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AI: Summary © The host of a video class introduces the concept of "voicemails" and encourages students to participate in a class. They discuss "voicemail effect" and the importance of writing in a regime. The speakers emphasize the importance of writing and creating a "voicemail effect" with proper writing and angle for students to see. They also discuss the process of building a symbol with multiple letters and symbols, including rules and regulations for assembly. The conversation ends with a brief advertisement for a product and promise to catch up again soon.
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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah a peace and blessings to everyone at home if you're joining us live here in class, and also those of you who are joining us through the Omura vlog, here's day two learning to read. We're going to write and break down. All the arts are an audio together. But I'd like for you all including our students to come over and Let's revise our letters again, because this is where we were yesterday. So to our live students come on over let's go from letters and then build all the way up early bIllahi min ash shaytani R Rajim letters and let's build. So what do we have so far and I feel like everyone at home should, should be up to this so

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far. We know that there is Elif a leaf grows on a tree

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I use my lips to say one boy at the bottom of the boat. Bah bah bah bah. I use the tip of my tongue at the edge of the top teeth. And I tip it that that I use the tip of my tongue not not behind the teeth but at the edge of the teeth. Seth

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now I've got the jumping jug. The jumping jug it has strength inside of it. Can you say jajaja jajaja jug jug. Hollow scratch. Excuse me hollow scratch. If you as a spicy sound and you were gonna say

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Hallo. Hallo. Now I want you to scratch the sound. Off off off off. Now try this se not a D sound that the tip of the tongue at the edge of the top teeth. It's going to come out just like simple zipper zipper. It's going to vibrate. It's not in the English language. You all have it as sad. Sad. That's the with the three dots. And then the Dow with a.on Top is that zipper, the zipper. You all got it. Let's jump back in. Now if the lion say with your jaw, if a lion was to say rah rah don't use the front of your mouth to o up say rah. Top and bottom teeth together say Zaza. Touch your bottom teeth, scene, scene, scene, SAS SS. If you've seen three little boys tell them show. Now I

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want you to fill up the pump with a lot of air saw saw saw nails, hammer and a slaw. Today we are going to focus on adding a few more layers. So if there was a frog sitting on his lily pad, if there was a frog ceiling sitting on his lily pad, how would he ribbon from the sides of the mouth, from the sides of the mouth. Let's all go together. The letter law, law, law law and that's the side of the mouth. That's the tongue rebutting and saying.

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Do you feel it Leila? Sarah, beloved, you got that at home law, blah, blah, blah. Perfect. So that's the frog bidding law. I want you to take nails hammer and a slaw law. Now the letter Lamb Chop has to thaw the lamb chop has duck thought or thought or bring a vibration out of your mouth. I want it to vibrate, law, law, thought or thought or the lamb chop is frozen. So it has to law. I want you to bring your tongue out to the edge of the top teeth and vibrate again but this one's going to be a heavy

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a big heavy, awesome law room. It's an awesome vibration. Awesome, awesome. War, war, thought or thought or love about war.

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slaw law tall wall guard. I want you to lift the sound. Ah, lift. Don't push. Ah, and gargle vol. Gargle gargle the sound like the guys gargling.

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Gargle. That's all I'm gonna add for you guys at home. So here we had saw Ball, ball ball, our God, you all feel comfortable with that.

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You feel good with that. Those are the letters that we're covering today. I'll see you all momentarily when we get back to the writing were we doing writing in a few minutes. So let's bring you all back on momentarily for that. But today's lesson set SHA slaw.

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Wall law thought or thought or law, bring the tongue to the top and give me an awesome sound law. Lift up the sound I lifted. I and gargle evolve all awesome friends. I'll see you momentarily to my live. Those of you who are following on the vlog live. We'll be back in a few minutes to look at a body as we have constructed. See you all soon.

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Well, can you join us? I don't know. Let's see what happens.

