Stop Trying To Escape Death – Just Make The Most of Life

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Sofie woman is standing up soon at the Yama Dean Allah dynamin home woman alladhina amanu Armando salani How to also be happy but also the sub Amira.

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FCB Taka la Mulana will help. Wakanda Tada, Latina topo la haka, Ducati weather tomo Morton Illa and to Muslim moon, Uranus terracotta Bakula de Hala hakomi nevsun wahida, Mahara. caminhada jaha min humare john and Kathy are on manisa what Taka la isla de Tessa Luna became a lot of harm in the La La cumbre Kiba Yeah, you heard the Nam no taco la havapoo colons Dida useless. Come on. Come on over. Come on. Our Sula, who defends 1000 alima. My bad.

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Your brothers and sisters. Eliza tells us in Surah Nisa, a nomad tycoon, you'd recommend note, welcome to Fujian macheda, wherever you are, death will find you even if you were in a built up fortress. Even if you were to take all of the protocols necessary to ward off death. Even if you were to be the healthiest person in the world. Even if you drove the safest car in the world, even if you lived in the safest house in the world. Even if all of the factors that are typically present and death are not present around you. You're drinking remote it will catch you when Allah has decreed it to catch you. No matter where you are, and what fortress you have built for yourself.

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Well back in a study called the low tide on who we used to say frequently used to say you slip by somebody who couldn't run

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fee athlete that a person wakes up always with his family or person wakes up amongst his family.

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When Motu Edmond shiraki, not only he and death is closer to him than his shoelaces, always it's constantly right in front of you. And no matter how many notebooks we give about death, no matter how frequently, we talk about it.

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Nothing actually changes our perspective on life or death. like seeing someone that we love passed away.

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It is the greatest reminder, it's greater than any sermon, it is enough of a reminder to see its unfold before your eyes and to recognize that you too, are going to go through those exact same stations as that person. And that's why a person like orthonormal, the longtime man who would weep at the grave until his beard would become wet, recognizing that this is the first station of the stations of the hereafter. And if a person is to pass through the station properly, then everything that follows is good. And if a person was to encounter hardship and punishments in this station, that everything that comes next is hardship and punishment and trial. But there is no point as we

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learn from the ayah or what Rebecca will do a long time who used to say Columbia and Mousavi and he went multi platinum and she rockin it that everyone wakes up amongst their family and death is closer to them than their shoelaces. There is no point in trying to escape death. But at the same time, what we learn about these people is that despite how imminent death was always to them, despite how frequently they thought about it, despite how frequently they reminded each other of it. If you saw them, they were still full of life, not the type of life of vanity or partying or emptiness or superficial reality, but full of purpose. And there is a saying that you can't escape

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death, but death can be a fulfillment. It was as if they were living every day, as if it was their last making the most of that day, knowing that this life could be taken away from them at any moment. And for that reason, they would not proceed through life lifeless, but they would proceed through life giving life to what comes after death, giving life to their scale of good deeds, focusing on their meeting with Allah subhanho Tana and you think about the way that we are called to live and how so much is defined in those last moments of our lives. In those moments when we are buried in those moments when the people bid us farewell. So So much has to be learned about an

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individual in those days. And so Pamela as we lost a brother Allah Rahim, Allah tala.

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I was shocked and his family is here to hear

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How much he used to talk about death?

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And the idea of dying young? You'd never know what when you look at a person like that, a person who seems so full of life and who's always taking care of his family and making preparations and full of happiness and joy, what do you mean thinking about death frequently, but it wasn't a paralyzing type of thought of death. It's the type of thought about death that makes you prepare, that makes you ready. That makes you want to do everything right by a loss of Hannah Montana and the people around you. So that when that moment comes, which you don't know when it will come, everything would have lined up properly, everything would have been in perfect alignment at that point. Now, obviously,

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everyone's record is with a loss of Hannah Montana. Now several Minnesota hate, we see him as being one of the writers and Allah Subhana Allah knows best and we asked Allah subhanaw taala with our personal one, in alized origin or good expectation of Allah that he take care of Allah subhanho wa Taala, that He grant him Shahada, and that he take care of half of the right hand who passed away this morning on this day of Juma due to a drowning accident, that he made him a Shahid both of them are neighbors of the masjid, but now we pray that Allah subhana wa tada make them neighbors, amongst the souls of the believers neighbors of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and then for those

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that are looking, I mean, there is nothing you can do

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to anticipate the moment, there is no fortress you can build.

