Tazkiyah Through the Quran #14 Loss

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loss to suffer a misfortune or a downturn or a loss of thumb, something that we hold dear to us is one of the themes that you see in the Quran that the Quran seeks to purify in us. And to guide us in how to approach it. One of the most powerful examples is in sort of passes, imagine you are the mother of Musa alayhis, salaam. You've been seeing these visions over the last month, nine months, as you're carrying your child and your he's growing within you. And you hear that Pharaoh has ordered that every first male born son is to be put to death. And after you have given birth, you've seen in your visions and in your nine dreams, to build the basket and to make it watertight and if

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the soldiers come to cast it into the river, and this child will come back to you and grow up to become a magnificent creature and worshiper of Allah, who will be a leader for your community. You've seen all of the things that have made your heart feel satisfied. And on that fateful day, as the soldiers of Pharaoh come to your home hearing that you've given birth, you put him after feeding him in into that basket, and you cast him into the river. In your mind you believe that that river is going to whisk him away, away from Pharaoh away from the soldiers away from others. And lo and behold,

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the water carries him by the command of Allah to the footsteps of the wife of Pharaoh, Lana hula for us but helpful to me, Mustafa, Allah describes that moment. It is at that moment that the heart of Moses his mother became empty. She suffered the most complete loss. What have I done? How could I do this to my own son? How can I let this happen? And Allah Subhana Allah says, that I inspired in it all Bethan robot ma Allah Calvi, harlot. akuna minal momineen, I tie down, fastened her heart with faith so that she reignited and retained her completion of faith Subhana Allah at a moment of loss, it is a significant test where you ask Allah to give you stability and focus and nearness to Allah.

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And therefore whenever you look into the life of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, you will see that one of the consistent mentorship processes of Allah for him is through the loss of his valued members of his community in a society. I want you to imagine the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam burying three sons and three daughters, six children salallahu alayhi wa sallam, I want you to imagine that he didn't grow up with his father, he buried his mother, he buried his grandfather, he buried numerous uncles Ebeltoft early but more significantly hanza are the Allahu anhu in the Battle of hood, he lost and lost and lost but all of it was gained and therefore in the context of the

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Quran, in my alerus use in MLS reuse, that when there is a straightening and when there is a collapsing upon you when there is something that is squeezing you and loss has been suffered. Know that an expanse is soon to come and ease will be provided. And for every one hardship there will be two levels or more of ease and comfort to arrive. Yes The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam lost Hamza, but he gained the conquest of Mecca. Yes, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam lost his beloved Khadija de Allah who I know her but he was given the Omaha to move money in the mother of the believers without a shadow the Allah on her. Yes, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was

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driven out and forced to his euro, but he was given the fact of Mecca and a return to Allah Medina on his own terms, not as one outcast, but as one who is beloved and retained by the answer. May Allah Subhana Allah allow us to see our loss as the corner step to gain May Allah allow us to open our hearts to the difficulties that we are in as a growth process to what we seek to attain. And further in our dealings. May Allah allow those of us who have lost some of our wealth, to regain it in our Eman And in our homes and in our health and in our families and in our future prosperity. May Allah subhanho wa Taala allow loss not to affect our Eman and our tawakkul and reliance upon Allah.

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Allah Homa amin