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Alhamdulillah our Peace and blessings are

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all praise and thanks are due to Allah subhanho wa Taala peace and blessings be upon you guys, it is the morning of retain, take two. So the last weekend was full of so much energy that I almost woke up to expecting, how am I going to be able to do that all over again. So I immediately wanted to share that with everyone. For those of you just catching up, we are trying to revolutionize the way people memorize the Quran and approach even the concept of retaining the book of Allah subhanaw taala. So to those of you just joining us, we're set up here at the studio, and spent the morning in the healing center. And some great videos are coming out for you all just in a minute. But I want to

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capture something and tell me if this works with you. So everyone just joining us dad's health is great. The three shows are coming out nourishment soon as supplements and postures of prayer, some amazing setup in the healing center here. And I'll get to that in a minute. But there's some new shots that I want to show you all. So we will be working on the admiral are a little bit I know I'm off topic. And we've I did a full sweep out. But as you can tell, we're going to try to go multi angle. Because I think the postures of prayer, what was happening was you weren't getting the best sound right? The sound wasn't phenomenal. So if we can hit it from a few angles, so that I could

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talk to you at on a few places, I know it's going to take very minimal editing, editing. But I'm going to try to do that on a on a live basis. So that was something we worked on this morning.

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And to capture that moment. Today we are going to continue recording a video series that is going to become available to Quran revolution students in their final semester of year two, except bear with me here because I need you to get in on the soul. I am not at a place mentally right now where I feel like I'm going to lead people I'm now truly going to project myself into these videos. It isn't I believe these videos are going to be viewed in December according to the curriculum. Now, according to that, I want to be the person I'm going to be projecting like according to my plans and what kind of personality Do you want to be? How much thicker Do you want to have done? What? What

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level of enlightenment has nourishment sunnah, supplements, postures of prayer, and implementing all of these things? And now you're memorizing the Quran.

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Are you with me like I have to, it's not about pretending I have to wake up to who I know I'm going to become. So I'm almost putting a stamp on myself to say, look at minimum, this is what you're going to become. So today I want to be able to resonate that with you. I want to be able to say that if you start the journey, and you convince yourself through whatever means necessary, your own supplications by knowing God's mercy, that you are a recipient of God's forgiveness, His mercy and His compassion forgiveness wipes YOUR SINS clean. And inevitably forgiveness will lead you were to paradise. So you all know those narrations If you memorize the Quran, you'll go to Jana, you can

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take 10 people you can intercede on behalf of 10 people who are going to the hellfire. Let's take even the the more suggestive narrative suggesting nourish narrations, those that are not the most strong and tell me doesn't memorization of the Quran seem like the golden ticket to going to paradise? That God wrote a love letter to the universe and we got access to the Arabic language got it translated got it like word by word fed to us. Shout out to recite quran.com Recite quran.com And it could be spoon fed to us. Is anyone prepared to write now say I'm going to paradise? Now someone might be like, Oh, how do you know you're so arrogant? And instead of engaging with the, the

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arrogant side of the conversation, you're gonna say, the people of paradise aren't by de facto are not arrogant, and you're not going to paradise on your own token. But you've accepted that God is so merciful that you are going to Jana.

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Can you come with me at that level?

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And that's where I want to be, I want to be saying that I have accepted Janna. Well, I must make mistakes from time to time will I stray? Totally, I will make mistakes from time to time will I stray from, from what is perceived to be perceived perception perfection? Yes, definitely I will. But can I accept Jana? And then when someone says, What how do you know, it's because I'm treading the path of retaining the entire book of Allah subhanaw taala that it's not just about, I memorize the whole thing. But it became the process through which I retained the book of Allah subhanaw taala, which means you're going to fill your mind with it. Can you also say I am going to release

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and make room for the Quran. I don't know if there's anyone out there who's at that level to, to agree or to acknowledge. To those who are watching a recording, I take the time, like acknowledge, do you feel like you're at a space to say

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I do have a lot of things going on in my life, but I want to heal, I want to let go of anger, jealousy, I want to let go of

