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The segment discusses a story about a man named Gianni Raja who refuses to give birth to a halifa and becomes a halifa. The story also describes a person named Amara who is met with embarrassment and confusion. A group of people discusses a recipe for success that is linked to a relationship with Allah, including working on life coaches and goal setting. The recipe provides a clear path for success and offers recipes for success.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. I mean, while he was a Jew Marine, I'm about

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the title of our hotbar. Today is another recipe for success. And this hook by is going to be a story, an incident that happened to a man by the name of Malik ignore Mara Malik. No, Mara was enough me from Benny Latin in English called the luck mids. And he was an intelligent man and he had an incident with Abdul Malik ibn Marwan who would later on become the halifa or one of the homemade Hola.

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He this man Malik of Nomura, he used to sit with people in Mr. de l'homme near the Kaaba. And he said we would sit and it would be with ordnance surveyor,

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the son of a suburban r1 and Abdulmalik, even Marwan and cabeza even though

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he said we will coonan now Hello, Phil, Phil Kay Martin, with him with a karate murrah with the SRL Allah, I'm third in us. So sometimes we talk about film, sometimes we talk about poetry, and they just had different kinds of conversations. But he noticed that Abdulmalik number one was the most eloquent of the three and the best in knowledge of the three and the best in manners, so he became fond of him. He said, when the gathering was over, I followed up the medical marijuana, and at this point of the medical marijuana had no relationship with the government nor any attempt at politics. So I praised him for his speech and his eloquence and his manners.

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So he looked at me and said, yo O'Meara interest here see Ron Iran? cetara anaka illa Yama, Isla? Well, ma Lu nahi. Samia, he said yeah, Amara. In a short while meaning if you live a little minute short period of time, you will see a basically he's telling him you I'm going to become the halifa he has nothing to do with the colorful at the moment, but he's telling him if you live long enough, you're going to see that I'm going to become the halifa for in Canada Annika fun fella Anika enter Gianni Raja, aka bourbon, Woody Monica Daria. He says if that's the case, basically come to me and I will help you with whatever you need. When I if I become the halifa come to me now help you with

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whatever you need.

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He said for Allah. He didn't need equilibar he said well, Allah, how will fill your hands and elliptica

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or specifically he's saying I'm going to give you what pleases you with an extra one Naka Martin sabella. I'm going to give you from all kinds of good

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says then the days and years passed and he became the honey Fung. And then more years passed, and Amara says I remembered what Abdulmalik Marwan said to me in the shade of the Kaaba. So I said, Allah, when I see Ronnie, he was lorien myos. Now, he said, I'm going to go to him and see what he's going to do. So I started to head out towards a sham. He says I arrived on a Friday while he was on the member giving the hotbar because he's the califa. So I made myself visible to him. When he saw me, he turned away and he didn't recognize me. He didn't smile or anything. He turned away from me. So I thought maybe he didn't recognize me. And then the front the prayer finished and he left and

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people began to disperse. And then a little while later I know time passed, barely any time passed, when a guard comes out and he says Where is Amara? If nomadic and he took me in to the halifa and he extended his hand and he says in nicotra at Li fi mold in loja josephy lamola eight he says you made yourself visible to me at a time or in a position where

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the only appropriate reaction is the one that I gave for a man on Merhaba Ireland's isn't as for now welcome and he starts to welcome him and then he tells him k for contemporary what happened to you after we separated or parted ways

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he welcomes him. And then he says, Yeah, hold on, he tells one of the servants and zillah Hold on, give him a room to stay in agreement. He was gonna human ha Sati housie. So it tells him to honor him and to give them a place to stay, and to make him close to me and from my close circles, always near to me. So amount of mnemonic says I stayed with him for 20 nights, and, and every night or every day, I would have lunch and dinner with him. And after the 20 nights, I wanted to leave so he gave me 20,000 dinars and 200,000, silver Durham's and 100, camels loaded with gifts, and he gave me clothing and he gave me many things. And then he said, Yeah, O'Meara to Ronnie godmother to your

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daycare. He says, Do you see that I filled your hands with what pleases you? So I smiled and said, Yes, upon Allah. I wanted Kuru. Yeah. I mean, he said, You remember that day when you said that? You mean? He says now I'm on he says now I'm Yes. Willa Hilah hi Rafi. Manisha ma Wei Koroma Awad

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so he says we're lucky there is no good in the ones who forget their word. A word is a promise of good.