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But there is an internal preparation that manifests itself in some new salata. Moroder tray as if it is your last prayer, are you satisfied meeting a law with this law, as your last prayer, every time you speak to those that you love, make sure you're speaking to them as if you're having a final conversation. Don't try to win an argument. But instead, try to win their testimony in the sight of a loss of Hannah Montana on the Day of Judgment. how amazing it is. To have a mother and a mother in law.

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To say yeah, I'm pleased with him as they bury him, how amazing it is to have a spouse that can only under good to have everyone say only good about you when you pass away from Shahada, Allah.

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May Allah subhanaw taala accept all of our testimony for our brother. And as I was thinking Subhana Allah about the way that this all transpired. And there are so many things that happened to us in the last few days that we can't even process what we've just seen. This is too much to process in terms of what we've just seen. You can see his house out the window.

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As I think about this panel up

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his wife new bidding farewell to him with her baby not yet out of the womb.

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hugging her husband, for the last time, who has left this dunya

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and the baby that has not yet entered into this dunya both of them exist under the care of a loss of hundreds out of the same way that we exist. You think about how temporary and how quick the coming into this life and the leaving of this life is.

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It's incredible. It's incredible. It only takes a few seconds for a person to die suddenly sudden death. Sudden car accident.

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It only takes a minute, for years and years and years of life and building the perfect life in this world to be taken away.

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But the souls are in the care of a loss of Hannah Montana. And the wisest soul is the one that makes the most of this limited world to unlock the unlimited gender and pleasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala that awaits us in our existence. And so we pray to Allah subhana wa tada

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that as either left behind his wife, mood, light, that Allah subhanaw taala fill his grave with no with light. And we prayed to Allah subhanho wa Taala that as nor did farewell to her husband Allah that Allah gather their family in a sort of dose.

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And we pray to Allah subhana wa Tada. That is the hand half of the right hand left this world that Allah subhana wa tada fill his grave as the Hadith from a tournament. He says from the sense of rehand, the center of that sweet basil in his grave from a gentleman a lot Miami, and we pray to Allah subhanho wa Taala that his wife, Maryam

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who is now live

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With the baby is taken care of by Allah subhanho wa Taala the way Allah subhanaw taala took care of Medina Molly has Salaam and her baby. We pray that Allah subhanaw taala gather us all and then for the dose of Allah, that Allah forgive us for our shortcomings, that Allah subhana wa tada allow us to leave this world without any more of its burdens, that when we die, our sins die with us, that when we leave this world that no one has a right upon us due to an oppression, or due to some harm that we cause against them. And that when we leave this world that we sincerely have prepared for that meeting with Allah subhanho wa Taala. For verily, if that meeting with Allah subhanho wa Taala

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is a good one, then our existence is a good existence. May Allah Subhana Allah grant us the best of existence in eternity, surrounding our profits on the lahardee, who was seldom in the eternal gardens allotment. I mean, I'll go look at how that was done. It would happen but he certainly must have been first off throw in a hula for Rahim hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen whatever the one Illa Allah mean Malacca to limits have been a lot more Salli wa sallam, abetik Arabica silica Mohammed and sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. While earlier he was lucky he was selling testing and kathira the brothers and sisters just in closing, I want to say to the families,

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especially the family

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of brother Allah, nor

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does that come along hydron for all that you have done for this community and we are one family here. And as we send back brother Rehan to his family in Pakistan,

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that we pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala gather us with our brother and agenda as well. May Allah subhanho wa Taala comfort all of you, all of you that have been through this tragedy in May Allah subhanaw taala fill your hearts and fill your skills with his reward. And with his bloodline with his pleasure alone, I mean, a lot more 3 million or more minutes when a Muslim mean or Muslim or even human emot in the Casimir on Caribbean when Jupiter was a lot more than what I have now. Why why Nevada, Nevada and for Santa

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Ana plan. akuna Minal ha serene Allah in the careful and caring one to one a la Houma la Dina what the hammock about a bonus era Robin I have learned I mean as well as you know the reality now for what are you which are not in Medina mama llama so if one was a Latina see Michelle if at all Do we have a lot more so this one and Mr. Martinez haemostatic a lot of them have already had a lot of Muslim

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men Covina equally McCann a lot of lighting in the law the mean was originally planned and then they named Sally mean rebelled a lot and a lot more broadly when Sam was

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when her and fascia you wouldn't want to carry well very common Allah come to the Coronavirus court of law has Kuru come watch guru Valentina. Is it black on? What are they called La? La Jolla nonmetals now welcome