The Chicken Sandwich Battle ft. Shaykh Daood Butt – The Shaykh Test #1

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The host of a food test tests three different chicken sandwiches, including a Popeye's, crispy chicken sandwich, and Mary Brown's. They provide feedback on their experiences, including the importance of the quality of the chicken sandwich and how it is expected to be crispy and taste good. The customer and agent discuss their experiences with the chicken burger, which is a big cheese burger and not very flavorful, and the size and texture of the chicken sandwich, with the customer ultimately choosing the smaller size. They also discuss the differences between the grilled burger and the regular chicken sandwich, with the customer ultimately choosing the smaller size.

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I'm really happy to be joined with my brother chef. Who is the Imam at the Milton mustards center.

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Yeah, I got it.

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So we're here in jail. Let's have a fun video. We're gonna be this is called the shift test. And we're going to be testing food. And a lot of you're going to be wondering, why should chefs be testing food? Why are we the experts about food? You know, we're busy with so many people all day that I think we just want to have some alone time with something fun and pleasurable. And it's food. It's food. Yeah. I mean, like, you get pulled into like weddings and, you know, true parties, and they're like, Chef, you need to come here's some food. Here's some food, right? I mean, in my community, we get a lot of simple says, so I can tell you which the most is good and which isn't by

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just looking at it. But hey, still food.

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And then someone like yourself, you travel around the world, you've gone to like Africa and Asia and Europe and everywhere. you've tasted food from every corner of the world. Definitely. I just like eating foods. You like cooking food as well. I like cooking. And you actually put a lot of us to shame like my wife every time she's well used to see pictures of food that you would post I don't show her those pictures anymore. But anytime you send a picture like you're cooking this today, or I'm grilling that and like delete.

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Today, you know a lot of people have been talking about chicken sandwiches chicken sandwich has been the craze. A lot of different restaurants are serving different chicken sandwiches. I'm sure you've heard of some of them. We're gonna be blind testing three chicken sandwiches that you can get around the area. One of them's going to be the Popeye's, the new popeyes chicken sandwich. The other one is going to be the crispy chicken sandwich and the Mary Brown's chicken sandwich or blind testing it we're blind testing it. You didn't tell me this?

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You know what I decide. I haven't actually eaten the crystal sandwich and have any in the new Popeyes one either. So I can't I can't even tell from the taste. I haven't I haven't eaten either of them. And I haven't had a Mary brown burger in the longest time. Yeah, I'm in the same situation. So we're not going to be able to tell from the taste which ones which, but we're going to have a purely honest, unbiased chef opinion. Which chicken sandwich is best. You got to speak the truth. Right? exact because remember? Exactly. That's all.

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So what do you look for in a chicken sandwich? So the first thing that I look for is to make sure it's not too greasy. I can't stand super greasy fried chicken. The main reason is, I don't know why. But it gives me the worst stomach ache and I just feel real like bad for the rest of the day. Yeah. Heavy and stuff. Like I just can't stand really greasy fried chicken, so I'm waiting on that. I feel like a greasy burger is good though. The greasy fried chicken. Yeah, doesn't work. Yeah. I like pickles. So I'm hoping this pickles some some crunch. Some fun factor. Yes. Laughing gooey if it's gooey, it's like okay, I can make gooey at home. Yeah.

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We want that we want that crunch factor. We want you know tenderness and the chicken to I'm guessing the bun. bun is important. The quality of the bun. Yeah. Not too dry as well. Not too super dry. Fried chicken is like okay, I'm biting into cardboard kind of thing. Exactly. Got the bun. We got the crunch factor sauce and the condiments that they use on that sauce is important. Yeah, good amount. not overwhelming. little spice. spice. Exactly. Yeah. And the overall taste and the size. You know, we are frugal. We already memes. You don't get paid a lot. Yeah, we want good bang for our buck.

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A good size sandwich. And people always talk about how big our stomachs are. So we could fit a lot in there. So

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our burgers have to be big. Right? Exactly. Even though we're only filling one third. That's just a disclaimer. Just fill one third food, and then don't drink any water. Just lots of air.

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So let's get started. Let's do it.

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Okay, this Mila What do you think chef? I see a pickle hanging out of yours. Yeah, no idea which burger This is. So you go into it looks crispy. Oh, it is crispy. I like I like how it looks the bun looks like it's a brioche bun. So that's exciting. This looks You guys must all arrange it really nice. It looks a lot better than opening it up in that wrapper.

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Yeah, what do you think of the size?

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Yeah, it looks decent. It looks.

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The breads kind of nice too.

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I don't know if I can get my mouth. Stop.

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spicy. It's got a kick.

