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The Ramadhan Series

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala rasulillah carry while early he was heavy woman Serbian via Hassan. Yo yo Medina about brothers sisters llamada Toma and welcome to another episode from stories from the Quran. Today I want to speak about a story, which was relevant then relevant now. And that is about two individuals. One very wealthy one not as wealthy. And Allah subhanaw taala captures this story. And the background to this is that the mushrikeen of Macau would look down on the Muslim court, the vast majority of the Muslims of makawao so they would always look down on the Muslims. So Allah subhanho wa Taala wanted to give a parable a

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story of the people of before so me Abbas, Ravi, Allah and Hamas say that these were two brothers from the bunny is Allah He and the Father had passed away for those very wealthy and he left them these beautiful gardens.

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And one of these brothers was a believer and the other was a disbelief. So Allah subhanaw taala captures this inshallah to have in verse number 32, waldrip lava muscle and Allah Giulini give them the parable of two men, two brothers giannelli imagine attainment we may gave them both two gardens of from grape wine, for what half of nahama be nafcillin and then we surrounded them with these beautiful poverty meaning they look awesome. They look beautiful. What Jana Bina Houma Zara, and what we made run between the two was a field of crops. So this is what Allah Allah gave them. And then Allah say puratos Jenna teeny, artichoke Allah, both of these gardens came with full crops, the

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produce was full, there was no shortage in it. While I'm doesn't mean who share and there was no shortage in the produce from it. Well for germa killaloe, Mahara and then what we did is that we made a river flow between the two. So a last one that not only gave them gardens but they produce of both gardens was immense. What there was a difference between the two individuals. So the world was the same but the individuals there was a different one was a believer, one was a disbeliever. One spent in the path of the last panel data one was a miserly you believe he believed in the hare after he believed in Allah paddle of Allah. So he spent while the other one he restricted, he wouldn't

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give a penny. Why? Because only it was only dimir for him.

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He loved his dunya but he disbelieved Allah subhanaw taala and that's amazing. Allah makes the dunya

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we love the dunya What about the one who created we disbelief and this is so popular often a train more in those who are wealthy. Then those who are poor, the more favors Allah give them the more status Allah give the person the more further he goes away. And this is why the prophets Allah solo sit to eyeshadow, the Allah and ha

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he so Ayesha stay in the company of the poor people.

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For they remind you of Allah Mo, and they remember Allah subhanaw taala more. This is the advice the message of Allah gave to and you see, you know, as Obama as much as it applied 1400 years ago, you see it today.

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The more a society advances, the more Allah gives them, the more they forget the last panel $1. So one gave, the other one didn't give a time came that the brother who spent in the pathway had actually spent so much so much in the path of Allah. He had nothing left. So he began to work. While it is working, somebody says to him, why are you working for you will have a brother who is filthy rich, just ask him for a loan or ask him, you know, to give you some money. So this is what he does. The believer goes to the disbelieving brother and he says to him, and he's discussing with work on Allahu thumbor philokalia sahibi Well, who are you have you an extra minca Merlin was una forma.

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Allah says you know that person that disbeliever his produce was full. He had immense produce for call Alisa, Hebei well Who are you Hi ru. Now this can have two meanings. The either the believer was saying to discipline Brother, you know believe in Allah Subhana Allah returned to Allah power data. Look at all the

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favours Allah has granted you, this will should bring you humble, humble. Oh, it can have the meaning that the this believing brother was saying to his believing brother, if we say it was the believing brother saying to this believing brother, then when he asked his brother for wealth, you know, give me something. He brother this believing brother one day to rub it in. So he says to him, he says to him, he said Anna octoman Kamala said, You know what? Who are you? You're a nobody. I have more wealth than you

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was your number one and I am more honorable. I have more people following me.

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Look at my social media page. Look at the likes I have. I want so this a clip of a video which will likely believe where this guy is interviewing a young teenager? And he says Oh, yeah, I don't talk to my mom. I don't talk to my children. I said why would he talk to the children? He said Who are they? Nobody's is Look how many people are how many likes I have, bro those likes that you have. You had none of those people know you. None of them know you they just click a button somewhere in the world and you think you're popular when you're janazah none of those people are going to be there.

