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Hadith Tour 2019


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The speakers discuss the importance of the symbolization of Islam's actions and the use of "so called" in various media outlets, including Facebook. They also touch on the use of "naive" in Arabic and the teachings of Islam, including the need for people to express their values in the spiritual medium. The "naive" concept is discussed, along with the use of "naive" in a culture of fear and desire.

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right. I said I'm Adi Kamara from Lahore.

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And hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah salam Allahu Allah, you heard he was talking he was sitting in the Sleeman kathira we always begin with the praise of Allah subhanho wa Taala we send our prayers of peace upon our whenever you Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa. Earlier he was talking he was selling Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Ali masala was

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offering Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Sayidina Muhammad implemented from a rock I mean,

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it is always an honor and a privilege to ever gather for the signature of the prophets of Allah what he was sending. And 100 is the number of countries continents, Mashallah that are represented here. Those of you have come from Europe, from Asia, myself from Australia, those who have come from North America, Mashallah our brothers and sisters from South Africa, we have covered just about every part of the world, except the Arctic, and the Antarctic and we pray that Allah subhana wa tada makes the time that we spend together a time and a testament for us, one of blessing upon ourselves, our homes and our families alone. I want you to consider this The second kind of formal discussion about the

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life of an employment body, and today inshallah, we want to speak a little bit about the classifications or the nomenclature of Hadith. And I said that the purpose of this is not to speak of it in an academic sense, but to speak of it as a schilke proof that I want in sha Allah that the information that you receive is something that solidifies your heart, upon the tohave of Allah subhanho wa Taala in knowing the sources of our our freedom, the aim is to allow you to understand that the way that was given to the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is something that has been protected by Allah, our dear elder mo Nana Brahim, bam, yesterday, he spoke about the first

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heavy and that the first chapter of slowhand body is about the beginning of Revelation. And I wanted to add to Camilla, just a small increase to the benefit insha Allah to add greater benefit. And the moment Buhari chooses this particular chapter, which is something that is a uniqueness in his arrangement of the Hadith. Because unless you understand that this is a way from a muscle Cano to Allah, then everything that's going to come after it is for not unless you understand that what you're about to hear as narrations from the prophets, I seldom is not from himself. When I am defining, however, in sort of a nation he does not speak of his own volition, of his own opinion. In

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Hawaii law, he knew it is a revelation revealed upon him. So I said, to clarify this because in some narrations, and in some Sierra, you will see that the Prophet would change his mind on the Battle of edited the prophets, I send them as reported in the so he if he had camped in one side and the Sahaba, they asked when he asked him for advice, what do you think of it? They said, perhaps a messenger of Allah, if we were on the other side of the valley, and we cut off the water supply of the people of coinage coming out of the desert, it would be more strategic, he took his councils or the lies and agreed, they that that question was, was this instructed to you by Allah subhanho di He

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said, No, I saw this as a strategic place and he said, well over there, it may hold more strategic value. So Lola what he was sending. There are instances in the life of the prophets, I send them that are of his own description, his own desire, his own wording, that are not revelation that are not tantamount to acts of worship and faith. When we speak about the way we speak of it in terms of faith. The word wacky is a very interesting word as well. The word was used in the Quran in a variety of different contexts. The first context of the word ye Allah subhana wa tada is what you and I commonly understand revelation meaning in ham, it is an inspiration from a loss of Hannah

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Montana, to one of his chosen and Allah says in Surah assura subhanho wa Taala that the way he will come that Allah will speak to an individual directly musante has Salam Karim, Allah is the one conversant with a month, or week through the means of an angel and the word medic. It comes from two Arabic words, a Nuka, meaning a messenger when mulika someone who's been given strength so they've been given strength to deliver a message so they are called a ninja he can write the second the third means of whacking into a prophet or a messenger of Allah is that it comes meanwhile a job that Allah will converse with them from beyond a barrier where a job is nor in the hadith of Allah

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Muslim, the prophets I send them says the hijab of Allah azza wa jal is his life. Now we'll catch up

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to when he

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if he was to unveiled so

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cannon with your honor, the blessing of His Majesty would bring to destruction all that the bizarre was to encounter May Allah subhana wa tada allow us to gaze upon Allah subhana wa tada to be blessed with the sight of our Creator on the day of judgment and agenda to dose Allah whom I mean

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what he also takes the context in, in our Sharia and in the studies of our Deen as being an Hammurabi haha that someone is given information that others are not aware of. So just say I'm thirsty and I hold up my empty cup and I shake it a Dr. Musashi. He knows I'm thirsty, right, something that is a communication between others without speaking and this form of communication Allah gives examples of it in the Quran. Well how buka is an Allah put an instinctive desire within bees, and definitely when lg valuta Allah subhanho wa Taala also refers to what he has being from the shavon upon those who are allies to the shavon we're in the shell tiene la or hoonah Isla Olia e

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zu profile, that the shell feed will inspire within the chest of men and upon their tongue, words of deception to lead you astray. There's also the wiki that comes in the form of a dream, and Allah subhana wa Tada.

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He would give information to Ibrahim alayhis salaam and many of the other prophets have among the prophets. I seldom says in the authentic hadith, that nothing remains behind in the oma. It is 146 parts of prophethood that remains in our home after his departure. So I seldom wrote here that you see a vision that is righteous that is sent by Allah subhanho wa Taala. It is a form of revelation from Allah azza wa jal. So the concept of why he is very important new Mammon behati begins with the chapter of way that you come to know that revelation is protected by Allah as a religion and therefore he begins then the first headache with enamel Mr. Lavinia. This Hadith will lie if we were

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to sit with our Dhamma they will sit and discuss it with us for month after month. And it would be word by word What does he NEMA mean? I remember chef no Mohammed on why am I even ama this word? In English, you would translate it as

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surely actions are. But in NEMA is selective? Is it all actions? Or is it some actions? Is it religious actions? Is it actions that are voluntary is it actions that are ordered upon you. And it's a very important process to have this humility with the sooner of the prophets I send them that we understand every time it is approached, every time it is studied, that there is something greater that is attained than what was initially there. Amanda when the

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one can say all actions are tantamount to a to their Nia

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you know, these people who have no faith in Allah in the way that we believe, they will write books, one book is called the secret. They'll make episodes and about you know, you can if you really want something, if you commit your heart, and you make your intention to attain something, you will attain it. And this is literally what the prophecies and me saying everything you really want, that you put in your heart and make as a mission in your life, you will eventually attain it.

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And the prophets is the one who's going to make hatred are the one who is going to make business the one who is going to they will achieve what it is they set upon achieving. But when Allah Subhana Allah describes that we're near towards him when we make our heart firm, that we want to please Allah subhanaw taala equally, you will attain that Nia with him. subhanho wa Taala. This is past all of the beautiful things that were shared by our dear human no Nana Ibrahim. Let's speak a little bit about an Imam and Buhari you