Who Should Learn The Fiqh Of Fashion

Saad Tasleem


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Sh. Saad advises on who should be the ones learning the fiqh of fashion

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So I think a lot of people, a lot of Muslims live, they kind of live their life in this gray area. Right? There are things that are part of our culture and things that we do the way we dress and, and all of that, and we're always unsure. There's people who are constantly telling us like this is how long you're not allowed to do this. And there's other people saying, no, it's actually okay. And, and so people live in this gray area, this unsure area, and that's actually that's a difficult way to live a life and live your life where you're always unsure of what you're doing. Is it okay or not? Are you spiritually missing out? Is this affecting your spirituality? Are you not a good

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Muslim, because of what you're wearing, and how you dress and how you present yourself. So,

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this course will seek to iron out all of those wrinkles, and to give you firm footing, and your identity and who you are. So, when you put on an outfit or you dress a certain way or you do your hair in a certain way or you accessorize yourself in a certain way, whatever you do, whatever makes you who you are, you have a clear picture of you know, this is something which is islamically acceptable. And I have studied the effect of it, and I know that what I'm doing inshallah tada is head on and also for us to aim towards the ideal the ideal of how a Muslim should be, and how our clothing and how what we wear can actually affect our spirituality. So that is what this class will

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serve to do.