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But you delude yourself because somebody pressed on like and this is where we live in this artificial fake life where you want this instant theme. So he says to his bro he said yo you're a nobody. And then Allah subhanho wa Taala says, he goes further on to say he says in Surah tober verse number 55. He says about people who Allah subhanho wa Taala has given wealth. He says you know we give people wealth. Why? We give people looks why we give people status Why? He says fella tau gibca and Walla Walla Walla Doom in nama you read Allah you a zipper homie Murphy, behalf will hire to dunya filetto de Vaca and Walla Walla Walla dome in nama Yuri the LAO, your neighbor whom behalf

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will hayati to me, ma se ma verdura impressed by the wells and the progeny we give these people this the world and this progeny is our Azzam for them in this dunya so Pamela, it makes them more haughty is not a favor for many people alive making a categorical your status, your fame, your looks, whoever you think you are, whatever Allah has given you is not a favor is a verb. And you will realize Allah will make it a DA because that thing will have no Baraka and it will make a source of depression, but not only in this dunya ever even in the hair after. Then Allah subhanho wa Taala carries on with this story. And he speaks about the disbelieving brother now he's entering with God,

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what the hell agenda to wahoo our volume leader fee? Allah Allah no and tabetha heard he Abed

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he enters his garden. And Allah says who avalable Lee enough Cz, he is a volume upon himself. Generally when you want to do volume when you want to impress you need another person another being to do volume upon. But somehow How can you be as valuable as volume upon your nerves.

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And this is ajeeb This is the only place where you become a volume upon yourself when you transgress the laws of the last panel Tada. When you transgress the laws of Allah subhanho wa Taala you don't need anybody else to do dahlem you are doing it upon yourself. So he entered his garden, he looks around he Marvels. And what does he say? I think this is gonna last forever.

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Forever a tennety. And so Pamela, you know, will lie without saying it. Even those who say recite La ilaha illAllah, Muhammad Rasulullah who believe in the resurrection, you know, many of us, we go through our entire life, behaving like this world is never gonna end.

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We are in total, utter heedlessness of the ark era.

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And it's very similar to this man's attitude. We don't say he said it. We believe in a hereafter. But our actions are actually contrary to what our beliefs are.

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Then he goes further on his offer is increasing is getting worse. He says, Who am I? Oh, no, sorry. Emma says I don't even think that the final hour will actually even occur. I think it's just this world. See, this was actually the belief of some of the machinery key. So the machine key didn't actually have a uniform belief in here after some believe there was a hereafter some day

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not believe there was hereafter. So there was a man called I asked him while he was a mechanic, so he borrowed some money from a believer, but this believer that he borrowed the money from wasn't that influential as been why it was an influential person. So when this Muslim came to him to ask for the money but asked me why did you believe in the hereafter don't use it? Yes. So do you believe this gold, silver, silk and all the other rubies emeralds in the hereafter? He said, Yeah, I do. said okay. If that's the case, then I'll pay you back the money that I'm not going to pay you the money here. So this man says Why? Because I asked him why he didn't believe in the hereafter.

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So either Okay, I'll pay you the hereafter meaning I'm not never gonna pay you. So this person says I don't even think that they is gonna be Walmart, I don't know South Africa.

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Well I ever did to be the hero minha alebo. And even if they is a hero, after you know when I go back to Allah,

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I will have better than this.

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I if Allah has given me in this dunya

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that Allah subhanho wa Taala will give me in the hereafter. No, that is not done. So that is not the time. That is not the principle, often as the verse I read earlier off of Judah Toba. Sometimes Alon views people in this dunya to see, and he gives them respect, and he gives them respond. And instead of doing sugar, they will do more for they become more ungrateful and more ungrateful and Subhan Allah And if we look into the life of the Sahaba, with one large mine, we find totally the country.

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You know, many of the Sahaba when Islam spread far and wide,

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the Sahaba would actually cry. And they would say, Allah, are you giving us recompense for all our difficulties in the first part of Islam through the dunya

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and they would actually cry

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orocobre the Allahu anhu. And he was a mural momineen and he went to sham. He's having this food food like he had never seen before, because we believe HR generally ate quite simple before they were very poor. So they are having food. And then all of a sudden he stops eating, and he starts to cry.

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And he sim remembers those of before the Sahaba who were martyred, and they said they were better than us. They didn't have this food, hardly been relieved or the Eliana was sitting there. And he said amirul momineen for them with Jana. And Omar said oh Khalid, for them agenda for us is food. What a raw deal.

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For them agenda for us is food.

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And this was the concern that they had that digests Allah gives you denier doesn't mean that you are accepted by Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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There are many people who are beloved to Allah subhanaw taala but Allah gives them one line nothing.

