Sulaiman Moola – Tafseer of Surah Al Kahf #19

Sulaiman Moola
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Jamie Can

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you hear me in a shape on your rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim? Allah

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Allah Hoon Jan

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dreamy dusty Himmel and

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Johan Luna de aza we Rami.

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Soon as the wire will buy soon as Ben Hogan

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soon dusu what is the proper mode Ducky nafi ha I ll

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ik niyama

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Asana maruta fapa sadhak Allah who love him. So that's verse 31, in which Allah subhanho wa Taala now speaks about the reward and the compensation for those who perform righteous deeds. In verse 30. We spoke about the fact that whatever good you do, provided it's coupled with faith will yield you permanent results. So what are some of the benefits, results and perks and privileges that the believers will enjoy in the latter life may Allah make us from amongst them? Allah ecola whom these are those people love them for them? Jana to the Nene Jana to add them in gardens guardians of eternity while Ohara to hi Bona Nasir amin Allah he was at Han curry masala kena p.

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v Jan the ad masa kena about beautiful palatial Homes and Gardens of eternity Allah if those people love them for them Jana to adenine Jana plural of the word Jana tune gardens of eternity, that God mentality model and her beneath which rivers will flow. I had, you know, with the grace of the Almighty I have traveled and I've traveled to some very exotic locations, some very beautiful places. I remember when we were in Australia, in Perth, and they would take you to was it this very beautiful river in in Perth, just on the outskirts of birth, breathtaking view. And they are these beautiful castles, you know, just adjacent to that river, and we went for a cruise in the river. And

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I remember that it still has this amazing. You know what? Memory whenever I think of its soothing, therapeutic relaxing, I had the honor of traveling to the Maldives to Seychelles, to Mauritius, to the Bahamas and to many other exotic islands in the world Mauritius Of course. And you see this beautiful the water the series, the coral, the snorkeling, the palatial palaces, I remember in that Lent is when we went in the Bahamas, I was shown a particular hotel where one room for a night is 25,000 US dollars. One room for one night, right? We went for the cruise and there's this luxury liners and these beautiful yachts and they do these great you know what tours from the Caribbean to

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Florida and back and forth etc. and and and all this overlooking and this beautiful and this is just world and you sit and imagine these beautiful, stunning, gorgeous exotic jaw dropping places. It's simply inconceivable. It's simply inconceivable to imagine the beauty and the splendor of Jana. Jana to idml Gardens of eternity danjiri min dafi model and our rivers will be flowing. What's it and Hiram min hum rain in the 26 joules of the Quran in surah Muhammad Allah subhanho wa Taala says rivers of wine, la your Sadat Runa Anna Wella Yun z food in the 27 chosen Surah workarea Youth drink from this year you won't blurt anything you won't have a headache. It will not make you dizzy it

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will not make you drunk you will remain sober right so Anna Haro Min hammerin letting Eva love that English shall remain. And Harun min love bye Lebanon lumea Davi tamo rivers of milk, which will not lose its taste or its texture, or its color in any way no best before date, no shelf life and ramen I sell him Mustafa unharmonized Salim Mustafa rivers of beautiful pure honey. Today go by yourself cedar honey

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You go and buy yourself manuka honey and again Australia, New Zealand we've been there and we've seen it, it will cost you an arm and a leg and see the honey as well go into the mountains of Yemen and you will know about this honey and our beautiful and our pure ETS etc. etc. and Amina has minahasa Rivers rivers of honey, and of course the rivers of water. And this will be your effect g ro da dee da. This is in the 29th jos right. In surah, two dahar Allah says you can divert those rivers however you wanted. So you sit in overlooking a river and this is where you have your beautiful house and you have your private boat and you have your private yacht, and you hop on and

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then you go and you do your you know what snorkeling and you go it's just something else. Years ago I was in Australia and subsequently I went many times and a brother took me out in a very private exclusive luxury boat and we spend the whole night in the water Subhan Allah so Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks about the rivers right gardens of eternity beneath which rivers will flow Jana to adenine Tajiri jiraiya gene flow in mindat the human and our rivers will be flowing

