Acknowledging the Reality of Depression and Finding a Solution

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A speaker discusses the sadness of the current state of depression as a result of various realities, including sadness for those who feel sad as human beings. They also mention the need for help for those who may need it, especially for those who are non-Bversaries. The speaker emphasizes the importance of working together to ensure that those in need of help get the necessary help.

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh my brothers and sisters, one of the realities is that as human beings, there are times when we feel happy, and there are times that we feel sad. And there are even times when certain people, they can get to a level of sadness, which may lead to a state of depression. As Muslims, we don't deny this. And we shouldn't deny this because you're denying somebody their reality, and possibly denying their possibility of getting any help. So any Muslim who feels that they're in a very difficult situation, possibly in a state of depression, there was absolutely no problem. And finding help and finding a solution for that you find a medical

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professional, even if they happen to be a non Muslim, and whatever kind of guidance and help that they can give to you in Charlottetown. As long as it's in line with Islamic teachings, then there's no problem you going and finding that in shadow Thailand. So as Muslims we need to work together to support our communities to ensure that whoever needs that help, gets the necessary helping Schelotto no more Baraka la frequent