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They forget the promise of good and they only remember their threats and worried here Oh, other Yani the promise of a threat or to do something bad said there's no good and someone who forgets his promises of good and only remembers his threats and promises of doing something about

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so he says, Come he has an umbrella model how long has this been since we had that talk here Amara he says he answered him well la hit like a Nemo Can I be MC we're in a whole lotta homeboy when he said it was as if it were yesterday but it was a long time ago. So then of the medical marijuana tells him what law he might Canada nikka min harboring semana wala on Hadith in katakana, one on acid in Raveena. He said me telling you that I'm going to become the halifa is not from anything, Hadith or speech someone told me or a narration or like a saying or repeat repeating someone's phrase. If no one came and told me you're going to become the halifa that's what he's saying. Later

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unni alcohol to moron via Yeah, mille Hadassah Yana yom Shabaab says, except that I recognize certain things when I was a young man, Rado to be her a year for Allah who behind the Kree warrior falconeri. So with these things, I hoped and I expected that Allah subhanaw taala will raise my mentioned my name and will raise my rank. So he tells him, Amara asked him, so what are the meaning? So now he's giving us his recipe for success, which is what this whole book is about. He said, Can Tula OSHA re wala omaree la OSHA Ray Yani I don't look for a sharp, the evil or the bad. I don't seek out the bad not in stories, not in events. I don't look out for bad I don't start with it. I

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don't go towards it. What are Omari elmyra who will Giuliani so I would not argue with anyone I'll never seek out evil never chased after it never tried to follow its news. And I would never argue with people.

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When de casa Tron satara hola Houdini and I will not search investigate look for faults are going to what doesn't concern me anything Allah put a barrier or a veil between me and it. I never tried to research it or look into it or investigate or get into other people's business or embarrassing people or rumors about people.

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What are taco Maha Rahman Holla Holla Holla Jani I stay away from since as much as I can. In public and in private. I do my best to not disobey my my Lord. subhanho wa Taala.

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One 100 to one above a two I had never had envy towards anyone and I never oppressed anyone will come to feel called me Kawasaki Lada and he's giving an example here a parable or is a metaphor. He's saying I was in my people like the central jewel, which means I always gathered my people. I didn't allow them to separate always make amends between people always kept my tribe and my people together, always making peace between people will come to Accra mu jealousy. We're in Canada, Neiman and I want to honor whoever I'm sitting with even if he's not worthy of that. What are other? Well okay, moussaka. So he says

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I always have the best and most refined manners and if someone is like a trustworthy and a respectable individual I will honor him even more. Well that is Sophie is the one who is ignorant or not that intelligent I will just let it let it go let it slide.

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We'll have a brief and I have mercy on the week fabrega Rafa Allahu Qadri and with that Allah how to other raise my rank, when should I decree and written and spread my mention to makalah? Yeah, Amara hood of buttock, Juan de Rashida. So then he said, Mr. I'll take your gift and, and sit and go back to your family. A cola cola hada was tough Rola loving Lee welcome. Windermere, the Nova star raffia falzon star Vereen ask Allah Subhana Allah for his forgiveness, Indeed, those who ask for his forgiveness shall prosper

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala rasulillah I mean, what he was like be a Jemaine.

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So how about this formula then, taqwa and other in the Elven refined manners and knowledge, staying away from sins as much as possible to reach your goal getting near to Allah subhanaw taala as much as possible to reach your goal. And we wanted to present this recipe for success because it's different and it's another recipe for success. And many of us have tried life coaches and goal setting and motivational speakers and self help and all kinds of things, and sometimes, to no avail or with little progress. But this recipe doesn't need much explanation. Many times your success in this dunya and in this life is linked to your relationship to Allah subhana wa Tada. So if you've

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tried everything, and nothing has worked, try this. Try your relationship with Allah is the origin also linked to your behavior and your treatment of others. As of the medical marijuana puts so much effort, and he was so confident that he was telling him in a few years this will happen and is even promising to do good for him in the near future.

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With that we ask Allah to make us of those who hear the truth as clear truth and follow the best of it and recognize false hood as clear falsehood and abstain from it. For long I don't know how to have an open bar Warden elbow Taylor bolted on was openacc Tina Alba, Allahu Allah. Jalla dunya Kumara homina Well, I'm a blogger Illumina well in our mo sirona for lahoma berrimilla Hello Matsuyama Rushden yasui antibiotic wave duffie allemaal sciatic Murphy hibel maruf were you in Harvey animoca SME I also learn more about how to learn I mean, early he was a big marine were como como la.

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So I'm going to read the announcements while I'm up here.

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