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AI: Summary © The COVID-19 pandemic has caused misinformation and hesitation for Islamists, with language and language being used to convey misinformation. The misinformation includes the use of multiple verse phrases, false information, and "has" and "has not" in context. It is crucial for individuals to act according to the Prophet's guidance and not rush to judgment, and to be careful with information regarding one's religion and news. It is important for individuals to serve the community and be a part of it, as Islam gives individuals the ability to act like the last prophet sallahu and protect their culture and values.
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in a family that kind of looks down upon a spell filled

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with totally unforeseen elements they

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or may

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not Washington without having a long walk of learning gotta wash everyone in the water so yeah,

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we talk a lot and a half bottle party he was

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mostly more. Yeah, you're

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a product or two meaning next to a qualification as well that the informality down and do one is one sample more than that because

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it no longer can be completed. Yeah, I put up a lot to

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for your favorite book the Rubicon. One A

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lot of guys are Lima, and Nebraska. And as you can tell a lot, what are some heavy, heavy what happened in so all it was, was someone holding on to her or putting them off. Without open ended document.

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There was a story that the son of told about a man who was selling a service on the streets of Baghdad,

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he would tell potential buyers, there's absolutely nothing wrong with a servant, except that he talks behind people's backs. He tells tales. He's a NAMA, as we say in the narrative. One day a rich man came to purchase or hire the service. When the merchant told him what he told everyone else, that he talks behind people's backs, the rich man chuckled and said is that all I don't care what he does outside of work, I'll take my chances.

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And he brought the surfing home with him. The rich man and his wife were very much in love. But one day, the servant approached the wife and said to her, I hear your husband is planning on marrying a second point.

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The wife was very upset at this and asked the servant in her desperation, what What should she do?

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Go to him beforehand for for federal prayer and cut some of his beard off and bring it to me. And I'll make sure he doesn't get married. He was planning on doing some sort of magic, but then he went to the Richmond and he told him Your wife is only after your money. She's planning to kill you tomorrow before fetching.

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So it's best that you wake up and you're on alert, lest she gets you out of the way to take her inheritance. The rich man was very upset by this as well. He woke up before Frederick and laid back down pretending to be asleep.

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Sure enough, his wife came to him before bed, there was a knife in her hand.

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And as she reached out to cut his beard, the rest of it jumped up, grabbing her by that hand, accusing her of attempting to murder

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the family was split apart and ruined.

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The moral of this story is that believing everything you hear, will quickly land you into trouble.

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The next section of swords because a lot gives us this important lesson. That being careful about what we believe and who we get our information from is part of our humble submission to Allah. Allah says Yeah, he'll have it in our notes here. For we firstly have all the data that's available. And so single column will be the heart of those people are learning how to navigate. Oh, you who believe if a wicked person comes to you with information, investigate the matter. Otherwise, you will end up harming people out of ignorance and become regretful over what you have done.

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This verse was revealed because of a companion by the name of Edwardian Europa,

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there was a tribe called Benny was set up as an accepted spam and the Prophet saw a loved one and he was someone had sent in one ad to them to collect as a cow. However, when he was on his way, he heard that they were sending out riders to meet him on the path. He became one

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learned, he assumed that they wanted to hurt him. So he turned around halfway went back to the prophets of Allah it was Sunday

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and told them that not only have they refused to pay as a cap that they intended to fight against the Muslims,

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the prophets have a long way alayhi wa sallam, then says, call it and then we'll need to investigate the issue. And he found out that it was totally false. The tribe, in fact, was eager to give them a check and prove their commitment to their newfound faith. So they had set out a welcoming party to me on the on the on the road.

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Allah is telling us in this verse that a Muslim has to be cautious when it comes to believing certain information from certain sources.

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But to learn exactly when Allah is telling us to be cautious, we need to dig deeper into the language of the verse. A lot begins with a conditional article in which translates into English as the word editor. But in English, we only have one word for if, whereas an Arabic there are more than one word depending on how likely the thing you're talking about is to happen.

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If Allah wants to address a situation that is certain to happen, he doesn't use any uses either.

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But if he wants to use if for a situation that might occur, or it might not, he uses him.

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So a lot here is this evening. So he's telling us that such a situation might not happen at all.

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We have in this choice of wording, a subtle reminder that people can go to extremes even with caution.

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Even with skepticism, these days were flooded with so much misinformation. That one reaction to that misinformation can be the opposite extreme and extreme skepticism, not believing in proven observable facts or blaming things on elaborate conspiracies.