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Near Allah gives them nothing. The Prophet salaallah alayhi wa sallam was sitting with a group of Sahaba and a man when pass in the province, Allah said, I'm saying what do you think about this man, he said, This man assured of Wilco the most honorable amongst the people. He's honored he's loved. He's got status, he's got wealth. If He intercedes because of his status because of his wealth, people will accept his intercession. If he proposes people will accept his proposal. Nobody's gonna turn him away. A little while later, another man can pass. What do you say about him? It's a 14.

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pauper. Nobody takes him seriously. If He intercedes nobody accepts his intercession.

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If he proposes no ways anybody going to accept the proposal? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was

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inspired by Allah when he came down, and this is a lesson for you and I won't lie. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, One man, the latter one of the latter, the four key, the poor person is better than the entire world full of the former.

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Nobody, but in the eyes of our last panel dollar, he was somebody and Subhanallah these teachings at a time of the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam teaches that a believer focuses on it here after

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this world comes and goes and you will see in the story it comes and goes, and the time of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was they were in Medina.

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He sitting with the Sahaba Donna Lodge, my ain and Muslim nomade enters

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who was most of our male male Muslim no mayor was regarded as the most handsome man in Makkah young boy. The clothes he wore became the trend. They say if you walk down an alley, you will know half an hour after it walk down the alley. That muscle

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When your maid had walked on, because the fragrance he used was so expensive.

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And then he embraced Islam.

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And his parents cut him off, and he had nothing.

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And today he's entering the gathering in Medina, and he has barely enough clothes to cover his body as a prophet salaallah alayhi wa sallam termed as the Sahaba Ravana lodge my aim at the Sahaba. When this opens up, they put their eyes down because it close barely covered his aura. And the message of Allah began to cry, and his tears are flowing. And eventually, Allah said, I swear by Allah, I never saw any person who was softer closed and muscle or male who had softer hair there most of you may or may say, look, most of them know made today.

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And the Sahaba, this album of people of the era, this Sahaba began to ponder. And then the Messenger of Allah went a step further, he said, the time will come that you will change your clothes twice in a day.

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twice in a day you will change your clothes, the Sahaba as a messenger of Allah,

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we want to ask you a question.

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Will we be better in the eyes of Allah La ilaha illa Allah? Will we be better in the eyes of Allah now? Or will we be better in the eyes of Allah, then

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when we will change our clothes twice a day, when we will be rich, where we will conquer the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, in the eyes of Allah,

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you will be better today when you barely have enough clothes to cover your body. ilaha illa Allah.

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This is really Subhan Allah and this show is the attitude of many individuals, many individuals that they that they love their wealth.

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They look at their cars, they look at their home, they look at their bank balance. They love the favors of Allah, but they don't love the one who gave them that favor.

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And this is a person who you call ungrateful.

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That when it comes to Salah time you can never pray your Salah when it comes to fasting, you find it difficult when it comes to Malawi compare your tarawih when it comes to taking out from the pot, which Allah says that wealth from that which we gave you, that which we gave you you can't give in the path of Allah subhanaw taala because you love the dunya so much.

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But you don't love the one who gave you that to me. And if you trusted in the one who gave the adonia and you gave in the path of Allah Allah would spawn tala would give you more.

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Then he says he says to his brother say the believer says to his disbelieving brother is all alone for him who will Who will you have? So is it robust as the company says to him and he's discussing comfortability Hallock? He said you disbelieve in the one who created mentor Robin. For mommy look for him. He created you from dust. And then He created you from sperm. What what's Allah saying here?

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The Brava is reminding his brother, that you come from humble beginnings. How did you become so haughty? How did you become so arrogant sperm Allah created you from the reason that Allah created you from sperm is that you remember what you are. You're You are nothing at one law IE you are still nothing unless you are heavy the scale of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said as related by Muslim that they will be a large person, a math person who will be a huge mass huge person. He will be placed in this scale on the Day of Judgment. And he will be lighter than a mosquitoes wink.

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He will be lighter than a mosquito wing in the scale of Allah.

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And then you have some people I must Abdullah Massoud are the Allah and who is climbing the tree and is climbing the tree and Abdullah bin Massoud that very thin shins. So the Sahaba are looking Abdullah bin Massoud crown climbing the tree and they looking at him and they begin to love when they see thin chins.

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And I've always said Oh, what is making you laugh? There's an old message of Allah is his shins are so thin. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said you're laughing at the thin Shinto Abdullah bin was ruled by Allah. If his finishes were placed on one side of the scale, and the mountain was placed on the other side of the scale, his shins would be heavier than the mountain of art.

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Why? Because those things shins worked for Allah. They were heavy in Allah scales, maybe the dunya they weigh nothing, but in Allah scale they were heavy.

