah right now even today as we speak. Well Allah here we are so blessed, my dear brothers and sisters, that the only thing we have to worry about is to feel a little bit thirsty because of the sun. There are

00:33:00 --> 00:33:43

millions of Muslims millions around the world right now as we speak, that are struggling with so many different issues. Where does one even begin whereby the list is on and on and daily daily, the list increases the Muslims of China. We have seen the reality of what's happening with the Uighur population. The Uighur population is Turkistan, where the Chinese government has banned them from fasting. And in fact government employees and there are photographs that you can see online, government employees are being tested to see whether they fast or not. And if there is an assumption of them fasting, they are literally held down and water is poured in their throats. Because they

00:33:43 --> 00:34:24

have their own reasons for wanting to get rid of this, the Muslims of China in that province and the government has now imposed restrictions on women wearing the hijab on brothers and sisters fasting on even brothers having beards all of these restrictions are an input. So the entire population of the Uighur province is now struggling with the freedom to fast in the month of Ramadan. We are all aware as well that in so many places in the world food and water is a problem. The Rohingya Muslims, they have barely anything to eat. The Syrian refugees, which has now reached over they say 7 million and will lie even 7 million is probably on the lower on the lower scale of what's actually

00:34:24 --> 00:34:59

happening. And they're living in shanty towns and these people were just like us middle class going around their lives. But because of protecting their families protecting their children. They've been forced to flee into shanty towns living in accommodations that are unbearable food and water is literally being donated to them. And they used to have comfortable lives but Allah has tested them, and Allah knows best who the test will come to next. So our brothers and sisters that are refugees, not just the Syrian refugees, but all refugees. What how are they even breaking their fast look at what is happening. There were fatawa given last year. It's a really sad situation where

00:35:00 --> 00:35:35

Some of the Syrians actually asked for it was to eat haram things because there was nothing else to eat. And this is well known you can see it on YouTube that they would call up to a show and say, Chef, we have nothing to eat, can we slaughter cats and dogs because we have nothing else to eat for Iftar. This was the fatwa that was being given. And it is well known. There are a number of instances where this has been documented, they were forced to do this, as well. We look at the situation across the globe, natural disasters as well. We know what's happening in Pakistan with the heatwave. And they say at least 1700 people and some people tell me that the figure is much higher,

00:35:35 --> 00:36:12

but it's just being put down so that not to cause panic or scare that there's a problem there because of electricity because of water because of all of this. So Allah He Dear brothers and sisters, in light of all of this, we look at ourselves, we look at the peace, we look at the luxury of whatever food we want. We look at the fact that we run from one air conditioned car to one air conditioned Majan to one air conditioned house, and that five seconds in the middle. We're like stop for a little hot, hot. What? How about those brothers who have nothing those sisters who have nothing, think about their situation and the least that we can do. The least that we can do is to

00:36:12 --> 00:36:51

feel gratitude to Allah subhanho wa Taala for the blessings that He has given us, and then to help them out in whatever manner possible. Charity is of course ideal, and this is the month of charity, but dua for them. Lots of dua for them to feel the pain and suffering of your Muslim brothers and sisters is a sign of a man to have your your heart grieved, to go to sleep at night thinking about their situation is a sign of Eman and to go to sleep at night being selfish and thinking of I myself and me and thinking of nobody else Wallahi that is not a sign of ima you know if we cannot help them more than what we're doing the least we can say on the Day of Judgment. Oh Allah my heart was

00:36:51 --> 00:37:29

grieved. Oh Allah I was thinking about them. That's perhaps the least excuse on the Day of Judgment. The least excuse that you can say you know your Allah, I had genuine sympathy and I was thinking of them day and night. Perhaps Allah might forgive us just for that thought that we're always thinking of them. My dear brothers and sisters will Allahu Allah has blessed us. Allah has blessed us in an immense manner. What do netmeds Hola Hola Suha if you were to count the blessings of Allah, you would not even be able to count them in this month of Ramadan. Let us make an extra effort to perfect ourselves as much as humanly possible. Let us make an extra effort to ask Allah's

00:37:29 --> 00:38:06

forgiveness. Let us make an extra effort to promise Allah azza wa jal that after this month is over, we shall live a lifestyle that is as pleasing to Him as possible for me to do that. We're going to give up as many sins as we can. We're going to increase as many rituals as we can, that is the least that we can do, in light of all of these blessings that ALLAH SubhanA which Allah has given us, may Allah azza wa jal accept our fasting and RPM and RCM Allahumma inni down for a mineral Allama Allah I don't know if he has it Jambi them but in love of what a Harmon Illa for Raja wala Dana Illa Kadota wala Meridian il election data what I see run into your startup Allahumma fildena one is one

00:38:06 --> 00:38:43

in Alladhina Saba Cornavin Iman one attention I feel Cubana Linda Linda Dena Manu Robina in Nicaragua Rahim Allah humma is Islam our Muslim in Allahumma is Islam our Muslim in Allahumma is Islam and Muslim in Allah moving out Adana, our other Islam and Muslim anniversary and vegetarians will be enough to watch out at middle fee to be here with you yeah as he is able to Allah in Allah to Allah Amara can be empty and better be him enough see Watson be America the whole to say with a lesser become a usual moment when I'm in jindee he will insert for * encoded in Idema in Allah How am I that I could tell you so Luna and a Nebby? Yeah, you heard Adina Amano Solu ID he was

00:38:43 --> 00:39:04

selling them with this Nima. Allahumma Salli wa Sallim wa Barik abogado Sudha Mohamed and why the earliest like big Marian about Allah in Allah to Allah yeah motivated they were there so anyway, they were young and in fact share it will Moon carry what you consider karoun Oh, the Corolla had come worst guru he has he did not come what are the Corolla heater Allah Akbar. Welcome is Salah.

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