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Ibrahim Nuhu
AI: Summary © The importance of sharing experiences and not giving up on others' opinions is emphasized in Islam. The success of the Prophet's campaigns, including a woman who refuses to give her money to her poorer neighbor, is also discussed. The importance of history and history being the foundation of Islam is emphasized, along with the use of words and language in communication. The importance of trusting the Prophet's advice and avoiding negative emotions is emphasized.
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Smilla Rahmanir Rahim wa salatu salam Wa Rahmatullah Amina vino Habibi, now Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salam I'm about a year old and Hamas min Sherry suffer Alfa Romeo Hamza to Barbone anamorphically

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Sandoval assured me Sherry of us and finally

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philosophers and mushroom wall sudarsono If you have accepted Mobarak reality Sol Hain so law Hassan Hautala and Yubari caffeine of humanitaire level or any of the LightWave for the levy were for either a Jetta woofie relate

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so today inshallah we continue from where we stopped last week last week we

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began with a new chapter, which is about estate bubble theory will tell me what cultural marketing was and

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the emphasis of the Sharia on saying Good. Whenever you speak to your brothers and sisters, you say something that is good as a Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, on kinda you may Allah he will you will actually develop will Hiren owlie only as much. If you believe in Allah subhanaw taala in the hereafter you should say good or you should be silent. And the Lakota was in the lockup whenever you meet your brothers.

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You should meet them with words in public, meaning, a face that show shows welcoming, somebody is not rejected, somebody is welcomed, you will be happy to see him.

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Not in the way we had discussed last last week. That Suhana law some of us believe that it is part of righteousness for you to be angry or to show that moody face when you meet your brothers and sisters. It is not the attitude and the behavior of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam or to do to do that you meet your brothers say salaam to them as a sunnah Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam, and also smile, a possible smile. It possible unless show good face show a welcoming face in order to that person whom you're meeting. This is the Sunnah of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Allah subhanaw taala set to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam works with Jana ha Khalil

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meaning it means you should be very humble to all that little mini when you are with the believers, Allah subhanaw taala asked the Prophet salallahu alayhi salam to be lenient and gentle and humble. Subhan Allah, this is also Lysa Lolly Salah is very soft and gentle and approachable. Yeah, even the children as I always mentioned sola sallahu alayhi salam I say salaam to the kids say salaam to the younger ones say Salam to the big people. His title which is the biggest title that ever existed, you know Allah subhanaw taala says Wamena lady feta had good beer he now philatelic Assa yerba artha caribou karma Carmen muda Rasulullah sallallahu Surma is the best of the nobodies like so Han Allah

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he has time to say salaam to people to shake their hands, you know and to smell to them when he meets them to stop for the kids and make jokes.

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Very humble. You know, they said that as a slave, you know, will come and hold the hand of Rasul Allah He said, Allah Allah you Salama out wherever she wants to drag him.

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That was a woman this is she has some issues with her ankle she used to come and hold the hand of her soul as Allah so man, he follows her

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as Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam.

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So if we want to succeed, we really need to be like him. We really need to apply the same behavior and the man has applied back to us who likes and loves anyone hatch, which is not salt from the Sunnah.

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Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, this man had his belt in.

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It has to be connected to the Sunnah of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam and if you want to succeed, you must attach yourself to the method used by Rasulullah sallallahu sunnah to attain the success.

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We're inviting people to Allah subhanaw taala. No matter how much you love good for people, you will never be like Missoula.

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Kinda live in Idaho. Hi, Ron. Saba, can I introduce Eliza? If our method in Dawa is the best, as well as Allah so I'll be the first to adopt that method that method.

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So we have to be kind to those of Madurai that we are inviting Allah subhanaw taala advisor Sula, Salah Helene Salama, to always be humble and lenient and gentle and soft when he is with with the believers. And this is a message to who to us. Priscilla Salah Hassan has already like that

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as a message to us, who will come after the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam or that if we want to change the society to that which is better, we have to adopt his manhood in endow

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up of

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Allah like luck. It's my job to prophesy analyze

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and see the way he invites people the way he advice Scott Allah.

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The boy came to the Sula salon in Somerset is only an ethnic

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imagine in our time if rasool Allah sama is with us and then somebody comes and say to the Prophet salallahu Salam, please give me permission to commit Zina.

