Wisam Shaweeef! It’s Raining In Arafah – Hajj 2019 Vlog Day 6

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The speaker is discussing activities and plans for the day, including driving to various locations and taking photos. They also mention a "bringing home" and a "bringing home" event. The speaker emphasizes the importance of resilience and embracing the process of the day after events.

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Some Shall we

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shall we

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Good morning was belly bark low FICO, my sense of salaam Peace be upon you around you and May peace emanate within you like our router for the people you meet routers something that carries a Wi Fi signal. You'll get it. Friends super jam packed day. You will figure out what day it is now. We are here for four 410 was delightful morning. I just want to run you through the activities. We'll pray Fajr head over to the team. Take the train to Jamara throw stones finish the several the finish the stoning, which is multiple stonings and you'll see me there.

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Can you imagine someone who's watching the blog like look at these Moslems they're practicing the stoning.

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I can totally appreciate that though. We stone a big rock that represent Satan, as he

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did not encourage it was the trying to stop Abraham from going to fulfill His commandment from God. Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam, back to the point we get on a train. We finished the stoning after stoning. We're going to head over to our camp in Mina. And then today there is a thriller, believe it but leave it today we're gonna have from Mina all the way back to muckety muck aroma, make the was probably gonna try to pick up my shorts from the Fairmont. And then we're going to head back here for the evening. I will talk to you all as the day progresses. But it's 410. We got up at three o'clock, waiting in line for the restroom. Not that bad. Long enough. And now we're ready to go. And

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for those of you who want to realize where we people in the middle of desert, get all of our telephone radiation from and all of our reception. They truck these beautiful towers out for us. So don't worry, you'll always be distracted. I'm sorry for the crassness rather than sarcasm I'll see you guys as the day progresses come home. Yeah more believable. Pulu Sabbath Columbia Allah de Nick Oh Turner of the hearts, turn my heart to the to your way of life. Return yourself back to source. We are part of nature. We came from the natural tide to come back. Remind yourself remember with the original memory see you all through the day. We prayed the her we prayed officer and now it's time

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to begin a bother. It's super hot. It's super

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personal now. I'll see you all in a several hours. me a sense of peace and salaam shower upon you. I know it's probably around Fudger time where you're watching this. So if the sun is just rising and rising and you're just starting your day, said I'm on a wall Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh may you survive in the peace that has been sent your way?

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May you thrive in the Peace being sent your way with all this luxury in front of us. With all this abundance of luxury.

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Let me show you how. Real Eva is done.

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outside the gate of luxury versus outside the gate of luxury. You sit in the sun and you acknowledge who you are. Often you get it

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it's raining and

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oh it's raining it has to be a love

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we figured it was going to happen but it is raining in

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a lot.

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I'm warming up about it what is wrong hanging in our head no doubt.

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As it pours rain I asked you to cleanse yourself from any problems or issues that you feel are yours. Thunder and lightning here in Osaka. Time to get back to prayer

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God love

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I'm happy to be back in Miami so going on then

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people who get me back

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Good morning friends woke up from the beautiful mystery for sleep. And now we collect stones

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah for dirty was Bella for morning guys. So where have I been? What has been going on? Was Delhi for 10? Yes. That is most friends. Really sensation has been Allahu La ilaha illa who

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are going to work who are on our

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need to rely

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on Mohammed he never yet it might be hard.

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But if you see the green light, so the green, green light that this row here is actually are very 123 this is what I'm saying. Pretty amazing vantage point on top of the

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the bathroom, and the bathroom here has rocks and rocks for miles. I haven't been able to touch as much but I'm, I believe you're experiencing what it takes to sit, breathe, to experience stillness to attain the state of stillness, stillness, and silence. And I believe acceptance is still on its way. Life Purpose, wholeness and fulfillment is coming.

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sounds dramatic. But after yesterday's experience of the rain, which you probably know about by now.

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Life is a new.

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Budget is complete.

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Day six is all about resilience. I hope that you're able to grow with us, he'll with us and enjoy the process of the day after Arafah