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As salam Wa alaykum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Everyone Great to be with you on this morning, trying to keep going on that blog. So if you would, today you can entitle or expect to hear about a continuation of the postures of prayer. So consider this

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an addition after one of these sessions called ground game, so yesterday, I think it was two days ago we were together and I was talking to you about just living the dream being with

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Brother biller working on a memorization project. So for those of you catching us Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah Peace be upon you, around you and made emanate from within you, those of you who are here now, either, those of you who are here live, you can drop something in the chat box. And we can catch any one of the topics that we're usually we usually talk about, but I want to do a full recap let's use this as an opportunity to summarize the three port the three the three shows that we've been having here. So this video will be in will be a portion of suna supplements will be a portion of nourishment and a portion of postures of prayer that will keep everyone up to date kind of moving

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along. So consider this the the in between. So first off from see if we can start off with our postures postures of prayer discussion with Mullah Hitler reliable Roma's me shame, laughs and summer was a mutual learning. So I think that this is a good spot for most of us to work together with. So if we can take a minute, I thought,

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if you watch postures of prayer number one or number two, both of them are out, you've come to a position to find that you're unlocking your elbows, and we were working on the feet, that's where we were. So if you've come to a position where your hips are unlocked, your hips are no longer facing out like this, but they're turned inwards. That way, when you bend, there's just there's very easy there's ease through your whole femur, it's the longest bone in your body, and an uninterrupted blood flow going through here. So you want to keep your thigh have like a big support pillar, not just some floppy thing that you're disconnected from your hips from. So let's assume that you got

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from that position. And you realize that you need to give a little bend in your knees in order for your hips to become free. And I think that was a big, that was a big discussion that a lot of people had. And I'll give you a slightly different perspective here. Here are your hips. And when you try to bend from your back, you end up doing this. And I think that was pretty clear. So if we could, in the midway point, this is what I'm looking for. And this is not going to come overnight, you have to figure out where your femur comes into your head, you're going to have to identify where the femur comes into the hip.

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And I want you to see where this is, a lot of us are living somewhere around like, we don't know where our hip is, we're just all of this as much. There's weakness here, we're not sure where the hip is engaging here. So if we could work together, I think in between the episodes, right, because this is not just about watching the show necessarily. See if I can get that this is not going to be about watching the show necessarily, it's going to be make about making the progression. So from this from the postures of prayer spa, the number one thing that I want to start doing is identifying the middle of the body. So that way, I know by bending my knees and not allowing my knees to come in

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front of my toes, I don't want my knees in front of my toes, right? So I'm gonna get one line. And that line will create that space for me. So

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consider that our postures of our postures of prayer section. The next thing that I'd like to make a quick transfer over to is the Sona supplements portion with the postures of prayer mix. And what is that? What do I mean by that? I'm going to try to see if I can flip you over on this side. Beautiful. All right, but the orientation has to stay the same. The feet is something that we've been discussing for a good amount of time. And I don't know if you recognize but from the first video there were, I felt I was putting most of my body weight here. So

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I kind of got this bump when I was coming for the salah. But if you come to this salaam apart from the Sunnah supplements 12 raka when I go to pray my sunnah now and I'm reading these affirmations to myself, I make it I've made a commitment to complete health and wishing Peace, blessings, security upon myself. When I come to the ground, I'm going to try to not only grip the earth, okay, but you see how these, these guys are just starting to engage. But what I've noticed is if you turn your foot in, really trying to grab these digits to come against the earth, and when you stand for Salah, you see how it's it's spreading open now. So the idea is when I come to the prayer, I'm I'm looking

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not to spread up my foot, but I realize now you all have this little bunny and if you want to call it, if you have this calcification here, it's gotten a lot better on this side, but in the 12 regard. So now, I'm looking as if there's a ball here, and I'm now gripping the Earth, but it's not so much about stretching out my foot. Okay, I think I got it. Here you go. It's not about stretching the foot out

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vertically, but it's about opening it up so that these digits can finally hit the floor. And so now 12 Rukka a day. Now watch what happens to the knees. I know that's going to be a little different. But think of this from 12 Rukka a day 12 times a day. 12 Extra sunnah a day that we're praying because of sunnah supplements. That first portion. If I can imagine everyday just a little bit more, it's opening its opening as opposed to I so don't want to let this go. As opposed to looking straight, then that would do this will open up your feet and I believe that if you're doing this throughout your throat, your Sunnah prayers through the day, I think it's going to do a lot and no,

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that's a little bit uncomfortable for everyone. But those were two portions that I want to leave side by side that you begin opening up the hips section and that you begin looking toward you begin opening up your hips section and that you begin working on the Sunnah mentally with a grant with with your ground game

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involved. last bit of advice and we I thought to bring it into the studio today. Rather it did not reach the healing center. Do you have you're seeing those medicine balls, the half the half balls that you have, you see them in gyms for balance.

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I'd love for you to get down on the ground, or rather to get a ball like that and see if you can sit get your legs feet on the ball and do that exercise that we just did right now do that exercise where our feet are grabbing onto the ball. So if any one of you have benefited just put it down in the comment below like yeah, I never realized my feet open so much. If so, let me know. Consider this, our sunnah supplements encouraging us for the 12 Rekha. Now you're like yo, I need to pray, I need to stand for those 12 raka daily, because as you're opening the feet, you're going to open the shins, the knees, rotate the thigh and the hips going to open completely. And then your, your lower

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from the belly button down is going to drop all those, all that tension built up is going to you're going to love it. So that's the portion from supplements and from postures of prayer. We talked about that middle section, right, we talked about the idea of opening up the hip and being comfortable

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with not bending from the middle of our back. So I hope you all got that This is trouble trying to keep it under 10 minutes. The nourishment component is to is to introduce your food log. And try now today the first step of gut intelligence have now that you have a log, I'd like you to eat thing, the first things that you eat in the morning, the first thing that you do regularly see how your stomach reacts to that. So today, I want to start gut intelligence by not encouraging you to eat just anything but when you wake up in the morning, if you're willing, even if you haven't brushed your teeth, the bacteria and the enzymes that have built up in your mouth, just take a cup of warm

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water. If you can get lemon in it, that's fine. If you can get a

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Warm water with a little bit of, of honey, that's perfect. I think the best to just take warm water and drink it like rinse your mouth out, swallow it all the way down. I want you to get a feeling for that and add the acidity in your stomach, the alkalinity in your stomach and then start getting a feel of wait my stomach has this unique balance. What is this warm water going to do with it in the morning. So for everyone who's just get something like I'm in a rush, don't run to food that just let the stomach wake up give it intelligent, treat it as if it is an intelligent

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organ which it is and it has such a great intelligence. So the nourishment component I brought them all together today. The nourishment component is to wake up start with to wake up and start with a warm glass of water. And from there you have your postures of prayer and you have your 12 rica so now for summer supplements. I think my connections getting weak. I'll talk to you all soon. What's that I'm on a contract a Love Peace be upon you around you and may emanate from within you. Hope you all have a wonderful day.