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Try to anticipate and to imagine the consequence.

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What do you think the followers will do to that person? Suhana Allah rasool Allah sama was there you know when the man says he also like giving permission. He's coming to the Prophet to ask his permission to commit Zina.

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People are going to get so nice Allah Azza wa said, Allah is live.

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He is asking who he asked me.

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A very simple question he addressed his heart. And as it how many people are among the younger ones are having problems like this, You Allah, serious problems like this very crucial and serious problem problems that are related to these things that this man came to ask, which either they did, or they're on the way to do, or they're in a bad relationship, but they have nobody to approach because they're scared off, scared of the duart. If he comes and ask you, he doesn't know what kind of response you're going to give. Maybe you will call His father maybe, maybe maybe so you keep it for himself.

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Until the time they become so depressed, and then we start looking for a psychologist. And if you are not lucky, you know, you sent him to somebody who is a wrong psychologist.

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Yeah, there are some people who who after the consultation, they became more mad than before. Their situation before they meet those people is a bit better.

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So the DUA This is musalia. Allen to Atwater level. This is our responsibility all of us. Dr. Malhotra with the Prophet salallahu Salam opened the door for the people to come. Because if you have that door being opened, trust me my Deborah says the more you open the door, the more community comes to you and share with you what they're suffering from looking for solutions. If you don't give them the solutions, do you think they will find a solution? Yes, they will look for their own solutions through the platform which you will not be appreciated that. Yeah, because everything is available their own online, they just go on Ask somebody or they asked physically, a wrongdoer.

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Somebody who instead of guiding them to the right path, he let them go deeper and deeper.

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Somebody was telling me this long ago

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that if you guys are not open to the people to come and share them or check in with you so that you can look for solution for them, they will go and look for others who give them wrong advices

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so look at this person came to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and he said yes, Allah gave me permission to commit Zina.

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And I love this man. Hi, Jan, I really, really advise you to go with this message of similar philosophy. If a person shares his Moroccan with you. Please, please, for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala no blame. Don't blame him.

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Just provide him with the solution.

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He will feel that Yes.

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If you understand his feelings, you know that yes, there is a feeling inside him

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which deserve to be attained to and to be addressed. That's also Allah this man the prophets, Allah Azza did not tell him what happened to you actually did not tell the Companions waiting to get him down before he finished his questions.

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He come to me and asked me this question. No Celeste Allah sama asked him.

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Would you like this to happen to your mother? No.

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He said, How about your sister? No. Yeah, because not always there.

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You know, a person might be evil, you know, committing sins outside, but he never want this to come to his family.

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I listened to the statements of, you know, top rappers and musicians, you know, one of them was asked, Would you like your children to even watch or listen to what you did? He said, No.

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He says, I control they watch only what I give them. But not this.

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Hala is corrupting other people family but his children is that no one of them was saying that, you know, he said, I don't understand why somebody would tell me that he cannot control what his family and his children are watching

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the Subhanallah these are the things that we hear from from them.

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So a person might be you know wrongdoer but he doesn't want people to come to his family. When he comes and ask you and share with you these types of issues, address his heart, talk to his heart directly. The prophets Allah sama said, Would you be happy if this is to happen to your mother, your sister, you know this and that? He said, No.

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He said, But Subhanallah very lenient and gentle to him. He said, but the one that you are going to do this with him.

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With her, she's also either the mother or the sister or this is those people that you don't want

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the same thing to happen in your family. She's also one of those words to somebody.

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So Hala, that was enough for him.

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And he changed completely.

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He changed completely.

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A person came to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and said yeah rasool Allah, wa Allah, Marathi, fina, Hari Ramadan, Juan aside, he said, I had a sexual relationship with my wife, in the deal from Allah.

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That man asked his people and the people told him, you're going to be in trouble, have to go to the Poverty Law Center, report yourself.

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He went to the province that Allahu alayhi salam

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did he blamed him? I have never come across a narration where the prophets Allah Selma blamed him telling him, What's wrong with you? What's wrong with you? This is from Allah. You know, you cannot violate this all of these statements that I'm saying. True that a person should think wisely. This is Ramadan, one of the pillars in Islam

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that they issue is the person coming to you regretting what else you want?

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He already regretted. That's why the prophets of Allah Allah Sama, when the man told him what he did, he did not tell them why did he do that? Why, why why why?