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On the other hand, as this verse and the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam teach us, we're not supposed to be gullible, or naive, either. We don't believe in just anything. We know that there are people out there who intend to deceive us.

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Take it all together, the evidence from the Quran and the Sunnah tells us to occupy a reasonably cautious middle ground.

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The next word of notes in reverse is faster. This comes from the word fiscal, which literally means to leave or to exit that signifies in the context of the city on someone who has left the obedience of Allah in an open public way. So in this first, although it's not talking about when trustworthy people, or reliable people come to you to inform you about something, although I was talking about open centers, people who openly defy Allah,

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he's telling us that such people do not deserve to be trusted. Like people who show outwardly that they care about obeying the law.

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Then it uses them a lot uses the word another, which isn't any piece of information, what specifically, an important piece of information, something waves do something with gratitude. This word is the title of this poem, soil. So it's another the first chapter of JSON, where Allah tells us that people are asking each other about another a melding of great events in that chapter, which is the day of judgment. So nothing is more specific than for example, the word cover which would apply to something vague or something. So in general, what the law is telling us here is that if it happens, which it may not happen, that an open center comes to you with important news, then what

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should we do?

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Does the law tell us to believe in the opposite of what the person tells us? No. There's a lot to tell us to pretend as if we never heard anything to ignore it and go about minding our own business. Now. Allah says to investigate and clarify the issue to find out what's really going on before rushing to judgment and active Pacer.

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This is advice that if it is followed, it leads to peace, and leads to security and to harmony. And if this advice is ignored or violated, it leads to chaos, bloodshed and discord.

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Think of Adam and the devil. Think of the slander against think about the modern son of Earth man. All scenarios where a rumor, gossip and false information won the day.

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Before computers and smartphones, it was harder to spread fake news. It took some effort.

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If you've ever read about the smear campaign and as charismatic you'll notice quickly that the people who are instigating the allegations they travel through the desert between Iraq and Egypt and here to their it took them so much effort to carry out their plots.

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Today, however, spreading fake news or being exposed to it is just one thing the way that can happen from the comfort and convenience of your own bedroom.

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We've seen especially during this pandemic, how fast rumors can spread.

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WhatsApp, the messaging app, most of us use actually had to change his settings during this pandemic, to slow down on this rapid fake cures, some of which were actually harmful or lethal.

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Regretfully, Muslims, we're not immune to this, we forward messages along without thinking twice about it. And if we can grasp the sin, and potential harm and the potential damage involved in spreading false information related to health or something worldly, that take a second and imagine the gravity of messages that before that contain lies about our religion, or laws about profitable having a solid substance.

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So the believer has to be careful. First, he has to be careful with what he believes. believing anything we hear makes us vulnerable to being exploited to being taken, taken advantage of. We're become vulnerable to phony scholars, false prophets, magicians even

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next them perhaps most importantly, the believer needs to be very careful regarding the news that he or she spreads. Once you press that share button, or the forward button, the damage was done, and we cannot go back. The Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam warned us that all it takes to become a liar is to pass along everything here. How many of us are in for a surprise on the day of judgments when we will be questioned about everything we passed along or forwards?

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Now someone might say, Look, my intentions were good. I didn't know any better.

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Good intentions, don't guarantee that other people won't be harmed.

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Or that you won't be punished in this life, or even the next for the false information that you spread.

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In our sacred wall. If you break a window.

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Or if you kill someone accidentally, or injured someone accidentally, you still have to pay up. You still have to compensate the other party for their loss. If you share some false news, and it ends up hurting someone even on the other side of the world, how are you ever going to compensate them before the day of judgment comes and they get even with you.

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I pull up on behalf of myself and a lot of what he said was thinking you just have to go in the hole.

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Morning, other countries that voted on a couple songs that are

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now being handed off of us hello I tend to sleep.

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After this curse a lot instructs us how to deal with after the instructs us how to deal with unreliable sources of information. A law says why don't I will end the FICO a School of Law and know what the messenger of Allah is amongst you.

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Last week, we talked about how if you're around someone you truly respect, your behavior will be different around

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you'll have more self control. Allah is reminding the companions that in this version of the Messenger of Allah is physically among them. And so they need to act like them first by submitting to his guidance, not putting themselves in before although as we discussed last week, and also not rushing to judgment as we're talking about this.