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So he says

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mentor ah minister mommy not wanted forma so worker joola so he created you from taarab for mommy not 14, and then from a piece of sperm and then he formed you into a human being. And then he speaks about himself. Now the believing brothers speaks about himself. Well, I can now who Allahu Robbie wala Shrek? He says As for me,

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that Allah Who created me who gave me all the favors He is my Lord, Allah is my Lord and I will never prescribe partners at one last panel, Darla. And then they have this discussion.

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And then the bird and whilst they're having this discussion, the provers giving him more and more Dawa. He says to him, he said My dear brother, why do you do this? Well, Lola either the halter genetica Kota, Masha Allah Hola, wala quwata illa Billah interni occular Minka Marlon wallet. He said when you enter your garden, why don't you say Mashallah, hola wala, quwata illa Allah, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Whoever sees his favor, and he says Ma sha Allah Allah hawla wala quwata illa Billah no calamity will be for the favor of is unless death is prescribed. No other calamity will befall unless Allah is prescribed death for that is what are you read this and

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this is so beautiful, I tell you why.

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Because when you are saying hola wala quwata illa Billah hola quwata illa Billah Either you are saying Allah I have no ability to protect what I have. You are the power powers with you Allah Subhana Allah

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wherever I have you know this fever I have

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only reason I have it is because you are giving me protection you are protecting it and the problem is the loss of the you recite Mashallah Hola Hola. Hola. Hola, wala quwata illa Billah then Allah subhanho wa Taala will protect that thing.

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And then he goes on to say that if you think that I have less children, and I have less wealth than you,

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then something else could also happen. And he says What is that? What can happen? That Allah Subhana Allah can take away so the next verse speaks for us, rb and UT and he hydromagnetic you know, it's possible that Allah my give me better than your God.

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And this is harmala you know, as a believer, a believer, maybe Allah doesn't give you this dunya but Allah He looks,

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Allah gives you the agenda in the Hereafter, the same word, he says, Jenna Jenna garden of the dunya and the Garden of the Hereafter, a lot of genetic, legitimate daddy linhart Garden beneath which rivers flow, the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam you marveled about the netmeds and the favours of this dunya so many people in many believers don't have this and they do suffer.

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But Allah subhana wa Taala will give the Far far greater what kind of Jenna the prophets Allah said I'm said a believer is destiny for agenda Marla no rot well done. Well a hotter I'll be butchering. No, I have ever seen such beauty

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no a can ever do justice to the description of gender. Such a gender that it doesn't even pass the mind and the heart of a belief that how beautiful Jana is. So he says maybe Allah will give me better than that. But regarding your state, your ungratefulness then let me tell you what could possibly happen so the purpose is to

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say the last one what could do this to you? while you're still I lay here so spannend minister, my work behalf for Eden zela So what could really happen is that Allah subhanaw taala could send a thunderbolt from the heavens and your beautiful garden which is beautiful today, can we sorry zelicah Can we sand the land which is slippery, so that can happen always says, oh, used to be hammer, run, all the water is sucked up by the earth it runs underground voluntas that the Allahu taala no matter how hard you try to extract that water, you will not be able to extract the water. So they have this discussion is reminding his brother, he said look say thank Allah

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pound dollar for the favor. That last one dollars granted you and my brothers and sisters, although this is a story in the Quran, this is what is so relevant to us today. Every aspect of martial law, the whole Lakota, look around you look at your children, look at your car, look at your homes. Look at all the last pound Allah has given you don't look at that what you don't have.

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You know, sometimes we are always crying over what we don't have to we don't know, shocker, what we have, you know, they have this thing. They call it the missing tile theory. Why is the missing tile theory, the missing tile theory is this is that if you're sitting in a room, and you have a ceiling

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and the ceiling, there is one tile which is missing in that ceiling. What do you notice?

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You notice the tiles missing. All the other tiles are there, you don't even notice them. You only noticed a tire which missing. Many of us spend our life like this, that Allah gives us millions of favors, millions of favors. We don't count any of the millions of favors Allah give us the one or two Allah hasn't given us that's the one that we cry over.

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And then we can never remain happy. And this is why the Prophet salaallah alayhi wa sallam said to a Buddha or the alarm, he said a Buddha always look at those who are beneath you don't look at those who are above you. Because if you look at those who are beneath you look at the world today.

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Look, look at what's happening in Yemen, look at what's happening in Syria, those who aren't in Congo, Burma,

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look at happening in many of the countries that we come from the poverty.

