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The term "medicela" is used by Muslims to describe behavior, but the term has caused double standards and negative media coverage. The media is used to portray Muslims and their actions, and educating people on Islam is important for society. Visitors are encouraged to stay true to their Islam, as it represents a religion of peace and may lead to racist behavior. Visitors are encouraged to learn to be a Muslim and connect with people who say Islam.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salam ala countries a peace Welcome to the deen Show. I'm your host. Now I want you to imagine this. How many times have you had to guess? Do you think a Muslim minding his or her own business via be at work school or on the street has been called some derogatory name concentrated on my prayer. And you know, this is the specific time between me and God started to recognize what this woman was saying. She was telling me that I was an effin terrorist, even children going to public school with the name, Ahmed, Mohammed Fatima have been called terrorists, every Muslim is a terrorist. Now, I want to hear your mouth, even though it's a statistical fact

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that Muslims do not commit most acts of terrorists. It's not because Muslims are a bigger threat. In fact, between 1980 and 2005 94% of all the attempted or successful terrorist attacks on US oil, we're not carried out by Islamic radicals, but instead by non Muslims, mostly white guys.

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So then why the obsession?

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killing of innocent human being

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human life is precious in this country. Do they blow people are Christians everyday people walk into post off I mean, people walk into post offices, they walk into schools. That's what Columbine is, I mean, I could do this all day long. There's so there's so many more examples of Christians, and I happen to be a Christian. That's back to this notion of you're idealizing Christianity in my mind to my read. There's so many more examples, a yawn of Christians who do that, then you can ever give me examples of Muslims who have done that, inside this country where you live and work. It's a statistical fact that Muslims do not commit most acts of terrorists, domestically or globally. It's

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objective research data. They don't. Now my next guest actually had this happen to him. He went he was went to work. And this really man ends up calling him a terrorist. Why? Only because he's a Muslim. Let's bring out our next guest. Java, Ahmed, salaam alaikum. Brother florican. Salam, Holly, is that what happened? That's exactly what happened.

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He's not gonna have an easy way out. But at the same time, guys, you don't need to stoop to his level.

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Especially as a Muslim, you know, we advise not to do this either, you know, show to people that this is a religion of peace. And he's the only one that looks bad. Hey, was that something just totally unexpected?

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To be honest, it was it was very unexpected. Like, the comment in general, like, I've been called that before, like you, like you said in your intro and whatnot, you know, like growing up in England and stuff. But in terms of hearing it from him, especially when the cameras are on, you know, people are this is a politically correct world right now. So people, even they, even if they have a feeling like that, they tend to not say so when he said it in public like that with cameras and people watching. It was very shocking to me, to be honest. Now, I just want you to imagine what if it was the roles were flipped? Because there's a obviously, um, you know, you just, you actually had this

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happen to you before you been called this there? You're originally you're from London? Yeah, yeah. So you know, growing up just generally, like, especially after that whole 911, and whatever the brand new poll that show that more and more Americans are rethinking what happened on 911. And increasingly, more people are saying they do not believe the government's version of events. I was a young kid, when all of that happened. So every time there was like some sort of news about Muslims, you would get called out on the street. Like it's normal, you know?

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Now, you actually got to do something a little bit different. I mean, not everybody now gets to, you know, be in a situation like you this happens, and then you end up locked in a cage together.

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And then he can't get out now. So you legally you had a way to express yourself, right? Yeah. What happened from there? So yeah, exactly. Exactly. So this is why

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the I can't take full credit for me reacting the way I did. You know, now in hindsight, when I look back, I'm glad that I didn't react like that. You know, and it didn't make me look bad. Like by by doing something silly, like no more swearing back at him. Oh, well, you hold your composure very well. Yeah. Yeah, exactly. But partly was because

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I knew I'd get my time with him.

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So, and I had to make him suffer for his for his words. And that's what happened. You know, there's a lot of double standard, there's obviously we know that like, you know, you're praying like, oh, please like if something does happen, and some lunatic goes and does something we're like, Oh, please don't let him be anyway, which way connected to Islam? Right. And the media usually if it's some person with mental health issues, he's just like, you know, crazy whatever the case some fringe element and the media runs with a double standards. How about, you know, a lot of people are pointing out now, like, if this was it was flipped if you ended up calling him a terrorist for a lot

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of the terrorizing that a particular group of people are doing against Palestinians, kids and whatnot, we know what's going on for anyone just objectively looks at it. And now, if you just came out, called him a terrorist, what do you think would have happened?

