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In Al Hamdulillah hinomoto Monastery no one has suffered or whenever they were learning karate and footsie now women see it I'm Melina Mejia Hindi level furthermore the left woman your little fella howdy ala. Wai Chateau a la ilaha illa bajo la sharika Why should one know Mohammed Abdullah What are pseudo sal Allahu Allahu Allah early he was like he was selling to Sleeman kathira Allahumma salli wa sallam was into a vertical so you know, Habib, you know Nabina Muhammad Villa welline will fit in, or salli wa sallim wa barik, ala Sayidina whenever you know Muhammad in familia in LA or Kamara, I mean Alhamdulillah we proceeded Well, with pseudoalteromonas. We've finished most of the

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first page and having to do that. And we arrived in our reading in our last occasion at verse number 12. And we said that the pseudo was so far broken down into two initial sections, the first of them the first five verses, acquaint us with a lot where Allah subhanho wa Taala declares his majesty and Allah makes himself known. And then Allah in the next few verses makes the consequence of those who disobey him very clear. We live in a capital there'll be him addabbo jahannam. For those who willfully chose to hide the truth that they recognize them buried deep in the heart and not accept what they know is to be true, then they will be from those who are brought into the perils of

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Hellfire, but the point of that is made by Allah Subhana Allah to Allah.

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When they are entering, they are asked, and them yet to criminate you did know messenger come to you can do better. So they are self admitted a concurring of their guilt, understanding why they are in that place. At the very end of those sequence of verses we always find the regular theme theme of the Koran that never does Allah Subhana Allah speak of his wrath speak of his punishment, except that he will include either before it during it or after it, a discussion that relates to repenting to him reformation and more importantly, the reward of those who are righteous. And we began with this verse. We ended with this verse last week and we begin with it verse number 12. Are we gonna be

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lacking in a tornado gene? When he levena? Well, in Allah Vina, shannara Bella Bella, who mellifera

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cabbie, those who have Harsha and I like to use the word conscious awareness that leads to fear. It's not just fear. It's not how, in the Levine I shall not abandon those who have hashish from their Lord biLlahi from the distance of the unseen from behind the unseen, not being acquainted with a tangible reality, not being able to see a law see genesi Hellfire, not being able to have witnessed for ourselves in our era that NaVi Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wasallam, not being pervy, to the angels that surround us to the jinn that seek to lead us away with the delusions of grandeur of this dunya biLlahi. Those who believe in their Lord with a promise that comes from the unseen

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level mellifera to them will be mellifera what eduroam Kabir, they will be given granted forgiveness and this is an eloquent type of forgiveness that Allah describes Mazel Farah, it's not just a fraud, it's mellifera it's a constant over whelming sense of forgiveness, that it is something that expunges all of their records, something that covers up all of their faults. And this word mellifera implies the covering of scenes from their beginning to the end, the hidden ones and the public ones, the ones that were involving our relationship with a lot and the ones that incurred wrath between us and other people mellifera in its most comprehensive, all inclusive forgiveness from Allah subhanho

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wa Taala Ed Joon kavir and reward of what has been performed add your eight means payment, add your is something you are recumbents for something you have performed, but it is Kabir. It is beyond what is earned by the individual so I can pay you your wage, or I can give you a job Kevin I can pay you your wage and add to it far greater than what you are actually deserving of and that is the promise of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah for his a bed. Now I want you to analyze this verse with me and I want you to see that the syntax is really important. Allah Subhana Allah gives us a bread trail of crumbs for us to follow as a direction towards a salata mustafina towards understanding his great

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forgiveness that leads us into the great reward

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in the levina of shannara. From those who develop this ability to have Harsha notice a lot doesn't say in the levena M and obiora beam. He doesn't simply say those who believe now these are those who are selected

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From those who believe these are those who distinguish themselves from amongst the faithful allama dynamin, whom, what is the great trait is that they have hushed up, and hashish this word is a really powerful word it is to fear Allah subhanho wa Taala because you contemplated the reality of your existence that led you to config giving yourself over in surrender, submission, Islam is this land lilla he Subhana whom went to Allah, and therefore you are a person who seeks to be with those who fulfill this obligation to a loss of Hannah Montana, and therefore the ad you're the reward is not what comes first, because you had fear of a law. And because you live your life seeking to be in

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a place of good with a law, what you receive from a law, and from a matter of the unseen what you received from a law first as your reward is his mouth hero, meaning that even though you live the good life, even though you live the good life with the consciousness of a law, that wareness of a law seeking to fear a lot to display it in your behaviors, there will always be negligence is that will compromise us in our relationship with Allah, there will be moments of tension with our families, there'll be moments of difficulty in our households, there'll be moments of dishonesty of the tongue and sinfulness of the eyes and there will be things that will bring ruin to us had it not