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sound a bit salty? Yep, I'm tasting that right now. Yeah, super salty. Very salty. Yeah, but it's a tender chicken.

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I got a pickle hiding underneath here. I don't know how I want to see how long this pickle is. There's two pickles. Check it out just to pickles.

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So if any of the other burgers only have one pickle

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pickle help.

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Definitely. He's pretty good. And the spice. I like the spice. Yeah, it's not greasy. It's not greasy. Yeah. Try some of the fries.

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You have like a feeling which one it is?

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To be honest, no.

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I haven't had to have the burgers. So I wouldn't know.

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I haven't had the Popeyes or the crispo. And I've had Mary brown but a long time ago, so

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I have no idea to me. Absolutely. No idea.

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The fries are

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okay, like I think if the fries are gonna be a tiebreaker, I don't think these fries are. Yeah, the fries are not really my thing. Yeah, but I like I like the spice that comes out of it. I like the crunch. And the pickle helped out. I like the bread on it too. And breads. Good on Portuguese breads a big deal. Yeah. Bread is very nice. I didn't like the size there's a bit of saltiness to it. You know what I got a lot of salty flavor at the very beginning.

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But I guess with the with a big bite of chicken in there. I don't know maybe it was just because I got a lot of the decoding of the of the chicken. It's possible to get the other two burgers.

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First impressions. Number two, this looks super dry.

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The bread looks like a shell like and it's like a dry sponge that will soak up some water. Yeah, definitely looks like you're gonna lose some things on the bread. Tastes good. Yeah, maybe it'll surprise us but maybe but just looking at the inside of the price looking at it kind of looks like one of those mass produced super quick off the bakery welding machine kind of Yeah, I got you guys super marketers. Yeah, it's just not but there's three pickles.

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Guys planted that there

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was three pickles. And there's loads of hot sauce. I could see on the chicken. As in like embedded within the crust. And then there's hot sauce right underneath it as well. Which is crazy.

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I think the bread is dry like the bread sealing off. Yeah.

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Not bad. I think the other one was better than the one was better. You know what? I had to wait for the flavor to actually get to him? Yeah. It was like I was chewing waiting for flavor to finally come and I think it's because of the bread. Yeah.

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I'm telling the flavors. I'm going to squeeze some of this sauce out and then get a bite with the sauce.

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Okay, the pickle bite is nice. I feel like the sauce is not as spicy as the previous one.

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I could be wrong though. Because there's a lot of

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spice sprinkled onto the chicken itself. I don't think there's enough sauce. I feel like it's under sauce. Yeah, it's dry. It's much drier under sauce.

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I'm getting a kick now. Yeah, but it's like a delayed kick. Yeah, cause spice is the first one. Yeah, I can feel it on the bottom of my tongue. Yeah. And you do feel like the the plan is kind of done the flavor a little bit. I'm not sure that the chicken itself isn't, like, very flavorful. It's just like the fun because it's dry. It's not very exciting. It's just kind of done in the flavors a bit. To be honest. It kind of feels like a you know, like,

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okay, they're all fast food restaurants. Right? But when you think of the crazy super fast food, you know, big chains where not too much importance put on the flavors, just like a meeting a burger kind of thing. Gotta go. That's the feeling I get from it. It's not my burger.

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if I can separate the fries, I just look at the burger. It's a good burger over all the bread is kind of dry and not really flavorful. The previous one was like nice kind of felt like it came straight out of the bakery kind of thing.

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Overall it's a it's a burger. Yeah. I mean, I would eat this. I would eat it to

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the size. I think it's much smaller than the previous one.

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Yeah, it is smaller. Yeah, for sure.

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So like mmm slow pay bang for their buck. I will definitely be like if I'm being cheap today with the other one.

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A big fan I definitely lose out on size on the bread.

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And then just like the dryer dryness of it the lack of condiments. I think that that's losing some points there.

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It looks spicy. I see. I see lots of pickles though so much. I think we went from the two to three. And now I think there's four

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looks. Yeah, it looks nice. And it really doesn't look spicy. There's like it's all ready to go to it's all orange. I have to say it's big though. It might be the biggest one.

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It is big. Yeah. Like look at the size of that chicken. It's like a huge, massive large piece.

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Yeah, this might be the best bang for your buck because it does look like it's pretty big. And it looks like it's gonna be a challenge Spicer's?

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First bite.

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Ah, wasn't a spicy. I'm getting an afro kick right now. Me too. There's a sweetness to sweet. Yeah, it's sweet and spicy at the same time. Sweet and sour. Yeah.

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But it's greasy. My fingers are like look at that.

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But the bread is nice. So the bread is like, like croissant bread. It's like buttery, the bread is nice.

