Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 20 – L205A

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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una sala de Souza Hill Karim ummah. Bharath for the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Allah beshara is suddenly away acidity. Emery was ruler of the thermal lissoni of kuqali probenecid nerima. Lesson number 205. Solar to learn Caboose is number 16 to 30 translation or Ibrahima and Ibrahim alayhis salaam is when Allah He said the economy he to his people, or who do you all worship? Allah, Allah, what the coup and you all hear him that he can that or you all hiren is better Lacan for you in if condone you were Darla moon, you all know innama indeed not but or in NEMA. Indeed that which

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darboux Luna, you all worship men from dooney other than Allah, He Allah ozanam idols, what does lacuna and you all create, you all make, if can ally in indeed alladhina those who are Bududa you all worship men from dooney other than Allah, Allah lair, not young licona they possess

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Lacan, for you all, there is any provision, Fabrica who so you all seek in the near Allah, Allah, as is the provision, where our boo hoo and you all worship Him, worship guru, and he will be grateful Lahu for him, lie to him, to Jeroen, you all will be returned

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in and if to get the Boo. You all bill I forgot that, in fact, Godiva he belied oma moon nation's men from poverty come before you women and not Allah upon a Rasul the messenger Illa except albula. The conveying and moving the one clear, or the one clarifying

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I wanna do and not euro, they see kafer how ubu he initiates, Allahu Allah, Allah halka the creation so much, then you're either who he repeats it in Indeed, there Lika that Allah upon Allah He Allah, yes, your own one that is very easy.

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All say, zero, you will travel fill up in the earth, fundable then you will see then you will look okay for how but he initiated Allah halka the creation. Some then Allahu Allah, Yun Shu, he produces, he brings forth and mesh, the creation, the production and Acura the other. In Allaha Indeed Allah, Allah upon Kali, every che in thing pudieron always all able, your devil he punishes man whoever he or she who He willed, We are humble, and he shows mercy, man on whom you share He wills what he lay unto him, the collarbone you all will be returned, warmer and not until you all the more Xena at all ones who outrun at all ones who cause failure fee in the earth weather and nor

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for summer in the sky warmer and not like home for you. When do they learn from other than Allah muhuali Yin from anybody whether in asleep and nor any helper

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one Medina and those who care for they disbelieved bi with vs. Allah of Allah while you call he and his meeting. Allah those yeah issue they have despaired men from urashima at my mercy, what Ola iica and those law home for them. Are there been a punishment a Lehman painful?

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firm so not Ghana, it was joab response army officers his people elect except and that ALU they said okay to do who you will kill him out or heavy who you all burn him for under who so he saved him. Allahu Allah. Men from enough the fire in indeed, fee in Valiquette that is surely signs. The government for a people you know, they believe

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Well Karla and he said in number indeed not but it has done you all have taken men from doula other than Allah ozanam idols, my word that and as love, as mutual love, as mutual friendship, by nickel between you all fee in a higher the life adonia of the world so much then yo ma en de al qiyamah the standing yaku he will deny bearable calm some of you Ribeiro with some others. Well, are you and He will curse by autocom some of you barraba others. Well, my welcome and your abode. And now is the fire warmer and not local for you, men from NASA Dean, any Helpers? For Elena, then he believed the who for him, Milton Luthor his salon, what color and he said, in me Indeed, I mohajir on one who

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immigrates Illa to be my rub. In who indeed he who he is lrcs they always Almighty, Allah Hakeem, they always always when we're having a and we granted the who for him is hacker is how we are Koba and yaku was there and we made fee in the Yeti, he his progeny unknowable were the prophethood while keytab and the book, what attina who and we gave him a juror who his reward, fit dunya in the world, we're in the who and indeed he fell out here in the hereafter. Lamin surely from a solid rain those who are righteous, while Luton and loop is when Allah He said the economy he to his people in nichrome indeed you all let the donor surely you all approach and fair he shatter the indecency.

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That doula can also be translated as surely you all commit alpha shatta the indecency man not Saba Coco he proceeded you be here with it. Men from a head anyone mean from Allah mean the world's

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do in the comb indeed you letter tuna. Surely you will approach a vigilant domain or Dakota owner and you will cut a severe the way what tuna and you all commit fee in nadie come your meetings and Mancha the wrong farmer, so not Ghana, it was Joba response to me he of his people Illa except and that ALU they said it dinner you come to us we are there with punishment Allah of Allah in Quinta, if you were main from a solder pain, those who are truthful Allah He said Robbie Oh my rub on Sony helped me Allah against alone the people I love sitting those who make mischief.

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We listen to the recitation of these iron

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ore a lot he

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de la, la La boo boo, boo.

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La you

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Mommy, Russia.

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told me

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why do we need

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Al-Ankabut 16-30 Translation 16-30

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