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traits that I have adopted in my childhood that are holding me back. If you're ready to do that, then the memorization retention to feed of the Quran that's re memorizing it cover to cover verbatim, knowing it word by word, and revising it to maintain that retention till you till you die and die in a state of memorization because I'm putting all my cards out here on the table. I'm putting all my cards out to say that if you're in that at the stage to say, I do my life dream on my life experience list, I want to have at one time, memorize the whole Quran. Now I want you to go through all the anxieties, but how will I maintain it? And I can't do this? Look, I'm just saying Do

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you ever want to taste saying I know all of it, okay, now. Now it's a free for all. Now it's up to you to maintain it. But how about you go cover to cover page by page and you capture the Quran

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and then maintain a system to memorize it. So that's what I'm talking about. Today. I'm talking about inviting a group of people and I'm going to project because I'm recording videos today. So if I sound the intensity is there. Yes, I am trying to fake it till I make it. I do want to be the teacher of Quran of memorization that changes our Millennium I that's what I want to be. But to say it out loud, you fear you're afraid. You want to say, Okay, let me let me be amongst those who are every 100 years, someone will come to us to check to make a change to make an effect. I would love to say that I am ready to be that person. We all know we're never going to be the ideal. I'm never

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going to have woken up for every Fajr without an alarm, or not done the sins that I presently am doing. So we're all stuck in a maze. But today I hope that you can hear me out to say in the videos that will be seen in December and the beginning of January, where we are openly giving you the full system of memorization today. Can any one of us say My dream is to memorize the entire Quran cover the cover page by page and have someone have heard?

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heard my Quran? Now if that's an experience, you want to have not not a goal but that's an experience you want to feel. I finished my memorization of the 20 of my final lesson of the 29th Jurors Having finished the third yes chapter previously on the steps of Majid nubbly that Masjid was locked and that was the experience or did the Quran stay perfect from them? No, it got strong it got weak got strong and then you keep re memorizing. So I'm dispelling the notion of

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we have to memorize it and it's going to stay perfect. Look, we're going to feel like we're going to paradise and then not feel perfect. So if you're with me today, on the set, where we are doing

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the second installment there are four portions to the last semester of Quran revolutions year two, so many feels like amaze. Year two had three components. The final component before we launch off into the memorization of the entire Quran is teaching people the system on how to memorize we're using the 30 days to just then to break down to break down the exam.

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that system of memorization, can anyone tell me because I don't want to bore you all, you all know the system of how to memorize the Quran through

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through the retention system, how to know yourself, okay, maybe,

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maybe that's a different discussion, but I'll drop it here, it can be summarized into five to be able to have the Quran revealed to you to be able to receive it, you need five R's

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you need to number one,

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you need to number one, receive it. So that means it will be read to you, you need to read it seven times, you need to work a repeat each is three times and the second is three times, then the first and second together the three times then the third, three times the first, second, third together three times. It's called three by three. I'll discuss it then you write the whole lesson out by using the system that will teach you called right to retain. And the fifth component is to record like I know I just summarized an entire semester but receive recite, repeat. And once you finish repeating write it and then record yourself and listen to recordings while ACHEMA Sara

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Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Great to have you joining us. So let's assume that you recognize the Quran has not so far been broken down into an into a formidable way on video to memorize.

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Right? Why LakeMaster Rama Rahmatullah you you've never been able to see that the Quran has been broken down IR by IR.

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So today before I stray off, I'm in that mindset that I need to be able to project besides my sins, besides my weaknesses, besides the vulnerabilities that I'm trying to project with you guys right now.