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you Hi loan a fee ha they will be adorned holla you Holly definitely you're alone is my body module, as we would say in Arabic grammar in etymology and sort of an understanding the context you Hi loan they will be cleared fee. Hi there in min width. Assa, we're bracelets the hub of gold bracelets of gold asah. We're in Arabic grammar is what we refer to as our Jama Montel Jomo right. So where is the plural of the word as we return and as we are doing is the plural of the word see where falola will lie as we're atonement. There have been ojama Mela Inca Tomoko tarini, the arrogance of Pharaoh we asked for gold bracelets etc. and ask him for the angels to escort state now masala is Salatu was

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Salam. So you have the word seawater which means bracelet, the plural of which is as we return and then you have the plural of the plural Gemma Montalvo in Arabic as we refer to it as Sowell so they would be made to wear a bracelet of gold intermedial Asana red sari w Jabez were sorry, who bail? He used to say that every occupant every 12 Jenna Mayer, lawmakers amongst them they alarming you know, I read in one GitHub so beautifully. Jenna is this place of beauty, there's nothing to it. Needless to mention, it's the absolute. It's the place that Allah has created. The real thing is, am I doing what it takes to qualify? It's, it's it's, it's great. It's wonderful. It's awesome. It's brilliant

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to sit and lavishly praise and speak and fantasize, awesome, but hang on for a moment the father tells his son Listen, my son, if you excel in school,

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you can have the phone of your choice or you can have the car of your choice. And so he abandons his studies, he stops preparing for exams, but he starts going to all the different phones and seeing the different specs and the latest phone etc. And he occupies himself what what is available at the cost of becoming heedless, negligent, oblivious and unmindful of his studies. And he's like, No, no, my dad promised me this or that. But hang on. It's pending you excelling in your studies. So it's great to see what's out there in the market, so that it can motivate you to excel. It's great to read about Jenna and we need to and we have to and we need to discuss it and Allah speaks about it

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in the Quran. But we need to obviously take it up was it not the is it not the narration of Jeremy Rector movie when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said in FL jannetty la hora far enough internet Illa Hurrah euro of the hooroo Harmon botosani ha oboe no harm in the home or in general they are these palaces and they are these balconies. You'll have an absolute view from your balcony of what's happening outside. It will be completely open to you and it will be transparent. The companion said lemon lemon Yasuda lonavala okay okay. Before you go into more details who will deserve this palace who will deserve it tell us tell us what what what's required of it lemon adorable Kalam or atomic

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bomb or a Dharma cm was a lovely lady one as soon as the one who can speak correctly politely candidly, accurately layman aka Bell Kalam automaton and the one who feeds people continuously.

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The one who feeds people continuously. I was doing some relief work in some of the cams on the borders of Jordan and Syria. And I will not forget this particular family this particular family who had devoted and dedicated their house and their yard and their farm to the Syrian refugees

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And what an influx of people who would come there and just just come in eat and Subhanallah husband, wife and family would just cook and feed, cook and feed. And so we were part of the organization and doing and doing some relief work. It was a day prior to Ramadan. And then I was flying out for Rome, right was kind of a long trip coming in from Canada via Jordan, Turkey and then Rama. And so I still remember this year that eve of Ramadan, after distributing the food parcels, to these Syrian refugees, and looking at this family, in the deserts in the deserts they devoted their whole life and SubhanAllah. I then paid tribute to them, and both husband and wife just cried, and they said

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it's one that motivates us. It's one idea that motivates us. In nama nota Remo, calmly weigela la Nori Domine come Jessa Anu Allah Shu pura inasa for me, rabina young men are Busan company euro.

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In NaNoWriMo, Camilla Illa, we feed you exclusively for the pleasure of Allah. Learn only domain comm jazza. And well, our show Cora. We're not asking for compensation or recognition. In Naha, former rabina, Yeoman abuse and company era. We are afraid of the horror and the severe Rarity and the intensity and the gravity of the day of the Yama foward pa mulawa Chateau Radha Lika Leone, Allah says that those who do this they not Allah doesn't say they will be protected. Allah says they have been protected from hellfire. May Allah make us amongst them lemon atop al Kalam speak politely at ama feed the creation my brother feed the creation, Adama cm, who have the habit of fasting not

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only in Ramadan, but throughout the year, every moment of fasting is an opportunity for them let me fast on a Monday let me fast on the Thursday, let me fast a yummy beat the 1314 and 15 days, you know have the lunar month