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And the man was

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shouting, you know, raising his voice saying Ya rasool Allah Halleck trois, Khaled Haluk to collect

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it came you know, dragging his garment. You know, it was in a in a rush. He came to the province a lot so my car will line I destroy myself and I just saw somebody. I put myself into trouble and I put my somebody in Detroit for Sula, salsa, ask him, What did you do? CROs hula I'm in trouble and I put somebody also in trouble. As soon as the last time I say what happened? He says I had lationship with my wife in the day of Ramadan.

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Prophets Allah similar to the

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* it is that you're under attack. Arakawa straightforward to to the solution. Is it? Are you able to free a slave?

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Allah? He said, No.

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What next? If it is one of us? Yeah. Hey, tequila. Let's go and borrow money and buy one of the slaves and freedom.

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Priscilla Salah sama did not tell him he tequila or this and that. Are you looking for solution or not? I give you the solution. I didn't take it.

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He did not say this. He says can you free a slave? He said no.

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He said can you fast for 60 days?

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Of course obviously the answer is no. One of them. They say when the Sula Salalah Sam I told him this is also live in 30 days I couldn't

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tell him

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60 days continuously. He said no.

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And then the problem is a lot of Surma with no blame. He gave him the last and the final solution. He said, Can you feed 60 needy people? He said no.

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No solution was given to this person and at the same time he accepted it. Why? Because he can't he was very honest to Celeste Alonso.

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He can't Rasulullah Saleh Elisa kept quiet and the man also kept quiet. aperitive presented my case and no solution then last April sola, sola sama did not say anything that means most likely I'm okay.

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Somebody brought to the to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Assad of Tamar

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the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam and said, where's that person who was in trouble?

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The mindset of their salah.

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It says take this type of date and go and give it to somebody

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as charity. You know, since the promise a lot of them asked him to feed 60 needy people and he said I don't have so now the money comes the food comes all that he asked us to take it from hula and go and feed somebody Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi selama to him, take it and go and give it to somebody Subhan Allah, he said he also Allah, Allah. Karim eenie is Arizona. Do you mean I go and give this to somebody who is poorer than me? Rasul Allah Salah Elisa said yes. It says Ya rasool Allah, I swear by Allah,

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the One who sent you with the truth. He says ma bein Allah but he has a hello baiting app called Amina. It says Allah heroes will lie between the two, you know, between the beginning of Medina and the other end of Medina is because la bataille Medina, this harbor Shatta Wale over here is a place

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Medina, both sides which Allah subhanaw taala fill it with

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dark, small rocks that are a bit short, that the horse cannot come into Medina easily towards that angle. That's where that has, when they came to Medina, they were not able to come into Medina through these two, two places. So what what was he trying to say? Yeah, so like, there is no house in Medina, that is in poverty, which is stronger than us.

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What does he want actually, to eat the fruit?

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He came looking for solution. And when he says yeah rasool Allah Hey, you when I go and take it to somebody who is poorer than me, it says Wallah, he has hula hoop that is nobody who is poorer than us in the city.

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As well as Alonso, My loved had better technology. Until the time they can see his teeth, smile he loved. It was so much to the person and he told him, just take him and go and eat you and your family Subhanallah that sort of sort of life said Allahu alayhi salam and that's why there was no failure in the Malhotra of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi, salam, and the same to be said to all of the messengers in the prophets of Allah.

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We want to succeed in our Java, we just have to follow that method. It's as simple as this. Why do we fail nowadays in the dour oximeter, biller? Because our method is not like this. If you do it, you will succeed. We're just arrogant. Sometimes we think we're living in a new time, you know, new time which necessitates new method of the doubt. Don't forget you're dealing with human beings, human beings, they carry the same nature but the time might differ. But take this from me that human beings are human beings. Imam Malik said, What change the previous nation is the only change is the only thing that has the capacity to change the current nation. And up to date, this is what we are

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witnesses. So be gentle, be lenient, be soft. You know, be somebody who could be approached by the community so that they can share with you that mashallah you're looking for solution. If you don't, they will go and get it from somebody else. And tomorrow, you will be among those who are criticizing the community is communities this and that people are doing this and the question is, what is your contribution? Did you ever give them chance to come and share their concerns their worries with you? You don't, but we always have time to talk against everyone.