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And then we can only cry about what we don't have.

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We only, you know, crying over that which we don't have but not doing sugar, or what we have Allah subhanaw taala say, in Chicago.

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So believers, if you do sugar, I will surely increase what you have, if you don't prefer, if you are ungrateful, what Allah has given you a level of possibly take away what He has also given you.

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Then the story goes on. And so Pamela, hello, Cooper,

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a day comes, says, won't he be somebody

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we encompassed all his crops all his God, meaning we've destroyed for us by how you label coffee allama and for coffee.

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And he enters his garden, and he going like this.

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Like this. He's twisting his hands over in remorse in grief. Because he balama and *a Fie her because of all what he had spent in his garden, the time the effort. He thought this was gonna last forever. And Allah says, We destroyed it. How do we destroy it? We're here how we can allow Russia. here how we to allow Russia mean, where it fell on a trellis is mean it totally and utterly destroyed, bankrupt, nothing can put, finish.

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And then he thinks,

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then he comes down to earth again. And he says, well, you're cool, you're late and he should be harder. Should I wish I entered the ship with Allah.

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I wish I had. be ungrateful to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And this is the reality brothers and sisters. When you're up here, when you have the wealth when you have the fame, when you are being noticed. When you have status, you sometimes forget who you really are. You forget the fact that Allah says that we created you from taarab we create from does recreate you from not far we created you from sperm, we forget all this.

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And then

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and then a time comes. And then they say you know there's no atheist on a sinking ship.

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And it shouldn't be like that believe we shouldn't be like that. The more Allah gives us the more we should do sugar for Allah, the more we will thank Allah smart Allah, as much as we love. If we love our favors Allah has granted us that we love the one who granted us favors far more and we remain sugar, we pray a Salah, we do our obligation to Allah subhanaw taala we become good believers. And then Allah goes on to say, you know, because this person will say You know, I've got wealth I got people who follow me honorable. Allah say welcome to con la houfy en ser una de la said we will say he didn't have any army to defend him against Allah subhanaw taala will mecanim have to sell and he

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wasn't helped. There was no help for him.

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Then Allah subhanaw taala finishes this verse is the story of an end This is so beautiful he says hoonah likkle wilayat

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they hear protection is only from Allah, Allah Kabbalah. protection is only from Allah, Allah protects you and the entirety of humanity wants to harm you, they cannot harm you. They cannot harm you. And if the entirety of humanity wants to protect you, and Allah is not your protector, Allah is not your protector and Allah wants to harm you, and nothing can stop loss panda. So Allah says, and here protection, Lila Hill, Huck for lost pound dollar, the truth, who are higher on or higher on Baba, he is the greatest in recompense will hire an Akuma and he is the greatest in giving a person success and a good outcome in this dunya and in the hair after brothers or sisters, I just want to

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finally finish off with a reminder here, Allah subhanaw taala you may be watching this and Allah Subhana Allah may have not given you much, maybe Allah has not given you much because Allah subhanho wa Taala does not want to tissue damage.

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The people of the poor people will go into general 50,000 years before the people who are rich, because of the fact that they will have less to account for in front of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And also maybe Allah hasn't given you so much, because of the fact that Allah is hacky, Allah is all wise. And Allah knows when to give or not when to get when to give him when not to give, look. A child wants to buy a gun. And the father said, No, no, you can't have a gun, and he's insisting I want to buy a gun. When the child will ultimately grow up, he will realize the wisdom of his parents. Similarly,

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when Allah gives brothers and sisters, you may be watching this and Allah may have given you immense. The thing is, is giving you what is it? Is it you making sugar? Or is it like in sort of Toba that Allah has given because Allah gives you because he wants to punish you in this world.

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Some people have 10 children.

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And Allah puts no Baraka in those 10 children. And some people have one child that Allah put Baraka and that child, so Allah is given their person, quantity or not quality. Some people have millions, can't get to sleep at night,

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can't get to sleep at night, and somnio depression, anxiety, and the other person

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has literally nothing. But as soon as he puts his head on the pillow is out, lights are out, he sleeps tranquil, he enjoys his sleep, and therefore brothers from this story, I want to take the benefits that the failure or loss havdalah has given us that we thank Allah, Allah, we do sugar of Allah subhanaw taala we do not become ungrateful or last month Allah and also the favor that Allah Hamilton has given us we should endeavor to share it with others. The more you share, the more last paneled Allah will give you my last parallel data give us ability to act upon this man last month Allah kipushi united denier re unitus in general for those that la halen salaam aleikum wa

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