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and fast as often as possible, be the day of of Ashura be the you know so many other days in the month of Siobhan the messenger sallallahu Sallam used to fast extensively throughout cheban he never fasted in any man besides Ramadan as much as He fasted in Siobhan

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lemon adorable Kala automaton ADAMUS Leon was sulla belay Li one Sunni and who engages in nocturnal prayer while the creation is sleeping. So the motivation is my brother, what am I doing for that? Jana? What am I doing for that Jenna? You know, there was a friend of mines. I once met him in the month of Ramadan, and it was extremely hot and it was he was thirsty and it was a long day and asked him how's the fast he said, This one I am enjoying the most because I'm feeling it the most. I'm extremely drained. I'm feeling weak, my lips are parched, dried, thirsty. So I am investing my hopes in this one. I know that I'm optimistic for my Allah from my Allah that this fast is going to do

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magic for me. I said absolutely. Absolutely my brother. So let's get back into verse number 31 where Allah is speaking about the people of Jenna in the reward, Jana to Adam gardens of janetta dreaming that he will and her lovers will be flowing beneath them. You're alone they would be made to where they would be adorned right. Asahi bracelets mean the hub go that's mentioned. Yeah, sorry. No, no, jubeir said a bracelet of gold, a bracelet of silver, and a bracelet of diamonds and rubies. Each dweller of gender will be made to wear three bracelets. Now some might argue that jewelry is synonymous to woman and not for men. While the scholars tell us gender is a different place

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altogether. You cannot base this world on how the things of this world are in Jannah you know it just in from a place to place things change. I just give a simple analogy you on ground before you bought a flight and by mistake if a woman enters into a male bathroom or vice versa a male goes into a female washroom immediately alert alert sir sorry, this is female exclusive please males bathroom is on that side. Apologies I didn't realize this year right it's absolute No How dare it's an invasion. This is not meant for you. And then you hop into the aircraft and suddenly you know what the level three is for both male and female and it's acceptable and now it now nowadays it's not you

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know separate like just before I boarded the aircraft the norm the law the rule the protocol the formality was that separate for male separate for me female, and it can always be you know what a call for mobilizing people a man came in yo What do you want? Why are you doing here? You know, please not here like serious Okay, sorry. Sorry. I didn't realize this.

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And then you hop on to the aircraft. And then it's it's a common level level three and lufa both so the rules change the dynamics change. According to I'm just giving a simple analogy as simple analogy. Gender is a different place my brother your brain cannot begin to comprehend what it is. You're Hello now they will be adorned mean as our bracelets means the hub of gold. While besu nathie ah let me say yes to Claire to where they will wear clothing that would be green in color. Of course not again the green of this world or the clothing of this world or the texture of this world. It is clothing of us era it is the color of us era. It is the beauty of an era where as soon as the banho

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run and they will wear green garments made of soon dos Santos mar raqami neck day bye Burj is tabarrok masala mean at the Burj that's what the scholars tell you right? of fine silk and thick silk. Now silk itself is so exclusive, so elegant, so expensive. So beautiful. Two types of silk Allah subhanaw taala speaks about in the Quran. Soon those mahratta find things out, and then it steinbruck will be again in this world. Silk is forbidden for the male silk is forbidden for the male. Gold is forbidden for the male or hailed as the Habu well, Hari ruli inoty Amati wahama Allah Dooku raha gold and soak are permissible for the females of my oma and forbidden for the male. Why?

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Because my beloved Allah and my beloved nabee told me and that's enough. I don't need more questions, and I don't need more answers. Honestly, you asked me, I'm happy. My inner beam said I mustn't do this. I'm happy with it. My newbie told me to lengthen my beard. I'm happy with it. My inner beam told me that my upper garment must not dangle below my ankle. And he told my sister that she must cover herself right through I am happy. I don't need to ask this question. Why? Because I am a servant of Allah and I'm a follower of Muhammad salallahu alayhi wasallam people blindly follow infamous celebrities and mimic them in the most obnoxious of things for which there's no logic