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been for a loss, forgiveness. And therefore Allah says those who have this awareness, this fearful consciousness of Allah, even though it's from the matters of the unseen to them, their first reward is that they will be given forgiveness so that makes them ready to receive the great reward. Because if you and I were to stand in front of Allah with the inequity of the life that we have lived, we would bring ourselves to ruin and we would not have enough in our scale to substantiate our entrance into gentlemen, the prophets I said, Lim says in the Hadith narrated by Lima Muslim,

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Leia, 20 Jenna, Emily, no individual shall ever intergender on accordance to the good deeds that they have worked in their life. You will not pray enough fast enough to be devout enough have enough Harsha and consciousness of Allah to make a demand and say Oh Allah, I deserve Jenna. So they said well, and Tara rasulillah not even oh you a messenger of Allah sallallahu sallam, kala and I'm not even I have earned it with the good deeds that I performed 11 years ago met me logarithmically. I shall only set forward into Gen net, after the mercy of Allah envelops me covers me up in its totality, level mellifera they will have the shroud of forgiveness. And a lot of the prophets I

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seldom says in authentic hadith that Allah will bring his servant in front of him. And Allah will say to this servant, either the attempted coup de la Mecca wicked that oh my servant, do you remember such and such a day wide neck of al Qaeda, whatever and that you did this and this on this particular day for your clitoral lab? Then the person will say yes, Oh Allah, I remember I did this and I saw this, I said this and I acted in this way and I had this lewdness in me. And Allah will say to them, so total to her la COVID dunya was offered to her la k Yokoyama, I hate it from the eyes of people so that you would not be brought to ruin in your society. And today, I forgive it for

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you in this privacy that you have between me. So we ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah for this great mellifera that leads us to an agile allowing him What is this great reward? What is the thing that we seek? Well, of course, it is gender to fear those the highest levels of gender that we seek to be associated with our Navy, what Salalah it was lm, then Allah speaks to His creation. And he says, what a suitable cola for me in particular, those who disbelieve those who have hidden their disbelief. Those who are pushed faith deep down in their heart, and they don't want to acknowledge his greatness, who assumed will Coleco hide whatever you want of your talk or disclose it or keep it

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secret, as suitable Coleco average how old they are, or make it plain for other people to understand the word serum is a very important word. There are three levels of serum in the Arabic language. And one level of serum is where you can find with with certain people. So I'll say something to one person but not to others. The second level of secrecy of serum is that I will think of something in myself but I won't even say it to somebody else. I won't trust another person, but it's between myself, me, myself and I it's certainly myself, and that's in the chest. The third level is what I haven't thought about that Allah knows I will think about it. And Allah mentioned this and sort of

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thought how Allah subhanho wa Taala says that Allah Subhana Allah knows what matters to us to do that even the chest has not yet hidden. The chest has hidden it doesn't yet know what it will think about in that particular account. And that's a really moving statement. It's something for you and I to consider. Listen to this as well as suitable Coleco. Hide your words, which how old they are.

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declared publicly in Nauvoo, Allium your Lord, this one who you have chosen to disbelieve in this one who you have chosen to belittle this one you you have chosen to walk off the straight path that leads to his pleasure, this one who you haven't obeyed. In a while him He is the all knowing which is one of the great qualities, names and attributes of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, Allah Subhana Allah to Allah His aim is explained to us by the Allah, Allah who yeah level makan Allah knows what was what Matt yakun were Matt Sophia Khun, Allah knows what was what is what will be and what could be even though it will not happen when they were in lemmya Subhana Allah to Allah event that that

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knowledge of that which would occur that even though it will not come into reality, so a lot of knows what you would have been doing right now had you not been seated with me listening to me at this moment, have you followed the other thought that had come to your mind that other other that would have taken you away from this moment? Allah knows where it would have ended with you and what your trail of life would have been like in net, who Eileen, his knowledge is a knowledge not that of observation, but that of creation, and therefore an Imam Shafi when people came with the talk about elkader, it emerged in this era in the era of the Sahaba, in the in the era of these great blessing

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generations, so that they can enter them. And remind me chef, he said, if anybody comes to debate you about the unseen matter of fate, and they say no, God has created everything, we don't have any say in it, or others who say no, no, we have all the say, and God doesn't know what will happen. He says, When anyone debates you in color for God whom will speak to them about what do they believe? Allah knows? If you ask them does Allah knows what will happen?

