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Saad Tasleem
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of understanding the requirements for Islam's clothing, including clothing that fit the conditions and guidelines. They also mention the need for guidelines and principles to be fulfilled before clothing is considered appropriate. The discussion touches upon specific clothing and haircuts for men and women, as well as the potential costs and profit margins for certain clothing items.
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Is there a such thing as Islamic clothing? The Muslim prostitute presents q&a with sad this lame? The answer to this is yes and no. Because what you have to understand is that Islam didn't give us specific clothing that is considered Islamic clothing. What if nothing gave us what a law gave us? Our guidelines and principles that need to be fulfilled, which would make a particular type of clothing? Islamic? So it's not about this specific piece of clothing. It's about does this clothing fit the conditions? Does it fit the guidelines that Islam has given us? So in this seminar, called trends, we're going to talk about those guidelines, we're going to talk about those conditions that

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need to be fulfilled. So you can look at your clothing, whatever that clothing is, from whatever culture you belong to. And you can say, does this split the Islamic requirement or not? This is one of the many other topics that we're going to discuss in this seminar, including specific issues. So once we get through all of the guidelines, once we get through all the conditions of Islamic clothing, then we'll get into specific will say this, for example, is this appropriate? Is this I'm ugly, okay. Is that okay? haircuts, for example, what are the guidelines regarding haircuts for men and for women? regarding our clothes, are there requirements regarding how much we can spend on our

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clothes? What is considered too much are we supposed to are we supposed to buy clothes that are as cheap as possible? This and many other questions that we're gonna address in this seminar. So I hope to see you there I hope to have this discussion with you, inshallah, Tada. Take care of that. armonico to lie


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