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To be lurking in a shade on a regime you guys hang on for what you're doing for now. So for those of you Sr, Leila and Sarah if you're ready, let's take what we've learned here and go straight over it right I have written the whole Surah already so if you're ready, let's add let's add to that longer Rouhani Rahim here it is. Here is the entire Surah written out already an audio my audio was not the optimal idea. But how about we construct it brand new that's where I want to go let's construct brand new

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to be learned he mean a shave on Raji will be immediately on your roadie we have no more paper I would be honored.

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See if we can get some here we go.

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Where's my

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and it looks like we'll be using the smaller tablet today but all as well. So for those of you joining us let's see if we can make this happen. Blog we're looking for the right angle we're looking for the right angle for students to be able to see for students to be able to see a little bit learn in a shape on a regime

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to be able to see the writing and right now I'm not going to fumble with this for much longer where we hope the best for everyone at home and let's see where that takes us sorry YouTubers we had

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Would that work? Would that work?

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YouTubers can you give me a thumbs up if you can see the screen? Oh, well hello. Yes you can.

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Let's try that one last time. And here we go friends. Let's start building it together. So the first idea you have to tell yourself is start to focus on this is letter by letter. So just looking at the skeleton, Bob there's a lot of dots and use don't get overwhelmed by that. Okay, friends. Those of you at home can I get a thumbs up or a comment if you can see. But seen meme live lum lum ha. Elif love Ra. Ha meme and the letter noon. There you go. That's pretty clean. Can you see that at home? Let me get our checkbox going. And

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everyone much welcome much welcome to you.

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Very good. Great to have everyone here. So it's early lamb raw ha. Yeah. And the letter meme. Okay, so now what would disturb you what would disturb you here next? It's the dots. Right? It's the dots that would throw you off. So I'm going to ask you to try here them hear my dots but seen meme Alif lum lum ha live love raw. Have me noon. So the dots are not everywhere. And this is an olive lamb raw. Yeah. And the letter meme that was a little typo from me. Now I want to add in only the ease and ooze the the line on the bottom makes it E. Me law

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He so the he, II II ra with a line on the top. Ma ni Ra, he me, okay, II, B me he ra ni Ra, he me, okay, okay, what about when you connect the sounds together? What about when you bring sounds together even more?

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What about when you put this sign right here and I say this, this connecting these two. This male that's holding law here ra

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ra ra so I'm connecting again. Ra ma ra III. So this was holding so I'm going to leave it near Rahim him. How would an ER Connect? He Alright, what about the holding sounds the double use that really confused us sometimes. This meal

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meal. I'm holding it. I'm holding the sound. This means hold. Hold the sound. This means.

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Here here. Here's the hold. Here here a holding again. Hold

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this Mila here ra ma Mirror Mirror. Do you see the noon and rock connecting? I'm not going to make an arrow. Nura II. Okay, okay. But where are all those stretching sounds coming from? This this mill mill love here ah, ma near he.

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Okay. Anyone? Did it happen for you? Did it happen for you doesn't have to happen, but every time we do this, it could happen for someone. So here's the letters.

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I don't want to confuse you it's Bhasin meme. I live in LA Mm hmm. So if we can get an even bigger page, I believe that might benefit us all.

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Yes, cereal. So let's try it together. That was nice. Right? Was that good for you guys?

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YouTubers, Was that helpful at all? Can you see at all Bismillah Isla de la Yoda room ask me any way of you telling me okay, I haven't done a lot. Let's keep going. hoping and praying that you can see it.

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Okay, so now let's take this surah writes is really that it happens when you let it happen. It happens we have a Bismillah LF love for raw iron and the changing data. So here's my olive love off off off off a cliff raw iron.

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So now I live lamb fourth

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Elif ra i m and the letter da which can sometimes be written like this. Yes. Yes.