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But just because the prophets of Allah what He must have done is dead. Doesn't mean that this verse doesn't apply to us any longer. Since the broader context is talking about acting according to Revelation and submitting to it. This verse is just as relevant, if not more so today. 1400 years later, even if we're done

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Try to have the opportunity to act respectfully in a bodily presence of a prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam, we can show our respect by submitting to the guidance that he brought, we can still act like he is among us, because we have the poor end. And as soon as no individual, let alone the whole community is perfect. Allah has given each and every one of us something to struggle against, both inside our own selves, in terms of our habits, and our addictions, and outside ourselves when it comes to our external circumstances.

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But no matter what, we need to make sure that we keep this verse in front of our eyes at all times, we need to make sure that we are acting as if we have the last Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and his guidance from us.

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This past week, we were right back here in front of City Hall, handing out backpacks to kids in the neighborhood. And you should have seen much of all the smiles on their faces. That is accurate. Like we have the last prophet

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getting involved in the community, lending a helping hand to everyone's Muslim or non Muslim. That's acting as if we have the last prophet.

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Asking someone from a different background than yourself with a different skin color from yourself. How are you? What are you going through? How can I help?

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That's acting like we have a lot of problems.

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Because no one else has what we have. No one else has a book as perfect, as complete, as preserved as before, and no one has guidance. So specific, so comprehensive, as the summon the Companions they used to drive and take pride in the fact that we didn't even have instructions for how to use the bathroom.

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But what good does all of this do us if we hide away in industry, or we hide away in the suburbs?

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We serve a law by serving our community. That's what it looks like to act like we have to wash off.

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After this versatile law puts us in our place. He says no nuclear company competed him. Now.

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If he the prophets of Allah, Otto, the son of the words to obey you, in much of the matter, you will be in great difficulty, you will end up in trouble. Allah is telling us here that as human beings, we have a limited ability to know what's truly good for us.

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We can go a fair bit, Allah has gifted us that but at the end of the day, we have to lean on a humble submission to reveal the guidance for salvation and success, both in this life and the next. Allah tells us as much when he goes on to say, Well, I came to LA hungover in April money man was like Yeah, nothing to do with what camera? How do you take from the corporate world for so called Christianity. But Allah has made the faith that we love it too, and pleasing to your hearts, and has made blasphemy, defiance and disobedience hateful to you.

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That means that if Allah wants and he could have made the face something displeasing to us, he could have made it something hated. He could have made the vaccine restrictive, backward or oppressive. Don't we see this every day? Don't we see Muslims who are fed up with the rules and the rituals understand who feels suffocated by our own and at the same time we find someone else who feels liberated and fulfilled by the exact same rules and rituals.

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This is why the Prophet saw a lot while he was selling the product. So you have a puppet that was a little tempted to look at all the tenor of hearts strengthen and make our hearts firm upon the religion because Allah is taking control of even our hearts. So we depend on Him for guidance, and to guard our hearts and to keep us for Hola, hola. Hola, Basilio. Those are the right guide. Those who are allies guided their hearts, the ones who want to worship the one who sees fake as something beautiful, who sees blasphemy and sin as something repulsive. those for whom Allah has guided, and no one else can truly be called God.

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We think of our likes and dislikes as our own personal property, something inalienable, inalienable, something that is truly ours. But here Allah tells us otherwise. He tells us that He is the one who shapes our likes and dislikes. Or if we are disobedient and ungrateful. He loves them longer.

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In Australia,

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one of the goals of faith, therefore, is not to coddle or overly accommodate what someone likes and dislikes, but to respectfully and compassionately challenge them, to hold them up to what Allah loves and what Allah hates. And to compare the two, part of any project of such reform will involve bringing one's own hearts, in line with what Allah loves, and what Allah has. And those are the ones who are guided. It's something internal, it's something that is an orientation. It's an entire perspective and worldview, one that has conquered that ego and submitted the watts to a higher authority, Father, Malarkey, whatever one loved one in a team that has a bounty and a favor from

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Allah. And the law is knowing and wise, no one has guided because they deserve it. It's out of Allah's generosity, and goodwill that he guides people and so we are dependent upon him for that will love our team a lot is knowing because he is the one who knows best to guide and who not to, and he was wise and just in his guidance and his actions.

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Allahu Akbar was looking into what God

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was looking out

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for him

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he will have come out he got him on a rocking

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seat. All of that will fail in my opinion and what we had, what

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it happened I mean?

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I mean

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I mean

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