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Or pilota Carlota Fatima Rahmatullah Minh Allah He lint Hello, welcome to fog van kalido curriculum for domain Holic Allah subhanaw taala says to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam, just because of his strong mercy from Allah subhanaw taala that he cast in your heart, that the Prophet sallahu alayhi salam is very merciful to everyone around him, including animals, including animals. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has the

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St tensive amount of Mercy given to him by Allah. So Allah subhanaw taala says, because of this mercy from Allah subhanaw taala you are able to be very limited in your doubt

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you Allah, full of wisdom that our salah, Salah, Salah, that's why would you didn't like Rasulullah sallallahu sallam. No, they hate.

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Yeah, but they don't come to the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam and fight him and criticize his attitudes and behaviors, they will do living next to him he visits the one who is sick among them

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is kind to them, all of them, they know this, when they need to know that Rasulullah sallallahu selama is the most appropriate person to be approached.

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This is Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam to every to everyone they came to the Prophet sallallahu selama and curse

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in a very, very, very tricky way. Is he a Somali caribou Allah I will say Villa

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Assam means low in poison death. Most killer problem. They are asking for calamity to be on the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam

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What did the prophets Allah sama tell them? One acre was Sarah Y chromosome? No. He said Wally

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Ayesha heard they made a mistake. They said it's a next to Aisha and don't blame her. I do believe if you love the prophets, Allah Asuma you will so if you're in that place, maybe you will punch them you know, let's Aisha stopped adjust statement but you if you are next to Rasul Allah sama and somebody came to the Prophet and said this, maybe you will go out of control

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and get that person so when I heard that, she said Wally como Sermo Allah, Allah to Allah, whoever the whole, save me the curse of Allah subhanaw taala be upon you and His wrath.

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The Prophet salallahu alayhi salam, I said, ma Aisha, what's wrong with you? She said, Yeah rasool Allah Didn't you hear what they said? The prophets Allah Allah Silva said, Didn't you hear what I said?

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Because he is more experts than ha in language. He knows what they're talking about.

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No matter how much strong you are in the language, this will last a lot of surmise beyond your capacity and your ability in the language, your expertise. So the prophets Allah Sama, he knows he said, Aisha, didn't you hear what I said? They said Assam Annika and I said, What? What are they called? And YouTube?

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That's it. They know they will just smile and go but they know the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam understand what exactly they're talking about. So Allah says, Fatima, Ramadan mean Allah Hillington. Oh, as soon as Allah Azza is very soft, soft and gentle in his speech, and that's why it is part of his attitude. You don't hear the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam a shouting, raising up his voice or getting angry when he speaks less if the laws of Allah subhanaw taala violated?

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Seemed when he comes. It doesn't say Mohammed, why did he do this in front of others? No sola, sola Sama, his manage in reminders, you will come and say my Aqua minified Monica was sung with the people, they do this and that

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he is hired in the FBI to conceal his affairs. How do you feel if somebody is to come and you know, the whole team, you know, come and tell them stand up? Why did he do this and that and blame me in front of everyone.

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The prophets, Allah Holly Silva, usually you will try to hide the affair of the person whom He is advising if he's talking to that person in, in, in combination. So Allah subhanaw taala says, well, Quinta, fogden Colombian, Colombian and subdomain Holic if you're so harsh, somebody who cannot be approached your heart is very harsh. Allah subhanho wa Taala says lung fog do mean how people are going to stay away from from you

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that their brother or sister is up to date. And I have examples you know, which this time will not be appropriate to share them because we have very limited time where leniency and softness in Callum bring people to righteousness.

00:24:23 --> 00:24:35

And the die has more people coming to him more than those people who are so harsh and have other examples of people who I know personally who are very, very, very harsh, and nobody is even willing to see them.

00:24:36 --> 00:24:38

He will Allah nobody's even willing to see them.

00:24:40 --> 00:24:57

But you see that person who is simple. Everyone is hanging around him because of gentleness and leniency and they're calling upon the same thing. Yeah, as I always say in this member, that there is always a better way to say

00:24:58 --> 00:24:59

what you're trying to say

00:25:00 --> 00:25:02

There is always a better way to say what you're trying to say.