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And if they answer No, that means capital. And if you ask them, Do you say that Allah does not know what will happen they will disbelieve in Allah subhanaw taala it shows you their faithfulness, in their submission to Allah in a while him What is his aim? Be that is to do he has certain knowledge of even that which is deep in the chest of men. So even the sooner that you share with another person, it's likely somebody else might have overheard, but here almost saying no, this is even the second and third level of serum, the serum that you wouldn't even say to another the secret that you won't share with another the secret that you keep in your chest or the secret that has not yet come

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into your mind that you know, you should keep this from others. In the moment that is pseudo.

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A lot loss of Hannah Tyler's knowledge called a how to be couldn't be Shay, in an email, or lost knowledge has encompassed all matters of all things. And therefore my knowledge is a knowledge of observation of deduction of assumption, the knowledge of Allah subhanaw taala is the knowledge of a Hulk of creation of an AMA of order of elkader have predestiny the knowledge so Allah knows where my destiny will end, but allows me to fulfill it, knowing the path that I will take each and every step of the way, not compelling me along the way, in that sense, allowing me to have an autonomy and freedom of choice that allows me to arrive at a particular destination already pre known to a lot in

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the creation of time and the creation of color. And this becomes an important issue and I hope inshallah, one day we can do a series on the belief of color and fate, I want you to think at, you know, outside the sphere of time, if time is something that is temporal with us, it's something that is controlled within our domain and in our way of thought, than that which is beyond it is not confined to it and the law is beyond the confinement of the creation that he has created. And therefore when Allah speaks about the Day of Judgment, he speaks about it in the past. He says eta, I'm going to look it's already arrived, you just haven't known its arrival. You haven't witnessed it

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yet, but in the knowledge of Allah, it's a surety and has already become an Allah Subhana Allah says, What about Holloman? insan when Allah mama to us will be in episode when I know applaudable la human habla de have little worried in Surah Kahf which is the 50th chapter Allah subhanaw taala says at the beginning of the second page, and with certainty I have created men and I know with certainty that which whispers within his chest I know the thoughts that run in his chest and I know that shape tonic influence that also seeks to influence him in his chest when that no but we are closer to him than even his own juggler that read their mind when they explain this bird. They say a law is closer

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to us than the knowledge that we have of our own selves. And Allah knows what is best for us before we know is best for us and alone knows what is right for us before we know what's right for us.

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Know what Allah knows what is not good for us before we understand it's not good for us, and therefore believing and having inriver contentment in all of our conditions is a sign of faith in the matters of life. And it's important to note that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was a person who did not know the, the that which was to come. The law says in the Quran, the prophets I seldom wish to say to his people who love going to Alamo and available as texts or terminal hi woman has sent me a soup. If I was to know what would be in future, I would prevent myself from harm and I would always choose the good things, I would always choose the good outcomes. The Battle of a herd

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wouldn't have been the way you it would be Had I known what was to come into the future and the prophets I send them in fact, he limits his humanity in such a way as a humility upon us. Some Allah alayhi wa sallam he says in this beautiful Hadith that's narrated by Ole Miss Ella moto De La Nina, that I'm just a human meeting in Amana Basha, I'm a human being, and two people might come and sit in front of me. Both of them share their case with me to be a judge between them. And one of them is more eloquent than the other and I might listen to that one, and believe them in their eloquence and give them judgment in a wrong judgment on their behalf. And if they take it, that I gave them

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judgment, although they know it's wrong, it is voting than they've taken a piece of hellfire. This is the limit of our interview Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and therefore the next area. So we said that a lot of firms for himself in who Eileen, he is knowledgeable, even bigger to suit that which is hidden in the chest to people. What is the next statement and a woman hallak? First number 14, is not the one who has created

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Allah, Allah woman should not the one who is created his creation, be acquainted with them be knowledgeable of them better than they are knowledgeable in themselves? Should he not know what he has created? Should not Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, who is the creator of all of existence, not be acquainted with his creation? Allah, Allah woman, Hala, WA who were lucky for Javier? How could he not know his creation? How could he not know what is best for his creation, when he is the one who has originated them into it? And therefore I want you to link verse number 13 with 14 because they are inseparable in this context. Allah says in the preceding verse, whether you declare your secrets

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or keep the meeting, whether you know what to keep or not, I know everything even that which is in your chest, should you try to hide something for me it is of no consequence and will not be hidden for me Arambula is a suparna with Allah, how could he not know the secret and the open intentions of his creation? How could he not know and be acquainted of what is best for his creations of how Noah to either? Well, when Latif when he is the Latif now there's no English word that I can ever say to you that will give you the translation of the word and Latif I have to give you sentences, paragraphs, and Latif is it implies that Allah subhanho wa Taala pays attention to the finest detail