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So now I want to put in the art you know this is L Adi R to her. How will that come to pass? And for ad

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two. Now I bring in my connects and

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or stretch this for two? Why is it for two plus two? Because the line on top plus a lift equals two

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or really are two. Okay? There's nothing else to add here. Except you might hear this as L Auria. Alou already I I kind of like with fireworks going off. That is rule number three of assembly, which is the letter that can also be written like this. And when you stop on it, it gives a stereo sound. You don't have to understand it but I said it because someone's like oh, that's why what you do legally houmas Till do my two is demoiselle

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Keep going Keep going. If it doesn't make sense, just keep going.

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On all the I do lift us out. I do. Good keep going. Meme

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Elif mal mal mal

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lamb off Elif already

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so you're gonna skip some letters here. Sister Leila Farah or anyone sorry if you have a Quran open. Can you guys tell me? Is this? There already correctly? Now tell me where my dots are. So I'm not confused. Melon ball. D R two. Okay, that's not an issue. How about Mel? Mama Ma? Mel 432.

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know they let third rule of assembly. Like our aw is the whole system recognize assemble? Right? Assembly has five rules. Rule number one, seven letters don't connect on the left side. And if that Raz out, while Hunza seven letters do not connect on the left side, and if that raus out, well, I wouldn't comes up. Rule number two, if I don't know what a letter is, it's probably gas or high gas and how will always look different gas and how will always look different. I'm just saying them they're gonna sink in over time. I'll say them 100 times for you. Goffin ha will always look different

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enough and I will always look different. Rule number three, the letter da can also be written like a like a boat, and the like us a sock puppet. And when you stop on that this form of TA it turns into the stereo ha. So I'll react to if I wanted to pause becomes unthawed ja. Rule number four and five we'll get there. So now let's do our connects. Ma Ma Ma ca V V V R two. So so far, you have a plus two here, ma except as soon as I put a connect here. What happens to both the lifts. What are you connecting MA or just the complete sound? Yes, you are only connecting my Mama Mama and the lifts in between cancel. Mal, Mal, Mal.

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Mal, you know 20 People are going oh, I mean, those alerts have been bothering me for so long. There might even be like a fish head over here. You might have this sign the fish head sign. It looks like this.

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You might have that on top of your Elif it only means cancel Okay, so merge

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the two and if I wanted to stop How would I stop men or the men or the

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ball the two men Mel for the

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right right audio how to metal audio. Let's go next I have one

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I need to have my backup with me

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you're still there on YouTube so I'm assuming it's working. I'm assuming you can see an audio I think my audio and all the youtubers who catch this later and I know you need to say yes to get the blessing to this level one students do you wish that all of the people at home learn to read Quran that like this isn't this shouldn't be bound like everyone should be able to read all the Ottoman qualia so we wish from the inside out. We wish you all the ability to read while not at the raka multimedia, Allah mommy. So let's do it. Wow. That's not my best. Wow. Wow. Wow meme Alif

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raka raka

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rah, rah.

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Wow. While meme Elif Elif Tao ra just as place to put the stretch bath Wah ma de aka meme Elif Elif Lam cough Alif raw iron and you've seen it right it's right on top metal Claudia. Oh, am I out of sync?

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12345 I think I'm millisecond behind. One

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Ah ha camel body.

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Okay, friends I need to pause overload on the it's a little bit too much. I guess

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for the both cameras to be running. I'm going to shut this camera off for a little while and then you'll only have overhead cool. Let's doing

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this. I hope it gets better. Are we better? Yes we are. So now let's put in all of our accents and dots accents and dots one

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or RIA two. Now give me all your art easy to lose one

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add raw

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metal all the art to one

00:20:51--> 00:21:02

raw card mark the art to okay now connect the sounds one ad the ad the ad or

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Mel? Mel?

00:21:07--> 00:21:18

You're going to drop the metal for the two. Now give me Are there any connected holds here? No thank God they're not connected or they get complicated one.