00:25:04 --> 00:25:41

So please, choose your words properly. And be very humble when you're inviting people because they have this tendency of arrogance. Nobody wants to be lower than another person will speak in His presence. If he sees you being arrogant, most likely, he will just be waiting for you to finish whatever you are saying. And ignore what you said, and show you a lack of interest in what you're trying to invite. Who is losing the first person who is losing his view? He will latch on to everything that if this person doesn't listen to you, He is the loser. No, you are the first loser. And then he

00:25:42 --> 00:25:50

and you're contributing to that loss that he is encountering? If you did not speak to him in the way the salsa Allahu Allahu cillum advise you to do.

00:25:52 --> 00:26:05

Yeah, because if you accept the truth, and he applies what you're calling him for, every single time he does it, who gets the reward? He gets the reward and you get also the same thing Allah subhanaw taala has given him

00:26:07 --> 00:26:12

if he couldn't see what you're talking about, because of your harshness, who is losing you're losing a lot.

00:26:13 --> 00:26:30

Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to alleviate poverty. He says you should invite them to bear witness that there is none to be worshipped except Allah subhanho wa taala. And you should know, law and yeah, the Allah who be Corrado and why he didn't fail like I mean. And now

00:26:31 --> 00:27:06

he said, you should know if Allah subhanaw taala get for you one person to be guided, this is better for you than the red camels. These are the best type of camels to the Arabs in those days. It's like to say to a person this is better for you than the dunya and whatsoever it you will like take this opportunity to have this attitude that today, how can I get one person to accept the truth from me? That's why I always advise you. Your data should be based on what conveying the message know most likely the person that you're talking to, he already knows what you're saying.

00:27:08 --> 00:27:36

But he should choose your word properly. You should always base it on how to convince him, what kind of language what kind of behavior, what kind of phase what kind of time should I choose? So that insha Allah when I invite him he will get convinced because the issue is how to convince him to get him back to that which Allah subhanaw taala wants him to do. Allah says hello Quinta for them a little called billion foot dome in Halleck. Saffron who was telling him I wish I will.

00:27:37 --> 00:27:37

The last

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Imam and no we caught it. I guess it finished right for Mr. McMahon. Hola, Helene turloughmore la quinta Vanessa, Lisa pabulum photo Mahalik. There's the last I he caught it. And then he started with the first Hadith which is the hadith of an even Hatem. Carla Carla Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam it took on now our that will be should be Tamara.

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For familia myalgic Febi Kelly Martin Paiva, bassoon Allah He said Allahu Allah Who Solomon said,

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Fear Allah subhanho wa Taala and protect yourself from help. Even if you are doing that through a charity that is just you given half of a terminal.

00:28:24 --> 00:28:38

It says even to give half of a tablet. Yeah, because if Allah accepted from you, that might be the reason why you go to Paradise and Allah will protect you from *. You remember that that person in the hadith of Abu Musab actually what saved him from help

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in that other what saved him from help if it's a piece of bread, a committed righteousness for 70 years and Xena for seven days. Xena for seven days superseded and became heavier than the righteousness of 70 years.

00:28:58 --> 00:29:12

Where is he going? Because the missile missile of the car is heavier now and that the reason of the hasnat based on the Chi that we know in the Quran, Allah smarter sis woman have fit Mars you know for Winnetka, as have now

00:29:13 --> 00:29:28

those people who there Misa is low lower, the median of the car is lower than the MISA missin of the absolutely than the median of the car is heavier than the median of the of the of the house and that they will be going to help.

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So now with this person, the Mies van of his car, although this is only seven nights of Zina, you know Against what 70 years of worship. It is based on our own calculation, every one of us will say this person succeeded because you cannot even see those seven nights against 70 years. But he's not going to be like that because the one who tells us the quantity and the size of what you are doing is who Allah herbal ality

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So you can see those seven knights they have the power and the capacity and they are much heavier than, than what? Heavier than the 70 years.

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So the man is confirmed according to the Kawaii to go to *.

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But then Allah subhanaw taala told them last night he gave a charity of a piece of bread. Where is it?

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It wasn't a moment the teeth are placed on the on the scale.

00:30:25 --> 00:30:36

Allah subhanaw taala valued that bread, just a piece of bread, Allah valuate and he asked him to put it on the scale on the side of those 70 years.