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I put this up against the first one. Number one is bread.

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The crunch factor here is better. I feel like the coating on the chicken sandwich on the chicken. It's really crunchy. And definitely the size on this one. Bigger than the size on the other ones. I'm going to do something just so that people can see the light. No, I'm just gonna hold it in my napkin.

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While we see for sure.

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So I'm getting like a

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a real spice flavor in my mouth right now. Like this is spicy as well. There's a sweetness to it that sort of dulls the spice out a little bit.

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But it's pretty spicy. I still like the bread. Definitely

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the size

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of the bigger one.

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All right, so let's review. This is the first burger number one that was first. What were your thoughts about that? I liked it. I think the bread is awesome. It's spicy. But it's supposed to be spicy. It's got pickles got two pickles and pickle factor. fries are okay. It's got some spice much better than these. So I think I really liked this one. Alright, I think I like that number two. What did you think of it? It's a bit dry. kind of feels like that big, you know chain

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burger. Nothing fancy. But good flavor. Overall. Not too spicy. In fact, it's probably the least spicy. So it's got a good spice level.

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It's got three pickles, and yeah, I think I think it's a good burger. But fries are nothing special bread is nothing special. So the chicken and the spice level is what's good in it. All right. And now on to the last one number three. What do you think the last one is?

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I like I love the bread. The bread is like a croissant. Yeah, you know, it's nice.

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I think there's something interesting about the burger though. It's It's very, it is greasy. And it's got that sweet

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sort of flavor when you bite in your tasting sweetness out of the burger, but then it goes super spicy. Like it goes crazy spicy after that. fries are good with it as well. But the fact that it's so greasy is what throws me off on it. Like, but overall it's a good size. It's It's nice. The bread is awesome. Probably out of the three. I like this bread a lot on the first one but this one's like a croissant. So this is like rich. Yeah, it's like a nice burger. So how would you rank them 12123 what would be their favorite so I would probably go if this wasn't so greasy. I probably would go with this one just because it's wild. It's like sweet and sour, sweet and spicy kind of thing. But

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I'm going to go with the first one is my first choice.

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And then I'm undecided because this is a little bit bland but not as greasy. And this one is nice but super greasy. So if I was to throw the the fries in with it as well, I'd probably say two three. So right

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Listen to three in the same order. I'm on the same wavelength as you. I feel like this is a third option for me. And it's between these two. Like you said the bread on both of them are really good. This is like a really like a croissant bread. And and this is a really nice brioche bun. Yeah.

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They're both big size, much larger than the middle middle one.

00:15:21--> 00:15:24

You're right, there's a strong spice to this one.

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And usually I'm fine with spice, but it was really getting to me, but there was there was I like the sweetness. I like that, you know, playing the sweet off the off the spicy. I like the fries. Really? You know a lot on this one, too. It's really tight between the first one and the third one. I think we're probably going to lean to the third one as your first. My best choice. Yeah, so this would be my first since it'll be my second. My third but it's really like close between the first one. Yeah. And the third, you want to guess which one which one's Mary Brown's which one's Popeyes which one is crispy chicken Trier guess I'm being a bit thrown off because

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this is probably the big chain Mary brown kind of thing. But they usually put a pickle on top. From what I remember. So unless they're sticking the pickles inside now so I'm gonna say this is probably Mary Brown.

00:16:16--> 00:16:31

I don't know which one is crispo This is probably crispo because the bread is rich. And I know Brother Mohammed fee goes with like high quality stuff. Alright, but this bread is nice as well. So I think this is probably Popeyes.

00:16:32--> 00:16:33

And this is probably

00:16:35--> 00:16:56

crispo Yeah, that was my feeling to just because like I haven't, I haven't had anything like this before. I haven't had the new Popeye sandwich, either, but I've had the old one. And I guess there's some similarities from the old one and this one, but this one I've never taste anything like it. It's very different or unique. So that's why I think it's Chris Bowen and your anything. This one's Mary Brown. Yeah.

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Yeah, we right.

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Wow, you got it.

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We got it.

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Good. There you go. Everyone. These are Aryan kings of the chicken sandwiches. You know, especially in this COVID situation, it is important for us to support highlight businesses and restaurants that are out there. So you know, you're been encouraged now to try out some of these sandwiches and you got our feedback. We'd love to hear from all of you what you guys think and what your favorite chicken sandwiches. I want to thank our guests just but he's amazing. Check out his work, check out his videos. He's excellent teacher of Islam, the man at the Milton Masjid and a good friend of mine I rely on him for advice so I encourage all of you to inshallah, follow Him and inshallah follow us

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because we got great videos coming up more chefs, more food, more chef tests inshallah. So now