00:21:19--> 00:21:28

Now, give me the stretches. Squiggly line means plus four plus four plus one

00:21:30--> 00:21:45

other added bounce the sound you'll learn it later and it'll bounce the sound add the rah rah plus two two plus one.

00:21:47--> 00:22:18

AKA Mel Mel Mel commit to the sound man commit you'll understand the terminology. Maddie call the two v two v r two and then stereo at the end Bang Bang Bang Bang if you choose to stop level one you do not need to stop you do not need to stop here. And for dia to Audi on one

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raw min min. already.

00:22:29--> 00:22:34

Come on like give me something praise God in the chat box and make it important.

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common authority on Yo Mama. Yo man.

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Yeah, wow meme. Yeah. Oh man. Yeah, who knew? Yak calf zero know what it is? I didn't write it that well, but it's a calf in the middle of the word young Maya who know Alif Lam noon Elif and we are with my co node nurse who gaff Elif

00:23:09--> 00:23:18

gal for Aussie calf. Elif love Kelly, so all she saw was she

00:23:19--> 00:23:38

Yeah, yo, Maya moon or NAS who can? Or she is who's the next letter is angry thought Losch al Faraj al Mabus who's Alif Lam Meem ba sa Wow.

00:23:39--> 00:23:49

Now you might not see that but let the dots come in. Yo Ma. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Wow. Yo, Mama. Yeah.

00:23:51--> 00:24:17

Who knew? And na su Kells Fattah Ra, she she she remember the three boys in the dots, the three dots. Yo Maya qu noon. Su CalHFA Rashi. Al, Al mother boy at the bottom of the boat, three boys at the top through those suits like Dr. Seuss.

00:24:19--> 00:24:52

Not really like that. But you know, when you played with it when you were younger, like Seuss, Dr. Seuss. So that's a term come up. You got it. Let's put the year yo man. Yeah, who knew? Nah, su Baca. That's a cough. You might be like, how am I supposed to know that to cough? Remember rule two of assembly. Cops always going to look a little kooky. It's going to look different, not kooky, but it works. Yeah go nurse who can start or she

00:24:53--> 00:24:59

ra she? R E Faraci. Mother

00:25:00--> 00:25:17

Sue Sue Sue Sue Sue with a big whoop, soothe soothe golfer all she learned to see. Now how do we kind of connect all the sounds? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Oh yeah. Oh

00:25:18--> 00:25:29

well it was on HANA. Can you tell me can you see the screen and how's the quality? Yo Ma yaku New Year ago NASA Cal Cal

00:25:30--> 00:26:08

Dr Nam connect so Yo Ma with a big oh yeah oh man yeah to NASA So Cal Cal thermo she so she she she there's a connection connect mother connect to connect cattle or sheep to yo maya who knows? So far all she remembers to

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How about them apples friends?

00:26:13--> 00:26:39

Has to be Allahu La vida de la bu la hito killed horrible RC nauseam How do I okay yes, we can see learning how to utilize no problem drew there we did it. We did it guys. A hamdulillah so that's it. Drew and Hannah were you able to see that? If so, I'm really happy for you. Let's stop here. 26 minutes in that's the whole kitten caboodle

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How about we pause here and I'll catch up with you guys soon. Take care the best to you the vlog wants a deal while ecommerce Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh How about that guys? That was awesome. That was awesome. I'm excited tomorrow begins tomorrow as the 31st tomorrow begins 40 days to going back to the house of Allah

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so it was really good just like love her and I'll see you you all I'm sorry life students just bear with me for a moment. Just bear with me for a moment to my

00:27:16--> 00:27:40

I'll see you all soon. Thanks a lot. DREW. I wish you the best man keep please keep following along. I want you to be able to fully read before I go to Omaha which is March 10. So I okay omaha.com i o que omura.com I'll see you all soon thanks guys was salam aleikum wa rahmatullah Peace upon you around you and within you