00:30:38 --> 00:31:18

For Roger hectically lucky for that side of the righteousness became heavier than the than the side of the sins, the man was taken to paradise. That's why don't you ever belittle righteousness, no matter how much smaller it is, just do it as long as Allah loves it, just do with good intention. Allah He didn't know it might be the reason why Allah smarter will take you to Paradise, and they will never been helpful ever because of that little thing which you're not even paying attention to it. As the prophets Allah Azza said, perhaps there might be a word that a person is saying, which Allah subhanaw taala loves so much, you're not even paying attention to it. It will be the reason

00:31:18 --> 00:31:55

why you go to paradise. You succeed in this dunya and you will never fail in life. And there might be a word which Allah hates and you are saying it which you don't pay attention to because it is so light on your tongue. But Allah hate it and might be the reason why somebody will go to or go to how will find his deed been destroyed. You remember that person who told his brother wala HiLine yellowfin hola hola. You know, I've already said Kelly merchant alberca duniya. Who, because he talks on behalf of Allah sent to his brother, that Allah will never forgive him who sent him to make this conclusion.

00:31:57 --> 00:31:59

Allah subhanaw taala told him less technical Amen.

00:32:00 --> 00:32:10

Let him start from this crutch, which means all of his righteous deeds are gone. Because of what one word? That's what Allah subhanaw taala says.

00:32:12 --> 00:32:31

And before then Allah subhanaw taala says we have vertical low when dealing with Allah subhanho wa Taala you have to be very careful says well Mo and Allah yeah Ana Murthy and physical element Allah Allah Murthy I'm principal value said you should know that Allah smart Allah knows that which is in your heart and therefore it should be very careful.

00:32:32 --> 00:33:14

Watch over your words and your action. So the prophets Allah sama said give charity to save yourself from * even if it is so little, like half of a Tamar. He says if you cannot find that because some people they don't have anything to give in charity. He said you still have chance to give charity because you're not living alone. You live with others. The prophets Allah Azza wa said, failed them turgid Furby alkalinity up for you is if you cannot find anything to get physically sacred word to people. Talk in a good way Allah subhanaw taala will count it for you as as a charity that Allah subhanaw taala grant is good and Tofik and be with us wherever we are and grant us

00:33:14 --> 00:33:30

ability to follow the man hatch of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam precisely when given the power and also in every aspect of our life in our ecology. Emilian Kofi Subhanak Allah Morbihan a shadow La La staphylococci Laker said I wanted to Rahmatullahi

00:37:25 --> 00:37:25

In the last lecture

00:37:36 --> 00:37:37

sit on Mycroft Allah

00:37:38 --> 00:37:52

actually the first question we have is, is it permissible to make dua as follows? Or is it transgression in dua ya Allah if this matter is good for me decree it for me if it is not good for me make it good for me

00:37:58 --> 00:37:59

somebody's asking

00:38:01 --> 00:38:03

Is it okay to modify based

00:38:06 --> 00:38:09

on the profit and loss of some asset and

00:38:10 --> 00:38:18

it should say Allah if this is good for me, let me get it if this is good for me in my dunya and my African on my life

00:38:20 --> 00:38:31

then decreed for me and let me get it but if it is not good for me my dunya until the end of the year Allah take it away from me and grant me that which is better.

00:38:32 --> 00:38:40

So somebody is asking Can I just say even if it is good, if it is not good for me Allah make it good.

00:38:41 --> 00:38:58

And another version that I had somebody told me that Allahu Allah Kula che in Cardiff. Why can't I just say Allah you you have the power to do everything. This this person you want to marry? You know, he said this girl, although she's not good, yeah, Allah make her good and let me

00:39:01 --> 00:39:19

know how you feel marked out on the visa lottery. sembalun good is always in that wish the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam advised us to. So I would advise the question to stick to that which the soloist will also ask him to do today Sahara according to the way this will ask Allah sama said

00:39:20 --> 00:39:22

don't worry about you're not getting that fee.

00:39:23 --> 00:39:59

And if Allah smartair didn't write it for you Don't worry at all. Because Allah subhanaw taala says water and tickler who share Ohio sometimes you might love some you hate something but it is good for you was to hit Bucha and Wahoo a shovel. Sometimes you love something but it is it is not good for you for law here Alabama into law. You should know that Allah smart Allah knows you did. So put your trust in Allah subhanaw taala just go straight forward. Don't worry. You Allah, many people married and they cried after the marriage. They never thought he went in this way. Many many years.