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he is so subtle in his knowledge so subtle of his understanding that his knowledge has accounted for all things the blood settles in your work the the hair on your chest out in your on your head, that what ma'am in water cotton tests go to there isn't a leave that falls off a tree What am I mean what okati not a tree and sort of thing and I'm not a leaf falls of a tree in May Allah Maha what Mammon had bet in there is in a sea that is in the depths of the earth, except he knows its origin where it came from, and what it will bring into creation. There isn't a drop of water except he knows where that water will end up where that drop will be irrigating, whether it'll be lost whether or vegetate

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all of it, peaky, Tabby mobian. All of it is in the knowledge of Allah. He is a Latif, the one whose knowledge is detailed. Latif Hua Hua Latif, Elsevier, and then Allah uses the second word, which is also about knowledge. So here Allah is Allah Diem and Latif Elsevier and it's a cascading effect. I believe. It is the most comprehensive in knowledge Latif, the most detailed in knowledge hubby's, the one who is constantly in completely aware of everything not needing knowledge. subhana wa Tada. He doesn't need to be told nothing need to be asked doesn't need to be informed. He is Kabir. He is the well informed and constant in his awareness of everything that he has created. Why because he is

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a lolly and he is a Latif which makes him and Javier have

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All aspects and all manner he is the one Subhana Allah to Allah who fully understands the information accurately and constantly has access to it. Nothing is hidden with from him liable on whom he called him fill out of the well if it's a man, nothing of the seed or an atom's Wait a mustard seed is hidden from his own knowledge, whether in the heavens or the earth, there isn't an iota that can escape him. suparna went to Allah, He is Aleem and Latif, and they'll have you and those three important qualities of Allah subhanho wa Taala set the tone for the next verses that we're going to study in the coming weeks. Because in the next verses Allah subhana wa Taala is going

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to place upon us an understanding that he is the one who provides He is the one who has created for us He is the one who brings down rain, he's the one who nurtures The, the birds that fly in the sky, he is the one who is acquainted with all things. Now, lots of high notes Allah says that he is a Latif and I want you to focus on this name because it is one of the names of a law that you seek to invoke Allah with to ask for your needs. That Yeah, Latif, Oh Allah, you are the most subtle in your knowledge, the most pervading in your knowledge, the most in depth in your knowledge of what is best for me what is right for me what is wrong for me, I will love balance my heart to accept you with

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hope in your mercy and with fear of your punishment, or a law I asked you to give me because you are a Latif and acquaintance with that which I'm unaware of make my heart content with that which you withdrew for me. Oh Allah make me pleased with the difficulty that you have arrived and visited upon me and my home. Oh Allah give us ease and comfort and happiness in all of the circumstances in our life. You are allotted the word Latif also has a really important context which is gentleness, that the knowledge of Allah which is in so much detail means that because he knows so intimately about you, that he hasn't held you to task, it's because of his gentleness. He is a Latif, he is off here

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and he is fine in his gentleness. So he is very easy in his development and in his peacefulness in his dealings with you and I somehow know to Allah, and no matter how many times you and I slip, no matter how many wrongs we commit, no matter how many bad choices we've made, no matter how many times we've doomed ourselves, he is a Latif he's gentle, he gives us an opportunity return. He gives us small hints in our life. He inconveniences us with certain things that wake us up, he gives us illness and deprivation and of love and loss of wealth. He takes from a certain things lalla homea tawaran perhaps they will come to their senses and invoke me and seek Me Subhana Allah to Allah, and

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some of the conditions that we live in today with this COVID-19 reminds me a new of the verse in Surah Yunus where Allah subhanho wa Taala says,

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had nothing to do so Krakow is a unit until this earth has taken on its complete splendor and beauty, while London Aloha and the home Katerina Allah and those who live upon the earth believe that they've dominated it that they have true possession of it that they can do as they please anywhere they want to go they go they believe that they have gone to its ends and have dominated it woven Allah and now God that they have power and ability in it. I tell her I'm gonna

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my order arrives to the earth.

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At Muna Leyland Amna hora whether by night or day, at any moment, in a moment of the night, in a moment of the day, my instruction is given

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for john now how see them can live doesn't have an EMS, I raise it down, I cut it down, I mow it down as if it had not grown any beauty before.