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Lights Camera Action, right? Life is about to happen. And there are cameras like literally everywhere. So if you can take the metaphor and take this as real life, that when the camera turns on, I'll still have missed the prayer that I did miss. And I feel like when you listen to your favorite artists, you might hear them and wonder what kind of passion goes into the original recording. So as Bilal is coming in Barcalounger faecal I have won a Pulitzer Rahmatullah. Guys, I hope you all can put yourself in this in the frame of mind in the frame of reference where we were last time, we were, we were saying, despite our sins, despite where we were in places of difficulty,

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we were going to attempt the the retention of the book of Allah subhanaw taala. So today, if you hear some passion, if you hear, if you feel something inside you, then I want you to go for it. I want you to go for it. And that 13th minute, all I asked you to do is go for it, because you will have some purpose and some reason to be here. If you have some spark in you that saying, No, but I want to memorize the book of Allah. Like, go for it, whatever everyone's else's passion is, you know, go for it, get stronger, lift heavier, eat smarter, talk to yourself more positively. But for those of you who are like, Look, I've always wanted to memorize the Quran, I've always wanted to

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look, the system we're making is going to walk you through the entire Quran B isn't Allahu taala, with God's permission, and our dedication and endless passion to this to this science is going to walk you through page by page IO by IR. And when I say line by line, I literally mean we're going to break down how much you should be memorizing. So just don't wait till you have to join a program, right? But don't wait till this becomes an infomercial. Pick up your ground like right now and just be like, Look, Allah, I don't know what to do. But I know I can listen to it. I can read it, I can touch it

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seems like so one of the questions is,

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is how can I gain eemaan? And that's the whole point. Not for you tell me if this makes sense to you. In order to gain I have to recognize that I already have. Right bro. Like, if you're telling me how do I gain Iman, that means I already have Iman. And if you can start from a place of having, then you can start from a place of grace, meaning you have a place of gratitude. So again, think about it right now. Do I feel the state of eemaan that I'm going to have in December a post Omura post all the things that are planned out? No, but I am I'm

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faking it till I make it like I don't know if you understand, put yourself in the mentality of someone in the booth. Right? Someone trying to record one of your some someone trying to record an album. They're capturing the ideal.

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Yeah, please. So actually there's a little creative thing. They said that in creativity. They said, Everybody's got like, whatever creative engagement you're in, whether it be movies, songs, books, like everybody's got 100 bad ones. Yeah, so the idea is get them all out. Okay. And then after that, all the good ones are coming. Barcalounger Did you hear that? And if you want to think about that, get all the bad ones out, because you everyone's got some great albums within them. I love that idea. Everyone's got some great albums within them, but with a father who is passing into the afterlife, in front of my eyes, with me living the dreams that I have written out and asked Allah

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subhanaw taala that's what I asked for. With all of that.

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All I'm asking all of us to do is if one of your dreams is to memorize the book of Allah subhanaw taala. Get out there, memorize the book of Allah subhanaw taala and live and project yourself now. I'm getting back to your question. project yourself the way you want to be. What does good Iman feel like bro? Don't associate tasks to it, right? Like, don't say, I'm healthy. If I can lift 150 pounds, I'm healthy if all my body functions are going well and I have mobility and strength, right? So what is healthy? Imaan? I want you to answer that it's I never speak past 15 minutes friends. So I'm gonna go ahead and check out if you feel weak a month and tell yourself well, if I feel like a

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cheeseburger, I know what a cheeseburger feels like. So I'm gonna go and seek it out. If you don't know what good Imaan feels like bro.

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If you don't know what good Iman feels like, then try to cultivate it. You type in description of Jana into YouTube type in beautiful recitation type in GABA just look at the GABA and and then if you can do something to bring yourself into state from there say okay, this is what good Iman feels like right now. Then read Quran and pray and do all those things that that mean you don't have good Imam do more good things, but don't associate your sin to bad Imam. Right? So now we are live on that thought can you sin and still be conscious of Allah subhanaw taala and be like, Look, I want to get out of this thing that I'm doing. Whether it's you're listening music or what you're looking at

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or what you're doing, it's always something you're like, Oh Allah, this is my shame, shame. Well, you know, bring God into the situation and then see how complicated you know we're like, Wait, Allah, you know about this stuff like yeah, and then once you open your brain to that concept, the sin the taboo, the guilt, the shame, it goes away, and then God comes into the picture with you and to me, your mind's gonna go up and down but God will always be there if that works for you. Let me know bro, I'm going to conclude and finish out for today. That's like the longest YouTube forever was set on ya Mark de la