00:40:00 --> 00:40:10

And many people engage in business with others. They cried. They integrate. So why did they get involved in the first first place because they don't know the future.

00:40:12 --> 00:40:28

You have to contact the one who knows the future and that's Allah subhanaw taala and the prophets Allah sama told you how to do it. Just do the Sahara. Ask Allah Allah if it is not good for me change with something that is better. Who doesn't like this? You know, who doesn't like this?

00:40:30 --> 00:40:37

Is just like general you want the level number one in general. And Allah subhanaw taala give you filters.

00:40:38 --> 00:40:39

Which one would you go for it?

00:40:40 --> 00:41:01

Of course the choice of Allah subhanaw taala it is just like this, that which Allah is choosing for you is good for you and better for you in all dimensions. He will learn just put your trust in Allah subhanaw taala and get what Allah has to prescribe for you. Then modify the DUA the prophets a lot sooner, don't change it, keep it the way it is.

00:41:03 --> 00:41:14

And that's the advice Marisela Salam Salam on you're looking for something which you don't know what will happen in the future matters which are not religious matters because religious matters you don't do is to Hereford

00:41:15 --> 00:41:19

that's within let's go for Hajj. I will do is to Hara for us.

00:41:20 --> 00:41:21

Is that okay?

00:41:23 --> 00:41:31

Do is to Ha he said he will do is to Hara first before he goes. Let's go and pray. In the Masjid. Let me do is to conifers.

00:41:34 --> 00:41:45

You don't do is to Hara unrighteousness the only do is to Hara when it comes to the dunya matters. Righteousness why why why wouldn't do is to Cara and righteousness because we already know that the occupier is good.

00:41:47 --> 00:41:49

Allah subhanaw taala already told us that it's good for you to do it.

00:41:51 --> 00:41:54

So you don't go for the istikhara for you to please Allah Subhana

00:41:55 --> 00:41:59

Allah subhanaw taala grant is good and Tofik next, and this is

00:42:00 --> 00:42:26

che The next question is with regards to the Hadith that we mentioned towards the end the advice of the prophets of salaam to ally Rhodiola one, if a person is guided through you, the reward is like that afraid camels? Is that restricted to only a person accepting Islam? Or would it also include things like righteous deeds or someone becomes practicing because of the person's Dawa? Is everything somebody who is misguided and you are the reason why this person is dying?

00:42:28 --> 00:42:44

Because the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is not yet ready a lot of though is a more inviting people to Islam, but the statement is you know, if you make somebody righteous and he became righteous because of you, it is better for you than the Homebrew shell.

00:42:46 --> 00:43:14

Next question, if you are dealing with someone who is a bit harsh, what would be the best way to give advice to such a person? Remind him with the Sunnah of the Prophet salallahu alayhi salam wherever is very harsh to others remind him that Rasul Allah sama is better than all of us, but He is not like that. And you see he succeeded and last one Rotella confirm and inform us about his success. You have no doubt about this. Isn't it better for you to follow that wish as well as the last one I used to do?

00:43:15 --> 00:43:30

Remind him about the Sunnah of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam and the way the righteous predecessors used to give their own dower you know they left for us the best of the examples to be followed. May Allah subhanaw taala grant is good and Tofik and be with us wherever we are.

00:43:31 --> 00:43:32

I think the Imams here

00:43:37 --> 00:43:38


00:43:42 --> 00:43:43

of a simple questions

00:43:45 --> 00:43:51

kind of what is the wisdom behind covering the food at night if one does not do so should he dispose of the food?

00:43:52 --> 00:43:57

I don't know about this Suna. Where do they get it? I've never come across it.

00:43:58 --> 00:44:31

The last one is if the person who enters * for having more sense and good deeds will they eventually be taken out after some time? If somebody is a Muslim died as a Muslim, but unfortunately he is a sinner and the saints that took him to *? At the end of the day according to the PwC no Jamar normal symbol Romanian help Allah Sparta will take him out after the punishment to paradise. You get it but don't choose this path. Don't ever let yourself to have a transit in *. So Hannah Colombo, VMDK Chateau La ilaha illa and Esther forgot to retake the salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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