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rationale or, or sensibility to it in the least way. And then you want to ask but why, but what's the rationale? What what's the wisdom that we need to ask ourselves serious questions? How much of a believer Am I how much of a believer I am my elemental garbain fulfilled now. The Prophet of Allah told me as a male, that my upper garment must not dangle below my ankle, and my sister installed to cover herself clad herself wrapped herself I'm happy what may not be told me to do good outfit aloha for shabari my Navy told me that lengthen my beard and trim my mustache might not be told me to, I should take my take pride in it. Gold and Silver are forbidden for the male's of my own Ma and

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permissible for the females of my oma. Anyway, in general they will be this fine silk and May Allah make us through followers of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam May Allah make us through followers of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam we say we love him, and we do believe we love him. Surely, in Malmo, Hepburn Lima yo Hey, Bo motoharu in Nanaimo Hepburn Lima you have both your Oh, Oliver would emulate would mimic would follow would embrace his beloved. So if we truly love Oh man, abou man, sorry. Are you even sorry Khalid bin Zayed that was his actual name by the way, in case you don't know. And I visited his tomb in Istanbul and I'm sure many of you that have visited it right about a Cuban

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sorry, the host of the messenger sallallahu wasallam. in Medina al mana guerra de

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Moura leave my camel it's under command, it will stop wait decreed to stop when it comes to the house of abou been sorry. And then him and his wife are the host of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam not the host of any scholar, not the host of any pious person, not the host of any Imam, the host of Mr. Mole m br my brain freezes my brain shuts down. I don't know I I just cannot begin to imagine the honor of abou au Ben sorry, whose name was Khalid bin Zayed are the alive one and who, who passed away there in Constantinople present a turkey and that is where his his tomb is, and his grave is and it was this verse of the 10th Jews of surah Toba that didn't allow him to rest and he

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kept on moving in Pharaoh safer phone with a tie Allah wa he dubium awali coma and forsaken v sebelah in Pharaoh strive in Pharaoh cipher.

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What's the pilot say five literally means light. Fatal means heavy scholars of the mean, say, say five could mean whether you're young or you're old, or whether you healthy or you're sick, or whether you are wealthy or in poverty, light or heavy, easy or difficult, simple or complicated Move, move. And this is the verse that kept him inspired. And long story short, in Africa, Bina will be making young China an akuna VCF little bait, he becomes the host, and he entertains the Prophet sallallahu wasallam.

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And then he would send food and then the enemy of Allah would eat, and then whatever will food would remain, the prophet of Allah would send him back, and then husband and wife would set at night, and then find the precise place where Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam placed his fingers and then they would rally slay it that my word, my word, think of this honor, think of this honor. My brother today you want one t shirt or one gap, or you want one autograph from one, immoral celebrity? What's that going to do for you in our era? If anything, it will jeopardize your life here and there.

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It kills me. You look at that man's life and his morals and his values. Leave alone religion, there isn't a thread of morality.

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There isn't a thread of morality in him. And like you know what, wow, this is a T shirt. You know who gave me this year? Now I don't want to know I don't want to know Please don't tell me that. Is that something you hold with value?

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in Terminal t i t A como tabuteau v sakeena tomura become wa t mataranka allo musawah una de hamilo mala Inca.

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When pollut was appointed as the King and people were skeptical about his nomination, then via the Prophet of the time, a sign was conveyed to them on his kingship and he's rulership in Mulcahy. The proof of ease rulership, and yeah de Acoma tabooed, that he will bring to you the box and the trunk, in which will be the relics of musala his Salaam, scholars say the staff of Moosa, the turban of Moosa in it, it's in chapter two second Jews of the Quran. In verily Aya design, Mulcahy the kingdom referring to pollute a yachtie a common taboo that he will bring to you and yet to Kamata booth he will bring to you the taboo does undo the box that rang fi sakeena to Milla bacon, what bhartiya

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Tommy mataranka allo musawah. I know how rude from the relics of Moosa and Harun Tamil only mela Aika which will be brought and escorted by the Mullah iica.