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It would have been, it would have been crazy, like, I think I would have got the I would have got it a lot worse than he did, to be honest, you know, but I don't feel like I should be dwelling on that. Like, what what could have happened, would have happened? I feel like a lot.

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Summon linearly dollar moon? What a miracle loan Khufu.

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It says, Allah,

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Allah, children of Israel, and Arabic language, and it's the God for the Arabs, who are Christians, it's also the same God. For the Muslims. The word is, Allah has a way of, of, there's a word that Allah uses, often in the Quran for these type of people. And it's like, and it says, a lot of what humiliate them. You know, it's a very particular word and it and it hits home with me, because that was it. And he eventually did get humiliated. And I'm glad that people

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saw sorry, and I'm glad that people reacted the way they did. You know, and I did get a lot of support for it, and it shows and it's not just from Muslims, from all over the world, you know, so it's good that there are good people, especially in the sport that they really don't like to tolerate this. But at the same time, yeah, if I had said something like that, it would have been crazy. Yeah. And it was God, have you had some headlines on it, but obviously, it didn't, I'm thinking, you know, flipped the other way around, probably mainstream media, you know, even at a bigger level, picking it up all over the case, you know, they don't let that kind of stuff go, you

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know, it's would have been termed anti semitic, etc, etc. And it would have just been out of control. So it's just these double standards, but it's like what you said, you know, this is very important. And you kept your composure, you kept a cool, but, you know, it just gave for many people who have been have gone through this, you know, what I mean? And education is so important. So we do the deed show educating people, so they can have a better understanding, because most people are just, you know, misled by hate by that, you know, negative propaganda, a lot of the hate machine that's out there, but you had a good opportunity now to hold your composure. And at the end, there

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was some justice, sir. Exactly. There was justice. Yeah, I feel like as a Muslim, especially, like you said, there's a lot of double standards right now, you know, I, when, when it all happened, I knew I had a responsibility to keep my cool and keep keep calm, especially when I say anything racist back in not that I was even thinking of doing it anyways, because I'm not racist, you know what I mean, but at the same time, I had to make sure that I show the ethika of Islam, you know, and how we should deal with situations like this. And justice was served, I knew I'll get my time with him. And that was nice. You had a message at the end? What was that message? You put out a message

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talking about how we should conduct ourselves? That was a real nice positive message. Yeah. Well, people don't understand as Islam is literally a religion of peace. You know, so when somebody calls you something, or when somebody I'm not saying I'm the best example, by any means, but I knew in this time this was my moment to show my character and Allah was testing me to to to not not say anything back to him or and make sure not that I would but make sure I know people on social media and stuff when would start making this like a, like Islam versus Israel sort of thing. You know, I had to make sure like, don't

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make sure you don't make any racist comments. This guy is the problem not not His people, but these people didn't really say anything, you know.

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He doesn't represent the whole country. I'm sure that we all know what Israel are doing and stuff with Palestine and their war going on and but that's different that doesn't represent every Israeli person, you know, so especially being racist to a religion.

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or a culture in particular?

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Should I happen? Yeah, absolutely not. But you can imagine, like, what is an esta if we can reach people, you know, because, you know, people get programmed people see other people and then you know, these things need to be put in check, right? Socially, you know, culturally, that is not acceptable, because you're at a grand scale like this a sport where people accept each other different religions, different nationalities, etc. And you got to just think like, really what's going on inside of a human's head in their heart, you know, to just come out and just, you know, what kind of venomous hate that a person has that they want to just go to such a low, low level, you

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know, to, you know, give you such a low blow. That's, that's

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well, that's, that's the sad part, you know, exactly what you said, the hate in these, some of these people's heart. You know, this is quite shocking. And it makes me kind of like, think like, ponder, well, I grew up in London, so like, hamdullah, like, I had a lot of people from all over the world that I would go to school with, I see on the road and wherever, like, yeah, you'll get racist comments. By the end of the day. There is a community in the sense like, there are people from all part of the world and people get along. So for four people, so it's it's just crazy and mind blowing for me to to even think like why people

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can be racist and have that venom and hate that you spoke about in that heart. You know, tell me At what age did you start turning where your fat was your was your family? Were you always someone who was practicing your deen? You know? Were you somebody who was also like, you know, because you have a lot of people who not because explicitly because of this you know, Mohammed changes need to MO You know, far too much change. They're scared scared people don't have the courage there. A lot of times they run away from their Deen because you know, of such things they fear things like this being put under the spotlight and whatnot. How did you get so connected with Islam with your with your Diem?

