Yahya Ibrahim – Good Intentions With Wrong Actions – Road to Return – Shorts

Yahya Ibrahim
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of cultural acceptance in modern times, citing studies showing that Muslims believe in their religion and their cultural orientation. They also mention that the majority of Muslims in the United States are not Muslims. The conversation then shifts to the topic of the pandemic and its impact on the economy. The speaker emphasizes the need for a vaccine to prevent future pandemics.], [The segment discusses the current pandemic and the lack of treatments and vaccines in the United States. The segment also touches on the potential treatments for COVID-19 and the need for a vaccine. The speakers mention that the virus is not a monstrous vaccine and that there are many ways to develop treatments. They also discuss the potential treatments and treatments for COVID-19, including vaccines and the use of drugs. The segment ends with a call to ask questions.], [The speakers discuss the potential treatments for COVID-19, including vaccines and drugs. They mention the need for treatments and treatments, as well as the potential treatments and timeline for treatments
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For us as Muslims that concept of by any means necessary is unacceptable. For us the ends are as important but lesser than the means. The means are what are really important because you may not ever accomplish the goal. You may not ever get to that final line you might not ever achieve what you were intending and planning on achieving. And that's not what you will be judged by Allah on did you get there or not, but you will be judged on on the process to get there for us as Muslims. It's not the ends will justify the means. For us as Muslims the means are what make the ends legitimate.

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