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KLM doesn't have it, EMS can barely can afford it the company alone. Such I mean detailed and understanding for those who have alkane for those who use the rationale to lead them to Harsha to lead them to an awareness of me. So Allah Subhana Allah to Allah is a Latif and he is the one who is subtle, who is merciful in his subtleness he allows us to wake up to our senses, not because he knows and not because he's aware that that allows a loss of Hannah to Allah to deal with us with purity. Rather, he is a Latif Elsevier and you can see this where Allah subhanaw taala speaks about those who have claimed that he has gotten a son. Well, how do you determine whether the SU had the

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courage to submit what well? It is almost as

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If the heavens and the earth in response to people claiming that the Almighty has forgotten the sun, the heavens seek to rip apart and the earth to fracture what Fujimoto had done, and the mountains collapse upon these people who have said these statements, but because Allah is a man, he is allottee full Sabir he allows people time to reform and return to Him in goodness. The Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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invites us to invoking a law for his mercy invoking a law for his allotment invoking a lot evil Javier for his for our needs and use those two names of Allah in combination in your drive when you find yourself in need that is hidden from each other people and one of the powerful driver of the slowly him it is yeah hi Nana Yemen Nan Oh Allah who is loving who is gentle?

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Yeah, hi. Yes, are you? Yeah Latif, we are Javier Oh Allah ever living and all sustaining. Oh Allah who is acquainted with all of my details, or law is well informed of my condition, or law make easy my task may make easy my mission in life. The final verse that we will study today's verse number 15. Whoa, La Jolla de como el Botha. loulan senshu, female akeeba workqueue minerals de la Hindu. Sure. It is a loss of hydro to Allah was made the earth that loulan comes from, you can hear the word

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booty, which is a sense of being submissive, soft, easygoing, broken down, that Allah has made this earth receptive and submissive to us so hora de como alga what's up Corolla como sama.

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elgiva Allah has made this earth subservient to us. So Hola, como shumsa well camara that eBay was a hora de como la la Anna, how Allah has made the sun and the moon and the day and the night subservient to our needs and to our existence had made it in perfect harmony for us, as he says in sort of, Ibrahim, so this submissiveness is detailed for us by Allah, that that rule and potential for human activity so walk amongst its mannequin, the word man cub is this this rounded part of my shoulder, and therefore that read about when they speak of monoket

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the speaker speak about it in an allegorical way, that Allah subhanaw taala, saying he's made this earth smooth, and made it easy for us that we have been able to dominate it, we've been able to exceed it, that in our evolution and our studies in life that we're able to go past some of the hurdles with the knowledge that we're able to develop, the Earth is soft, that the soil is able to be dug in, we're able to irrigate it and grow plants and crops. And the earth is made fertile for us. It's made manageable and stable, but upon it are also made out of these shouldered areas. And these are areas where we have to traverse through the mountain slope. Some of their roadmap, they

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said the manassa refer to the mountains of the law have now been some of the law one I don't want to call dad that his student, they refer to them as the mountains in the earth and the shoulders protrude from the body, the mountains protrude from the smoothness of the earth. So navigate through the recesses of them. Also, there's the understanding that the word men often refers to the humps of the camel or the strength of the camel, meaning it's dependable, and that Allah subhanaw taala says so go out into the earth and be able to depend on it to provide for you for the resources that you will need. Another understanding that that came with is that you're able to extract from it the

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needs that give you sustainability in life. All of them are correct interpretations of this word, that Allah Subhana Allah to Allah or lady Jalla Docomo lado de loulan senshu female akeeba explore it and spread throughout it. A lot didn't want to confine us to one end of it, but to spread throughout the earth, female and akeeba even in the hilltops of it workqueue, Newman was cake and eat from the risk of Allah. Eat from what Allah has provided, when he lay he knew sure and to him, you will be resurrected. Next week in sha Allah we will begin once again with this verse, and we will focus our attention to the second part where kulu memristor he was elated, mature, eat from the

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risk of Allah, what is what is what is provisioned, what is sustenance, what is that, that we value as human beings that is all given to us through the power and the mind of Allah Wa La ensured the consequence of enjoying the risk. The consequence of living upon this fertile soft malleable Earth is that you will be resurrected and questioned in how you dealt with others in it and whether you submit it to

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law in obedience, and I hope you'll join me again next week for Part Seven. This was Part Six of a study of salted milk, the 67th chapter of the Quran, we ask Allah Subhana Allah to grant us ease. We have concluded up to verse number 15 passing half of this whole I will leave that in hand. This is a surah of 30 verses, as we mentioned in our very first session, that the one who recites it each and every night is protected from the punishment of the grave. I will come call and never use a little audio celeb of who to call the how they were self utilized. All the money will come first off, it'll in no afford Rahim subhanak Olam, over handicare shadow Allah, Allah He lent us Africa to relate was

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh and I look forward to seeing you again next week in sha Allah