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HANDLER handler, I always have to credit my parents for this. I always I even get emotional thinking about it. Because

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I don't know where I'd be without without them. And without them showing me the value of Islam, you know, especially growing up like it's not cool to be a Muslim. Like, I don't know, if I said that correctly. But it's, there's there's rules and stuff that you have to follow. And if you if you don't understand why you're following these rules and and why you're Muslim, it can be hard, it can be hard for you to get along with people in a society where the religion is not the dominant way Islam is not the dominant religion, you know, and they put me in like, Quran school, Quran school, and they taught me the way and the Attica. And at the end of the day, they instilled the mindset in

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me that without this Deen

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I'm just, I'm not, I won't be complete without this Dean, you know?

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And and many, many people don't know simply, when you're saying Islam, you're you're saying that, that submission to the creator, you know, trying to achieve peace by submitting to the owner, he's the one who created creation. And many people don't know when you start educating people, our deep love and reverence for Jesus peace be upon them, Moses and all these messages, who came with the same way of life that you're living and you're proud to be upon worshiping the Creator, not the creation, and that's why education is so so important because people have all these misconceptions, Miss notions. And when they actually connect with a Muslim, go to a mosque, you know, ask the

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questions, because the Muslim is just like, he's trying to live in peace. He's trying to live in harmony live with his creator and with the creation around him. And this is what you're trying to do. So this is it was really nice to connect with you and, you know, bring the story to light because it's very, this is I think, very important for those who are hopefully this can

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tear someone else from doing something making this mistake. That was that happened to you, towards you. Yeah, exactly. Exactly. You know, then the day is just about you. We have to understand that you represent Islam. You know, we this is what my parents made clear to me also, when I was younger, like, people are not going to know. You can't educate everybody the way the way they know is through your actions.

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Tell me, you so you're in Vegas now? Yes, yes. I'm in Las Vegas. So you're with Jake shields? Yes. I'm with Jake shields and my teammates fired and emerald Valley. Okay. Yeah, I've met Jake Jake show he's actually visited my academy. So he knows we know each other. And how's he doing on nice I'll be speaking about you with him. Yeah, he's great. Jake is what a guy

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Why guy you know such a chilled back guy and open minded and he's just the overall good guy man and he was he was telling me as well before the fight like, like I know that you're not gonna do it anyways but just make sure you don't make any comments and and stay true to your character and this is important because

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you have to be true to your character you know? Yeah he's a veteran giving you some some good advice. Yeah.

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How about his best friends with Tata Kazeem Have you mitotic yet yeah, because he in basketball he they

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a lot a lot. You cut out a little bit what would you say you cut out?

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was actually the

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He what? Sorry

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were we lost you there a little bit?

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You can you hear me?

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Right now? Yeah. Yeah, so Tarik is the person that connected?

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Okay. Yeah, good. Mashallah, mashallah hamdulillah was really nice talking with you Hamdulillah, that, you know, we got to meet and inshallah you can be somebody who, you know, sets a good example. For others, you know, if they're in this situation, hold your composure. Don't swing and

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Inshallah, last month, Allah like you said, you know, God Almighty is in charge at the end, and he's one that

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we reward you for your patience and whatnot, because not everybody's gonna get a chance to do what you did.

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Yeah, all right. Thank you, brother. Where I thought anything else that you want to share with us? Nah, man, just keep up your good work. To be honest. I've been a fan of your show even before you contacted me and I even told my brother like, ah, the deen show, resume Eddie. And I was like, wow, like this is this is nice, you know? MashAllah hamdulillah hopefully if you if since you're in the states now maybe we can get you over to our to our academy if you're going to be in Chicago, or anywhere, make sure 100 We connect. Inshallah anytime I'm in Chicago. I will be following you. Sounds good. Thank you.

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