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From this we learn that there is tabarrok there is greatness and blessings in the relics of the prophets, right? We all visited the museum in in, in Turkey, and you see about the relics of the prophets and of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam etc. But to sit and cherish

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something that is why you know, I'm an ordinary person, I'm an ordinary I am the most sinful person and this is not, not you know what superficial whenever I've traveled and you have these youth coming because of this celebrity culture because of the celebrity culture, so they come to you and they're like, Hey, Mom, Chef, I love you for the pleasure of Allah. Can I get an autograph with you? Can I have, please? I say to them, you know what, let me rather write a draft for you. Rather, let me write a prayer for you. Rather, let me pray for you and write something for you or teach you something. But you know what an autograph or a signature is not going to get you anywhere. It's not

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going to get you anywhere. How are you going to hold on to that? How are you going to cherish that? Anyway, coming back to that incident of Abu Bhansali radi Allahu anhu him and his wife would put their hands in the food. One day the food came back untouched. So about human sorry rhodiola said to the Prophet of Allah Radha, Tasha Aquila, Ravi, Mo the day, you've returned the food and I don't see the trace of your blood said hands.

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Are you angry with us and the messenger sallallahu wasallam said I've got the smell of raw garlic in the food and I communicate with the Mullah acre and this was too strong the odor was too strong. So I don't eat from it because sensitivity to the angels the angels love

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you know what the fragrance of something that's fragrant eater etc. Hence when a person passes away, we wrap him up with with Ritter with camphor etc. Because now the angels will be receiving this the soul and receiving this as a body

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And it is accordingly we then we then prepare him up we prepare him. The bride is prepared as the groom would like the groom is prepared as the bride would like. Now you're going into the case of the Mullah Erica and the Mullah he can love the smell of Ritter and fragrance. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said no I got this odor of You know what? raw onion and the angels it find it offensive. So that is why I did not eat. So Abou banswara the Atlanta said O Hara Montoya rasulillah is like onions raw onions haram and forbidden he said no, when I can the Accra in my individual capacity. I dislike it. It's a very nice achromatic raha Rasul Allah? Well, that if you don't like

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it, I don't like it. Wow, wow. If you don't like it, I don't like it. You take the kids mimicking a player in cricket, in his style in his walk in his approach in everything, which which is unrelated to the skill unrelated to the skill. The bowling doesn't have anything to do with you know, putting it on the hand and rubbing it on your thigh or doing it like this or spinning it like that or whatever it is, but because you idolize that person you embrace Him in His entirety.

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Coming back to this what I was saying Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks about well by soon as he Yaba well persona Thea about they will wear garments. You know green garments mean soon those of fine silk and thick soak in another verse in Surah Rahman Allah says more tacky in arella feroce him Baba you know Harmon is stubborn, that they will be reclining on couches, the lining of which will be fine so with the cane Allah furoshiki Baba you know Harmon Easterbrook that the lining of which will be sold. So generally when the line is served, the inner is self Can you imagine what the outer will be? Okay, so Allah subhanaw taala says el persona crbn hood Ron minson doesn't wear his turban. Mata

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Ki Nahi. ha I love our egg. They will be reclining Ithaca I attack you with Tikka reclining Erica turn on couches, reclining on couches, niyama swab. What a beautiful compensation. We're Hatsune at North Africa. What a lovely place to recline. What a beautiful abode. So that's our last subhanho wa Taala concludes the discussion. And that brings us to the end of verse 31, in which Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks about the bounties and the privileges of the people of Ghana. As I concluded in yesterday's segment, that daily we need to ask Allah protection from hellfire. Likewise daily we need to ask Allah to grant us Jenna Allahumma in a local jen netta winner EMA warmer Colorado

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ellingham in polling armel when our holds will be coming and na Makarova la hamin polling our Iman, Allah we ask from your paradise and we ask from you all those actions that will lead us to paradise and we asked the protection against all those actions that will drive us away from Paradise Allahumma in ninus article for those of Allah, Allah we ask you Allah, we beg you Allah we beseech you, O Allah, we implore you, grant us that high abode in general. For those what were the last words of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. The last advice was a Salah was Mr. Melaka a man who come prayer and be kind to your subjects. And then I love him a fiddle Rafi till Allah, Allah grant

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me that abode in that lofty station, in that lofty rang, of course, of course, NaVi la Salatu Salam macom. And position is higher than we can ever imagine, as a birthday carob Boca Makka Moo da, a verse of the 15 Jews chapter 17. Allah will elevate you to the praise the platform in which the creation in its entirety will salute and praise Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam May Allah subhanho wa Taala Forgive us, may Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us Jana, and we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to privileged us with the neighborhood of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. I mean you're behind amin was suddenly level Novosel him Allah and abena Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi

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emmalin al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen

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