The Perfect Day 4

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And if you can identify so we're back here again, having done the DUA having the obstacle list that can grow. What's the main foe, the main addiction that you're trying to address and we talked about it for males, it could be different for females, it could be different the way that we're medicating, but the void numbness that we're trying to reach is all the same. We're trying to fill that same void, that emptiness, that sadness, feeling with something else, something external, something painful, something pleasurable, but we're all still trying to fill the void. And we make a lot of reasons why not to have joy. So the fourth thing after identifying the main foe is what are

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things that bring you joy? Do you have a list of things that bring you joy? Now, here's the here's a bit of the complicated part, which we're going to touch now. What is the only things that bring you joy are hurtful, painful things. So let's make a list of things that are beneficial.