PornDemic #13 – A List of motivational cues.

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I read a quote a couple of weeks ago that I thought it's very relevant to today's episode. This quote is attributed to a person named Neal a Maxwell. He said, Our journey is demanding enough that the need for reassurance as well as reminders is constant, you can never underestimate the power of reminders during the journey of recovery from porn addiction and any undesirable sexual activities.

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Welcome back to The aware Academy channel, you're watching pandemic with the solution in mind, we are still in that stage of starting out our journey towards recovery from porn addiction, and undesirable sexual activities. Today's episode discussing the importance of having reminders in our lives that will bring us back to our senses to do that, which is necessary to do that which is beneficial to do that which is essential, so that we can always live up to our standards, values and principles in life. And we call it a list of motivational cues. And this is how addiction works anyway, it starts with a cue a trigger that will push you into an activity, most of the time

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undesirable activity. And then you go into that phase of shame, darkness, guilt, and so on, then you quit falsely, most of the time, you will quit for a period of time. And then you see the same trigger or similar triggers cues that will push you into the same activity. And then you go into that cycle again. And again, what we wanted to do is to create different sets of cues, triggers and reminders that will generate and push you to do something desirable, something that you want it to achieve in life a list of motivational cues. And this is really one of the most important things that you will need to free yourself from that shackle of addiction reminders, constant ones. Yes, I

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agree that motivations are not necessary for success, they are temporary, and you will never be able to motivate yourself every single moment of your life. So you can't rely on motivations alone to free yourself from porn addiction. But many times these motivational cues could lead you to the right action. And if you could create that cycle of good habit, you will be able to free yourself sooner or later, using that tip in the middle of other tips that we have discussed previous episodes and the ones to come. So it's not a single out way for you to get rid of your addiction. It's an eight for you to proceed on that journey. So what is it that you need to do exactly to achieve that,

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number one, identify what motivates you what are the things that when you look at when you read, when you see when you meet, even people would immediately motivate you and remind you of your goal in life and the things that you wanted to achieve. Identify that very clearly. Number two, once you identified what motivates you write them down very clearly. Whether they are quotes from your favorite authors, or titles of books that you've read in the past or even pictures of people that always motivate you grab these pictures and make them very handy. Number three, come up with a way to access these motivational cues regularly so perhaps hang them around your home, in your cars in

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your office space at work and so on number four and this is the most important tip that will maximize the benefits of this point is to read these codes regularly to come back to these images and look at it all the time they in and day out with these constant reminders and images that will always remind you of what you want to do and where you want to go. You will most likely with the aid of other points as we mentioned earlier, you will most likely resist harder than previously so do your best and put this tip into practice and let me know in the comments below or email me what happened did it work for you or did it not? And I will do my best to always modify and bring even

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more insights into the future episodes. Before leaving. Don't forget to subscribe to our channel. Share the content with others so that they may benefit as well. And we'll see you next week. Thursday 8pm Perth time stay safe and stay aware